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Re: Can side effects when taking antiparasitics be taken ...   by glaxony   20mo
if your butt itches then you’ve got something making your butt itch if you got something that made your butt itch once, you can most likely catch it again the eggs are everywhere they even float in the air some people will probably die in denial lying and pretending their butt doesn’t itch some people are not prone to getting the butt itch your body knows the truth put a small clove of garlic in your butt to see if the itching stops for a while if it does, then put another clove in when the itching starts up again ignore those who are in denial and listen to your body   565 hits
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My take on itching...   by #89471   73d
And it may not help, but its what I feel to be true. I think an ’itch’ isnt related at all to the spot or area that is ’itching’, other than that spot occasionally being the transmitter of information that tells the brain that something caused the ’itch’. That could be a bug bite, the skin touching something that irritates the surface, etc. But when you have an itch, whether its localized or affecting a much broader area, with no apparent cause. Thats your brain, not your skin. When you scratch an ’itch’, all you’re doing is replacing that itching sensation with pain, which diverts t ...   311 hits
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Re: To Humaworm: The cream   by OmegaJerico   5y
I’m on my second order of the Medicated cream. In my opinion and experience the cream relives the itching. It does not kill what is causing the itching... I used it for anal-itching as well and it relived the itching..The anal itching stopped dramatically after I finished the Humaworm formula. However, I’m now trying Humaworms ”Other cleanses” and I’m still pasing worms..Now that I see that i’m passing more worms the anal itching could return periodically. The itching will not completely go away until the over infestation of worms are out..So the Medicated cream will relieve you of t ...   1,496 hits
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Re: Scalp and body itching   by mh   6y
Acids working their way out can feel itchy. Doing a few liver flushes may relieve the problem, but with m it took what I call Liver Itch tonic, which is a very strong herbal formula to increase action in the Liver, taing 1 tablespoon morning and night until the itch goes away for good and skin all repaired..It sounds like your case is very mild and still just a itch. In advanced cases the itch causes the flesh to be itched away to the bone and blood a daily part of life with the torment. MH   4,822 hits
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Re: Scalp and body itching   by chuckout17   6y
On the front page type in SEARCH Type in ’ITCH’ and you may see my idea of what can cause the ITCH.A simple food alergy. Find out what it may be and then dont eat that food.Do liver cleanses to remove that alergy, eat healthyier and yes MH,s liver itch will help.A food alergy itch can occur in/on different areas of the body. We are all a little different so the itch can appear in different places.Good luck.   4,622 hits
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Re: Itchy skin with no rash, Crawling and Biting Sensations   by Bevans   9mo
I am having the same problems but i also get a bump sometimes that also burns and itches either on my face or neck usually this is driving me nuts i cant help but to itch it because sometimes i feel a small short pain and my instinct is ro itch or cry. If anyone has advice aside from creams please let me know i also have athletes foot could this be contributing? It also gets worse at night and if i do itch it then a new itch will occur in a different spot within a few minutes   54,840 hits
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Intense itching at night time   by la1zer   4mo
I seriously have your exact same problem! Yes, I’m convinced it is a liver problem. Whenever I try to detox more, I itch more. I conclude that my liver is ”backed up”, so everything it can’t process ends up leaving through the skin, resulting in itching. My liver being backed up is supported by my high bilirubin levels (as you reported earlier). I read itching is worse at night since the body’s cortisol levels drop. I have to take a hot epsom salt bath every night just to go to bed with minimal itching. Also, my body can’t even process alcohol anymore. If I drink, the alcohol (aka toxins), ...   1,321 hits
Forum: Liver Flush

Blow Dryer For Itch Relief !   by twll   29mo
Found this on another forum. Give it a try. For itching relief i stumbled onto something nearly free and so far harmless. This works on poison ivy itch, ringworm patches (they are not little worms, but are places where a skin fungus has taken root), and itches from my allergy to strong detergents. Use the low heat setting of a hairdryer aimed at whatever place itches. It will itch like crazy for just an instant, and then it will feel like you finally scratched that itch for good. The relief lasts for 6 to 8 hours, far longer than any cortisone cream i have used. The low heat setting bec ...   947 hits
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Jock itch with no rash?   by dax702   7y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, hopefully someone can help. Recently, I started itching around my belly button area. I don’t know if this itch perhaps spread down south but now it’s itching down there, however, there is no rash of any kind down there like I’ve seen in pictures of jock itch.. I did a bunch of research and bought some OTC stuff (creams), garlic pills, acidophillus pills, tea tree oil ointment, listerine, benzalkonium chloride towelettes, and coconut oil from the health store. I’ve been kind of using all this stuff. The itching is basically under contro ...   13,640 hits
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Re: Itching   by chuckout17   8y
Gary, I only just read your post. I,developed an itch.Up until 46 years of age i had no itch.One night i was woken by this itch in the groin area. I got up and had a shower.Went back to bed. I was fine. Woke 2 hours later, itch returned, another shower, itch gone, back to bed, 2 hours later the itch returned. From then on it was a tottally broken sleep for 5 years.I went to the doctors and skin specialists here in australia and america when travelling.Nothing that anyone sugested helped. Sometimes the itch developed into a very bad total body itch. That was hard to take.I tried all sorts ...   7,644 hits
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Lyme and "itching"   by jessesmom1987   5y   View Entire Thread 13
Thought this was interesting: Lyme Disease and Itching By Leslie Buterin, The Lyme Lady Thursday, August 20 2009 Itching from Lyme disease is one symptom just about every single Lyme patient has in common. Lyme disease itching can drive you to distraction. Some days it feels like bugs crawling under your skin. Other days it just plain itches, a lot. The Lyme disease itch I experienced was on my shins. Many nights I woke myself up only to find that I was scratching my shins to the point of bleeding. Other mornings wh ...   14,859 hits
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Lyme "itch" (Edit)   by jessesmom1987   5y
I’ve told you this before Gibby, and people don’t want to hear it. When the focus is ”I’ve got parasites, gotta kill the parasites”, and it’s ”too scary” to think it could possibly be something else- the something else is never hit. What if..your daughter isn’t the only one that would test positive for Lyme after all? DO you need to consider it? Yes. DO ”the parasite killing herbs” hit it? NO. EDIT: The story: Lyme Disease and Itching By Leslie Buterin, The Lyme Lady Thursday, August 20 2009 Itching from Ly ...   8,769 hits
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i got anal itch and bumps from bowel cleanse, anyone else?   by #32048   10y   View Entire Thread 6
i used the dr. schulze intestinal formulas 1 and 2 and the first day or 2 i had extreme anal subseded but i finished the program and now 10 days after finishing..i have these anal bumps and still get a real minor itch on occasion...i figured the itching was an allergic reaction to something in the formula....i figured the itch and bumps would be gone by now.....did anyone else get this rash? i guess ill see a doctor if it lasts for months.......   2,956 hits
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Zapper itch   by rosycrayon   6y   View Entire Thread 2
I’ve been putting the connection for my zapper around my arch hoping that it will shock my worm piles in my ankles but now I have strips of itch that feels grainy under the skin, it’s a horrible itch last night I got up and took a paint brush with iodine on it and covered the area that when done went from itch to hurt. Any one have this happen? any idea’s I feel that I must zap but I can’t take the itch.   2,354 hits
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Re: Candida possibly - itching all over   by minime   10y
I havent gotten ompletely rid of my Candida but when I first started taking antifungals and changing my diet to no sugars, no cargohydrates and no dairy, I was itching like crazy for two weeks. That was just die-off symptoms. the itching went away after about 3 weeks. It was tough but the itching finally stopped. Just means you are getting better. My itching felt like something was crawling under my skin.   17,019 hits
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Paranoid about sensations   by Cimber38   3mo   View Entire Thread 9
I am so paranoid about every little sensation or itch I have that these pin worms will come back. My nose still itches alot mostly at work. I am allergic to mold and I think there is mold in the vent above me. Can that be making my nose itch? I sneeze alot there too. At home I dont have the itching nose or sneezing. Outside it runs from allegies.   314 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: please help!! :(   by MENDOMAID   4y
Here’s three of the websites found when searching for ’anal itching’. Anal Itching Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment on ... What is anal itching? · What causes anal itching? · How is anal itching treated? Learn about the causes of anal itching like pinworms, diarrhea, psoriasis, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, skin tags, yeast infection, diabetes, and HIV. · Cached pageAnal Itching Causes and Treatment by Anal itching is a common but annoying problem. Causes of anal itching include diet, fecal soilage, medical ...   3,756 hits
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HELP PLEASE!!! insane itch!!!!!   by gibby   5y   View Entire Thread 19
Has anyone had the most insane itch that sends you into complete panic? This itch has no relief. (Anal and Vaginal) I could itch until I BLEED with no relief. I am dying. I don’t know what to do. I have tried every single cream I have, now I’m trying my strongest steroid cream and still itching like mad. Everything that touches my anal area, and skin surrounding makes it itch like crazy. I’ve had a pinworm infection, tried and done it all, and it’s only gotten worse. The itch has never been so insane. I’m going crazy and going mad. I can’t get anything done in my life becaseu ...   7,804 hits
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Re: SKIN PROBLEM when it's itching   by superhero   9y
”The itching is from a toxin the candida produces and involves the immune system. It means you are eating something you are allergic to or else you are off your candida diet and need to get back to it.” -------------------------------------------------- Actually I’ve found the opposite is true. When I eat crappy food for a few days (french fries, ice cream etc) I STOP itching. Then as soon as I go full-throttle anti-candida diet I start itching again. I’ve decided it’s my body cleansing itself because over the past year the itching has lessened to a great degree. Also I itch less ...   1,163 hits
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Re: Need help for prolonged itching   by SqueakyClean   10y
I would drink a lot of green tea throughout the day as another temporary measure to reduce or relieve the itching. That sounds like a serious problem, I hope you figure out the cause and proper treatment. I know that itching can almost drive you insane, I have had extreme itching of athlete’s foot before, and also extreme itching of my nose (not sure why) that was only an hour or so, I can hardly imagine 6 weeks. I once got some tropical plant juice on my arms and legs, along with my cousin, which gave us some deep tissue/nerve itching for almost an hour, washing the skin and applying an e ...   2,321 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone   Itch   Symptoms

Re: Anybody get a red rash?   by bluelotus8   7y
I don’t have the same itch on the chest area as you are experiencing. But I had red rash and itch on my thigh and abdominal area. A awhile back I had the same rash and itch on the same areas. I had skin candida (yeast) infection on those areas. MMS brought the rash and itch back for a few days. I think what happened is this: I had candida at those areas but dormant. MMS killed candida and toxins released caused the itch and rash. It only lasted for about 3 days then it was totally gone. I suggest you not to stop MMS. Reduce the dosage if the rash and itch is too much to bear. They sh ...   5,868 hits
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Itching Ears Cured by Zapping   by Charly   7y   View Entire Thread 8
A few months ago I noticed that deep inside my ears I had a constant ’itch’. I hadn’t used my $!0.00 zapper for awhile.... after ’zapping’ I noticed that they weren’t itching at all anymore, and it has been several weeks now. I’ve read that itching ears, can mean the presence of a type of parasite. I have been using my zapper more consistantly... weekly... for ’just in case’ I pick up anything I can get rid of it quickly! I do quite a few other things for parasite control. But zapping worked instantly for my itching ears. My 87 year old mother has had itching ears for years, and a ...   2,900 hits
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Re: Intense itching at night time   by la1zer   4mo
I seriously have your exact same problem! Yes, I’m convinced it is a liver problem. Whenever I try to detox more, I itch more. I conclude that my liver is ”backed up”, so everything it can’t process ends up leaving the skin, resulting in itching. My liver being backed up is supported by my high bilirubin levels (as you reported earlier). I read itching is worse at night since the body’s cortisol levels drop. I have to take a hot epsom salt bath every night just to go to bed with minimal itching. Also, my body can’t even process alcolhol anymore. If I drink, the alcohol (aka toxins), immedi ...   298 hits
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Re: Itching   by superhero   9y
Hi Gary, Have you recently changed your diet? The reason I ask is because about a year ago (in an attempt to lose 20 lbs) I abruptly stopped eating junk foods, bread, pasta, sodas, wheat products, unrefined carbs etc. After 2 weeks of this regiment I started itching. All over itching. And when I scratched I had long red whelps form. Like you it seemed to get worse at night. This whole thing confounded me. I’ve had never been an itchy or allergic-type person. At first I attributed it to my low-carb diet. However, eventually I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s my body’s way o ...   7,714 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Dr. Schulze 2 [A]   Itch   Symptoms

EXCEMA ITCHING,How do we stop it?? HELP!!!!!   by jbc541   9y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, Both my kids have very severe Excema. Like most who write here, have tried almost everything as far as creams, meds and even saw top pediatric dermatolgist at UCLA last yr and no NEW suggestions from him. BIGGEST issue is the uncontollable itching at NIGHT!! The condtion of their skin and existance of the Excema as we see it on surface of the skin is from the non stop ITCHING!! Does anyone have any suggestions or tried methods that help subdue the ITCHING. For my kids the itching is primarily triggered during the day by heat, persperation, grass, dust or certain fabrics etc. The BI ...   6,522 hits
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iodoral and itching - i report, you decide.   by trapper/kcmo   7y   View Entire Thread 19
sorry for the reference to ”faux news”, but i couldnt resist. having no idea what the actual mechanism is, i have found out the ”cause” of the intense itching on my right arm. it is iodoral. there is no doubt that without it the itching stops and with it the itching commences in earnest. i still take lugols in varying amounts. the itching only happens when i take iodoral. this does not seem to be dose sensitive, either. it happens if i take a little iodoral or a lot and happens regardless of whether i take a lot of lugols or a little. i am now discontinuing iodoral and fully ex ...   10,605 hits
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Image Embedded What do all my symptoms indicate?? HELP!!   by dee522   7y   View Entire Thread 3
Could you all help me here? I was DX’d with MS 2yrs ago. I switched to all organic, and have been pretty strict on that protocol for the last 8months or so. But for the last month or so, I’ve been eating 20% junk - as in ’regular’ food. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been itching intensly. As the day wears on, I itch more. By bedtime, I’m itching profusely. The more I scratch, the more I itch. The majority of my itching is on my face, arms and on the palms of my hands.(??) If I’m itching on my arms and I scratch, the arm itches more, welts appear, and the welts swell. Almo ...   2,209 hits
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Re: Will these worms ever go?   by chuckout17   9y
Hey Steve, Ever thought your itching may be due to an alrgy to some thing.I have eaten Tomatos every day of my life that i remember.^ years ago i developed a groin itch. Some times the itch would be a whole body itch. I found releif by showering before bed only to awake 4 hours later to shower again to get releif.I never slept well. I went doctors, skin specialists,acupunture,herbalists and so on.No good, i suffered.One day 5 years later after this itching first started, I read about alergy testing so i got tested. When tomatos came up, so did the needle on the graph. I had a bad alery to ...   1,647 hits
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Re: itchy backside!   by dsaxt   9y
hi, i also itched when i pee’d, had a bowel movement etc!!! here’s how i cured my 6 yr nightmare: all that is needed is a whole-vegetable supplement (which must have absolutely no fruits, no additional enzymes or any other thing mixed with it. the veggie supplement i am talking about contains natural enzymes, alkalizes and provides natual minerals. it’s made by nature’s way and called ”garden veggies”. i get it at ”wegman’s” grocery store. it cured my 6-year systemic candida problem quickly - plus postively effected every other health problem i had - and it only cost $7. ...   3,251 hits
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Itching on hips, back of head, etc.--fungal??   by NancyT   12y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello--my first post here--I’m trying to figure out WHAT is causing the persistent itching on my hips and adjacent areas, as well as on the back of my head. Any experts know--could this be a fungal thing? I do itch in the usual-suspect areas that I’ve read about--under the ”overhanging” parts of my overweight self. Also I have rash under abdominal fold that burns if irritated; and I had a round patch of what must be ”ringworm” on inside thigh, which responded to a topical antifungal. I believe all these must be candida or some other fungal thing? A year ago, my itchy hips DID develop ...   12,921 hits
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Friend Needs Input   by GrannyCat   4y   View Entire Thread 2
A friend of mine asked me to ask you this: This is what I am struggling with; thanks for your help.     In looking at symptoms that one can have with Celiac disease (gluten free diet) which I was diagnosed with about 3 yrs ago, that is the most likely cause.   Sporadically I have flare-up of these symptoms--sneezing, runny nose, itching, intense feeling of cold, especially my legs.  I can deal with most of these, but the itching is really difficult.  It’s an itch that won’t go away.  My head especially is itchy with a rash. (some rash on other plac ...   1,063 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

oh my!!!   by monique_1   7y
OH MY! Thanks for this post Rabbitt! I have similar problems and I have never known what was causing my issues, until now maybe. I can share my itching/burning story: My health issues started with an icthing and burning scalp when I was 16, and it still does to this day! I first had on one spot on my head that itched and it grew larger and larger, and my whole head is itching and burning, I cant use regular store bought shampoo since that makes it worse. I dont have dandruff, nothing, the skin is clean but the itching and burning, whoa unmanageable. When my scalp first started ...   8,330 hits
Forum: Ask Microbe Detectives

Re: Will these worms ever go?   by steve555   9y
I’ve had some late night itching lately and pretty sure it was pinworms because it starts itching back there at about midnight. I have a Terminator zapper and decided to put it on one butt cheek while laying down for and hour ( I was up anyway and the itching was really annoying me). After the hour was up the itching stopped.Then I felt a twitching feeling in the right side of my abdomen so I put the zapper on that spot. 20 minutes later it was gone. I did’nt notice any parasites in the bathroom the next morning but haven’t had any itching since so I’m guessing the zapper knocked them out. ...   1,880 hits
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Re: Terrible Hand Eczema...   by proplan   9y
I think the ”key” is to break the eczema cycle. We know that our auto-immune system responds to ”threats” by releasing white blood cells. The nature of white blood cells can cause an ”over reaction” or inflammatory response. The problem in a nut-shell is you need to control the ”symptoms” of eczema reducing inflammation and your auto-immune system response to the rash and itching. When skin itches we scratch causing a rash, the body only knows one thing ”respond.” An excellent product that controls skin itching and reduces inflammation is Itch Rx. Go to: http://www.medicinalr ...   5,406 hits
Forum: Eczema/Excema

Please help w/ sons itching..Aunty or anyone   by synda   8y   View Entire Thread 6
My son is 19 and has severe itching on arms and legs. He describes this as a painful itch.. feeling a lots of tiny stabbing under the skin, there is no rash and its only red from him scratching. This happens all the time after a shower, and sometimes when he is fustrated and hot. He also has Angiodema of the eyes and lips and takes Zyrtec..he has only had one angiodema attack in the last year while taking Zyrtec. He has been tested for what is causing the angiodema and only the dustmite seem to be the problem..he wasnt allergic to anything else. It seems the angiodema is under control.. bu ...   2,673 hits
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vaginal and rectal itching   by #78426   7y   View Entire Thread 5
Hi peeps! I have been having chronic vaginal and rectal itching that led to pelvic muscle spams and alot of pain...the muslces have calmed down but I CANNOT get this rectal itching to go away...and then it leads to vaginal itching and chronic inflammation. Could this be because of parasites? I esp notice the burning/itching when I try to wear pants too. ALso, i don’t seem to notice more itching at night (as supposedly that is when the pinworms are most active) Any thoughts and advice would help! thanks!   3,992 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

40 days after my second Cleanse...   by #77665   6y   View Entire Thread 5
I developed a hemorrhoid for the first time in my life(48 years old), after it dissolved with help of some herbs, I got this uncomfortable itch near the top of my 2 buttocks muscles(not really an ”anal” itch but higher), that now 40 more days later , is starting to drive me nuts, it comes and goes throughout the day and even though I very seldom itch it, the area is raw and bleeds at times. I used to have another crazy itch at the bottom of my right foot before my first Humaworm and it went away(I thought maybe Candida) and now this goofy itch in a different area. I was thinking I maybe di ...   1,743 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Clay packs good on itchy spots   by relpub3   8y
From my experience, practically all itchy spots disappear after using clay. The main reason why itchy spots occur is because toxins are being removed through the skin at that spot hence the itch. by putting clay there, it pulls out these toxins at a faster rate and so the itch disappears because the toxins are now drawn inside the clay and out of your body. it is also possible for new itch spots to occur because your body has sensed that it has removed internal toxins successfully and so will program for another group of toxins to come out in a different part of the body. these are n ...   2,368 hits
Forum: Clay Packs

Symptoms?HELP?!!?   by lindajean59   8y   View Entire Thread 5
Please help I don’t know where else to seek help,two years ago went to the regular doc for intense itching of the skin that leaves raised fingernail trails--I will itch until I am black and blue--this mostly starts on my arms or neck but it is not particular where it starts.I mostly get this at home but I have occaisonally had it when out.I am at work all day and don’t usually itch. I always seem to get itchy at home in the eve.My doc gave me allegra which does seem to stop this itching but she did not really check to see what is causing this malady.Also it seems if I disturb my skin,like ...   1,477 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Conclusive results or not?   by maggymoo21   8y   View Entire Thread 3
In october i had unprotected sex. Then i guess a few months later i had a lot of external vaginal itching. I went, it had been 4 months, to the doctor and got tested for all STD’s. The guy says he tested negative and is clean. They all came back negative including the test for herpes. I went back again and he said i’m fine, he doesn’t know what it is but to just use an anti-itch cream. The itching is mainly around the inner hairline. I don’t have any blisters, it’s just dry and itches and is a little red. My question is if the test was negative after 4 months is it safe to say i don’t have ...   1,668 hits
Forum: Herpes

Some Good News.........   by sanctuary2   6y
For a long time I had terrible anal itching, from what suspect was pin worms. I tried several parasite cleanses, the last one was Humaworm. Even two weeks after completing humaworm I was still itching like crazy. It was extremely frustrating and the itching would even wake me in the middle of the night. With all the excitement of starting a new protocol (mms) and the stress of moving, I didn’t even notice that I have stopped itching. It dawned on me yesterday that I haven’t itched once. I am not even sure when it stopped, but it has only been since I started taking mms. It may h ...   1,834 hits
Forum: MMS Support

scabies   by arnoldl   19mo
Hi. I have an itching all over my body for a couple weeks now. My MD thinks I *may have* scabies and suggests kwellada-P lotion, but it is expensive to try when the cause of the itching is unidentified, but seems to be something that is recurring. I don’t know yet if it is an allergic reaction, am omitting certain foods and vitamins to find out. Am wondering if anyone here has tried kwellada-P lotion for scabies. or anything else that has actually worked to kill the itching and is not too expensive. I cannot really feel anything moving around under the skin, just that I notice the i ...   477 hits
Forum: Unidentified Skin Parasites

Re: Anal itch   by Jeff9   21mo
Itching and pain be gone! I had this all my life until I found a solution to Anal Itch with the Hand Held Bidet Sprayers they use in Thailand. Every doctor will tell you that you need to clean but the key is you need to do it without irritating the skin. Difficult to accomplish when you have an itch that is just begging to be scratched. But cleaning with a water spray does just that and it is easy, convenient and no one need know what you are using it for. Toilet paper irritates the skin and the more you rub, the more you itch. Creams increase and trap moisture which also causes more itchi ...   572 hits
Forum: Itch

Re: pruritus ani. I am using Anures for the pain and corn...   by Jeff9   21mo
Itching and pain be gone! I had this all my life until I found a solution to Anal Itch with the Hand Held Bidet Sprayers they use in Thailand. Every doctor will tell you that you need to clean but the key is you need to do it without irritating the skin. Difficult to accomplish when you have an itch that is just begging to be scratched. But cleaning with a water spray does just that and it is easy, convenient and no one need know what you are using it for. Toilet paper irritates the skin and the more you rub, the more you itch. Creams increase and trap moisture which also causes more itchi ...   1,053 hits
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Re: Does this sound like Seborrheic Dermatitis?   by reesy37   24mo
i got bitten by mosquitos in september followed by the most insane itch and also now have an intense itch in my nose. It almost healed but right before it did i would get this intense unstoppable itch. I started noticing the white things and also if i wiped them away then the itch would stop i didn’t want to go to the doctor but my rash spread all over my legs and arms and one foot looks like it is ready to be amputated so i looked it up before i went to the hospital because i had already been before and they told me contact dermatitis which really means they don’t know what the hell it is ...   14,268 hits
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Genitourinary itching   by #155584   23mo   View Entire Thread 2
Dr. McCombs, I have been dealing with intermittent periods of itching in the labial area for a long time-- a couple years. There is no rash, just itching. I am on week 13 of your candida plan and seem to still be experiencing itching, and sometimes it seems worse than before. Sometimes I have itching around the anus, but I think it might be due to scratchy toilet paper, as it is often only after I’ve had a bowel movement. Is itching necessarily related to candida, or could something else be going on? Are there any methods for treating candida topically that are allowable on your plan? A ...   781 hits
Forum: Ask The Candida Expert

need answers   by helpless101   3y   View Entire Thread 2
anyone know what to do to at least get rid of anal itching ? i ’ve been having anal itch and now my vagina is starting to itch again but with a mucousy white clearish discharge. i dont know if its yeast since i took 200 mg of diflucan every other day for a week and got rid of the burning for the most part. now i think the bacterial vaginosis came back and its irritating me . can bacterial infections cause anal itching ? i know i dont have pinworms for sure. witch hazel. petroleum jelly ? any natural cures for Bacterial Vaginosis. i have no odor just a bad itch that constantly gynos misdiag ...   1,553 hits
Forum: Ask The Candida Expert

please how to STOP ITCHING?   R Help Me! by #126236   2y   View Entire Thread 9
the itching is causing most of the suffering, its always begins to itch at night, unlike most of the day.  i dont want any BS moisturizers, they do NOT stop itching and they are worthless and just leave a greasy residue on my skin. dont push any moisturizers please, i hate moisturizing its so greasy and USELESS is there any natural, NON steroid, NON drug remedy or immunosupressant that can STOP THE ITCHING? i know UV light (sun exposure) can make this condition much better overtime (it somewhat supressed imune system) but that takes months to work and ...   16,023 hits
Forum: Eczema/Excema

hot water on eczema euphoria phenom; anyone?   by Ohfor07   6y   View First 20 Messages of 35
There have been a few separate aspects of this ongoing skin condition, which I’m content to label broadly as a form of Eczema, that have puzzled me the most since I first began dealing with it in ernest during the Spring of 06. One of these is the discovery of the rather peculiar, brief but prominent rush of euphoria that manifests upon putting the affected part (foot, for instance) into rather hot water. Does anyone know what this phenom is or have a simple explanation for it? In my travels over the web the past year or so, I have found a few other ...   76,954 hits     6 of 6 (100%)
Forum: Eczema/Excema

Re: Better out than in!   by Sunshine P   7y
Humaworm replied on his forum...... ”Sorry so late - that was toxins. Toxins coming out can cause black, green, orange and other strange colored stools. The itching at the same time lets you know that your entire body was throwing off toxins - hence the skin itch.” At the same time as the black gunk i had full body itching for 3 days, head to toa......was pretty intense at the time. Sunshine   2,429 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

Is this candida or parasites   by #29135   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi folks Last 2 nights I have had the following Extrme fatigue Stomach rumbling when i go to bed Hypnic body jerks while trying to fall asleep Mind racing Very spaced out feeling Face itch, ear itch , eye itch and sinus problems feel stuffed up Wake up with very dry mouth Also my anus has been very itchy Any idea? Parsites or candida? If its candida I want to get rid of it immediately   1,743 hits
Forum: Candida Support

itching   by kittycatt   8y   View Entire Thread 8
I have had a problem with itching. It started about 6 weeks ago. The soles of my feet and the palms of my hands started itching, with no visable reason (no dry skin, no rash). Now it sometimes includes my ankles and my legs. I know the problem isn’t ”in my head” (I’m happy, well-adjusted and relatively stress-free) but this itching is about to drive me crazy! I hope someone can shed some light on this.   1,317 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

skin and itching   by pixxekurlz   11y   View Entire Thread 10
Does anyone else have itching problems...i have the worst itch in the back of my head...its been there over a year...and i’ve used anti-fungals on it and it doesnt go away...i also get itchy around my nostril, anus, and vaginal skin. Im starting to finally link it to sugary and high carb foods...but seriously the itching begins minutes after i eat something that possible. i also get headaches and tired after i eat those bad foods...any one relate?   1,610 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: what are symptoms of parasites?   by natalia88   6y
yes i do the natro doc says she hasnt recived anythung back of genova yet if i do have candida to im going to try saurakraut but im pretty sure because of my loose foul smelling stools and upset stoamach i have parstites to be eating alot of shit lately as im so hungry as i can only eat a few things as my digestion is bad and thats made my ears itch more and made me itch on my body i just read body itching is sigh of parstites in the liver realising toxins be such a relief to fine out its doing my head in   1,993 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Does Anyone Know How To Cure Atopic Dermatitis?   by dael22   6y
Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition, which is characterized by scaly skin and itching. Itching aggravates the condition leading to development of secondary infections. Use of Alfalfa leaves extract reduces the foliation of skin along with relief from itching.This is the treatment which is mostly used by the people. I am confident that it will help your friend.   643 hits
Forum: Herbal Formulas

Re: Question about scalp itch   by nausicaa   6y
I also have a bit of itching, but not nearly as bad as it used to be. But, it seems that it has gotten worse since I started killing parasites (and probably yeast along with it). Previously I treated itching and dandruff with an antifungal shampoo from the pharamacy, and to my surprise it actually worked. Tea tree oil might work also, though it might sting really bad. Maybe you want to soothe the itch instead, possibly with a sink shampoo?   1,503 hits
Forum: Candida Support

lemon juice and ACV causes rectal itching   by misscallie   6y
ANyone have any ideas on this one ? I”ve heard many, many stories on curezone about rectal itching being caused by candida and parasite and stories here about itgoing away with parasite treatment. I have th itching but noticed lemon juice and ACV (both acidic) make it come onright away. Is it possible the area is irritated by thecandida and parasites and the acids in teh lemon juice make it itch when they contact teh irritate area ?   1,064 hits
Forum: Candida Support

lemon juice and ACV cause rectal itching   by misscallie   6y   View Entire Thread 3
ANyone have any ideas on this one ? I”ve heard many, many stories on curezone about rectal itching being caused by candida and parasite and stories here about itgoing away with parasite treatment. I have th itching but noticed lemon juice and ACV (both acidic) make it come onright away. Is it possible the area is irritated by thecandida and parasites and the acids in teh lemon juice make it itch when they contact teh irritate area ?   3,376 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Itching all over the body   by Hveragerthi   6y
I didn’t know itching could be a symptom of hepatitis.   5,037 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Parasites: USP   Fibromyalgia   Parasites: Skin

Chigger Bites   by etiger   7y   View Entire Thread 2
I am pretty sure that I have chigger bites, small red bites that itch like crazy. I put a cream on there that makes the itch stop however new bites keep popping up? Is this there anyway to speed up the recovery process or do I just need to wait it out? Once I put one round of this cream on it does stop the itch although the bites are still visible...It has been about 7 days since I first got bitten. Thanks   4,760 hits
Forum: Insect Bite

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