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Magnesium Oil/Epsom Salt Bath   by stiffkittens   6y   View Entire Thread 8
I’ve been using Magnesium Oil since I got some last week and today was the first day that I took a bath w/ Epsom Salts and 2 ounces of the Mag Oil and I can’t explain how relaxed I am. Maybe the two are a good combination. I’ve taken a few Epsom Salt baths before and they do relax you but the Magnesium Oil/Epsom Salt bath REALLY does a trick. I’ve been rubbing the Mag Oil on my skin a couple times a day and I do feel more relaxed but again the combo of the two in the bath really calmed me down. I’m usually so uptight and anxious all the time due to Adrenal Fatigue I don’t think my body kno ...   13,418 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Epsom salts   by Mira528   3y
Thank you, to both of you. I’ve decided to hold off on the liver flush until I receive these two, which I’ve ordered and they’re labelled safe for internal use. Rougier epsom salts Atlas epsom salts Mira   1,973 hits
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--Bubbly Urine = Excess Protein--   R by moreless   7y
Hi 9507, Your question: Is the protein coming from heart muscle or from the digested food? Statin critcs said it came from heart muscle so they are advocating taking CoQ10, Answer: Maybe one needs to consider what parts of the body have protein in them ? Does just the Heart have Protein or does ”ALL” of the Flesh and Organs have protein in them ? Does Meat have Protein in it ? Is the Flesh of the body considered Meat ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? So, Meat has Protein in it and our Flesh is Meat, so this must mean that ”ALL” of our Flesh and Organs have protein in them ? Wh ...   24,395 hits
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Re: Is Epsom Salt a premixed product?   by Cris w   9y
Hope this helps - googled! Question: Is all Epsom Salt the same? Answer: Yes. While there are various ways of manufacturing and packaging Epsom Salt, chemically all Epsom Salt is the same. The Epsom salt you buy in a container at one grocery store or pharmacy is the same as what you would find at another grocery store or pharmacy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Why is Epsom Salt called Epsom Salt? Answer: One of the earliest discoveries of magnesium sulfate, the scientific name of Epsom Salt, occurred back in ...   1,165 hits
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Re: Doing second liver flush and need some facts on this.   by JohnnySmith   8y
Re: Bad taste of Epsom Salts. A poster a while back ago posted encapuslating the measured amount of Epsom salts in empty gelatin capsules and swallowing these to totally avoid the bitter after taste of the Epsom salts. The flusher claimed that this in no way interfered with a successful flush. I have thought of testing this but have not done so yet. I use a straw to sip the Epsom salt/juice mixture. I have tried mixing the epsom salts with grapefruit juice and apple juice and the grapefruit juice seemed to mask the bitter taste of Epsom Salts better than the apple juice at least for me ...   1,240 hits
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Re: A Closer Look At The Moreorless Drink.   by JohnnySmith   8y
”the epsom salt page does not mention eating epsom salts.” Yes, that is true, but keep in mind that the benefits of the epsom salts mentions result from the aborption of the Epsom salts through soaking for 20-30 minutes in a epsom salt bath. The epsom salts are absorbed through the skin and make their way eventually into the blood stream. The amount absorbed to have the desired effect is likely the equivalent of a ”pinch” of epsom salts, the rest goes into the drain with the bath water unless of course you use the water to water your plants or garden, which can make your plants grow l ...   2,586 hits
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Did the flush wrong?? Do the flush right!!!   by Ayehasherayeh   8y
Topaz jarocho get yourself a colonic if you cannot do that give your self an enema Research and reconsider epsom salt I know Shelley is sensitive to epsom salt because of kidney problems how many of the hundreds and thousands of flushers on this site have had experience that shows epsom is bad for health? relatively few if any. You may flush again following more conventional protocol involving epsom salt. Epsom salt WILL most likely be more reliable than salt as concentration is important for the flush A.   1,239 hits
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Re: New flush last night still no results   by Corny   8y
I think next time you need to do it under a more relaxed setting, and stick strictly to the protocol. Try a day when you have nothing to do on that particular day, nor the day after. The normal dosage is: 6pm -epsom, 8pm -epsom, 10pm -OO/GFJ, 6am - epsom, 8am -epsom You need all that epsom to both clear the pathway and dilate the bile ducts. So, try it the more traditional way next time, and I bet you’ll get luckier!   601 hits
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1TBS of epsom salts = ? capsules   by +energy   8y   View Entire Thread 6
Hey guys, I found epsom salt capsules on Clark’s website: The only description it has is: Epsom Salt Capsules 965 mg, 60 count. How many capsules would I have to take for it to equal 1TBS of epsom salts... Plus, is there a big difference btwn drinking epsom salt versus taking epsom salt capsules? If taking the capsules are less effective, I’m willing to put up with drinking the vile doses for now...thanks! +Energy   2,128 hits
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Re: 2nd Flush Not As Effective :(   by Rusfox   11y
You may keep passing stones for a couple of days, considering that you did not take any Epsom salts. Epsom salts help a lot to have a nice flush. They relax and stretch ducts, block absorbtion of toxines that your liver release during flush into your intestines. That can cause nausea, fatigue and general discomfort. Epsoms cause diarrhea that help you to get rid of all those nasty toxic stones on the first day after flushing. So the best thing you can do now is an enema. You need to wash flush product from intestines to start feeling better. Good luck!   804 hits
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--answer--Spa water   by moreless   5y
Hi beyond67, Your question: Hi, Recently my family was fortunate enough to purchase a small outdoor hot tub. It has a built in ozonator and filter to clean the water. I want to avoid putting in chemicals such as chlorine in the water. What are some healthy options to help keep the spa water clean and free from bacteria/mold? Can the moreless bath ingredients be added to the spa water? Or are they not meant for long term use? Thanks! Answer: Adding the Peroxide may keep it clean and the Epsom Salt and other ingredients may be used. The Peroxide will have to be added mor ...   833 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Re: Coffee enema added to liver flush?   by tamaraz   9y
I usually do a colonic or plain-water enema followed by a coffee enema about 1 hour after my first epsom dose, and it works very well. I don’t think you can substitute the enema for the Epsom Salts however. Based on my reading, the ES are meant for relaxing the ducts so that larger stones can pass through. Coffee, on the other hand, stimulates a release, but I have never heard that it opens the bile ducts. In fact, it doesn’t really make sense that a stimulant can cause a relaxation (opening). If I were you I would stick with the ES. If you’re ambitious, add the coffee enema, but I w ...   848 hits
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Re: Stuck gallstone   by plzchuckle   7y
When I began my trek to rejuvenate my liver, I was in PAIN constantly. Things that helped me control the pain while I was moving the mud out: room temperature water with fresh squeezed lemon ... all I cared to drink warm water with Bragg’s apple cidar vinegar, sweetened with stevia water with a pinch of epsom salts adding a pinch of epsom salts to either the lemon water or the acv drink Can I say that any one worked better than others? NO!! They all worked. I even kept lemons in my desk drawer at work during this period.   888 hits
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Re: Liver flush while fasting, still need ES?   by #19236   9y
excellent question. epsom salts are basically a poison, yet the epsom salts relaxes, and opens up the tubes so the stones and liver mud can pass out. I noticed this flush, after cleansing my system on a light fruitarian diet, the epsom salt was really distasteful to me. I think after our systems get cleaner, fasting, fruit diet etc, we are more sensitive to the mild side effects of the epsom salts, still it is worth doing a liver flush to clean out the liver and the small amt of epsom salt exposure is worth the risk, for the reward, return, of a clean liver. I read lots of apple juice hel ...   1,056 hits
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Re: I use Oxypowder before and after liver flush   by #33901   8y
Your orginal question asked if Oxypowder was good for the day after cleanse, not in lieu of epsom salts during the flush. I DO use epsom salts, but limit the epsom salts to a weaker solution as part of the flush itself. I have also done a liver flush using coffee enemas to dilate the bile ducts. You’ve indicated that you are an ”exit only” kind of flusher so the coffee solution will probably not appeal. If the problem you are experiencing with epsom salts relates more to dehydration, you may want to prepare for the flush by drinking electrolyte water (The company that makes Emerg ...   1,187 hits
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No. Re: Can sea salt be used instead of Epsom salt?   by unyquity   8y
No, Epsom Salts are NOT the same as sea salt (or any other kind of real salt). Epsom Salts are magnesium sulfate. Unyquity define:Epsom Salts - Google Search   1,683 hits
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Re: There ought to be a law   by grzbear   8y
No, Epsom Salts are NOT the same as sea salt (or any other kind of real salt). Epsom Salts are magnesium sulfate. Unyquity define:Epsom Salts - Google Search   1,265 hits
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Re: question about epsom salts   by JohnnySmith   8y
You’re most welcome, but Telman deserves all the credit. I was using regular external epsom salts and he posted that some Epsom salts may contain trace contaminants like arsenic. This made me switch to Epsom salts made for internal use. I don’t like the idea of pumping arsenic laced epsom salts into my system even if the arsenic is in trace amounts. Best Wishes and All The Best In Your Journey To Improving Your Health.   968 hits
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Re: Epsom Salt/Water Mixture Bitter No More.   by serene_tea   8y
I do the protocol for Epsom-free liver flush. I haven’t looked back either, I use magnesium supplements instead of taking Epsom and have much more productive flushes. I think Epsom is too hard on my kidneys -- although it seems fine and even beneficial for others. Drinking the Epsom mixture was a little bit too much like a Fear Factor stunt for me ;)   1,656 hits
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MH, why not take epsom salts with olive oil and lemon juice?   by #34998   8y   View Entire Thread 4
I never understood this. It seems that that the early dose of epsom salts cleans out small and large intestine, then the later dose helps by opening the bile ducts so the stones can pass easier. So wouldn’t it be good to take some epsom salts close to or with the olive oil and lemon mixture, so the epsom will be there opening the bile ducts later in the night as the oil works? Is there some danger in taking epsom salts with the olive oil mixture? Regards, davey   1,267 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Liver flush advice please?To Paint Lady   by Blueduck   12y
I just took a half tablespoon of the epsom salts. I keep reading all the posts about epsom salts and I guess I do have to take some of it. However, I had two very successful flushes with no epsom salts. Maybe I will even take another half tablespoon of it! In fact, if the epsom salts takes away this pain I will have the courage to drink more that half a cup of the olive oil in a couple of hours! Blueduck   1,471 hits
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Re: substitute sea salt for epsom salts?   by fsboeira   10y
I´ve done my first two flushes using no Epsom Salt and they were succesful. Mrs Chang from Sensible Health says there´s no need to use Epsom Salt as it is heavy on the kidneys. However, in my third flush I had to use Epsom Salt as I was in pain and my flush was fantastic.The pain faded after an hour. Although I don´t think epsom Salt is a must I´d recommend it, according to my own experience. Good luck Fernando   1,550 hits
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Epsom salts, grapefruit, and olive oil...?   by Kevin   12y   View Entire Thread 3
How exactly does epsom salt, grapefruit, and olive oil help flush the liver of gallstones? I’ve heard from a pathologist that if you know your chemistry you’ll know that these three ingredients mixes in the stomach to actually create the stones being flushed. I’m just wondering why exactly epsom salts, grapefruit, and olive oil does the work. Anyways, i’m also wondering where can i purchase epsom salts? What exactly is epsom? Thanks, Kev   3,575 hits
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Shelley I need your ok!   by namisop   10y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi ok nevermind about my previous question...i found out i can adjust the time. Can you tell if i got it correct... 8pm - epsom salt mixture 10pm - epsom salt mixture 12am- olive oil mixture 10am- wake up take the epsom salt mixture 12pm- last epsom salt mixture. Sorry to bother you but does this look ok to you for my liver flush? I can’t thank you enough for guiding my thru this. This means a lot!!!:)   912 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley

Re: Liver Flush basic questions   by angela70   8y
Just at 10pm. 6pm - epsom and water 8pm - epsom and water 10pm - olive oil and grapefruit juice 6am - epsom and water 8am - epsom and water There are lots of variations and reading about it can get confusing. The above timeline is the most common. The morning epsoms don’t have to start at 6am - just not before but keep the 2 hours in between doses. Good luck! cheers, Angela   721 hits
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Image Embedded Re: Epsom salt crystals Vs. Andrews liver salts for liver...   by Telman   4y
This is an example of what you need: You may need to ask the druggist (chemist) specifically for this. Other types are available but must say for internal use. Andrews Liver Salts contain magnesium sulphate (dihydrate) 17.4% w/w, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 22.6 % w/w and Citric Acid (anhydrous) 19.5% w/w Epsom salts is all magnesium sulphate.   9,867 hits
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Re: Urgent: Epsom Salt = Milk of Magnesium?   by MENDOMAID   4y
For me Milk of Magnesia is a gentler purge and doesn’t work as well as Epsom Salts. But sometimes Epsom Salts burns my stomach so now I use almost a tablespoon of Epsom Salts and add about a capful of milk of Magnesia to 1 cup water instead of the 3/4 c. water the recepie calls for. I order pure Epsom Salts from the Dr. Clark Store online as I don’t tolerate the over-the-counter Epsom Salts as well. Here in Northern California Epsom Salts is sold in most grocery stores and supermarkets. Good luck on your purge.   3,844 hits
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Clarks Flush quick questions, need anwsers!   by Cyane   8y   View Entire Thread 2
Is the below true, will the Flush schedule work without the Epsom salts? And if so, is it safe and is there anything else I should use instead? -------- Question Should I use epsom salts with my gallbladder flush? Answer Some people recommend the use of epsom salts in order to dilate the ducts. However, while this might be effective, I personally don’t like to use epsom salt because it is harsh on the kidneys and is also very dehydrating. Moreover, it often produces misleading results because the epsom salts and olive oil can form what appear to be stones, which are often confus ...   839 hits
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Re: Clark flush Advice Please   by daizymae   5y
I am certainly not the most experienced person here; I have done a grand total of 7 flushes - both epsom & non-epsom. Believe me, you don’t need epsom salts. Period. If you have a tendency toward constipation, then take some mild non-epsom laxative early in the morning the day after your flush, or you could take it just before bed time the day of the flush. You don’t need ANY epsom salt, ever, except to put in your warm bath. That way, it makes you feel good, not bad. Try the coke flush instead where you take foodgrade phosphoric acid in apple juice for 3 days. I hope that eve ...   1,028 hits
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Re: Epsom Salts - Toxic?   by pixelfusion   10y
The Epsom Salt I bought came in a small carton and looks like that indicated in the link below. I presume epsom salt is epsom salt and that there is no such thing as a consumption grade of epsom salt vs a bathing grade of epsom salt. The carton says magnesium sulphate. But the CAUTION label saying ”for external use only” worried me. Does your carton / bag of epsom salt also say for external use only? Maybe they all say that? This would give me a little more comfort. Thanks.   3,397 hits
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Re: epsom salts   by JohnnySmith   8y
(1) Mix the epsom salts in grapefruit or apple juice instead of water. (2) Use Stevia extract powder to sweeten the epsom salt and water mixture if you decide to use water. FYI, you have to use 3-4 tablespoons for each 3/4 cup epsom salt and water mixture. I have found that using Stevia extract seems to mask the bitter taste of epsom salts better than grapefruit and apple juice. (3) If you try the above and still cannot stomach the taste of epsom salts, go to a health food store that sells empty gel caps measure the required epsom salts in the empty gelatin capsules, then divide th ...   877 hits
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1st flush finished-questions   by #48031   8y   View Entire Thread 6
took 1st epsom salts at 8am and went 10 minutes later...but felt very very nauseous and had to do an enema and had some ginger- i had about 15 pea sized stones with enema. i have a problem of retaining sea salt and epsom salts in the past-i get bloated and hardly anything comes out. My quest. i heard this could be caused by a magnesium defiency? should i take a magnesium supplement before the next flush and use epsom salts again. or can I take magnesium substitute in lieu of epsom. i want to release stones but i feel at this point the epsom salts is making me nauseous and the sto ...   1,187 hits
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Re: Epsom Salt not for internal use?   by JohnnySmith   8y
You should be able to safely ignore not for internal consumption warning. There is no seperate type of epsom salt for internal use vs external use. It is all epsom salt derived the same way. I have not heard or read anyone dieing from internally consuming epsom salts. After using epsom salts for three liver flushes, I am still alive and kicking as are many flushers who have taken the recommened amount of epsom salts in water over the course of as many as 20+ flushes. Hey, Epsom salts can facilitate healthier growth in plants, so they cannot be all that bad.   31,213 hits
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Re: Epsom O.D. possible?   by hopinso   8y
You can overdose on almost anything including water and even air. If you follow the dosing guidelines and timing for doing the liver flushes, then you will not have to worry about too much Epsom salts. If you are very small you can reduce the amount of Epsom by 1/3 (use 2 teaspoons of ES instead of 3 for every drink). IF you are really nervous, you can substitute magnesium citrate for the first and last Epsom salt drink. However, you need to do the second, 8 o’clock drink and the third, the first morning drink, with the Epsom salt to get the best dilation and relaxation of the biliary duct ...   950 hits
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Re: suggestion about es   by downfall100   8y
Thats great to here. I’m all for looking for alternative, preferably natural, replacements for epsom salts. I also don’t think epsom salt does any good to you, well for me at least. My neck starts to feel a little tingly, my head feels a bit different and puts my off from wanting the oil/juice combo. I keep thinking to myself that liver flushing is a relatively old remedy, and would almost certainly not of included epsom salts at all. Its probably only recently that epsom salts have been introduced I’m guessing, maybe due to Hulda Clark the idea originated (of epsom salts for flushin ...   780 hits
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feeling better :)   by ab83   8y
Thats great to here. I’m all for looking for alternative, preferably natural, replacements for epsom salts. I also don’t think epsom salt does any good to you, well for me at least. My neck starts to feel a little tingly, my head feels a bit different and puts my off from wanting the oil/juice combo. I keep thinking to myself that liver flushing is a relatively old remedy, and would almost certainly not of included epsom salts at all. Its probably only recently that epsom salts have been introduced I’m guessing, maybe due to Hulda Clark the idea originated (of epsom salts for flushin ...   800 hits
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Re: epsom salt warning, i almost died!   by martin2176   9y
too much water is ok in normal circumstance bcos the water gets excreted thru kidney as urine and kidney knows wat to filter out and wat not to but when u hve epsom salt,how epsom salt works is it retains water in intestine and cause diarhoea. so u lose water thru stools. and this way u dont hve control to retain the minerals in ur body same case when u hve amoebic and bacterial dysentry when u lose water thru stools rather than thru urine ithink with epsom salt u shuld just drink enough water presribed in the carton on epsom salt or if doing a liver flush-as in clarks procedure,t ...   14,291 hits
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Re: epsom salt warning, i almost died!   by martin2176   9y
ithink it all depends per individual basis ihad liver flush done yesterday had almost 8 tea spoon ( approx 4 table spoon of epsom salt ) in a 12 hr period i did had good deal of loose stool. but irecovered by end of day. since u had epsom salt bfore with no problem,i believe it has something to do with the constipation u had prior to taking the epsom salt no clue wat happened in ur case.. did u drink lots of water in the morning u had epsom itook hell lot of water the morning before i went on epsom salt and after i started taking epsom,i just lay down with no exercise,put ac on ...   14,308 hits
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Re: What Dilates Besides Epsom Salts?   by quan.yin   3y
Epsom Salts detoxify the body very rapidly. It is important not to detox more quickly than your body can handle. I would suggest a more gentle detox first with mostly raw vegetable diet with plenty of greens, then consider colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, then gold coin grass to break up any stones before thinking about liver cleanse. I have read somewhere about a person who had rapid heatbeat after taking epsom salts and relieved it by drinking a teaspoon of bentonite clay in water- they felt that the fast heatbeat was caused by too many toxins than the body can handle and the bentonite c ...   4,018 hits
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Re: Can you die from using 4 taplespoons of epsom salt?   by quan.yin   3y
Yes you can die from epsom salt overdose, but you can die from too much of just about anything. It is not possible to say how much can cause an overdose as it depends on the individual and their health at the time. Personaly I feel that 4 tablespoons of epsom salts is too much and that amoungt is not necessary for a successful liver flush. I feel that you should take less to start with and especially take less if you are not well and if you have a small frame or low body weight. If you suspect you already have gallstones, take herbs to disolve them first. If you want to start a liver cl ...   15,415 hits
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SAFETY: HYPERTENSION? ... Can I use Epsom Salts if I suff...   by constipated   12y   View Entire Thread 12
I’m anxious to do a Liver flush but I’m hesitate because I’ve high blood pressure and the formula has Epsom Salts in it. Would it be safe for me to do this particular flush or should I use another one? I would like to do this as soon as possible Sally, it seems that epsom salt helps lower blood pressure. You can test it on yourself before you actually attempt doing the clense. First, you should do water cure for at least 1 day to insure you are hydrated. Then the next day take 1 tea spoon of epsom salt deluted with water and just eat and do as you are use to. Monitor your ...   77,247 hits     3 of 3 (100%)
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Thanks Brenda and minime   by MrCooties   10y
Thanks for the good wishes Brenda and minime! Brenda - it is strange how the subtle changes pop up after a Liver Flush isn’t it? I didn’t really notice the connection of laughing and dreams until I noticed a pattern lol... minime - each flush was different but here’s the scoop on how I did each one: Flush #1: night before, day of - 1 gallon apple juice and @30 capsules (spread out) of 600mg malic acid capsules 10pm - 1 tbs Epsom mixed with 1 cup apple juice 12midnight - 1 tbs Epsom mixed with 1 cup apple juice 2am - ½ cup olive oil, ½ cup lemon juice, lay on right side, sl ...   1,972 hits
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Re: Can't Epsom salt be substituted with other?   by southern belle   10y
Some people have substituted epsom salts and there are some who have used no epsom salts at all. But, for me, I truly believe epsom salts plays an extremely important part in the liver flush. It’s because of the epsom salts that you feel no pain when passing the stones. When I first began flushing, I couldn’t stand the taste of epsom salts, but could tolerate the olive oil. By the next morning, I would really be gagging at the thought of drinking epsom salts. (I later discovered that mixing the juice of a lemon with the epsom salts helped the taste.) But, I continued my flushing be ...   1,062 hits
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Re: Results of my Liver Flushing so far   by MrCooties   10y
Here ya go: Hope I’m not hogging bandwidth... Flush #1: night before, day of - 1 gallon apple juice and @30 capsules (spread out) of 600mg malic acid capsules 10pm - 1 tbs Epsom mixed with 1 cup apple juice 12midnight - 1 tbs Epsom mixed with 1 cup apple juice 2am - ½ cup olive oil, ½ cup lemon juice, lay on right side, sleep 12noon - 1 tbs Epsom mixed with 1 cup apple juice *vomit! Flush #2: (4 days after Flush #1) ½ gallon apple juice night before 2 bananas in morning, apple juice until 5pm 8pm 1 tbs Epsom salt 10pm 1 tbs Epsom salt 12midnight 1/3 cup straight olive oi ...   2,383 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Re: [gallstones] Epsom Salts   by Rahi   12y
I found this interesting article to describe the usefulness of Epsom Salts. Although I depend a lot on ”Trust” in doing Natural Healing it made me understand a little more how it works with our flush. Rahi ****************************** 13 Wonderful Ways to Use Epsom Salts More Body Care Solutions by Annie Berthold-Bond, Producer, Green Living Channels I always knew that soaking in a tub full of hot water with a few cups of Epsom Salts was good for relaxing muscles and drawing toxins from the body, but I could never find out why. And it wasn’t until I spent so ...   2,328 hits
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Re: Epsom Salts   by netav   11y
I’m with you, I hate the epsom salts. I actually don’t mind the oil and grapefruit mixture, it’s tasty compared to that epsom salt crap. some people have mentioned that Dr. Atkins recommends using Milk of magnisa instead of the epsom salts. I would like to hear from someone on how that works. Maybe I’ll have to be the ginny pig. I just hate to go through the effort of preparing for a liver flush and having it be a failure because I did not drink the epsom salts. I know that using the epsom salts works, my liver flushes have been very succesful.   724 hits
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question about epsom salt enema   by hmdoyle00   10y   View Entire Thread 6
I met with my naturopath today and I am beginning some more intense cleansing ( I have been doing herbal and homeopathic cleansing and detoxing for some time). I will be doing liver flushes, kidney cleanses, lymph cleanse. She wants me to start with a weekend bowel cleanse. She thinks that will be enough to start since I have been doing a lot of cleansing anyway and have had a very clean diet. I will be taking epsom salt in water orally for 2 days, then on the third day, doing an epsom salt enema. She told me to use 3/4 cup epsom salt in 2 quarts of water. I looked at recipes for gal ...   1,446 hits
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Re: Third cleanse last night and I'm having an attack tod...   by Spirit   12y
”Is it safe to keep taking epsom salts? ” As long as it doesn’t cause diarrhoea ... it is safe. Most people don’t get diarrhoea from 1 teespoon epsom salts. Some people don’t get diarrhoea when taking 1 tbsp epsom salts per day. Other can support up to 2 tbsp. epsom salts per day. Everyone is different. Statistically ... men can support more then woman. If you dilute epsom salts in a lot of juice, freshly pressed juice, it will most likely not cause diarrhoea. Spirit   3,085 hits
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Re: advice on liver recipe   R by irastus   10y
Well, Epsom Salts are magnesium sulfate. They are not remotely related to salt - sodium chloride. The trade name is misleading. If anything, they cause the opposite reaction in the body. Where salt causes water retention and hypertension, Epsom Salts cause water depletion and muscle relaxation. Epsom Salts are harsh in that they dehydrate you and cause diarrhea (your body’s reaction to the excess magnesium). The next day you’ll feel pretty wiped out and need to drink lots of water. Epsom Salts are safe when used in moderation. I’ve tried doing flushes with little or no Epsom, and t ...   1,099 hits
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Re: Third flush,nausea+vomiting   by demi   10y
You had epsom salt to early. Two hours after your lunch is to early. You still have a lot’s of food in your stomach. Try this: Lunch at noon. Epsom salt/water 6 pm. Epsom salt/water 8 pm. 1/2cup olive oil/1/2 cup grapefruit 10 pm. Go to bed. (don’t need to lay donw on your right side, any lay-down is fine.) Extra virgin olive oil is the helthiest but you can use any oil you want. When you wake up, drink third epsom salt drink, than two hours later drink another epsom salt drink. Don’t worry, feeling very bad after live flush is normal, especialy if you are beginer.   1,078 hits
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Is Epsom salt safe?   by christar   10y   View Entire Thread 2
Someone in the liver cleanse forum pasted an excerpt from Dr. Anderson’s website saying that liver flushes containing epsom salt should not be used because epsom salt is dangerous and damaging to the digestive system. Here is the direct quote: ”Note: Some flushes recommend taking Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate). DO NOT DO THIS!!! Although magnesium sulfate is effective at moving the bowels because of its extreme toxicity, it will also calcify your epithelium wall, partially destroy your digestive tract, and use up valuable electrolytes. Epsom Salt is extremely destructive to the enti ...   1,332 hits
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Re: Someone tell me again, why am I doing this?   by joanne   11y
How much epsom salt and or sea salt did you use? Epsom salt suggestion is one cup for every 60 lbs you weigh. I have no idea how much sea salt to use, but I do know that epsom is a very powerful detoxifier, and you shouldn’t have stayed in the bath for 45 minutes if you used a good amt of it. A 20 minute bath tops. The epsom bath routine - a 20 minute bath, a quick warm shower without soap (it clogs the pores and you’re not done detoxifing yet) and then quickly get out of tub, and wrap up in towels for a good half hour sweat to detox even further. It’s a fabulous cleanse. What I’m thin ...   878 hits
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Re: Replace Epsoms   by megan   11y
My first few flushes I used magnesium citrate powder. It’s sort of chalky tasting, but much easier to get down than epsom. You may have to call around to a few places before you find it, many places don’t carry it (or you could try the liquid mag citrate...all pharmacies carry that. I’ve never tried it in liquid, but if you search magnesium citrate, you’ll find some posts of people who have). The powder worked well for me. Epsom or mag citrate are both good laxatives, but I read somewhere here that epsom dilates the bile ducts and magnesium citrate doesn’t? Anyway, I didn’t notice ...   1,198 hits
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Disagree all you like but here's what it says   by shelleycat   11y
at Question Should I use epsom salts with my gallbladder flush? Answer Some people recommend the use of epsom salts in order to dilate the ducts. However, while this might be effective, I personally don’t like to use epsom salt because it is harsh on the kidneys and is also very dehydrating. Moreover, it often produces misleading results because the epsom salts and olive oil can form what appear to be stones, which are often confused for the real stones. Without epsom salt, the stones coming out are typically real stones.   916 hits
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Re: Simple liver flush   by Blueduck   10y
Here is the recipe that most people here use. I cannot tell you to omit the epsom salts. That is not recommended. The epsom salts dilate the bile ducts to make it easier for stones to come out. The epsom salts also give you diarhea so stones do not stay in your body. I can tell you that I have omitted the epsom salts and did ok. All I use from the recipe is the olive oil and grapefruit or lemon juice. I use none of the other ingredients on the recipe. Is there a reason that you do not want to use epsom salts ? Blueduck   1,017 hits
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Re: in the midst of an attack   by Blueduck   9y
A gall bladder attack can be stopped with epsom salts. Mix one tablespoon of epsom in a small glass of water. Drink it. If the attack does not stop in half an hour or 45 minutes the epsom salts can be repeated. If you take the epsom salts the second time expect diarrhea. I do not know how long it would take a capsule to dissolve and then the epsom salts has to be digested. I would not mess around with a capsule if I was having a painful gall bladder attack. Blueduck   708 hits
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Coke vrs Epsom Flush results   by bob j   9y   View Entire Thread 2
I`ve done 4 flushes now(3 Epsom and 1 Coke) Here are the results: 1. Epsom flush producing a high amount of green bile and no stones. 2. Epsom flush producing 50 stones 3. Epsom flush producing no stones 4. Coke flush today with outstanding results! Almost 400 stones passed today and still counting/producing. I much rather perfer the Coke flush and not take the Epsom Salts. My wife also got better results with the Coke flush to. However, everyone is different, you have to go with what works best for you.   1,321 hits
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Re: 21st flush, HUGE stone out, now hemorroids..OUCH!!!   by JT   12y
Yes, I used the standard 4 tbls of Epsom salts, 2 tbls in 3/4 c water, two doses before the oil, and then another two doses the morning after. I learned that early in the flush process, without the epsom salts, it is a much rougher passing. Funny thing, I did not feel any pain in passing this stone during the night, not even a twinge, which other smaller stones have done before. Not sure why this one was so massive, and why it got stuck so bad.....usually the morning epsom doses keeps things moving along just fine, but I have noticed, with the Lewis amounts ( 1 pint) the stones come ou ...   3,441 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: Liver flush and cold   by Spirit   11y
You are welcome! Sometimes, it is enough to take epsom salt flush, and have almost the same advantages as if you did full liver flush. It is the flushing procedure that does most of the healing. For epsom flush, you don’t need to be prepared, all you need is to make sure you are not far from the toilet once the ”nature of epsom salt” gives a call. So, whatever you ate, you can always take an epsom flush. 2 tbsp of Epsom Salt with 2 cups of water, spaced with 1 hour, does very good job, but sometimes you mey need an extra dose (third cup, one hour later). Spirit   586 hits
Forum: Liver Flush Support

Re: 21 limpiezas de higado y faltan mas   by Piedro   10y
La limpieza del higado se encuentra en un sitio que indique en mi mensaje anterior (cuando le respondi a rod). La sal inglesa, o sal de epsom no sabe tan mal si lo pones en el refrigerador a partir de las 2 de la tarde, esto lo recomienda la doctora Clark. Hay otros protocolos que no incluyen la sal de epsom, sin embargo yo le tengo mas fe a este protocolo, pues la la sal de epsom tiene la funcion de dilatar los conductos biliares y esto hace mas facil el paso de las piedras que provienen del higado. Tengo localizado el otro protoclo que no incluye sal de epsom, pero esta en ingles, si ...   13,469 hits
Forum: Spanish

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