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Re: Gold Seal Plus for candida   by Hveragerthi   5y
Most of the herbs in the product are effective antifungals, but killing Candida does not work. Candida is a natural part of the body, so you will never eliminate it. As for the goldenseal, this is a berberine containing herb. Berberine kills the intestinal flora, and can damage the intestinal lining. Berberine also lowers blood sugar, which can be a problem for hypoglycemics and it depletes potassium, which can lead to a rise in blood pressure with continual use. Other berberine herbs in include Oregon grape root and barberry. These are the reasons I never recommend berberine containing ...   1,274 hits
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Re: Penile HPV infection (update)   by finallyfaith   8y
some anti viral substances to think about astragalus cayenne olive leaf powder pau d’arco echinacea gralic goldenseal lemon balm ginger coloidal silver - i put this (along with goldenseal) in a separate category because i belive it should be used in moderation, in cycles. do it for a few weeks, then stop and build up your intestinal flora, then do another cycle. etc. and lastly, did you know that certain intestinal flora are cultivated by pharmacuetical corps? why? because they actually manufacture natural anti biotic agents. make sure you intestinal flora is strong and hea ...   757 hits
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Re: Possible help for Costo...   by murano   8y
I have been fighting with this dreadful pain in the side of my rib cage. I started getting when I went back to playing tennis. I have been waking up with pain in the middle of the night, sometimes it starts before i go to sleep, but it always seems to come back just before I wake up in the morning, or better yet, it wakes me up in the morning. Like I said I have been fighting this going on two years now, and like many of you who have it, I am at wits end, doctors are befuddled, and all they keep prescribing me is naproxin, and an occasional steriod shot. So I came across your post, a ...   2,806 hits
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Try Cascara Sagrada tea, it's gentler   by fresh   10y
Congrats Gina! I’m on day 4 too! I went to bed early to deal with the symptoms and crawled back in today after sending my daughter to school. I’m just waking up :)...I’ve done lax teas for years. Which may not be good. Anyway, Cascara Sagrada is much gentler than Senna. It’s kind of like Goldenseal/Echinachea...One is for when you’re already sick so u only take Goldenseal 7 days at a time. Casacara, like Echinachae, is gentler and can be used on a more daily basis. And it doesn’t cause the cramping u get with Senna. U shld be able to find it wherever u bought the Senna, it’s not so rare. G ...   1,366 hits
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Re: Hive rash!   by white tiger   8y
Hi daveeeg I believe you will find this remedy very helpful. Get some oregon grape root tincture. Take 4 ml of the tincture three times a day, apply the drops on your tongue and swallow the tincture. You can mix with a little water or juice if you don’t like the taste. Use eyedrops made from oregon grape root or goldenseal If you can not find the eyedrops, gently boil one tablespoon of oregon grape root herb in 1 cup water for 15-20 minutes. Strain and cool the liquid and use that for the compress. (or goldenseal herb) Take MSM 1,000 mg two times a day, to help .   902 hits
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Re: chronic sinus congestion   by finallyfaith   7y
i have had success with nasal irrigation with a salt water solution that i have added goldenseal to. you don’t need much goldenseal and it isn’t always a pleasant experience, but - wow! - afterwards my nasal passages always feel fantastically clean and clear. i did a cayenne nasal irrigation once too - hahaha! i think the cayenne went into my brain or something! thats only for the really brave and adventurous. you really only need a VERY small amount of hte cayenne to feel it. i don’t necessarily recommend it for the average person.   4,516 hits
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Echinacea...yay or nay?   by bkrisp   4y   View Entire Thread 4
Just seeking some quick advice for a healing reaction/allergy from the Echinacea I’ve been taking... On Monday I felt a sore throat coming on and wasn’t having it, so I took the only Echinacea I had (Puritan’s Pride w/Goldenseal). I’m aware that this is pretty low grade, but I was trying to avoid a sore throat (it would be the 3rd in 2 months). Friday night in bed I had itchy bumps on my side and thy, thinking I had been attacked by mutant mosquitoes. When I woke up and took closer inspection, I realize this is either a healing reaction (good?) or an allergy to low quality herbs (b ...   1,039 hits
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Re: How to cure Sibo naturally ?   by Hveragerthi   4y
 After the peppermint oil is gone, take  GSE  or goldenseal 6 drops x3 a day before meals for two weeks. Read this thread on GSE, it is not that good or safe: And goldenseal kills the intestinal flora, so it is also best avoided.  Long term use can also damage the intestinal lining, lower potassium levels and raise blood pressure. There are many better and safer choices.   31,674 hits
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Question for Hveragerthi   by helmax   3y   View Entire Thread 8
Greetings, Hveragerthi: I’m afraid I’m a little confused. I’ve been following your protocol for several weeks with great success, I’m saying it’s working great for me as far as riding myself of Candida. I’ve purchased a few of the individual bitter herbs to take until I receive my order of the grape bitters. I was researching two of the herbs today, namely Goldenseal and Oregon Grape. In my research I ran across the statement below, and the question is, does berberine really reduce the acidity in the stomach, and if so, is this what we really want for Candida treatment? The statemen ...   1,636 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Re: POWERFUL herbal Mixture. Please suggest..   by ObeyTheSloth   3y
Goldenseal will deplete intestinal flora. You have enough anti-viral and anti-bacterial stuff there to make the goldenseal unnecessary. Also, in my experience, higher doses of fo-ti and suma work better. Perhaps you could put those 2 together in equal parts and take 1/2 tsp of the mixture. I find cordyceps works faster and more effectively than reishi. They have many of the same benefits, but I think reishi is much more subtle. If you suspect candida you should add home-made kefir and prebiotics. What is the ”candi gone” formula you’ve been taking?   2,261 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Recipe for herbal snuff Re: lost smell/taste and problems...   by water01   3y
Herbal Snuffs for Nasal Draining Dr. Richard Schulze --------------------------------------------------------- Herbal Snuffs for nasal congestion have been used for hundreds of years. They are, basically, herbs in a finely powdered state which sometimes have an essential oil added. Most of the snuffs I made and used in the clinic over the years were for decongesting and draining of the sinus cavity. One of my favorites was goldenseal root powder and bayberry bark powder, with a tiny bit of cayenne pepper and garlic added. This snuff disinfects and decongests the sinus cavitie ...   2,970 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Our recipe (and other 'snuff tips'...Re: Recipe for h...   by water01   3y
On the video, Dr. Schulze says to mix equal amounts of goldenseal root powder & bayberry bark powder, then add pinches of cayenne & garlic to taste (starts at around 39 minutes). I agree about too much cayenne & garlic. Dr. Schulze has been known to ”alter” his formulas or be very ”non-exact”. I think in this case the video is very clear about the equal amounts of goldenseal & bayberry and then adding pinches to taste of cayenne & garlic. I have no idea why he would have said to use a tablespoon of those two ingredients. Great tips Uny!   1,883 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Greens & juice fasting - check out this past post! Re...   by curability   3y
I’m already taking milk thistle and artichoke. The grape bitters plastered all over the web is made by Planetary. I notice that goldenseal is in it which is an herb that I think you suggested to stay away from. Also the grain alcohol would be a gift to candida would it not? Is this the grape bitter that you are talking about? Thanks Ingredients: Proprietary Extract Blend: 5 ml Gentian Root, Angelica Root, Astragalus Root, Bai-Zhu Atractylode Rhizome, Dill Fruit, Goldenseal Root, Juniper Berry, Oregon Grape Root, Yerba Santa Leaf, Cardamom Seed, Yarrow Flowering Tops, Coriander Seed ...   4,280 hits
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Re: Antibacteria herbs versus antibiotics   by GrannyCat   2y
" Some herbs such as the berberine herbs (goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape root, coptis, etc.) will kill the flora." What I take: Planetary Herbs Digestive Grape Bitters Proprietary Extract Blend: Gentian Root, Angelica Root, Astragalus Root, Bai-Zhu Atractylodes Rhizome, Dill Fruit, Goldenseal Root, Juniper Berry, Oregon Grape Root, Yerba Santa Leaf, Cardamom Seed, Yarrow Flowering Tops, Coriander Seed, Galangal Rhizome, Ginger Root, with essential oils of Anise Fruit and Sweet Orange.   So am I killing my flora ... flora I am trying very hard t ...   1,638 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Target the colon.   by linenup   5mo
Thank you Jorge for the response and thank you for allowing me to post on this thread. Other things to consider is whether the organisms are resistant. A quick look at Medline studies indicate this can be the case with candida and other yeast/fungal strains. Stopping efflux pump activity will reduce the resistant phase. A member of my forum sent me a very documented email outlining his attacks on antibiotic resistant organisms. His main weapon was using Goldenseal Leaf (not the root). Studies indicate that there are multiple chemical constituents in the leaf that stop efflu ...   1,922 hits
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Re: goldenseal against candida   by jameskep37   24mo
Precautions "Adults should limit use of Oregon grape root or any other herb containing berberine (barberry, coptis, or goldenseal) to seven consecutive days at a time, waiting at least a week before using the herb again. This gives the natural, helpful bacteria of the intestine a chance to recover. Taking vitamin B6 supplements can give infectious bacteria resistance to the antibacterial toxins in the herb. Do not take Oregon grape root if you are taking antibiotics for diarrhea. The herb is not a problem for nursing mothers unless the ...   1,524 hits
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Re: My Series of Unfortunate Events Morgellons & Exfoliat...   by Bythc   22mo
Hi, Morgellons is so miserable and so bizzare to go through, my heart goes out to you. The advice you’ve recieved from the previous posts is most excellent. Here are a few of the things that worked on my morgellons. I almost forgot about the static, it does go away. In the way of food, add onions and garlic. Drink distilled water. Goldenseal teabags, first make a cup of tea and drink it. Save the teabag, use the teabag on your lips as a poultice. It will draw out the morg infection and kill it. Take a vitimin A pill break it open and put it on your lips, then take castor oi ...   2,372 hits
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Re: About to Go to doctor, blood tests?   by tdog333   13mo
Thanks for the suggestion, I wish I had read that before I ordered another product! I ordered But i just read it has goldenseal it in. I want to take this but I know goldenseal can destroy beneficial bacteria as well. It doesn’t seem like there’s much in there but im still not sure if it’s a good idea to take? Any thoughts? Thanks!   454 hits
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This worked for me!!!   by FloridaGirl239   23mo   View Entire Thread 4
This morning I got my 4th Bartholin’s cyst to rupture without medical help. I’ve had my first 2 lanced and a word catheter placed, I was not doing that again! This time around it was the size of a large grape, not much pain so I’m assuming there was no infection. Here’s what I did, I hope it helps someone who suffers from this dreadful affliction. First, I tried Epsom salt sitz baths, as many as I could fit in a day and as long as I could sit in that uncomfortable position (feet dangling over the side of the tub) along with Phoebe’s method (calamine, tea tree and witch hazel). Did that ...   11,133 hits
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Re: ..a new player in the lesion fluid??   by Bythc   20mo
You could try this, for the non-healing leasion on your wrist. You need, plastic wrap, a gauze pad, water, h202, dial soap, gold and a goldenseal teabag. Goldenseal tea can be purchased at your neighborhood health food store. First, clean the wound, use the dial soap and water. When the wound is soapy soak it with h202, this will burn. If you are really tough pour the h202 on first. When you can take no more, rinse. Wet the teabag, wring the excess water out, place on the leasion, cover with the gauze pad, then wrap with the plastic wrap. Leave the plastic a little open near the tea ...   742 hits
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Re: Giardia? SIBO? Strongyloides? candida?   by SalvationSeeker   30mo
time for another update: Food intolerance seems to be diminishing though the diarrhea seems not to be going away completely, im spending less than 2 hours in the can, 1x a day. I have been highly abusive this past week Ive drank alchohol, eaten chocolate, had a milkshake and ketchup with french fries, and did not fall as seriously ill as I had in the past, though there was definitely irritation and some constipation and very very mild episode of ”leakage”.... nothing compared to where I was months ago, so I would say that the elimination diet has been working. The things that seem to bo ...   7,892 hits
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need help. please.   by neonbunny   27mo   View Entire Thread 9
i’m a new member and found alot of useful information on this site through my research on a problem that has plagued me for a good 6+ years. i’ve been dealing with breath that literally smells as someone put it ”hot boo-boo”. Despite the antedote, i’m in despair and short of throwing up the white flag in so many words. the almost daily degradation is heartbreaking and i don’t know how much more i can take. i did have dental problems which is now healthy per my periodontist and i just go for routine cleanings. after the g.i. specialist, they only could concur was inflammation in ...   3,922 hits
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Re: Is this BLOOD in my BOWEL MOVEMENT?!   by missfoxxy   10mo
I am taking 400mg Goldenseal root/rhizomes 3X per day with lots of water. I am on the anti-candida diet (no Yeast, Sugar or wheat) But I have lost so much weight (15lbs and I was already underweight) that my parents are giving me some of these forbidden foods in hopes I don’t lose more pounds. I am eating fresh fruits and vegetables when I can, organic meats and soups, herbal teas, and raw garlic and ginger. The improvements I’ve noticed while taking the herb (its been one week so far)= stools do not FLOAT like they did nor are they pure liquid or bright yellow (they still have air bubb ...   836 hits
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Re: LBB Goldenseal Allergy Question?   by MH   3y
Hey guys, I just made an herbal formula for the ”Lower Bowel Balance.” OK Anyways i did a little research and some people say if you have a ragweed allergy than not to take it. OK, YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A DR. JOHN R. CHRISTOPHER HERBAL FORMULA, THE ONE MOST WORLD FAMED THAT IS THE FOUNDATION OF MANY HERBAL COMPANIES............AND YOU GO ON LINE AND DECIDE TO LISTEN TO WHO????????????? I think i have a minor allergy to ragweed however all of my allergies have improved significantly after cutting out gluten and processed dairy products. BECAUSE WRONG FOOD LOADS UP THE MUCUS ...   604 hits
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Re: pink eye   by Hveragerthi   4y
 I had never heard of eyebright. I did some reading on it. To clarify, would you recommend using the eyebright herb straight as opposed to a commercial liquid preparation (like the Dr. Christopher Eyebright solution which has other herbs besides eyebright in it)? It seems I can buy it in capsules or as a liquid. I don’t like the berberine herbs to begin with.  But I am especially against companies using goldenseal whatsoever.  Goldenseal is becoming endangered and there was talk years ago about putting it on the endangered species list. The scarcity has pushed the p ...   1,044 hits
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Re: Odor that smells like feces   by Hveragerthi   4y
  I have been dealing with this problem ever since I had an episode of extreme stress. I smell like feces. I know it has to do something with my digestion but I don’t know if it’s an infection, my liver, kidneys, etc. Symptoms: Bowel movements float and "bubbles" constantly rise from them. Smell terrible, gas "leaking" from rectum, also like little bubbles. I have tried many things to no avail. Right now I am taking goldenseal and just started the 80/10/10 raw foods diet a couple days ago. Advice please? Part of this does sound like a bowel ...   907 hits
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Re: dandelion root   by Bythc   6y
When I was at my worst, my foot looked like it needed cut off, my skin was inflamed and I was sort of a yellowish gray color. The universe brought me to Mrs. Mango, she’s calls herself a folk healer. I asked for help, I was given some oil, goldenseal teabags, and liver capsules, free of charge. She told me the goldenseal would not taste good, I ended up loving that tea. The bags made the best poultice, I truly believe that is what saved my leg. The liver capsules contain five different herbs, dandelion root, being one of them. Twelve hours after taking them, I begin to see color retur ...   2,789 hits
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Re: not feeling any better!?   by Hveragerthi   4y
 i didn’t realize that about goldenseal - man, every candida site recommends something different. are the other supplements i’m taking - grapefruit seed extract, garlic, oil of oregano, etc - ok, or do they kill off the good stuff as well? There has been a lot of debate over whether or not these also kill the flora. I have never looked for studies on their effects on the flora. I have seen the studies though showing goldenseal killing the flora due to the berberine. Goldenseal can also damage the intestinal lining, drop the blood sugar, and raise blood pressure due to potassium de ...   877 hits
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Re: planetary herbals grape bitters   by Hveragerthi   4y
 I just found out my bitters contain goldenseal and juniper berry. Damn! Do I need to buy a new one? you didn’t mention needing it while on formulas. And should I discontinue it for the interim before formulas arrive or is this anyway better than nothing? The juniper berries and goldenseal are not going to be a problem in the small amount needed to act as a bitter. This is why I say to ignore the directions on the bottle, which recommends a teaspoon full. You only need to taste the bitterness, which is why I recommend half a dropper full. Juniper berry is not really bad. I ...   1,490 hits
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Re: What are these?   by andyeleven   6y
No, I have had no blood-work done. I had a bowel movement today, similar to only one I have had before. Last time it was from salt and C combined with doxycycline, this time it had happened whilst I am using Doxy and Goldenseal. Basically, its a movement that sees me pass lots of little pieces of feces that float. They are multi-coloured. They are all a mix od really light and really dark brown; the colour of a loose stool and the colour of a well-formed stool, but they arent loose to look at. Additionally, they have what looks like a green sludge hanging off them and attached to ...   2,579 hits
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and the sinus saga continues....   by GingerH   5y   View Entire Thread 19
I’ve been plagued with a sinus infection to go along with the candida that lives up there as well as a stye in my eye to make things fun. I’ve been irrigating 3 times a day with a pinch of salt in 8 oz. of room temp water in each nostril. Morning and night I also irrigate with a mixture of 15 drops Goldenseal and 1 drop of GSE in 8 oz of room temp water. I’ve been doing this for approx 11 days. I’ve also been taking 30 drops of Goldenseal in water 2x a day orally. I’ve also been on sf-722 for the same amount of time and also the Natren healthy start kit which has been AMAZING and I ...   7,586 hits
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Re: quacks more to add to the list   by awebaby   7y
Then there was the time that the almost killed my husband - he had some kind of prostate problem that is rare - but he was seeing a specialist in this who told him the severe pin was hemroids and sent him home with hemroid stuff - when that didn’t work it was some other inane thing and on and on and no relief and finally rushed him to the emergency room - he was grey and dying form kidney failure - an emergency room nurse knew immediately what was going on and saved his life actually - He had been retaining 1.5 gallons of urine in his bladder - leave it to the nurses - the underlings righ ...   993 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Re: sinuses   by poppycane   7y
Hi I too have had problems in the area you are talking of. During my 90 day wait I took various supplements one of which was NEEM leaf capsules. I have also read of someone on curezone who used either citricidal (grapefruit seed extract - GSE) or Goldenseal diluted as a nasal spray and had pretty good results. I think it may have been Goldenseal, as just today after using Goldenseal in an enema or two recently, most recently last night, I have just evacuated a colony of worms from my sinus area. I have had pains through my nose, eye area, forehead, sides of head right to the b ...   1,124 hits
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Re: 6 1/2 months pregnant with UTI!!!   by Ayehasherayeh   9y
What type of UTI do you have? this is a general term and could refer to Urethritis, Cystitis or Pyelonephritis. So determining or knowing whether it is urethral, bladder or kidney would determine the treatment. Cranberry for instance is effective in preventing bacteria such as e-coli and streptococcus from attaching to the bladder or kidneys. You do not sound to have pyelonephritis because a kidney infection would be rather severe..cystitis would probably respond to cranberry, though it may take a bit more time or require the help of a secondary herbal remedy... Thyme or queen of th ...   1,334 hits
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Re: Naturalax2   by Hveragerthi   6y
I would not take it. Cascara sagrada and rhubarb root are anthraquinone stimulant laxatives. They can cause a laxative dependence after a few weeks of use. Barberry and goldenseal are both berberine sources. Berberine kills the intestinal flora, can damage the intestinal lining, and can raise blood pressure by depleting potassium. Again, these herbs are not for long term use. I hate to see goldenseal being used anyway due to the fact that it is becoming endangered. In fact there was talk a few years ago that it may have to be put on the endangered species list soon. The problems a ...   844 hits
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Re: digestive enzymes or bitters   by TC-12   9y
Hello, Mary. Plant-based (mold sourced) enzymes generally work in a broader pH range than animal-based enzymes such as pancreatin and ox bile extract. Some folks may have reactions to mold-sourced enzymes, but most won’t. ”Ezymedica” brand enzymes have a good reputation, but they’re also pricey. I don’t know that they’re necessarily any better than other less expensive ”plant based” or ”vegetarian” brands, these being the operative words to look for on a label. Rather than buying individual enzymes, simply get a single all-inclusive formula. Bitters stimulate the digestive process, ...   1,752 hits
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Castellani Paint Modified - foot ulcer   by denamarie   5y
Has anyone else tried Castellani Paint Modified on ulcers or Genetian Violet? My mom has a really bad ulcer on her foot and I am on day two of wrapping it in a colloidal silver salve mixed with goldenseal powder. Sea Salt along the edges to prevent spreading. I wish she contacted me sooner as this is over most of her foot. Her holistic dr wants it to turn black so he can treat it as a burn. I am not so sure about that   2,560 hits
Forum: Foot Problems

Re: leaky gut or candida first   by chase306   6y
thanks for the reply do you know a good treatment plan or antifungal for candida iv tried fivelac a couple times and goldenseal and oil of oregano formula and havent had result iv been on samento and oxygen elements plus for about a month but still nothing im gonna try it for couple more months and see and about the diet the guy i buy my supplements off told me i could eat brown whole grain rice whole grain pasta and even chips can anyone confirm these are ok when on a anti candida diet thanks again steve   2,095 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Taking Dr. Shulze's herbs during first trimester of pregn...   by teomi   11y   View Entire Thread 7
Hi there, I am 8 weeks pregnant and I would like to know if it is safe to use Dr. Shulze’s (or any herbal remedy for that matter) Cold & Flu tonic, Echinacea Plus tincture, and Intestinal formula 1 pills. (The main herbs in those tinctures are: Echinacea angustifolia, purpuria, garlic, Cayenne, Senna Leaves, boneset flower, quaking aspen, pleurisy root, ma huang, yerba santa leaf, elecampane root, osha root, sage, elder flower, yarrow flower, wild cherry, horehound, kola nut, goldenseal rhizome, and lobelia ) I have a flu with low fever (99.1) for several days now and would like t ...   8,619 hits
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Re: Berberine For Parasites   by rabbitears   9y
”Have been used as an antibiotic and antiparasitic for thousands of years around the world. Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), Oregon grape (Berberis aquifolium), and goldthread (Coptis chinensis) share similar effects on parasites because of their high concentrations of berberine. It has been used in cases of infection caused by fungi, protozoa, and even viruses and bacteria.” (   958 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Lower Bowel Tonic?   by phoenix123   9y
Sometimes I get backed up and was wondering if this Lower Bowel Tonic would be any good to TOTALLY clean out my system. Also, when does the food we eat become ’poop’? When it enters the large intestine? And is the large intestine 6 ft long? Ingredients: A strong laxative formula that empties the bowel without griping or cramps. Barberry, Cascara, Cayenne, Goldenseal, Ginger, Lobelia, Raspberry leaf, Rhurbarb, Marshmallow root, Burdock, Caraway.   523 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

Re: Extreme Die-Off? Need Advice   by frank06   7y
hey katyrose! Look up each of the ingredients in an herb book or online and see if there is any contradiction in taking any one of those herbs for a prolonged period of time. Some herbs are very strong and give the body a great kick start. But if an herb (goldenseal for instance) is used for to long the body goes into a proving stage. Usually symptoms that may have been helped by the herb then resurface and perhaps get worse.   1,202 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Thanks vtool! Say....Dr. Schulze #1 Recipe   R by vtool   11y
2 parts Curaco and Cape Aloe Leaf. (If not available, use one part Buckthorn bark or two parts Turkey Rhubarb.) One part Senna leaves and pods. (Start with one-half part) One part Cascara Sagrada aged bark (Start with one-half part) 1 part Barberry root bark 1 part Ginger root, or Peppermint leaf, or Fennel 1 part Garlic Bulb, or Goldenseal root 1 part African Bird pepper, or the hottest cayenne or black pepper you can find. There you are Ali - enjoy!   4,351 hits
Forum: Dr. Schulze

Re: Getting down to the nitty gritty with IF1   by vtool   11y
2 parts Curaco and Cape Aloe Leaf. (If not available, use one part Buckthorn bark or two parts Turkey Rhubarb.) One part Senna leaves and pods. (Start with one-half part) One part Cascara Sagrada aged bark (Start with one-half part) 1 part Barberry root bark 1 part Ginger root, or Peppermint leaf, or Fennel 1 part Garlic Bulb, or Goldenseal root 1 part African Bird pepper, or the hottest cayenne or black pepper you can find.   4,103 hits
Forum: Dr. Schulze

Re: Food Poisoning Question   by dr.jeff   7y
Hopefully, that’s not an MSG allergy. Some things that might work include goldenseal, charcoal tablets to absorb toxins, apple cider vinegar, arsenicum, pulsatilla, and nux vomica. A great quick remedy for when you think that you’ve just swallowed something bad is to drink classic coke. It will handle any bugs. After a couple of hours, the bug has progressed to far into the digestive system for coke to be effective anymore.   1,327 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Jeff

Re: Goldenseal too   by 2Health   7y
Thanks for the suggestion Karlin, I’m glad to know that Goldenseal works too :) I know someone who used Pascalite Clay for her gum infection and that worked too, she mixed the clay to a very thick paste and put it right on the area. It extracts toxins and bacteria and poisons, etc. Since Oil of Oregano worked quickly for me, I’m sticking with the OOO, if I ever get another infection, but I’m using a drop of OOO in my Sunflower Oil and, oil pull, that should keep any infections at bay. :) 2Health   14,651 hits
Forum: Dental Support   Dental Health

Natural treatment for respiratory infections?   by Likeitornot   9y   View Entire Thread 6
So I have 3 week old gerbil pups with respiratory infections. I know enchinca/goldenseal can help. I’m not sure I want to give it to pups, so I figured I’d give it to the mother and hope they get it through the milk. Not sure I want to try apple cider vinegar. I’ve used both of those in adults though and once cured an adult form an RI..but pups..:/ The only other treatement is an OTC antibiotic for birds and yeah don’t want go there.   2,082 hits
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just an addendum for felines   by just_peachy   10y
I’m not sure how well cats can take juniper berries and some of the other ingredients, their pure carnivore systems are more finicky about a lot of herbs than dogs are. For cats, just to be safe, I think I might stick with a more reduced and feline proven herb collection of couch grass root, birch leaves, nettles, goldenseal, flax seed, corn silk, slippery elm, and uva ursi. Check at your local pet super store or natural health or herb store for specific feline formulas containing these herbs or just make your own blend as suggested in the previous post.   1,721 hits
Forum: Pets/Animals

Will MMS help with Prostatitis??   by CelticRambler   5y   View Entire Thread 4
Hey all, Just wondering what peoples thoughts would be on whether MMS could help with Prostatitis? I’ve tried various alternative methods over the last few years, but nothing seems to work very well. The best results I’ve had were with high doses of Echinacea over a few weeks, this seemed to reduce the pain when it happened but after a few months it stopped working, anything else, goldenseal, garlic, cranberry juice etc just doesn’t seem to do anything. Thanks CelticRambler   4,116 hits
Forum: MMS Debate

Re: Protect Yourself Against Flu by Strengthening the Imm...   RR by kebod   5y
All of this enlightening discussion -- and I appreciate each and every post -- has provided a good case for NOT strengthening the immune system AND has provided a good case FOR strengthening the immune system. Thank you to all. We have plenty of olive leaf extract, echinacea/goldenseal, some Lugol’s, 30 gallons of drinking water, freshly made saurkraut, and a comfy house to stay holed up in. This threat has taught me a lesson in preparedness. kebod   1,756 hits
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Re: The LBB experience   by mh   8y
that sounds like the average results to be expected by most. the biggest problem is the herbs used to make this formula, the goldenseal is getting higher in price and getting more rare. to obtain 40# to make one batch is getting harder to do. the fda inforces all companies that make capsules to have certificates of every herb used and that really slows down the works, but still quicker than making the capsules by hand. mh   620 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: intravenous colloidal silver   by Zosimos   5y
actually the same thing happens with any kind of natural antibiotic such as colloidal silver, any of the berberine herbs like goldenseal, cat’s claw, etc. Very shortly after I started taking them my bowels shut down. Tumeric also seems to do the same thing, although the effect is far less than the other herbs mentioned.the other treatments mentioned will shut down my bowels within just a few days, whereas turmeric might take a couple weeks This has put a huge crimp in treating myself with any of the natural antibiotics   3,569 hits
Forum: Colloidal Silver   Lyme ("Lime")

Re: My Life with UTI's   by spdina   7y
Perhaps everyone is tired of me recommending MMS, but I think it may be very helpful to your problem with UTI’s. It sounds like a challenge living with UTI’s, but there are many therapies here are some: D-mannose Colloidal Silver Cranberry Concentrate Uva Ursi Herbs Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) Marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) Buchu (Barosma betulina) Corn silk (Zea mays) Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) Homeopathic Remedies Cantharis — sharp burning pain, intense urge to urinate Staphysagria — continual burning, result of sexual intercourse COCONUT MILK / ...   8,372 hits
Forum: Urinary Tract

bitters and flora   by #91053   5y   View Entire Thread 2
’Some bitters also contain berberine (goldenseal, Oregon grape root, and barberry), which kills the flora. The flora generate beneficial B vitamins that also help the hair.’ You said this on a post regarding hair loss. As i’m trying to increase my beneficial flora, should i really be taking the bitters? Also i saw it mentioned by you to take bitters few times a week, where in other instances, it is before meals. Could you clarify Please? Thanks   819 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Dr Christopher's cold sore formula   by knowledge seeker   5y
mix equal parts of the following organic or wildcrafted bulk herbs: goldenseal )preferably fresh}, garlic and skullcap make a tincture take two dropperfuls 3 times a day and apply topically source school of natural healing book for more on cold sores and cancer sores from Christopher., see this link   1,563 hits
Forum: Canker Sores

Re: 7th day - bad cold settling into lungs   by precis   10y
I fought the same thing all last week and am still coughing up fur balls! I went ahead and took Goldenseal/Echinacea drops for sore throat and drank Echinacea Herbal Tea. I figured it was better than breaking the fast. Iwas really craving a big bowl of chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies but hung in there. I’m over the worst of it now. Just drink lots and lots and get plenty of rest. Good luck, Doug   967 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: sans   by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi   8y
Hi sans sucre!   Have you tried these herbs? Diabetes Blue Cohosh root, Goldenseal root, Dandelion root, Star Grub root, Queen of Meadow root, Fenugreek seed, Sarsaparilla   1,801 hits
Forum: Christianity Debate

Re: Hopinso (cause I know you know)   by blueskyz   11y
Well, that’s a good question. I got the stuff from the list you sent me, but I noticed your list has niether cloves nor wormwood on it. So I also got a prepared product called ParaGARD (the one on the Parasite forum is called ParaGONE). ParaGard has: citricidal extract (grapefruit seed pulp) gentian root goldenseal root extract wormwood jamaica quassia bark black walnut hulls garlic bulb extract   1,335 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: failure story   by jonsher_uk   6y
Of course there are herbal antibiotics. The ones I know of are olive leaf extract neem, echinacea and goldenseal root but I’m not too clued up on these for sinus and chest infections. There are others and some antifever herbs I cant think of right now. So there are quite a few other options to try Qigong(or Chi Kung) is a chinese type of therapeutic exercise consisting of slow movement or static postures breathing exercises and meditation type methods. It can improve general health and has been shown to improve respiratory problems   3,114 hits
Forum: MMS Support

Re: The Pancreas, Dr. Christopher Re: blood sugar reading   by Anne_33   4y
thanks Water great info ..basically mucus-free diet juice fasting /cleansing all the stuff I should be doing but cant right now ..funny how he says juice fasting wont affect blood sugar as long as the juice is swished around inside the mouth before swallowing .. and cedar-berries ,urva ursi,goldenseal,cayenne and others .. hhm sounds interesting for sure cayenne and garlic really works for me as I found out today thanks again Anne_33   1,018 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

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