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Re: ACL ligament complete torn on right knee   by knee brace   18mo
Wear a knee brace! I have had knee problems for the past 5 years and finally did some research only to find out that the simple fix was a knee brace. I found this website which educated me on injuries and solutions! I encourage everyone to do some research like i did and get better! Here is a link to the most helpful page in my opinion:   442 hits
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Anybody try the LaJRaN procedure?   by mymomsknee   10y
Hi everybody:) I am new here. I am asking for my mom and she is 82 years of age. She has had her left knee replaced in Feb,02. Now she wants to go down to FL and have Dr. Farshchian do the injection treatments on her other knee, the right knee or the old knee as I call it. However, she doesnít know if this will work. So I thought I would find a forum and see what you people knew. The Drís web site is She has osteo arthritis and says that she bone rubing on bone in the knee. Her right knee has gotten so bad that she canít keep up the walking thera ...   5,524 hits
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Painting and Eczema   by parrotgreen   7y   View Entire Thread 4
Since I do not have any Lugolís yet, I have been painting with Tincture of Iodine (alcohol based - per 100 g : Iodine 2,5 g + Potassium Iodide 2,5 g). I have been painting on my knees on alternated days, one day right knee, one day left knee) for about 10 days. Yesterday, I felt a large patch of eczema appearing on my right knee, which hads been injured in the past and has troubled me for about 7 years. Nothing on the left knee. If it was not detox, it would be on both knees, wouldnít it? I never suffered from eczema in my whole life. AND, at the same time, coincidence or not, a s ...   1,448 hits
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Re: Two other "ingredients"   by spudlydoo   4y
Silica, magnesium and zinc supplements, have helped me remineralise the bones in my knee. I have no cartilage left in my knee joint, and have had 4 full reconstructions on the same knee. I was due to have a complete knee joint replacement, last year, and due to supplementing with the three supps mentioned at the top of this post, and lots of herbs and vitamins that have improved my overall health, I no longer need to have the knee replacement. When I had my last ultrasound on the knee, the divots in the bone, (which caused me a great deal of pain), had actually filled in, I have no more ...   29,409 hits
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Knee problem - help!   by lenathecat   3y   View Entire Thread 4
Iíve been suffering from knee pain for the last 2 weeks. I did not have an accident that caused this, my knee just felt íoutí one day and it started hurting if I put weight on it. I did at one stage kneel down on it and really, really hurt it (a very sharp horrible pain)...but I donít remember hearing any popping sounds or anything like that. Just excruiting pain. After that I had mild swelling (but not much) and I couldnít straighten it for a day or two. My knee feels íoutí and I get severe stabbing pain occasionally...usually when walking up stairs or if I put pressure on it without b ...   3,503 hits
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Re: My sister's arthritic knees   by DR.JEFF   7y
There are some other good products available to support the knees. Synthovial Seven hyaluronic acid is good for the knees. Joint Builder by Jarrow formulas has several ingredients that are good for the knees. Detoxifying the body and restoring normal tissue flora can work wonders. Arthritis means inflammation of the joint, so itís necessary to eliminate the inflammation in order to have any long lasting effect. Ioinic foot baths can be useful for knee problems.   1,861 hits
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Re: Pain in right knee when sleeping or during inactivity...   by Eileen62   34d
I can only sleep on my side, but had terrible knee and back pain. I tried a pillow between my knees, but the big one woke me up when I tried to turn over, and I lost the small pillow when I turned over. So, I developed Sleepy Kneez, an ultra comfortable knee pillow that stays put all night, and doesnít negatively impact the knee cap. Now, I sleep like a baby!   1,577 hits
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Re: Fifth week of Iodine - Knee joint pain   by julieuma   7y
Hi Archus, did you see my posts about knee pain? I am sorry you are having this. I started having knee pain (one knee only) around the first week of march. I noticed it while doing yoga and not being able to lower my bent knee to the floor, as I was seated (badhakonasana, if you know the pose name) with back straight, and soles of feet touching, and it stretches out the adductor muscle and if youíre limber you can get the knees to the floor. On my left it just wasnít happening--the knee was much higher than the right. Then I noticed the knee hurt and was swollen. And then I notice ...   3,891 hits
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Re: knee ankle problems scared?   by #118375   5y
I donít know why your knee swelled up. Maybe you injured it or strained it somehow, and you must have fluid surrounding your knee joint. Can you think of anything you did a day or two before it became swollen? Maybe because your knee is swollen, you are walking different and this aggravated the ankle causing it to swell also. I have the opposite problem. I hurt my ankle almost six months ago. I have been walking with a limp for so long that my knee has started giving me problems. My knee is now a little swollen. Having issues with my lower back too because of it. Had x-rays and MRI ...   6,842 hits
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Re: Herbal BF&C treatment for an injured knee, advice and...   by #107689   4y
I had torn cartilage in one knee and found that the castor oil pack helped it.  I didnít warm the pack, I just made a small one and then wrapped it in plastic wrap around the knee.  It helped with the pain - sometimes.  I do a lot of walking and the knee eventually got worse so then had surgery to "repair" the cartilage which made it even worse yet and a couple of months later had knee replacement. (Iíve had both knees replaced.)  Found during the recovery process that the castor oil packs helped a lot. It has taken a while for the knee to become ...   4,400 hits
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Weak connective tissue   by ring5100   4y
Hello Dr. Lam. With my sprained knee and other knee getting bad now, I will be starting ultra sound treatment on the bad knee, and maybe the other knee. But, would it be best with weak connective tissue, ligaments ( do to degerative muscles, etc. from severe adrenal fatigue)..... Would later, beginning flex and isometric quad. strengthening-range of motion therapy PUT to much strain on these weak muscles or ligaments, causing further damage, or if done right from the therapist, help them at this point? Right now,Iím staying off the knee am much as possible with the RICE ( rest, ice.. ...   1,874 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Lam

Re: an issue with my knee   by knows   7y
Knees hurt. If there was no injury to the knee proper chances are its either your hips or L2 or 3. There might be a slight strain on the knee itself but usually a good adjustment on the lumbar spine will fix the knee right up. When the hips are off that gets the knee involved on a mechaniocal level. If its the Lumbar spine, that gets the knee involved on a nerological level. If thereís swelling its usually the lumbars. One or two adjustments fixes it right up. Usually one in this office. Doc   870 hits
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Re: knee pain???   by dragnfly2   6y
i always thought my knee pain was due to the fact that i weighed 248 lbs. when i had mirena. my knees and back always felt weak like they would not support me. all my joints hurt, especially my knees. they always felt like they were swollen. within 3 days after my removal my knees quit hurting and no longer feel swollen and no more pain. i have been working out like crazy and my knees feel strong. kind of hard to describe the strong feeling in my knees. i always felt like i had arthritis, now i do not.   3,220 hits
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CRAB MEAT!! HELP!!   by santana   11y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi- I have seen a specialist for my knees twice. Both times, they say the meniscus(sp) under both knee caps looks like Ēcrab meatĒ. I have the knees of an elderly person they say- I am 35 and have bad knees since I was 15. According to the docs, knee surgery is something I should wait for until I get older, as orthoscopic would do nothing for me, I would have to get the whole knee cap lifted. What supplement or other idea do you have for someone like me who is overweight and needs to work out. I need less pain! Any suggestions?   931 hits
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Invincible... knee update   by grzbear   8y   View Entire Thread 2
I thought you may want an update on my knees. They seem to be feeling much better over the last few weeks; this is relative though as they still both hurt and sound like ratchet wrenches, Today at the chiropractor, he stated my range of motion has improved noticeably... maybe I am on the road to healing my knees. I try to remember to always massage my knees every day while saying Ēmy knees are perfectly healthy, I love my kneesĒ over and over. I am sure this has helped some along with alkalizing :-) I am not getting too chipper about this yet though as I have had good spells befor ...   949 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
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Getting it right?   by Savagegrace   6y
There are a lot of causes for knee pain. The knees can compensate for bad posture, a bad hip. There is a limit of course, as real damage begins to occur to the knee due to too much stress. The business about kidneys and the left knee is interesting and wouldnít surprise me if they were interrelated. In your case I suspect you have a slight case of Osteoarthritis. The fact that your knee got worse with yoga then jogging (your doctor was an idiot for suggesting jogging if you experienced pain with yoga) suggests you have sharp areas of bone within the knee. These are shredd ...   1,767 hits
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Re: Knee problem - help!   by ginab4u   3y
 Well, my story is different from yours, but something may help you. I had no knee problems at all until I turned 50 and they fell apart for no apparent reason.  My left knee just popped out walking up the stairs. They both swelled up and hurt. Now looking back it could have been related to Candida and MS.  Anyway, I had arthroscopic knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus and there was cartilage chips in there, arthritis and a bakers cyst (where the fluid bulges through the back of the knee). It wasnít that bad a surgery and I know people who went to work a few days after ...   3,256 hits
Forum: Knee Problems

Re: My personal view on the differences between Wilson & ...   by SB1108   18mo
ĒAlso, she does encourage the use of calcium which my instincts have told me for a long time is not a good choice for me. However, she doesnít get upset when I tell her Iím not taking it. She leaves that up to me.Ē Its interesting that you say this because this past week I realized the calcium was giving me severe joint pain. I was on a large dose per my ARL test results 2x2x2. I could only manage to take my supplements twice a day (so I took a total of 4 paramin daily). I started having knee pain in February but I thought it was from my shoes or the way I walked. Eventually the kne ...   808 hits
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Re: In pain ...Mike, any advice?   by die hard   10y
Hi, I am a good person to talk about knees, I injured them so many times trying to make them more flexible. The thing is that you canít push this joint and you said that you were twisting.... your knee for hours, this is a bad thing to do. Knee is the most fragile joint in human body and probably is the most difficult to heal. By its nature it is very unstable and prone to injury. If there is already discomfort in your knee the best would be to leave it alone and let it recover. Any physical activity to a painful knee should be applied very gradually and requires some knowledge. There is n ...   1,263 hits
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Re: Knee inflammation   by minime   6y
Hello WoodElf- SO sorry to hear about your knee. The reason your knee starting giving you trouble again when you took the MMS is because the MMS is attacking the fungus in your knee. It is a die-off effect known as Hexheimer reaction. Whatever ailments that you have in your body, when you take something that attacks it to get rid of the bad symptoms, it will always get WORSE before it gets better. So if I were you, I would stick with the MMS. ALso try going for two days eating nothing but green stuff like Spinich and Green beans and something like Lima Beans. Theyíre all green foods ...   6,198 hits
Forum: MMS Support   Knee Problems

Knee pain and Tinnitus after being Raw   by archus   6y   View Entire Thread 6
Hi all: I have always been a vegetarian, ever since birth. For last 3 months I have changed to be a raw vegetarian. I love being raw vegetarian. All small issues I had are gone, but I do have some new ones. I have severe tinnitus day and night. More at bedtime. I also have knee pain when I walk down the steps. I do Yoga everyday now and some positions are hard because of my knees. I have issues standing up and sitting down. What can I do to stay on this wonderful way of living and still help my knees and tinnitus? My knees felt better the day I ate cooked Indian food, all veggies. Ya, I ...   11,624 hits
Forum: Raw Vegetarian   Knee Problems

Re: Day 5   by l*u*l*u*   6y
hey donn! congratulations on 5 days and itís great to hear that your knee is already improving. since it is only a relatively new injury (a month?) i am sure you will get to some serious healing during your fast. knees are pretty tricky things. my friend, who is in his 30s, has had operations on both his knees after injuries (boxing) and has since worked out that the underlying problem with his knees is actually rheumatoid arthritis, caused by some kind of bacterial infection. but you know that your body knows best! good for you! good luck and best wishes for your fast (and your k ...   1,104 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water

Cartilage Regeneration = Wishful Thinking?   by jesse   10y   View Entire Thread 2
I know this is asking for a lot... but can you give me any kind of hope for cartilage regeneration in the knee? The patient in question (Iím his most likely support) is a 50 year old male who underwent arthroscopic surgery 10 years ago after he tore the cartilage in his right knee. The ĒdoctorsĒ removed the damaged cartilage and predicted that in ten years he would have to replace his knee with a plastic one; at present, he has reached the point where he must make a decision about the knee because it is very painful; however, he is quite adamant about fixing his predicament Ēwithout t ...   2,756 hits
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Anyone experience something similar?   by Maps   29mo   View First 20 Messages of 35
Iíve developed fluid on my right knee for the past week and half. Itís the same knee I injured while running about four or five years ago. It doesnít hurt, but is making it very difficult to bend the knee much and because of the fluid and swelling muscles and ligaments around the knee feel loose. I stopped the iodine for three days over the weekend without any noticeable difference in the knee (I was more irritable ;) It seems that it is a bit better yesterday and today, but just a tad. Iíve been doing the salt once a day, but not the three days I stopped the iodine. I really str ...   1,394 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Product Design Solution For Those With Minor Knee Injurie...   by DesignGirl2013   22mo
Hi all, Iím a product design student from the UK and wanted your thoughts and suggestions on a final year project Iím working on. The initial idea is a system between physiotherapist and patient. For the physiotherapist to gather feedback on the patients rehabilitation in the period where they do not see them. Such as range of movement, whether the patient is over using the injured knee, performing exercises set etc. This would be gathered through the use of a an ĒintelligentĒ knee brace or knee support. The brace/support would also be integrated with a method of pain relief such as ...   334 hits
Forum: Knee Problems

Re: OT - MORGELLONS (NCS) & Dr. Omar, M. Amin, Ph.D   by #132289   4y
Hi and thank you for your info and kindness. We are doubly blessed tonight it seems...You with your negative test for breast ca and my husband received good news that he does not have a brain tumor after all! I called my knee surgeon and let him know of some of the side effects from my new knee and of course they did not believe me nor had they heard of such a thing! I have had two knee replacements...first one of the right knee gave me no such problems...the new one on the left that I just got this past April is a ĒStrykerĒ knee. I wonder if anyone else with Stryker implants has had a ...   4,868 hits
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Re: Knee pain - Lugol's is not the contributor   by KASK101   6y
Thank you all. I am a he. I did not have knee problems before yoga. After fifth week it was more noticeable. I do not have the same feeling as four years ago I took Dr. Clarkís iodine. I had a great euphoria and some aches and pains but nothing major. I do have knee problems in my family, sister who had knee replacement and Dad had knee problems after 72. I do drink a lot of water. What is the difference in knee pain when detoxing vs. cartilage worn out? Kask   1,592 hits
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Definitely worked for me too   by cajun62234   6y   View Entire Thread 2
15 minutes and limping around until the knee loosened up which only resulted in noticable, but not very painful limping. Last weekend I tried the Castor Oil Pack for 1 hour and felt a 85% improvement immediately, and since then Iíve repeated the treatment at least 8 times; each time the knee is better. I can not believe how fantastic this treament is.   2,267 hits
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Re: Okay - here it is (Caution Adult Language)   by thall72315   7y
hi grz, i just visited my uncle during spring break to play golf , we managed to get in several rounds but he is in extreme pain with his knees, the doctors want to do knee replacement surgery on both knees. i told him i will try to get some information for him to try before the major knee surgery, so since you have been there done that, i know you are the best to ask. if you are willing and have time could you form a complete protocol for me to give him to follow, he seems willing to try this path first, maybe he can follow the path that you are leading and recover his health and knees, G ...   1,598 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Have you had PROLOTHERAPY??   by Reebok   4y
Name of Doctor: Dr. Ross Hauser Condition Treated: Knee Number of Treatments: 8 Results: Better! Before trying prolotherapy I had two arthoscopic surgeries on my knee a year apart. First surgeon said my knee was mechanically fine after surgery. However, in my opinion it was much worse after surgery. Second surgeon scoped it and said I needed total knee replacement. Since I enjoy sports and am in my mid 50s this wasnít an acceptable answer for me since I didnít feel my knee wasnít that bad. I researched prolotherapy and started going to Dr. Hauser in Sept. 07. Iím no ...   48,139 hits
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Daughter has Bone Spurs Help!!   by beachboyz   10y   View Entire Thread 3
Recently my 12 year old daughter has been diagnosed with bone spurs on her knee.She is very active in sports,and one day complained of pain in one her knees.It was swollen with lots of water around the knee area.The doctor put her on a Anti-imflamatory drug,but the swelling and pain still exist.I donít like my daughter taking this type of medication at such a young age.If anyone has any information they could share with me,or put me on the right track on attacking this problem it would be very helpful.Thanks and Bless you all :D   3,097 hits
Forum: Bone Spurs

knee swollen since accident   by #109287   4y   View Entire Thread 11
dear everyone, a few weeks ago i was in an accident and, i thought the swelling of my knee would go down, but it has remained twice the normal size with the knee cap bulging out and i canít bear for anything to touch it... does this sound like what is known as Ēwater on the kneeĒ? and if thatís it, (iíve tried searching the net for remedies but no luck) do you think thereís anything that can help get it back to normal without surgery? thank you all for helping me in my time of need~ missy   5,043 hits
Forum: Knee Problems

Re: MRI Support   by spudlydoo   4y
Car accident and years of horse riding, (terrible on the knees). I have had 4 full reconstructions, and was due to have a knee replacement last year. Due to silica, magnesium, iodine, and several other supplements, my knee is now good as new, the bone divots are filling in, and the ligaments and tendons are healing very nicely. I no longer have any pain or swelling, and I play golf now, instead of horse riding. I donít intend on getting the replacement :) spud   1,153 hits
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Re: Live Chat With A Doctor FREE !!   by loftyluke   3y
I have a swollen Knee Cap last night I was stretching and i heard a crunch noise coming from my knee cap and now i cant walk on it or bend it and i can move my knee cap up and down and side to side and i am in agony with it. I cant sleep well at night i tried going to sleep at about 1400 and i cant seem to sleep is that normal or should i have it looked at by a nurse or doctor or some one professional because i asked some one and they said it may be a suspected dislocation please help me   1,732 hits

Re: Cartilage Regneration or Plastic Knee Replacement Sur...   by nataraj   10y
My recollection from one of the Dr Shulze Videoís is that he used things like cayenne and Aloe Vera. You could use Aloe Vera, but it is most effective if used from a fresh plant. How fast results are seen can depend upon how much work you put into the process. The incurables program tailored to healing the knee couldnít hurt. Dr Shulze talks about juice fasting. This causes the body to redirect its energies toward the healing process instead of digesting food. Also using the Dr Shulze foundational programs, colon, liver and kidneys and a very strong nutritional program, superfood, wh ...   5,898 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Baker's Cyst   by kyle50   12mo
Bakerís Cysts in children are a sign that there is a problem with the bursa, while adults with Bakerís Cysts likely have an underlying knee injury or condition which caused the cyst to develop. Anything from a tear in a ligament or tendon of the knee, to arthritis, to a case of gout can cause a Bakerís Cyst to develop. Symptoms of a Bakerís Cyst include swelling, stiffness, pain, clicking and locking of the knee joint, and an inability to fully flex or move your knee. You may experience some, all, or none of these symptoms. Bakerís Cysts can often cause a lot of pain or can go completel ...   400 hits
Forum: Cyst Cure

JODY'S SPECIAL by MH   by MH   5y
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Tumeric for joint injury.   by spudlydoo   5y   View Entire Thread 8
I went out to play golf yesterday and had a slip and fall on a steep hill. Apart from being really embarrasing, I twisted my damaged knee. I have had 4 full reconstructions on this knee and any time I reinjure it I get a quick and painfull inflamatory reaction. By the time I got home the joint had already started to swell up considerably. When I arrived home I made a paste of tumeric and water, and literally painted my whole knee with it, I lightly wrapped the knee with gauze (to keep the yellow off my clothes)) , drank down some tumeric, celery seed powder and water, and put my feet up ...   1,261 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Knee Injury - need advice on blood circulation   by nanaysdaughter   3mo   View Entire Thread 5
Knee Injury - need advice on blood circulation Hi MH, I have this knee injury that Iíve been trying to self heal using whatever Barefoot Herbalist product I have on hand LBB, PWA, PWE, BF&C Liquid (taken internally) I also apply BF&C liquid externally on my knee for the past 6 weeks (and I know its working-- on the tear)..slowly but surely. Ive also been seeing a chiropractor to at least balance my gait (my left leg is an inch longer than my right-- which contributed to the injury on my left knee).. also my feet is over pronating. I also have knee abnormality called ...   353 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Popping Knee Help Please!   by onestep   5y   View Entire Thread 8
I am having issues with my right knee. I canít figure out what is going on with it. Last year I had a torn meniscous and had surgery. My knee has not been the same since. It took a long time to heal from the surgery, more time than the doctor said it would. 5 months ago I jumped of the 3rd stair of a ladder (I know stupid, but in mid-air I knew my knee was not going to hold up). I hyperextended it, heard a loud popping sound and it swelled up. Went to the Orthpedic Surgeon (a few weeks later...I had to get a referral). By this time the swelling is gone. He manipulated my knee. ...   7,319 hits
Forum: Knee Problems

Iodine, parasites and knee pain (sorry -- long)   by #168214   18mo   View Entire Thread 5
Iíve only been taking iodine for a short while, and had to cut back from my initial 3 drops a day to 1 drop a day due to headaches. I have migraines, so I didnít want to take any chances. I read that iodine can kill parasites. Iíve been fighting strongyloides for many years. Had them for 20 years before I knew what they were. I believe they are what has destroyed my thyroid. The worms are concentrated on the right side of my body, which isnít unusual for strongyloides, in fact itís common for them to colonize the side they entered on in much higher numbers. They love the joints. When ...   1,496 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: knee swollen since accident   by #107689   4y
Having been through the knee routines - for many years, Iím going to try one more time.  As a jogger 25 and 30 years ago both of my knees would bind up and swell up with pain and I had them checked out and was told each time to just back off a bit and sure enough they would get better and Iíd go back to jogging.  Could do that for about 15 years or so.  Then it finally got to the point where just normal walking became painful and had to even give that up for a few days at a time before I could walk again.  This went on for about three or four years and I visi ...   5,055 hits
Forum: Knee Problems

Re: knee swllen?   by #94391   5y
inflamation in your knee. water too. Sounds like what maids get when they are scrubbing floors on their knees. 3 days of cabbage. cut it fine. place it around knee. place plastic bag around the knee. tape it all around. for 3 days allow the cabbage to stink. it is absorbing the water out of the knee. you mite have to replace the cabbage when it gets too watery. you mite have to find an old mattress to lay on so you wont have to cabbage stink it up while all this is working the knee area. cabbage is vitamin U It is for healing. MSM is good for pain. You can take ...   2,080 hits
Forum: Ask Dr Mom

same issues with the forum   by MH   3mo   View Entire Thread 3
Since the cure zone makes it difficult to use; ESPECIALLY after a post has been answered 1 time; I have to make a ĒnewĒ post. PLEASE use the better forum for real questions or e-mail direct: Knee Injury - need advice on blood circulation Hi MH, HELLO I have this knee injury that Iíve been trying to self heal using whatever Barefoot Herbalist product I have on hand OK AND NATURALLY WITH A KNEE PROBLEM, THE HISTORY OF HOW IT CAME TO BE IS IMPORTANT LBB, PWA, PWE, BF&C Liquid (taken internally) OK I also apply BF&C liquid externally on my knee for the past 6 weeks OINTME ...   501 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Muscle, ligaments, sprain   by ring5100   4y   View Entire Thread 4
Warm greetings Dr. Lam ( warm for LA area this day, very out of the ordinary to see over 100 there) But, very important and I thank you ahead for your valued time and advise. As on your website ( which I have read several times) in my severe 3-4th stage adrenal fatigue, Iíve had my share of joint and muscle problems, with the degenation. I seemed to be doing ok but my knees seems a little weaker and crackling more when moving. Well, I over walked last week and after sitting at the computer in the evening, upon getting up.....immediant pain in my knee, so bad I could not walk on ...   1,413 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Lam

Vitamin D May Help Arthritic Knees Function Better   R by anunnaki   10y
Vitamin D May Help Arthritic Knees Function Better By Martha Kerr 10-20-4 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) -- Boston researchers report a link between low serum levels of vitamin D and decreased knee function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. At the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology in San Antonio, Dr. David Felson of Boston University presented his teamís findings from 221 subjects recruited from the Boston VA Medical Center. All had knee arthritis and reported knee pain on most days in the month before they joined the study. The investigator ...   562 hits
Forum: News

Re: Thanks O.Y.   by oleg-yogin   10y
bow, bridge, wheel - Iím a bit lost here... It is hard to say without seeing you doing it. In general - urdhva dhanurasana versus dhanurasana. They are different: first is to deliver more stress on spine, the second one - on knees. So try to find soft way in - open your knees, feel them strong, concentrate on your lower back. Donít forget - it is for your back. There are many asanas to deliver stress on the knee. Padmasana for example. Some beginners keep pushing the knee down, ignoring the pain. However the knee is weaker in comparison to the hip joint and gives up first. And the ...   2,684 hits
Forum: Yoga

Re: BF&C question   by mh   6y
The knee is a very abused part of the body. Once damaged poisons like to accumulate in it. Will BF&C help? Sure, will it be enough? Odds are NO, it all depends on what it took to make the knee bad in the first place and is the person willing to STOP and REVERSE and ALLOW the body to heal! 99.999999999999999% chance NO, this is why knee replacement surgery is very popular! My right knee exploded at work many years ago after handleing 55 gallon drums. In a 15 minute period it swelled my pants tight at the knee and I walked around like Frankeinstine dragging my leg. Back then the fac ...   762 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: HELP Recurring CYST!!   by mh   8y
The body expells at its weakest points and odds are you have more than this cyst but it is the only one that is bothering you. If you scope/cut it in any manner you have only created scar tissue that will haunt you like a bad dream. Naturally you will not like my suggestions, they will all boil around why your knee is a weak spot and what you might have to do to fix it. I had a knee blow out for 4 years, the first 3 months I walked like Frankensteine, been there done that thing and not a fun thing at all. My knees are fine now many years later. My MD at the time stated that if he operat ...   9,360 hits
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Re: master cleanse   by JudahFirst   10y
Most likely, just the opposite is happening - healing is excellerated through fasting. I wouldnít worry about the knee pain. Iíve had knee trouble for 20 years and finally had to give up all impact exercises (even though I enjoy jogging). During my fast my knees ached on days 7-8, I believe. Actually, all of my joints hurt pretty badly for a few days. But yesterday I jogged almost 2 miles with very little knee pain (I did the MC for 21 days)!! It was awesome! And afterwards I had no pain (used to be the next day after a run I couldnít even walk on my left leg). Trust me, fasting is ...   671 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: Support need for 10 day MC.Day 2 Today   by bashua   8y
Hello detour Thanks for the words of support I really need it nearly gave up today. Last night I had the shivers. Has anyone had that before?? I couldnít get warm. I was all wrapped up and shivering, drinking the lemonade warm and it took me around 3 hours to get warm and my belly ached and my knee was throbbing. I wrapped the knee to stop the ache but my head was pounding also and I was shivering. Finally at 23:15pm I started to get warm. I had come to the point where I thought this is crap, this really cannot be good for you. This morning I tried the SWF but threw up half. ...   712 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: MH I seek advise about dental   by MH   9y
The old reflex books are very intteresting to read. It takes allot of time to apply to another person and the problem is you absorb the ills of the person your working on and your suppose to be in perfect health before you touch another. In my area one man has an extremely rare medically induced disease that less than 20 people have in the USA and he does reflex and massage for a living!!! I can only imagine that he spreads his disease to all he touches. Many times a person burps as they do reflex and massage and believe they are throwing off the other persons diseases, but in realality ...   774 hits
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I need help...   by #50620   9y   View Entire Thread 5
About 5 weeks ago I fell and landed on my right knee. I had a scuffed place and a very bad bruse and they have both healed. About 2 weeks ago my grandson jumped on my leg and my knee went backward. About an hour later there was swelling on my knee cap. 3 days ago the swelling enlarged and looks and feels like I have a jello under the skin. My knee cap with this swelling is about the size of an orange cut in half. My questions are, what is this jello stuff and how can I get it to go away? Thanks   739 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Technique Question: How close does one pull one's knees u...   by cr5254   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Dear Andreas Technique Question: How close does one pull oneís knees up during flush? During coffee enemas I pull my knees up very close to my head by holding onto my feet, but when I do the liver flush my knees are about 12inches/30cm or more from my face and I donít hold on to my feet, but in that position I certainly have no trouble sleeping. Would I get rid of more stones if my knees are touching my face (and consequently much more pressure on the liver area)? Another question: On the morning after a flush I donít drink water till 4 - 4.5 hours after I wake up (except of course the ...   4,909 hits
Forum: Ask Andreas

arthritis   by moonstar1313   10y   View Entire Thread 3
a lot of times in my knees i get stiffness and right now my left knee is acting up. it feels stiff and painful if i have to bend it. i do not believe in going to doctors and do not use most conventional treatments. is there a natural way to treat arthritis. someone i knew once had fluid around the knee due to arthritis and had it aspirated by needle and since my knee is slightly swollen that scares me a bit but i would NEVER agree to a needle aspiration anyway.any natural remedies you could suggest would be appreciated. thank you, moonstar1313.   1,059 hits
Forum: Arthritis: Rheumatoid

Re: Att'n grz: Please repost info on castor oil packs for...   by healing naturally   7y
You can also use hot and cold fomentation packs over your knees. 3-4 min hot, then 30-45 second cold. Do 6 repetitions. It brings blood into the area with extra oxygen and nutrients, which is what the castor oil packs do. They increase blood to the area. But you wear the castor oil packs all night, and only do the fomentations for about 25 minutes and you are done. I use towels folded so they cover about 4 inches above and 4 inches below the knee. that way I catch the muscle insertions above and below the knee. The hot and cold also relaxes and relieves the muscles. Knees are less painful ...   738 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: What's with the knee discomfort?   by Newport   7y
From SCIO tests the weak knee issue coincides with heavy Lead or Mercury in blood. Chelaters help but copious Selenium will do the job, also SeME can be taken in much larger dosages than Selenium from yeast or Elemental. Once the iodine has shook loose the metals the Selenium seems to bind them nicely bypassing the kidney. The knee reactivity appears to be due to the kidneys inability to process these metals without help. BTW: Ankle issues appear to come indirectly from weak knee problems, the body attempts to use the ankles more to compensate for the weak knee. Your mileage may va ...   5,551 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation   Knee Problems

Cannot Do It.. I am so upset   by #34548   6y
Hi Paul: I just filled the tub halfway with all the ingrediants: h202 and epsom salts. Unfortunately, because my joints and knees have become so unbearingly painful in the last 7 months I could not bend down on either knee or even bend to sit first in the tub - I stood a real chance of severely hurting myself and thus I somehow managed to get out without killing myself. What a disappointment - I donít know what to do - I will now take a shower but this is not the therapy I needed. I somehow forced myself to get down on the right knee which is less painful but then the pressure fr ...   1,199 hits
Forum: Oxygen

Knee pain and Tinnitus after being Raw   by archus   6y
Hi all: I have always been a vegetarian, ever since birth. For last 3 months I have changed to be a raw vegetarian. I love being raw vegetarian. All small issues I had are gone, but I do have some new ones. I have severe tinnitus day and night. More at bedtime. I also have knee pain when I walk down the steps. I do Yoga everyday now and some positions are hard because of my knees. I have issues standing up and sitting down. What can I do to stay on this wonderful way of living and still help my knees and tinnitus? What raw foods make knee cartilage? Thank you. Archus   484 hits
Forum: Raw Vegetarian

Ynaig - Knees?   by roooth   6y   View Entire Thread 4
Beth suggested I come here to ask you about knees. Iím really wanting to get fit but whenever I try a more extreme workout, my knees start acting up. I really like being physically active and doing knee intensive things like rock climbing or karate, and lately I started up the P90X program for 3 weeks. It was lots of fun but my knees started bugging me and the 4th week I didnít finish. They are not in pain but I start noticing them when I walk fast, do stairs, they pop more, and this happened as well once when I tried running and after 6 weeks I noticed them more and more so I stopped ...   1,564 hits
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