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Mirena and bleeding   by smile2007   7y   View Entire Thread 2
okay i have had mirena for two and half problems with acne nor concern is the bleeding..though it really is light..the bleeding occurs from three to 19days...the color is mostly brown and very pantyliner light...sometime..i get this brown bleeding for 6-7days,,then a break for two days and then some red bleeding...what is going on..? almost three years and i STILL have abnormal bleeding? I called and was told ”This is NORMAL” okay..the first three months i can see this statement being as normall..but three years now? again..i am not upset with the bleed ...   1,130 hits
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Budwig cure and risk of bleeding   by #53662   9y   View Entire Thread 2
I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with the Budwig flax oil/cottage cheese cure causing tumors to bleed? I am at high risk of tumor bleeding but the Budwig cure sounds so promising, however I’m afraid to try it because of the bleeding risk. Can anyone advise?   1,282 hits
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Re: Mirena? Please help.   by Daninz   10y
I recently had a mirena removed. I was 25 when I had it inserted and had had 3 children, I had it placed after constant bleeding after my third child was born. At the time of insertion I had been bleeding for over 6 months CONSTANT heavy bleeding with clots. Infact I had my daughter in August of 2001, and had been bleeding off and on for over a year by the time the Mirena was placed in Jan of 2003. It was a last ditch desperate effort to stop bleeding. It didnt help. In fact, before the mirena I bled all the time, with no pain. After the mirena I bled less often, but still every 2 - ...   823 hits
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Re: Bleeding skin   by MH   4y
Hello: HAY I have a question. What does it mean if your skin seems to bleed easily. 1. EVER TAKE VITAMIN C / ASPERIN? DRUGS? THOSE 3 THINGS ARE THE MAIN REASON, ESPECIALLY IF YOU EVER TAKE ASPERIN THAT CAUSES TOTAL BODY BLEEDING. IE: a little jab and skin bleeds freely (alot) - a few months ago the same jab there would be no blood. SOUNDS LIKE CALCIUM ISSUE....AGAIN, ANY DRUGS? Is this normal? NO, NOT AT ALL.....I RARELY BLEED MORE THAN 1 DROP WHEN CUT.....WE MAKE STOP BLEED CAPSULES AND POWDER...THE CAPSULES ACTUALLY DO MIRICALS...I RARELY TALK ABOUT THEM, BUT THEY MAY BE THE ...   900 hits
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Re: How to treat an external tumor   by by5751   10y
Hi, Thank you for returning my message about bleeding tumors. It looks like there’s no on who bleeds as much as my wife’s tumor does. It does worry both of us tremendously because she loses so much blood that she passes out from the loss of blood and then starts throwing up. We’re trying to figure out what is causing all the bleeding because we cannot find anyone else in this forum that has the same bleeding problem except yourself. My wife used to take flaxseed oil with cottage cheese for her cancer but when we found out that flaxseed oil is a blood thinner she stopped taking flaxseed oi ...   2,587 hits
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Re: Tumor bleeding   by 7357   9y
Thanks 2Tuff. Do you know if flax oil has been known to cause bleeding?.This bleeding has me worried because I lose alot of blood throughout the day so cant have that happen.Since I stopped the flax oil,pineapple and ozone Im not bleeding but once when I wake up only,so far.When I was doing just Ozone it didnt happen as often.So im thinking its either the pineaple or flaxoi.I didnt know if you knew about those two causing the bleeding? Thanks!   5,644 hits
Forum: Cancer Support

mirena removed..severe bleeding..need help   by 14chris   7y   View Entire Thread 3
After a trip this week to the ER w severe abdomial cramping, pelvic pain, and extreme low back pain, I went to my ob to have Mirena removed. The removal was simple and painfree, however no one mentioned severe bleeding. I am bleeding a ton, very red blood, and cramping still. I read this is normal, but can someone please tell me how to regulate these hormones or get the bleeding to stop? How long does it take for the bleeding to cease?   2,526 hits
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Re: not necessarily serious   by gabz123   4y
if ur bleeding slow down on whatever antifungals ur taking. i used to bleed whenever i took too much garlic or anti fungal herbs of medicines. the only medicine i ever took never made me bleed was diflucan, nilstat made me bleed and mucous up so crazy i cudnt eat for weeks. trust me even tho u wana get rid of it now, its better for u to try get rid of it slowely. so find a amount of anti fungals u can cope with where the reaction isn’t severe   3,434 hits
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Re: Progesterone Cream Questions   by bayliss   6y
do you have heavy bleeding and apparently short cycles Progesterone is usually called for when the bleeding is heavy and every cream I tried had very little effect on the bleeding It did seem to help with the hot flashes?? I am not sure it really has any clinical effect on hot flashes except to balance the estrogen I used my creams at the end of the cycle and beginning of the cycle for bleeding, with little advantage What type of cream and wht % progesterone   5,077 hits
Forum: Women’s Forum

Re: Hemophilia?   by arn   32mo
As already said, it is genetic, people are born with it. You can’t change how they were born. To stop bleeding, particularly if it is only small, you could try Aloe vera gel. Apply it, it should reduce the bleeding, but the blood will wash it off. Apply it again to further reduce the bleeding, and the blood will wash it off again, apply again. Each time the bleeding should be reduced, until it is stopped.   1,885 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Bleeding Herring Baffle Biologists   by Newport   16mo
Biologist: Pacific herring in Canada bleeding from eyeballs, faces, fins, tails — I’ve never seen fish looking this bad — All 100 examined were bloody — Officials informed of hemorrhaging soon after 3/11 — Gov’t ignoring problem ------ It’s the +300 tons of fuel rods miles down causing this.. yeah.. --NWO   486 hits
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Re: Bleeding 2 weeks after insertion   by Kabel   7y
To be honest, everyone is so different on this, that it is difficult to say. i was bleeding constantly when i had the mirena put in - that was the whole reason for having it in the first place! And i continued to bleed for about 4 months, gradually getting less, at times just spotting, then a heavy bleed again, and so on. By 6 months the bleeding had stopped and i had just occassional spotting instead of periods, with some periods missed altogether. however, if you had not been bleeding prior to insertion, then the bleeding could be 2-fold - partially because of trauma to your uterus, if ...   1,045 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

Re: Brown splotches on the lower legs?   by KatherineW   5y
What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Thrombocytopenia? Mild to serious bleeding causes the main signs and symptoms of thrombocytopenia. Bleeding can occur inside the body (internal bleeding) or on the skin. Signs and symptoms can appear suddenly or over time. Mild thrombocytopenia often has no signs or symptoms. Many times, it’s found during a routine blood test. Check with your doctor if you have any signs of bleeding. Severe thrombocytopenia can cause bleeding in almost any part of the body. This can lead to a medical emergency and should be treated right away. Bleeding on the sk ...   19,307 hits
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still bleeding :(   by Zara168   5y   View Entire Thread 7
I am pulling for 9-10 weeks now,mainly for my bleeding gums. During the first week my gums bled quite a lot, and then suddely stoped. In the following 4-5 weeks nothing happened, apart from a bit whitening of my teeth.Then around 2-3 weeks ago my gums started to bleed again, mainly from the upper back places. Its not a lot, but few times during the day, plus a lot of yellow stuff comming,not nice. In the morning I have blood as well in my moth, but after pulling ( sunflower oil+ 4 drops oregano oil) the bleeding stops for 4-5 h.Its getting shorter every time, but its smells not nice. The g ...   1,552 hits
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Re: Check which side effects You have!   by little nae nae   7y
Change in menstrual bleeding, such as frequent, prolonged or heavy bleeding, spotting, lighter bleeding, irregular bleeding or stopping of bleeding/yes [*] Development of fluid filled sacks (cysts) in the ovaries/no [x] * Excessive fluid retention in the body tissues, resulting in swelling (oedema)/yes [x] * Weight gain/couldn’t lose the rest of my baby weight [x] * Headache/no [x] * Depression/extremely bad [x]* Nervousness/not really [x] * Mood swings/extremely bad [x] * Nausea/ all the time [x] * Lower abdominal pain/yes [x]* Back pain/lower back [] * Br ...   13,028 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: Check which side effects You have!   by kristen p   7y
[x] * Change in menstrual bleeding, such as frequent, prolonged or heavy bleeding, spotting, lighter bleeding, irregular bleeding or stopping of bleeding [*] Development of fluid filled sacks (cysts) in the ovaries [x] * Excessive fluid retention in the body tissues, resulting in swelling (oedema) [x] * Weight gain [x] * Headache [x] * Depression [x]* Nervousness [x] * Mood swings [x] * Nausea [x] * Lower abdominal pain [x]* Back pain ( i have been having a weird twinge/tingling on my spine lately) [] * Breast pain [] * Painful menstrual bleeding [x] ...   14,095 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

Re: Check which side effects You have!   by SharN   7y
[x] * Change in menstrual bleeding, such as frequent, prolonged or heavy bleeding, spotting, lighter bleeding, irregular bleeding or stopping of bleeding [x]* Development of fluid filled sacks (cysts) in the ovaries [x] * Excessive fluid retention in the body tissues, resulting in swelling (oedema) [x] * Weight gain [x] * Headache [x] * Depression [x]* Nervousness [xxxxxx] * Mood swings Nausea Lower abdominal pain Back pain ( i have been having a weird twinge/tingling on my spine lately) * Breast pain * Painful menstrual bleeding [x] * Acne [x]* Va ...   13,603 hits
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Re: 3 week period   by fran74   7y
If you are currently bleeding then I suspect that you would bleed for a bit afterwards. How much and for how long is something I don’t know the answer to. You may not bleed at all. Everyone’s body reacts differently, in my case I had a very bad bleeding episode afterwards. Then again, I took mine out myself. I definitely recomend the tea I spoke about... start drinking it now to avoid much bleeding afterwards. I swear I haven’t bleed a spot since after the first day of drinking it. Good luck. And don’t worry, it’s not painful coming out.   987 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Symptoms for girls and women   by littleone377   9y
Symptoms for girls and women Bleeding from the vagina (for girls and women) * What will I notice if I have bleeding from my vagina? * What is the most likely cause? * What are the other possible causes of bleeding? * What should I do if I am bleeding? * What might happen if I just ignore the bleeding? * How can I avoid getting vaginal bleeding?   820 hits
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--Blood in Stool and or comming out our Nose or ears?--   by moreless   6y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi Ya’ll, Some folks may become so Acidic that their Blood is unable to Coagulate from a Lack of Calcium? Consider a Flesh wound that starts Bleeding and what needs to happen for the Bleeding to Stop? Unless the Blood is able to Coagulate the wound will keep Bleeding ! When a person is short of needed Calcium, their bodys may also become too Acidic and Prevent the Blood from Coagulating! WHY would it seem any Different for one to have Internal Bleeding that will not Stop, than WHY a Flesh wound externally will not Stop Bleeding? Here is a Success Testimonial as to the Val ...   1,162 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Red Poop?   by Telman   19mo
Red or blood in the stool could be caused by hemorrhoids. Bloody stools can also be seen in amebiasis (an amoeba infection), anal fissures, or colorectal cancer. Bright red bleeding with bowel movements may be due to hemorrhoids; however, other conditions such as colonic polyps or tumors, diverticulosis, and abnormal small vessels called AVMs also may cause bleeding. Maroon-colored stools or bright red blood usually suggest that the blood is coming from large bowel or rectum. However, sometimes can be caused by massive upper GI tract bleeding. The color of the stool can suggest th ...   1,113 hits
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Re: OT/ I did the nasty   by Mike1953   3y
Flossing is what keeps your gums from bleeding. The more you floss the less they will bleed. The bleeding is caused by bacteria that irritate the the gum tissues (gingivitis). Many people use this an excuse not to floss but the catch 22 is that not flossing is the very thing that causes the bleeding. Don’t worry about the bleeding, use it as cause to be even more aggressive in the flossing and after a few days of this they won’t bleed anymore when you floss. I promise you this works every time on every one.   1,438 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Missed period while on I.U.D. Is it normal???   by Kabel   7y
yes it is normal not to have any periods at all while on mirena. so if that is your only problem you are one of the lucky ones!! Everyone is slightly different and symptoms do not stay the same, since the mirena chemical builds up in the body, so symptoms ”progress” for want of a better word!! I had the mirena put in to stop me bleeding - i had thickened uterus lining with each period and i had been bleeding constantly for a year! When the mirena first went in i still bled for a few months, then it dried up a bit, and i went for a couple of months with out anything at all, which was wonder ...   19,856 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

SSRIs Can Provoke Abnormal Bleeding   by anunnaki   10y
SSRIs Can Provoke Abnormal Bleeding By Andre Picard The Globe and Mail 11-25-4 Patients who take a popular form of antidepressants are at risk of abnormal bleeding, according to a new study. The drugs, known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, interfere with clotting and can provoke bleeding in the stomach, the vagina and even the brain, researchers found. The research, published in this week’s edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine, noted that, ironically, the better the drugs work, the greater the risk of bleeding. SSRIs include fluoxetine ...   398 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Image Embedded Addressing Heavy Menstrual Periods Naturally   by Dquixote1217   4y
  I hope this new article by Luella May helps - DQ Addressing Heavy Menstrual Periods Naturally by Luella May Every month millions of pre-menopausal women dread the effects of menstrual bleeding they experience due to the heavy bleeding and cramps. Although heavy bleeding and cramping are common during menstruation, many women experience blood loss and cramping so severe that they find it impossible to maintain a normal daily schedule, a condition known as “menorrhagia”. Many women may consider menorrhagia to be a lifelong sentence; however, heavy bleeding an ...   4,646 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

I do not recommend the IUD to anyone.   by miniri3   6y   View Entire Thread 4
i got the mirea in May07, I got the mirea out in January08. it was the worst birth control the anyone can have. the first 3months i had the mirea i blead, the doctors was telling me that was normal stick through so thats what i did. Finally, i stop bleeding after 3months and did not bleed for 1 1/2 and all of sudden i started bleed and have not stop and now its been almost 2months off and on. i got the mirea out because i was bleeding to much and it was just making me too depress. the mirea has been out for almost one month and i am still bleeding off and on. But i can say that i am so muc ...   1,307 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: Bloating and Bleeding.....YIKES!   by masnadies   6y
Bloating is one of the top side effects. I haven’t noticed that so can’t comment but bleeding-- you should have been told to expect 6 weeks or so of that on and off... I was and did have it, just like post-partum bleeding. Then I unfortunately had spotting about 2-4 times a month, like a really tiny short period. It didn’t go away till about 6 months, which is when I think bleeding ususally finally regulates for those of us with bleeding/spotting issues. Not sure if the bloating will go away on its own, but the bleeding probably will.   1,608 hits
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endometrial cancer please help   by rick2005   8y   View Entire Thread 3
My wife was operated two weeks ago because she was bleeding off and on for more than a month, when she was examined by her Doctor they advice her to be operated to remove the polyps which was causing the bleeding after laboratory examination of the specimen it was found that she was having stage two endometrial cancer. We opted to try the natural alternative method and one of it is the use of M|WO machine and change into 90% vegietarian diet. The MWO is still on the way from the vendor but at present she is again bleeding and we need some advice as to how to control or stop the bleeding. H ...   1,395 hits
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Tumor bleeding   by 7357   9y   View Entire Thread 12
I have a question for anyone that knows the answer. For 2 days(i have an ulcerated breast tumor) the tmor started to bleed in large amounts spontaneosly for no apparent reason, about 4 or 5 times in the day.It has bled before on occasion but not like this.Im doing ozone water ,insufflations(not funneling this tumor though because it caused it to bleed before)Im trying to come up with the cause and whatever Im doing differently..In past 6 days I started taking 4 Tb. flax oli with 2 raw eggs daily,also started eating raw pineapple daily,1/4 a day past 4 days.Could this be the cause? Today ...   7,931 hits
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Heavy Bleeding after removal?   by skatts3100   6y   View Entire Thread 2
I just had my merina removed on monday due to every side effect known. My question now is if alot of bleeding is normal after removal. ”My Dr. told me I may bleed a little” Hah Hah What a joke!!! Im pouring... Ive never ever bleed this heavy. Ive been bleeding nonstop for the 3 1/2 months I had it in and now this. It just cant be healthy. Im a small person I dont have alot of blood to spare lol.... for those of you that did bleed after how long and how much was normal for you? Thanks   1,772 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: I am so FURIOUS I have had a Mirena for 3 years now a...   by apple_blossom   7y
Removal didn’t hurt me at all, and from what I have read on here hasn’t hurt anyone else either! I actually didn’t even feel the actual removal and it was all finished in about 30 seconds. You may or may not bleed after removal. I had really heavy bleeding afterwards but others have had little or no bleeding at all. I did not have any pain with the bleeding though. Just be prepared in case you do bleed a little. I could not take any time off work so I had it out in the morning then returned to work for the rest of the day, and I was fine. It would have been nice to relax on the couc ...   6,556 hits
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Mirena removal   by #88924   7y   View Entire Thread 9
I had my Mirena removed at the beginning of August...I had a period at the end of September. I thought everything was getting back to normal...I had bleed the entire time that I had Mirena in place (a total of 6 months). Then a week after I finished my period in September, I started bleeding again...for about a week. Then after that, I started bleeding again 2 weeks ago and haven’t stopped. I’ve had some heavy bleeding and clots passed. I’ve seen my ob/gyn and she said that it’s the effects of the IUD removal and it’s just my hormones getting back to normal. Has anyone else had this ...   1,495 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: Accident preparedness   by #93411   5y
hey MH, I found out that TOOTH & GUM powder works wonder for bleeding from cuts on contact. I figured if it can stop gum bleeding, why not on cuts. One day my dad was stripping electrical wires with a knife and ended up cutting his finger down to the bone. I told him to put some T&G powder on and bandage. The bleeding pretty much stops within couple of minutes and whitin couple of days it heal up nicely. I was walking (barefooted) and accidently step on a toothpick and it was bleeding pretty bad. Put some T&G powder, pressure it with my finger for a few minutes and the bleeding ...   977 hits
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Mirena Problem's   by JrzeyMom   8y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi. I am new to this site and was thrilled to see posts about Mirena problems.(I was looking on the web for other’s with problems with the IUD) I had it for almost 4 months and bled about 95% of the time. My Dr. kept saying to give it a little longer for my body to adjust-so I said OK. Well my spotting/bleeding never stopped and I also had constant cramping. I finally just got it taken out on Thursday....felt soooo much better.(Going back on the pill) However I had a little bleeding at first, which I kinda expected, but now I am bleeding heavy(2 days later)....I don’t know if it’s a pe ...   1,620 hits
Forum: Gynecological

Tumor bleeding problems   by #24713   10y   View Entire Thread 3
Andreas, I need HELP! my breast tumor has been bleeding more profusely since last Sunday which sent me to emergency room .It stopped after i used alot of QR on it at home..Thats a powder you get from the drugstore that seals the wound on contactIts been okay since then, however ,Im fearful of another episode..I have to change the bandage and that disturbs it to bleed but i have to keep it clean dont I?Do you know what causes a tumor to bleed like that?Sometimes after cleaning it it doesnt bleed .I cant figure out what causes it to bleed profusly at times. And what can i do to control ...   2,598 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

Re: Periods after Mirena   by Heather7   7y
I bled heavily for about 3-4 days after I got it removed. I also passed some large clots. The bleeding stopped, however I have had occasional light spotting and heavy mucus the past 2 weeks. I think it is my body trying to get back to normal. They say that the IUD is supposed to stop the lining of your uterus from building up. I find this really hard to believe with all the bleeding and clots I experienced. I called the doc when I was bleeding really bad. Told me to keep an eye on it; if I was going through a pad an hour, I should call back. The bleeding slowed down.   979 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD

Re: Cut   by MH   3y
IF CAYENNE PEPPER OR A BLEND OF SIMILAR HERBS CAN BE APPLIED TO A CUT WITHIN A MINUTE OR 2, I HAVE NEVER SEEN A SCAR RESULT AND THE HEALING AMAZINGLY FAST... A FEW YEARS AGO I MADE 2 DIFFERANT FORMULAS FOR ”BLEEDERS” IN THE AMISH....seems some groups have a huge problem with the boys and some owe better than 10 million $$$$$$$$$$$ in past due doctor bills for these bleeder kids....example: cost $100,000.00 to pull a tooth...yep, the medical guys own these people. So I made STOP BLEED for cuts NO BLEED as a capsule The No Bleed Capsule most likely is the best herbal capsule ever p ...   585 hits
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Re: blood and ec   by danielxmiller   29mo
Actually I was thinking the same thing to be honest...when you get a really deep wound it usually won’t even bleed. I had cut my knuckle open when I was younger and it went down to the bone but didn’t bleed at all. Only the upper layers in the skin bleed, when I was first doing this method they wouldn’t bleed for a long time, but later on they did start bleeding every once in a while. Don’t know it if really means anything or not, but just something I had randomly thought about a while ago.   673 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Bleeding   by #182057   9mo
My wife has breast cancer and is experiencing bleeding in her breast. Two latest episodes were quite heavy and she needed to get blood transfusions after the last one last week. She has been doing strong alternative treatments only, no conventional. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this bleeding and what this bleeding might indicate?   213 hits
Forum: Breast Cancer

How To Stop Nose Bleed Using Cayenne Tincture/Powder   by Muskoka   3y   View Entire Thread 2
I was wondering how to use Cayenne Tincture or Powder to stop nose bleeds. I woke up with a nose bleed in progress and of course did not react fast enough to even think of the cayenne and when I did I couldn’t imagine using Uny’s powerful cayenne up my nose:) Any suggestions on this would be appreciated. I have had a small area in the left nostril that bleeds a little once in awhile. I’ve never mentioned it to the doctor. Thanks. Muskoka   1,120 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

stroke risk   by omo   3y
It also lists possible safety concerns: ”Intake of 3 grams per day or greater of omega-3 fatty acids may increase the risk of bleeding, although there is little evidence of significant bleeding risk at lower doses. Very large intakes of fish oil/omega-3 fatty acids may increase the risk of hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke.” [5] A good place to do rudimentary research is Wikipedia.   717 hits
Forum: Adrenal Fatigue

Re: fasting for unknown aliment   by fastinganne   2y
Hi, I suspect that you suffer from the congested, enlarged spleen. This organ, if enlarged from any reason, may suddenly rupture when it is hit from the outside, for example while doing a rough sport, which may cause a death due to the slow and persistent bleeding into the abdominal cavity. Both the rupture and the bleeding are not felt at all. Bleeding will cause the progressive lowering of the blood pressure. I believe that a water fast is an excellent idea. Love, Anne   946 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only

Re: mirena removed..severe bleeding..need help   by TARANICK   7y
my removal was just the same and after i bleed severly for about 2-3 days passing clots and filling tampons to the point that i was wearing pads as well the bleeding slowed to what seemed to be a normal period after a few days and lasted 2-3 days more. the only thing i could figure was the heavy bleeding was the build up that had not been relased for several months. i did have alot of spotting for several weeks straight, but never a real period while having the iud.i have not had another period since my removal 1-25-07 but i am not PG. hope this helps   2,439 hits
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Re: Unexplained Bleeding   by #55607   9y
What kind of side effects? Many women are intolerant to progesterone and progestins experiencing unpleasant symptoms, ranging from mild, to severe and life altering. Other menopausal women object to the withdrawal bleeding that may accompany progesterone and progestin use.   1,670 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Gynecological

bleeding during fast   by koosika   7y   View Entire Thread 4
HI, I have been on the fast for 13 days.I feel great ,but I have been bleeding since days 5 or 6 as if I was on my period.The problem is that I started the fast right after the end of my period .so I am a bit concerned about bleeding now . I am also under birth control and I kept taking it during my fast .Does anyone know why this is happening? I don’t bleed a lot ,but It’s constant . thank you for helping me!   4,064 hits
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Re: Going to see a Chinese Doctor - What to expect ?   by natalia88   6y
yeah i agree i do think it needs to come out plus my gums bleed and i know that cant be good for me ive tried everything flossing electric toothbrush ect my normal denstits told me i have bacterial infection in my gums and wanted to give me antibiotcs i went mad and refused the holistic mercury dentits im going to see in september said they can help me with my bleeding gums without taking antibiotcs im sure its connected u know to my stomach probs my bleeding gums   3,032 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Image Embedded Re: Lindsy Williams: "Oil to $50 a barrel, McCain to Whit...   by Zoebess   6y
There will be those who will congratulate GW for a job well done. Perhaps they may even try to convince the public he looks and smells like a rose. For my memory, I will see nothing but the blood on his hands... blessings, Zoe -_-   2,148 hits     1 of 2 (50%)
Forum: Conspiracy Forum

Re: Kevin Trudeau Causes Cancer   by muad_dib   8y
Everything in moderation. Too much: Echinacea- liver problems, G1 Problems, headache feverfew - G1 Problems, mouth ulcers, prolonged bleeding ginko - bleeding problems, estrogen booster kava - G1 Problems, liver problems Saw Palmetto - hypertension St. John’s Wort - G1 Problems, inhibits a drug metabolizer ginger, garlic - bleeding problems Vitamin A - joint pain, sore throat, hair loss Vitamin D - high blood calcium Vitamin E - G1 Problems, headaches   1,709 hits
Forum: Kevin Trudeau

Re: bleeding after 3 years of menopause   by babsbiltmore   8y
Sometimes it is absolutely normal- In otherwords, just because the bleeding has stopped it does not necessarily mean you are done: What age were you when you stopped bleeding? For me I went a year without bleeding then bamm I had a period 1 year later- Funny but I had gotten involved with a man at the time And while I was not sleeping with him- I did have sexual thoughts and I think I ”thunk” my estrogen up- and then the cycle started There was no other eason with me either?? So go figure... The process can take 10 years   1,197 hits
Forum: Menopause

Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects   by misscarol   11y
I had the Mirena inserted 1st November last year. I have been having problems with extremely heavy periods, leading to anaemia and a general lessening of my quality of life. I am 51 years old, but not menopausal yet. The gyno thought this would be a good way to stop the bleeding as I was opposed to a hystectomy. I had it inserted under general anaesthetic as the gyno wanted to do a hysteroscopy too. I had no pain on insertion or afterwards. However the bleeding went from extremely heavy periods to non-stop bleeding for 4 month. In April, I had about a week without bleeding and I wa ...   34,011 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Mirena IUD   Birth Control   IUD Malfunctions

Re: how can i control my heavy bleeding?   by karen7375   6y
Has your doctor checked for other medical problems that could be causing the heavy bleeding? I too suffered from very heavy long periods (10 days of heavy bleeding, 5 days off, 10 days of heavy bleeding, etc). My doctor did Thyroid tests as well as vaginal ultrasounds to rule out other medical problems. When those came back normal, she recommended having a D&C, which at that point I was willing to try anything and agreed to the invasive procedure. 3 months later, the heavy bleeding and long frequent periods returned. At this point my doctor recommended hormonal therapy via either Bi ...   2,698 hits
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Bleeding hemorrhoids....   by llania   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Please help me. i am a 51yr. old woman who has suffered with bleeding hemorrhoids for over 20yrs. I have had colonoscopies....all show large internal hemorrhoids. I do suffer with constipation/impaction in 1 day if i don’t have a Bm.But the bleeding is getting more severe. I DON”T bleed during a BM, I bleed when I am urinating after being on my feet or sitting to long. Sometimes the bleeding is profuse...filling the toilet bowl or bleeding thru my clothes. Bleeding can last 10 minutes..before it eases up. I am a vegetarian,i am 5’ & weigh 105/lbs. I drink at least 64ozs of water daily...wi ...   4,535 hits
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Trying to concieve with constant bleeding   by Daninz   10y   View Entire Thread 9
My story is a long one so Ill try to make it really really really short. I dont know what to do anymore. Bit of history... got my period just before my 9th birthday (yes thats pretty young, but whats worse is my 7 year old daughter is getting breasts and has pubic hair... but thats antoher long depressing story!!!) Never had many problems concieved my 3 kids pretty easily (2 in 2 months one in 6 months) and had pretty regular 28 day cycles (but very rarley late) My last daughter was born in August 2001. I had my first depo shot in October when she was 6 weeks old. I bled right t ...   5,556 hits
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Update: 5 weeks post removal   by GenealogyGirl   6y
Hi everyone, after removal (with a D&C) I did not really experience much in the way of bleeding afterwards - but... When I reached week 4 my period seemed to start - with a day of spotting prior. This period was very, very heavy - and at day 7 I was a bit concerned as it was not slowing down (super tampons and a night-time super pad were flooding every hour). I was checked out and they could not see anything particular going on, but gave me anti-inflam and Transamic Acid (to help stop the bleeding. (I did advise them that had been tried prior mirena with NO sucess). They also advised ...   518 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD Forum

Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects   by rlestate   9y
I am experiencing similar problems as well. I had Mirena inserted last February, 1 year after the birth of my daughter. The insertion process was very painful. I experienced severe abdominal cramping and bleeding. I was off my feet for 3 days. Since then, it seems I am bleeding more than I am not. I am unsure when my periods are supposed to be as well. The bleeding starts out light for 2 days, then gets heavy and I will experience mild bleeding for 2 weeks (some heavy and light days). It will stop for about 1 week, then start up again. I have recently been experiencing sore, tender ...   33,678 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Mirena IUD   Birth Control   IUD Malfunctions

Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects-Similar Problems   by trike1234   9y
OMG - can’t tell you how glad i am to find this forum,I had suffered very heavy periods since my last child(01’) and terrible pmt - like i was unliveable with (even i did not want to live with me any more!), let alone my poor hubbie and kids. I had mirena fitted in oct 04’, got severe back pain from day one for 2 wks, could hardly stand up (not good when you have 2 young kids), then bleed for 3 months non-stop, clots and all, could not tell if if was having a period or bleeding, went for 3 mths check up and told them that also i had lost my sex drive, (put that down to bleeding all the tim ...   38,357 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD   Birth Control   IUD Malfunctions

Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects   by brooksmom   9y
I opted for Mirena in April of 2004. For the first 45 days it ws bleed bleed bleed bleed bleed. I went back to my gyn and they inserted a vaginal ring (to try and stop the bleeding) This worded. I took the vaginal ring out after 4 weeks and haven’t had a ”normal” period since. I have light spotting once every month or so. It’s Great. BUT.....I also have sudden weight gain and I get a bit more emotional during what should be my PMS time. The emotional stuff I can deal with but the weight gain, I’m begining to get frustrated with. This is the only negative thing I have experienced. ...   33,457 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD   Birth Control   IUD Malfunctions

Re: Mirena IUD Side Effects   by brooksmom   9y
I opted for Mirena in April of 2004. For the first 45 days it ws bleed bleed bleed bleed bleed. I went back to my gyn and they inserted a vaginal ring (to try and stop the bleeding) This worded. I took the vaginal ring out after 4 weeks and haven’t had a ”normal” period since. I have light spotting once every month or so. It’s Great. BUT.....I also have sudden weight gain and I get a bit more emotional during what should be my PMS time. The emotional stuff I can deal with but the weight gain, I’m begining to get frustrated with. This is the only negative thing I have experienced. ...   33,021 hits
Forum: Mirena IUD   Birth Control   IUD Malfunctions

Mirena adverse siide effects removal   by lovemy6kids   8y   View Entire Thread 10
I had the Mirena inserted in Aug. 2004. I have now bled or had a yellowish discharge, strong odor almost every day of the almost two years. Recently I started bleeding heavily and decided to remove it myself about 9PM. By the next morning I was lightly spotting then by that next night...started really bleeding heavy like changing my pad every 10-15 minutes with some golf ball size blood clots - this lasted about two days. Then I switched to just light bleeding during the day and heavy at night sometimes too much for the pad with a few of the clots filling up most of the bottom of the como ...   5,897 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Mirena IUD

Really long periods of bleeding   by momto2   7y   View Entire Thread 7
I started my cycle the last week of Feb. It went normally. After it stopped, I had sex(2 days after it stopped). I started bleeding right after. Bled for 3 weeks, & then I started my cycle. My cycles are heavier than what I was bleeding at unusually. So the bleeding never stopped during that time. Somewhere in the last week of March, the bleeding stopped, & I had sex again. It’s now 4/17/07 & I’m still bleeding. It’s still lighter than my cycles. Some days I do bleed more than other days, but it’s never heavy. I have tried 2 different times to see my Dr., but no luck. I called to make ...   1,298 hits
Forum: Gynecological

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