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Video Embedded Kickin' Hot Cayenne...Re: Question for Uny; Storing Greens   by healinginHiswings   5y
Are you making Potassium Broth yet? I put cayenne in each cup of K Broth along with a smidgen of Himalayan salt. Yummmm! Also, try playing around with adding cayenne to some of your vegetable juices. Kinda like a REALLY Spicy V-8. You can add it to any of the teas you are drinking. They taste bad, anyway. :-) There’s no rule that you can’t drink the hot lemonade in the kidney flush every day, and that calls for cayenne. If you’re not exclusively juicing, you can make all kinds of crazy hot salsas and invite your friends to burn their faces off. :-) You could try making some ...   985 hits
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Re: Cayenne Tincture from Uny Is Good Stuff!   by unyquity   5y
Lajoanna - SUPER! Wow, what a response!! Did you try it for anxiety? Or were you just ’testing it out’ in general? Here’s a link to the reason Cayenne results in a lessening of anxiety: (I think I forgot to send it, but I’m happy to know my brain hasn’t failed me least I remembered that I’d forgotten, lol). Quick question: When you had the bowel movements, did you have any sensation of ”exit burn”? The reason I ask is this: cayenne POWDER usually results in increased bowel activity, but c ...   975 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Pulmonary Flare Up (Cystic Fibrosis)   by Hveragerthi   5y
 Thanks, Hv! I’ll let you know how it goes. How much Cayenne do you recommend? I have some of these capsules sitting in my cupboard -  Do you think one capsule 3x per day with the other herbs would work? Thanks and have a great weekend! There are different heat unit cayennes ranging from cool cayenne (30,000-40,000HU) up to bird pepper cayenne (around180,000HU).  You probably have regular cayenne, which averages around 90,000HU unless otherwise specified on the bottle.  I recommen ...   3,287 hits
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Re: My first day on fast. Have some questions   by hopinso   8y
My very first MC only lasted a couple of days because I could not tolerate the cayenne in my drink. When I first started here about three years ago, there were two options suggested by the regular posters. One was to take the cayenne in capsules. This worked fine for many, but a few had terrible burning in their stomach and the dreaded ”burning butt” syndrome. When you combine the ”butt pee” from the SWF and ”burning butt” from the cayenne, its no laughing matter. The other method was to take the cayenne in a ”shot” of lemonade, add 1/10 teaspoon to an ounce of lemonade and chug it down, t ...   540 hits
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Re: Need help with Very Poor Digestion Problem   by rudenski   10y
Drink hot green tea with local honey & cinnamon and a dash of cayenne pepper. Breakfasts with and oatmeal and local honey or juice(no dyes) No Milk or cheese(no dairy at all) Not any foods or drinks with dyes in them. ake a smoothie with spinach, carrots, cinnamon, almonds(every day): dates-rasberries-figs-apples-pears-parsimons-cranberries etc...bananas... sun energized water(from glass container) add some local honey and cayenne. Youcan refrigerated flax-seed oil. Breakfasts with and oatmeal and local honey No greasy food add cayenne to everything Lots of ...   1,375 hits
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Re: Do you know about cayenne pepper?   by streetcorner philosopher   9y
Well first of all.....I’m definately no expert on cancer or disease. But I would like to tell you my experience with Cayenne. First of all let me say that I’m absolutely a believer in cayenne. I believe it’s one of the greatest foods on God’s green earth. However I’m in the throws of candida at the moment and since starting my vegetarian, low sugar diet my die-off has been just crazy. First it was non-stop head congestion. Now it’s itching and hives. THis has gone on for a few months....though I believe it to be vastly improving lately. Now for the cayenne. It seems when I consu ...   1,237 hits
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Re: quick question   by detour   8y
formula looks good! No duh questions here...duh questions are better than no questions...! The measurements can get confusing... I have a couple of duh questions: -what happens to sourcream when it goes bad? -why is there a permanent press setting on an iron? -why do they call it a driveway when you park and a parkway when you drive? BTW; It is great for the cayenne to get hot...just not in your MCCocktail... It ain’t gonna kill ya, yet It will get steamy. I add cayenne just prior to drinking,even in bulk. Bring a mint tin or teeny tupperware of cayenne...I cut the handl ...   803 hits
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Re: how to survive a heart attack when alone   RN by chelde   10y
Hi, I agree everyone should know ways in which to help themselves, especially in this case! Here is something else a person could do: You can take 1 tsp or more of cayenne pepper in a glass of warm water immediately, if convenient, which has been known to stop the heart attack and prevent any further heart damage. Cayenne is a muscle relaxant, and the heart is a muscle so this is one of the reasons why it works well. It also helps with circulation but does not cause high blood pressure; it actually balances blood pressure, another reason why it is so good during a heart attack. ...   3,491 hits
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Re: Cayenne capsules   by hopinso   8y
I knew that if I were to ever complete a Master Cleanse, it would have to be without the cayenne in the lemonade, I hated it with a passion! I used the cayenne capsules with great success, but I had been taking them for years. There have been reports of people suffering stomach discomfort and the dreaded burning butt syndrome from using cayenne capsules, its a very individual thing. Another alternative is to put your 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne into a shot (An ounce or so) of the lemonade and drinking it first, then slowly drink and enjoy the rest of the drink. I use cayenne tincture myself. ...   840 hits
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Re: starting day 3 today   by Zoebess   8y
Hi Emma, It is pretty important that you work with the cayenne so you get the benefits of this fabulous herb. It is the powerhouse behind the lemonade and I often like to refer to the lemonade as the ”cayenne delivery system”. The lemonade loosens the gunk and old fecal debris and the cayenne is the healer in the mix. You can begin with a sprinkle and then as you get used to the taste, often you may surprise yourself by wanting more! Some people prefer to use the tincture and some use capsules although it is important to get some of the powder in your mouth so you may want to open a ...   468 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Lemonade mixed in blender?   by cmac801   9y
It’s different for everyone...Been different for me every time.... However, last fast I did not uses the blender to make the mix, and had a bit more cramping....I actually used less laxative tea with the same results....I believe that (for me, mind you) that not using the blender left larger particles of the cayenne pepper. I noticed some remnants of cayenne after I would finish a bottle of the Lemonade. I would mix up a 1.5 liter batch in the AM and have that all day at work. In the past when I used a blender (with or without pulp) I did not notice too much large particles of left over ca ...   592 hits
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Re: How do I kill the pepper taste?   by pepe   10y
Yes you took them and didn’t cause you harm and that’s great. Shoot after eating all that hot mexican food all those years you prolly have a cast iron stomach ;+D and are able to eat habaneros straight and do the hokey pokey at the same time without flinching ;+D. The SAD is very bland by comparison. Others have done the caps with the same apparent success or no harm. The issue that will remain unanswered is whether you would have benefited more and if your cleansing would have been more thorough and quicker if you have done it mixed with the lemonade. On long fasts and epic cleansi ...   790 hits
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Re: Question about Lemonade mix   by pepe   10y
5 teaspoons of cayenne is waaaaaaaay over the recomended amount in the recipie. Either you really like it reeeeealy hot or you’re using very weak cayenne. The recipe call for 1/10th tsp per drink. A gallon is about 12 drinks so that means 1 and 1/5th teaspoons. The amount of lemons you use also sound like less than the recipe. I mix 3 quarts and that was around 5 lemons. If you can get 12 oz of juice from 5 lemons you must have some pretty large lemons where you live. Please if you don’t know or follow the published recipe and post ”yours” then state that this is your variation   947 hits
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Re: ?? @ Cayenne, ACV, & wheatgrass   by _BOB   9y
Wow - the powder differs so much that it is difficult to say x = y. I normally just add enough to ’satisfy’ and then stay at that amount. Spectrum Naturals, Eden; about 1 tablespoon (I add 15 drops of Christopher’s Cayenne). It helps you assimilate and digest (and it helps keep Prevacid at bay:) Yeah, I take it straight, 10 minutes before a meal. However, If my meal is a somewhat healthy one, no meat, I will sometimes have it on the salad and ’be done with it.’ I do. Remember - there isn’t any RDA (government or otherwise...) for wheatgrass. 4tbs of Superfood is ...   1,127 hits
Forum: Dr. Schulze

Re: PARASITE CLEANSE SURVEY   by brian   11y
Ptree I do Clark’s protocol.Did 100’s of liver cleanses.Sycronmeter tested and found some parasites are harder to get rid of than others.Rabbit flukes,Ascaris,Trichinella and pollutants cause many aches and pains.Did you know luogol’s keeps colds away indefinately?Simple but effective yes.Trichinella and for that matter all parasites give off bacteria and the bacteria give off viruses.My problem and maybe we can work together is to stop the pain in the small intestine,after taking cayenne caps.Small dose warms the small intestine but large dose is absorbed by the diapharm opens the cysts o ...   2,486 hits
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Re: Cayenne cream   by MH   5y
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Help for you!   by -2tuff-   9y
This is what I would do in your shoes: 1. Eat a medium/large COOKING onion RAW You should be having to blow your nose so do so as much as possible. 2. Go into a bath with at least 13-26 grams of strong cayenne powder for 15-30 minutes Whilst in the bath breath in deeply and sniff deeply the cayenne fumes. I suggest you take a glass of cold water with you and two or so kitchen Roll towels to blow your nose also. 3. Drink a Cayenne Pepper drink (250ml Hot water with 1 tsp of Cayenne) You may need to start at 1/4tsp but try and see. You should do all these things straight afte ...   1,270 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Cayenne for pain   by shelleycat   11y
Cayenne brings herbal heat to wherever you apply it, thus cayenne extract is a wonderful topical remedy for arthritis. For kidneys? I doubt it. Kidney stones are calcium, don’t see how cayenne would have an effect on that. People who have too much yin (cold) action in their diet and lives may need things that are yang (heating) to balance their kidneys, but Cayenne isn’t on the list. Cloves, ginger and cinnamon are. The liver/gallstone flush and herbs that dissolve stones will help the kidneys, because the calcium stones form in the kidney because the gallstone is so overloaded. This c ...   1,347 hits
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ALFALFA for the bath.   by been there done that   7y
Seven months ago, CSHAEDLER wrote a post about using alfalfa in the bath water. It doesn’t seem to have caught on, but I never heard one negative word about it. It was regarding this. I’ve also wondered about ozonators because they would encourage oxygenation. I don’t know how that would effect electronics or plumbing, etc. I know they are approved safe for restaurants (supposedly). If you do use one, turn OFF the gas and pilot lights to the stove an ...   7,607 hits
Forum: Morgellons

Day 8; cayenne issues revisited   by jordysyd   7y   View Entire Thread 4
Hi all, This is my third MC. On my second one, I started getting BAD headaches which I figured out were from the cayenne pepper. I wasn’t sure if I was reacting to the cayenne itself or if it was stimulating some detox, but I ended my cleanse early because of it. This time I armed myself with 3 different brands of organic cayenne and the same thing is happening. This didn’t happen on my first cleanse; I only had one day with a bad headache. From day one of this cleanse, I’ve had a headache so it couldn’t have been detox, right? Too soon? I’ve been leaving the cayenne out mo ...   1,130 hits
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Re: Grandma--what should she do?   by LuellaMay   6y
Your grandmother should take cayenne pepper.  One teaspoon in a glass of juice daily, not on an empty stomach.  This will help her entire cardiovascular system and regulate her blood pressure, should this also be a problem.  The cayenne will be hot but it will not blister her throat or stomach.  Just have something cold that she can chase it down with.  If this is too difficult for her you can get cayenne supplements.  In fact, Unyquity, a member of curezone makes a marvelous cayenne tincture.  But that is also hot. However, not only will she make the tin ...   1,221 hits     3 of 3 (100%)
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: In Defense Of Wimps Everywhere....   by hopinso   9y
If you are new to using cayenne or have a past sensitivity to hot foods, it might be best to start out with the ”wimpy” stuff and progress to the hotter variety. For anyone who started out with the 40,000 STU (Scoville Thermal Units, the standard of measuring heat units) capsules from Walmart will be in for quite an awakening with the cayenne that is two or three times hotter. Take that from someone who has ”been there, done that”. The hotter the cayenne the better, if you can tolerate it. My Naturopath tells the story of how he got an emergency call from a rural settlement. An elderly ...   5,891 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: cayenne pepper   by pepe   9y
The ”big believer” part from what I see in your post is based on your dislike of cayenne and not on any advantage other than a personal dislike. Your ”excelent results” are relative to what??? If you haven’t done that MC as prescribed then you really don’t know how much better results you might have gotten putting the cayenne in the lemonade. One very well thought out method for doing the caps was described by a very experienced faster and that was to put a small bit of cayenne on the tongue so it would signal the stomach and your system to release the proper enzymes to digest the ca ...   631 hits
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Re: Sorry About Your Luck   by pepe   6y
The caps have NEVER been part of the MC period and are not mentioned or recommended by Stanley Burroughs. In addition every major proponent of the healing properties of cayenne advices against them . Some people do them and they are OK but we’ve certainly have had enough folks on this forum as this person who just posted that had pretty bad experience. I posted the cap FAQs that covers the reason why they are NOT a good idea and why they are not as effective. One popular alternative has been cayenne shooters. Where folks put the cayenne in a  shot glass with a little lemonade ...   853 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Eyebright Formula   by Willowley   4y
Elf, I haven’t even tried to work up to five minutes per eye and don’t really know if I could.  No I take that back, if I truly wanted to do a full five minutes I COULD make myself work up to it.  But thats just me, some dudes or dudettes might be tougher than me lol! I get a clean cup of distilled water with the eyewash drops in it for each eye.  I don’t know if that is necessary unless of course you’ve got floaters or other things in your eyes.  If that were the case I wouldn’t think you’d want to put the used eyewash into the other eye cause I’d be concerned th ...   1,945 hits
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Re: Intense Pain   by Raven486   4y
Ok, I dont know why anyone would take acv with anything other than honey or another calming agent. ACV has the power to eliminate nearly anything that you put into your body. That’s why you are not to take medication for at least an hour and a half before or after ACV. if you dont, you might has well thrown that medication in the garbage, it did no good to you. Cayenne speeds along and increases the productivity of any herb it is used with. But i truly doubt that it will do anything for acv other than cause an increase in the oils of the cayenne in your stomach. That will turn something ...   1,233 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

"Mastering" = ... Re: Working on it!!! So true!   by unyquity   32mo
Mastering something = fully encompass every aspect of it, like an artist ’masters’ their craft and/or instrument (???) Learn it! For instance, here’s an attribute of cayenne that most don’t know: Grow it! Just like old-world musicians/carpenters grew the wood for their instruments and creations...knowing everything about the herb ’from seed to powder’ will open our eyes to greater potential & possibilities. Use it! I used to DESPISE anything ’hot’ (it wasn’t the flavor, it was the ’burn’ that I hated). Aft ...   1,132 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

WOW!!! Eyebright Misformulated!!!   by PositiveImpact   2y   View Entire Thread 4
Holy Red Eye Batman... So This morning I used my eyebright tincture for the first time. I have used the tea version a couple of times before and that was pretty intense but this morning I used my home made tincture and it did absolutly nothing. No burning no involuntary eyeclosure nothing. I thought this can’t be right. I decided that I should taste some and sure enough there was ZERO Cayenne in there! HOW DID I MISS THAT? Well I had my 1/2oz bottle filled with this no Cayenne Eyebright so I decided the quickest and easiest fix would be to simply add 2 Droppersfuls of my Cayenne Ti ...   926 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Some interesting reading I found about the health benefit...   by Taco John   9y   View Entire Thread 2
I thought I’d share these articles I found... If you’re anything like me (and you must be, you’re here), you want to learn as much as you can about the crazy things you’re doing! Why the lemon works so well On page 19 of A.F. Beddoe’s book “Biological Ionization in Human Nutrition,” he states that: “Man does not live off the food he eats but off of the energy that is produced from the food he eats.” The energy you get from your food comes from the atoms and molecules of energy in your food. A reaction takes place as cationic food enters the digestive tract and encounters anio ...   837 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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Re: quick question   by Badger13   6y
Hi - I’m new here but joined because of a dramatic cayenne ”event” ;-) I had today. I recently purchased Dr. Schulze’s 250,000HU cayenne (powder form, not tincture -- I’m a recovered alcoholic and I don’t use alcohol or tinctures). So for the past couple of days I’ve used the cayenne (1/4 tsp) in about 2-3 oz of water, 2-3 times per day. I didn’t get my first dose in today until lunch, and wasn’t thinking that I’d have any problem on an empty stomach before lunch. Um... that was a problem. But I don’t think ”empty stomach” was the only problem. Still trying to figure out the deal ...   735 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Complete beginner   by -2tuff-   9y
The hotter the better with the Cayenne ;-) I suggest if you ever come across some Scotch Bonnet, Halberno, Birds Eye Cayenne Pepper use this and it will blow your mind but excellent for the heart, circulation and more! Cayenne is amazing! What I normally do is on an empty stomach (best) is take 500ml hot water with a full squeezed lemon and 2 tsp of Cayenne (due to raised water level). Gives packs of energy etc! Yes you do become acustomed to it quickly. If you stopped taking it then went back after a tiny while you would notice it more again. Dont worry if you feel funny in your che ...   1,858 hits
Forum: Dr. Beck

Re: More about Ginkgo   by skwill777   5y
Hi Rerod, This is about adding cayenne pepper to Ginkgo. How to Use Ginkgo with Cayenne for Curing Alzheimer’s. SCHULZE: I had this one lady with Alzheimer’s disease. She ran a business, but her disease got to where she couldn’t remember anyone’s name, couldn’t remember who they were, and wondered who were these strangers coming in? We got her right back to normal in a little over a week, to where she remembered anything she wanted. Specifically, what we used on her was the brain tonic we mention in Chapter Fiv ...   1,333 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

cayenne-emergency uses   by risingsun   8y
CAYENNE PEPPER - EMERGENCY USES Compiled And Edited By Tom Harrelson THERAPEUTIC ACTION CAYENNE is a POWERFUL and PURE Stimulant, having NO Narcotic Effect, increasing the POWER of the Pulse and carrying the Blood to ALL parts of the Body, plus EQUALIZING and RESTORING the BALANCE of Circulation throughout the Body! Cayenne is a Hemostat, ARRESTING the flow of Blood from a Cut or Wound in SECONDS and a Cardiac Tonic, HELPING to REBUILD the Heart. It is an Antiseptic, KILLING Pathogens and a Counter-Irritant, helping to RELIEVE Pain. And Cayenne is a Stomachic, HELPING to DIGEST Foods ...   3,613 hits
Blog: Cayenne Research Blog

Re: The real story about Dr Christopher & Cayenne pepper!   by white tiger   8y
Hi San2006 Dr. Christopher continued to teach until the last of his life, when in 1983, he had slipped on the treacherous ice outside his home in Covered Bridge Canyon, Utah, and suffered what became a fatal accident. He was seventy-three years old. Dr. Christopher assured us that Cayenne is one of the greatest herbs of all time-though it is also one of the most misunderstood and ridiculed. He said that every home should have a good supply of Cayenne pepper. When only a young man in his thirties, Dr. Christopher was told by the medical docto ...   1,306 hits     3 of 3 (100%)
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Re: Day 9/30 Senna tea SWF switch question????   by rachellucky   8y
I figured I would do the SWF days 1-10 and then switch to the two teas for days 10-20 and see how I do. I’m just worried about cramping and bad gas pains at work. This is the 2nd modification I am making on my 6th cleanse. The first [which I know some disagree with] was to cayenne capsules over adding the straight cayenne to the drink. I do not regret this decision at all, and still see plenty of red dots in my bm’s [which are all liquid]   915 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: In pain, need help quick   by Ohfor07   8y
If you can get your hands on some fresh cayenne pepper, that should do the trick. 4 weeks ago I had a root canaled tooth pulled and packed the wound with a wad of gauze laced with fresh cayenne (chopped & somewhat minced, with seeds), left in place several hours at a time before replacing with a fresh ”bandage”. I did this for the first 3 days after the extraction and ended up with virtually zero pain and minimal swelling.   847 hits
Forum: Dental Support

Re: intestinal thinning???   by stemmy   8y
I just had to post about the Cayenne Pepper....I thought I was not good with spices, but since I introduced that and Odorless Garlic along with the HumaCleanse I have had at least daily results, sometimes more....the cayenne and odorless garlic tablets are easly to take, along with all of the rest of the really seems to aggravate them, along with enemas, alloottttaaaa!! water and I am eating fibre and fruit and veges only, no meat....its amazing how you can spice up rice and wheat pasta!! Never thought I’d being saying this!!   1,232 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: where to get HOT organic cayenne pepper?   by Zoebess   8y
The cleanse calls for the ground pepper, although others have used the tincture. Cayenne encompasses a wide family of peppers, the hotter the pepper, the more capsicum it contains. Here is more info on cayenne and the MC~~ be happy, be well, Zoe -_- The Master Cleanse Express   1,441 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Pre-making the Lemonade   by Zoebess   8y
Add as much pepper as you can tolerate...experimentation by some of us has proven that MORE cayenne loosens up the gunk more efficiently. I use a quarter teaspoon of cayenne per glass but others have gone much higher... be happy, be well, Zoe -_- The Master Cleanse Express   2,316 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: A few questions about humaworm.   by humaworm   8y
Hello - Questions are GOOD - they are why I am here on the ”Zone”. Your juice plan sounds good as does the liver flush after the HUMAWORM cleanse. The cayenne tincture will be fine to take also. You may find that you can decrease the cayenne supplement during the cleanse because HUMAWORM includes elecampane, among other things, that will help clear the lungs. Good luck to you and your family and be sure to keep us posted.   944 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Can i take prilosec before bed and acidophilus before...   by ttwarrior1   8y
nice post and good luck with the healing. I just bought cayenne, dgl licorice , garlic and hawthorne berries. I take the bp med in the morning, a multi with lunch, and hour later the headache med, and then a prilosec before dinner. I thought about no prilosec and take cayenne, dgl licorice, ginger, hawthorne berries but when do i take them,before or after dinner or before bed. Thanks, chris from kentucky   3,014 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: trying to mainttain?   by yucky   10y
yes you can do the swf when not fasting- (i am no expert) i did them about once a week for about two months before beginning my fast- that and the p&b shakes- you should check out the bowel cleansing forum, and shelly has some great notes on bowel maintenance in the ask shelly forum. i am not sure about the pepper- maybe you can find fresh cayenne or dried ones- they are those skinny red peppers, about 2 inch long. i dont know if it is the cayenne or the hotness, would other hot peppers serve the same function- i dont know- maybe somebody else knows more about this-   609 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Milk Thistle   by shelleycat   10y
You can e-mail me, but really, not sure what I can say to this except take whatever steps you feel comfortable with! :) To make the colon feel more comfortable, add cayenne pepper powder to any of your meals that contain fiber, be they fruit or whatever. The constant ”irritation” of the capsicum in cayenne pepper soon teaches the bowels to be less loud in their complaints. :) Use aloe vera too, as this helps them to de-swell and heal very quickly. Good luck! :)   863 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley 1[A]

Re: Fresh cut/stitches: How to reduce scarring?   by trapper/kcmo   7y
mist it as frequently as possible with colloidal silver. too bad it was stitched - those will be the scars left. the very best would have been butterflied and a bandage full of cayenne on it. it would heal almost overnight and no scarring. this application of cayenne can still be done as well if you dont have CS. it will heal so fast it will make the doctor’s head spin. get the stitches out as soon as possible.   10,096 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: Scissors and razor blades inside   by humaworm   7y
Sometimes old, well-established parasites cause pain when they are disturbed and dying. Take away the cayenne, cloves and cinnamon for now - you may be overdoing it with these herbs - herbs are drugs too and contain chemicals that your liver has to process. The garlic is fine as long as it is not a lot per day. After the cleanse, you can add the cayenne, cloves and cinnamon back into your diet. Maybe this will help.   1,144 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

This is a yogic drink recipe that contains all the goodies   by #67813   8y   View Entire Thread 4
a pint of fresh orange juice several slices of fresh pineapple a finger length section of young ginger juiced 4 large cloves of fresh garlic either juiced, or pealed squeezed through a crusher 1 heaping table spoon of cayenne a shot of virgin pressed olive oil (to sooth the stomach lining and cut the bite of the spices) a tab of powder ginseng (if available) Mix in a blender with some ice. This tastes very refreshing and feels immediately like a tonic, good for the liver and blood, has a refreshing effect. Pieter lemonade diet and cayenne pepper   2,424 hits
Forum: Kundalini Yoga   Yoga

Re: protuding vein on foot!   by grzbear   7y
Take a look at this reflexology chart and see if the ovary point coresponds to what you may be dealing with... here is another one You may want to take cayenne pepper and\or make cayenne tea if you believe you are dealing with any type of circulation issue.   8,512 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Re: too much cayenne ok?   by #48688   6y
The only thing you want to avoid when adding the cayenne powder to your mixture is to not add so much that it becomes a paste. Then you would have to eat it with a spoon and its best to be able to drink it. And yes, as the above poster mentioned the capsules are a no-no. You need the cayenne to hit the mouth to prepare the stomach for its arrival and the capsule itself has enough stuff in it to cause the digestion to start.- That you don’t want.   729 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: bleeding internally ulcers help   by seoreh   6y
Thanks you so much, I’ve heard about cayenne for bleeidng and taken it myself. I was a bit worried that it could aggrevate bleeding, is this not true? she is in ICU and getting blood. woudl this be too much of an irritant to give her,, I know cayenne is amazing as I”ve took it myself and it;s wonderful, but I worry that it could make her bleed more. I guess that’s not true? thanks so much, Lisa   6,537 hits
Forum: Dr. Schulze   Bariatric Surgery   Dr.Schulze’s Miracle

Re: the hotter the cayenne the more medicinal?   by tharrels1   6y
Hi Megan, Generally speaking that’s TRUE! The Cayenne Pepper must be at least 90,000 Heat (or Scoville) Units though to be used medicinally. Cayenne Pepper Tincture is the MOST POWERFUL form to take internally. Here’s Dr. Schulze’s Tincture Method. ”THANKS” form your post! Tom/Psa. 104:14.   12,229 hits
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another great craigslist find   by vektek   4y   View Entire Thread 9
This is what I need for sure. I need a bright red fainting couch for when I stupidly take too much 160 hu cayenne, like today. I need somewhere to faint that matches my insides. :) I want to see a Christian Science person take a bunch of that cayenne that’s not already use to it, and then show me how they imagine that away. ha!   618 hits
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Re: Cold nose?   by jhan   4y
Usually cold extremities are a sign of bad blood circulation. I would suggest trying cayenne (the real stuff if you like spicy food or else the supplements). Cayenne and ginger are good for blood circulation. Ginger tea: slice 1/2 inch of a ginger root simmer 15-20 minutes drink like tea drink like chai tea: add: 2 whole cardamom seeds, 1 stick cinamon, 3 cloves and simmer Yummy and the best remedy against die-off along with enemas Jhan   2,565 hits
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Re: hot sauce, tincture, or powder?   by water01   3y
This link contains a lot of good information on tincture and powder. I hope it will help you decide how you want to use your fresh habanero peppers. Water __________________________________________________ Answers + Cayenne tincture or powder & UPLIFTING MOTIVATION!!! Re: Spicy Food vs. Cayenne vs. Niacin [Unyquity]:   984 hits
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Re: I will read that.....   by Willowley   4y
Here is the link to Uny’s Storefront that can be found toward the top of the forum page. Herbal Apothecary Storefront  Here is the direct link to the Cayenne powder she talks about that most of us on the forum use. Cayenne/Capsicum Powder 4oz It’s really good stuff for sure!  ;) Willow    1,257 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Hello All! Eight months later   by #127253   4y
Try Hydrochloric acid it is like the stomach acid to help digest food also take natural digestive enzymes, cayenne pepper too to help kill bad bacteria that cause these smells, but you have to take these things with every thing you eat. You may have lack of acids in your body like so many of us, that cause over growth of bad bacteria, or try apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper with every thing you eat. Good luck and God bless.   12,452 hits
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Re: The Pancreas, Dr. Christopher Re: blood sugar reading   by Anne_33   4y
thanks Water great info ..basically mucus-free diet juice fasting /cleansing all the stuff I should be doing but cant right now ..funny how he says juice fasting wont affect blood sugar as long as the juice is swished around inside the mouth before swallowing .. and cedar-berries ,urva ursi,goldenseal,cayenne and others .. hhm sounds interesting for sure cayenne and garlic really works for me as I found out today thanks again Anne_33   1,036 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Is it common to vomit when taking cayenne?   by Dquixote1217   4y
I find it extremely hard to believe that cayenne pepper in any reasonable amount could possibly cause cancer. From what I understand just the opposite is true and I note that I highly recommend cayenne pepper for people who are trying to beat or prevent cancer, the same as I recommend it for people who want to prevent or reverse cardiovascular disease.  I personally take it regularly.   7,241 hits
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Re: Mater Cleanse help please   by lemonista   4y
Have you got the Master Cleanse book by Stanley Burroughs? If not, you really need it! Daily consumption of 3.5 litres of lemonade is: 12 fl oz lemon 12 fl oz maple syrup 1 tsp cayenne But I do my lemonade in 3 batches of 1.3 litre each containing: 1 litre water 4 fl oz lemon 4 fl oz syrup 1 tsp cayenne The book is not expensive and will give you all the information you need. Happy cleansing!   993 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Tea question - Heart Tincture formula   by ohfor07   4y Heart Tincture: 1. Use the above Cayenne Pepper Tincture Method with 3 parts - Hawthorn Berry, Flower & Leaf, 1 part - Red Clover Blossoms, 1 part - Garlic Bulb, 1 part - Cactus Grandiflorus Stem, 1 part - Motherwort, 1 part - Cayenne Pepper and 1 part - Ginger Root.       1,149 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Why PlzChukle has my RESPECT!   by mo123   6y
Yes exactly, my mom had a supposed heart attack which turned out to be false and I asked the barefoot about aspirin and he said, that aspirin should not be taken under any condition as it ruined the lining of the stomach. Cayenne has been proven to improve the stomach. In fact I want to tell my son about this right away. I am sold on cayenne but slow buildup. You know budwig suggested it 55 years ago   1,889 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Charlie

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