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Re: Question about oil pulling while on thyroid medicine   R by stek   5y
I don’t think there will be any issues with using medications while doing oil pulling. According to this page you can safely use medicines or continue any existing therapies while doing oil pulling.   7,080 hits
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Oil Pulling   by maykay   15mo
Hi; Just wanting to know if any of you have tried oil pulling. Oil pulling does remove lots of toxins from the body. I had bad teeth and some sicknesses in my body and oil pulling helped a lot. It helps bad breath and teeth problems especially rotten teeth odors.I had many rotten teeth in my mouth with a bad odor. I had no dental insurance so I did what I had to do and started oil pulling. It whiten my teeth and even straighten them. Just think a lot of diseases in the body starts in the mouth. Also there is an oil pulling forum in curezone, lots of people there have much information on ...   1,006 hits
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Oil pulling, then stopping   by CGally81   3y   View Entire Thread 4
I’ve seen a lot of people talk about health benefits they get from oil pulling, or problems that go away when they do it. However, these people either never talk about having oil pulled for a while and then stopped, or, in some cases, there are people who have oil pulled, stopped, and then had their symptoms return. Is that uncommon? I realize that it’s the people who have problems who are more likely to post, as ”I did oil pulling, had my problems go away, then stopped doing it and I feel great” isn’t likely to be posted once the person is done. So I ask you, has anyone here done ...   3,106 hits
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Re: reaccuring ear infection in adult   by tinabanana   4y
i actually did oil pulling for a full year maybe more, but i kind of lost interest. my 8 front teeth are now transparent at the bottom (im not saying that its a result of oil pulling) and im kind of paranoid to start the oil pulling again. maybe ill go post over there and see what they say. before oil pulling i use to have horrible oral health, but after pulling and purchasing an electric tooth brush, everything is in top shape, no more gingevitis, no more plaque, no more bad breath.   3,078 hits
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Anyone notice facial skin changes?   by #17163   7y   View Entire Thread 15
I havent been pulling for very long but have noticed that my facial skin is more pink, sometimes red (?!) and I wonder if this is from increased circulation or something else. I was reading on one oil pulling site that a man looked twenty years younger from oil pulling. Has anyone notice changes in your facial skin from oil pulling. Also curious if anyone has reduced scars from oil pulling. thanks!!   27,112 hits
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digestion problems   by sariewarie   8y   View Entire Thread 5
I’ve experienced constipation for the last 2 weeks, i am doing a candida diet and have been oil pulling for 3 weeks. I thought the oil pulling would help me with my bowel movements? I do enjoy oil pulling and my mood is definately lighter and my teeth feel cleaner too, but it hasn’t helped with my digestion :( I’m wondering as i’ve heard oil pulling can lower magnesium levels, which are needed for bowel movements ?   4,681 hits
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Oil pulling, Humaworm and ozonated water   by rosycheeks   6y   View Entire Thread 3
I have been oil pulling for a couple of years now. I shall be starting humaworm soon as soon as I have done the liver flush this weekend. I would like to know from oil pullers who have taken Humaworm as to how to fit oil pulling and humaworm….. I oil pull as soon as I am up in the morning, after which I drink pinch of salt warm lemon drink. After half an hour or so Moreless Alkalizing drink follows and then after half an hour or so cereal before I go to work. I try to incorporate oil pull when I come home around 6:00 pm followed by ozonated drink. Would it be okay to have Hu ...   2,122 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

article:   by spdina   7y
First, let me say, that I am not against oil pulling. I think anything is possible, especially if one truly believes! When I first oil pulled I enjoyed it because I believed it would help, but after a while it really got in the way of life and really didn’t seem to have any positive influence on my health. Also, WHERE do you spit??? You are not suppose to spit oil into the water supply for environmental reasons (and safety because of TOXINS), so are you going to spit in the garbage can??? Oil Pulling--Is It A Scam? ”Does Oil Pulling Really Remove Toxins?” If you’ve not already ...   4,932 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Re: oil pulling after a molar extraction and bone grafting   by wittlewabbitte   22mo
well i think i started oil pulling too late for it to make a difference, plus my molar was cracked, so it had to come out. i have not oil pulled consistently for a long period of time to really be able to say how much difference it would make - but i remember that when i oil pulled, my mouth felt so noticeably ”clean”... and when i stopped oil pulling, no amount of brushing etc. made me feel the same level of cleanliness, so that’s why i would like to go back to oil pulling. how do you feel after oil pulling for 2 months?   2,773 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Advocate of olive oil for pulling   by Jenifer   26mo   View Entire Thread 4
Good page on oil pulling: She thinks olive oil is ideal for OPing: ”On using olive oil for oil pulling The late erudite father Thomas Häberle, an eminent but little known Swiss naturopath, used olive oil massages to great effect in a number of illnesses. He stressed that he reaped great successes using olive oil for diseases of the bones and head, writing that olive oil is able to penetrate even the hardest bones and bring healing where it is needed. For this reason it seems ideal to use for oil pulling.” H ...   3,496 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Dental Health

Re: Humaworm and Acne?   by pattiecake   7y
I have been reading about oil pulling and they say that it does amazing thing for the skin. There is a curezone forum for oil pulling. You swish an organic oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes every morning before eating and pull it through your teeth. You must spit out the oil as its pulling tons of toxins out of your body. I think the combo of oil pulling and parasite cleansing with liver support to be an awesome thing. pattiecke   4,541 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: HELP!! Disturbing symptoms I used to have returning   by CGally81   4y
Thing is, I’m using coconut oil to oil pull. I eat/drink (it’s in both solid and liquid form) coconut oil and it doesn’t hurt me. I used to drink coconut milk, and eat Coconut Cream Pie Larabars, and again, no adverse reactions. But I do oil pulling, and within days, my fish oil symptoms are somehow back. I don’t see the relationship between fish oil and oil pulling with coconut oil (as separate from eating it).   5,041 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Weird skin reaction from oil pulling??   by yeetingt   16mo
Thank you Newclassic, I understand now that you were doing the oil pulling with coconut oil. First I hope you were using Virgin Coconut oil. Hydrogenated coconut oil may not be good. Second, you did not mention what you did after oil pulling. Because you should rinse your mouth with warm water salt water to really rinse the oil and brush your teeth afterwards. Thirdly, does this happen every time you do oil pulling or just once? It could be a detoxification effect you were experiencing which should go away after a few days or even weeks depending on how your body has been keep ...   3,175 hits
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Re: Oil Pulling with activated charcoal   R by healing naturally   4y
I don’t know that it is necessary to pull with charcoal like you do oil, since one oil pulls for 20 minutes. I and some others I know use activated charcoal powder to brush teeth with and it seems to absorb any undesirables in just the few minutes it takes to brush one’s teeth. In addition, if you have gingivitis or receding gums or loose gums, they seem to resolve when brushing with charcoal over the course of a few weeks, just like they do with oil pulling. Charcoal powder also whitens the teeth nicely (and faster than oil pulling does). But, it makes a mess in the bathroom sink necessi ...   5,170 hits
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Re: Does oil pulling cause Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?   by ve2012   16mo
Alert - HEADS UP. If you have MERCURY FILLINGS in your Mouth, you should not be Oil Pulling, unless you take a Chelation Supplement. Chelation will help eliminate the excess Heavy Metals in your Body. Oil Pulling can have Bad Health Benefits With some individuals. Oil Pulling can pull additional Mercury from your Dental fillings, and return it back into your Body. I’ve been oil pulling for 18 Months, and I now have Higher traces of Mercury in my Body. Mercury is processed by the Thyroid. Then the Mercury is Sent to the liver, then to the Kidneys. I take my Blood Pressure Daily. I no ...   3,915 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

New to Oil Pulling   by Archer91   4y   View Entire Thread 8
I am new to oil pulling and I have a few questions, I have been oil pulling for about 2 weeks, twice a day for about 15-20 minutes each time but when I oil pull in the morning the oil never seems to turn white, whereas it does during my evening oil pulling session and was wondering is this normal? Could it just be all the mucus that comes up in the morning with the oil? I have also read about it helping receded gum tissues to regrow and was wondering if this was true, as I get different answers all the time. Have you personally experienced gum regrowth after oil pulling? Also I hav ...   5,732 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Rudi recommends Oil Pulling for Gum Problems   by YourEnchantedGardener   13mo
PURE IODINE OIL PULLING BLOG ON CUREZONE BY RUDENSKI Heard from my friend Rudy Anderson. I was telling him about the problems I am having with an infected tooth that is scheduled to be pulled tomorrow. He told me he turns to Oil Pulling when he has issues with gums. I am looking for information. Rudi has a blog on Oil Pulling on Curezone. I also found this article about Oil Pulling for in ...   430 hits
Blog: Plant Your Dream!

Re: sensitive teeth   by Martisa   13mo
I just started oil pulling myself. I have done a lot of research on it. I have written a post/article on it which you can read here Reasons you may be getting sensitive teeth: 1.You haven’t Takking a break!! You have to take a break from oil pulling every 4 weeks for at least a week. I recommend 2 weeks! Otherwise instead of pulling all the toxins and bad stuff out it starts pulling your good stuff out! Things like your good bacteria, vitamins, and minerals! This could be whats causing your teeth sensitivity problems. 2.Brushing your teeth with toothpaste! While ...   7,740 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

For Trapper/Molly Bloom   by Southern Belle   8y   View Entire Thread 8
Hi! I must say this oil pulling is so interesting to me. So, would you two mind if I picked your brains? Would you give me a bio of how you both became interested in oil pulling and the results you have achieved? How long as oil pulling been around and who in the world stumbled upon this as such a great way to remove toxins????? Too bad it can’t remove excess pounds, too. Trapper, I absolutely loved your cartoon, but I find the best time for me to do the oil pulling is when I am sitting at my computer. (Like I have done it so much---maybe 4 times now!) I find the sesame oil ...   3,280 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Seb Derm: not gone but much improved   by quincyjonesfan1   5y
Some theories I may have. When oil pulling, it takes away all the toxic things inside your mouth that your body is fighting against, when you oil pull more and it will need to fight with it less. When oil pulling, the oil gets into your tongue vein and uses its properties on your body. It is a vacum for bad things coming out of your mouth from the immune system, such as mucus, then strengthening the immune system. When oil pulling, after you’ve done it and began to eat, you no longer contaminate your food with bad saliva. Steroids weaken the immune sytem, but oil pulling ...   6,459 hits
Forum: Seborrheic Derm.

Re: Oil Pulling, Blisk12 and xylitol.   by skyler1212   26mo ^This website should tell you about chlorhexidine being comparable to oil pulling. BLIS K12 probiotics (the kind I use which, is Therabreath) are a swish and rinse product. They provide you with S. Salivarius bacteria which lives in the oral region. They help tremendously with sore throat, fever, plaque causing bacteria, gingivitis and other harmful afflictions. They are meant to be localized in the mouth. It is guesstimated that only 2% of people on the planet have them naturally occur ...   3,351 hits
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Re: Bronchitis   by Anastacia   7y
I dont remember where I read it, maybe from that Ted guy at that other forum, but I read somewhere you should not oil pull when you are sick. Matter of fact I wondered if my husband should oil pull while on antibiotics, wondering if it would pull the antibiotics out of his system or mess with it. I know I read it somewhere...will have to go look, but I was making sure NOT to oil pull while sick. Now I dont know...   3,419 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Amalgams   by Pratt   5y
It’s made my teeth very white and my gums are not bleeding anymore but i just don’t want to be oil pulling if it is doing more harm than good.In the beginning of oil pulling my throat and glands were sore and since doing it i have been more tired and i can’t really put my finger on the fatigue,might not be related to pulling.I’m going to continue oil pulling regardless just for the fact that my gums are not bleeding anymore tells me something.   3,016 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling and severe cracks in corner of mouth   by bfisk01   5y   View Entire Thread 9
Hello, I have been oil pulling on and off for years. I love the results I get from oil pulling such as whitened teeth, nice skin, and I feel overall better. But everytime I oil pull for more than 2-3 weeks straight I develop extremely painful cracks in one corner of my mouth, it always starts on the right side and one time after I continued to keep oil pulling it developed on the left. It looks exactly like pictures of angular cheilitis that I saw on google images. I just can’t figure out why everytime I oil pull this happens. It is such a mess to try to clear the cracks up and they ...   9,262 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Candida Support

Re: Right on leela!   by Rainbow Girl   4y
Hi Molly - I have been oil pulling since the fall of 2006. It is something that I expect to do the rest of my life. One new thing that I blame on you:) You posted a good rant on oil pulling a few weeks ago and one of the things was that ayruvedics said that you should go to the bathroom while oil-pulling. I had never done this and usually use my time while oil-pulling to stretch, read the internet, put the dishes away from last night etc. Now ever since your post as soon as I start oil-pulling I have to go to the Bathroom..... I have never been more regular:)   3,335 hits
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oil pulling with bridge   by #95255   5y   View Entire Thread 5
I have an upper bridge and I am concerned about oil pulling because of this. I read along time ago where someone had a bridge fall out after oil pulling and so I decided at that time not to try it. Then I decided to do more research on the oil pulling forum today to see if my fears are unwarranted, and the first thing I see is the post about the person whose retainer fell out after oil pulling. I really want to oil pull, but I can’t get past my fears. I would greatly appreciate any opinions. Thanks   3,280 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

How many of you tried the Body Cleanse and cure yourself?   by quincyjones   5y   View Entire Thread 2
As I am aware, there are different body cleaning, including: Bowel Cleanse Parasite Cleanse Dental Clean Up Kidney Cleanse Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder cleanse Aswell as oil pulling (which has had read successes for eczema, psoriasis and seborrhea dermatitis. Are you going to try it? And if you have tried it, how have your experiences been? I know I’ve been oil pulling and my seborrhea dermatitis is not growing back, it has gotten less due to added steriods, but then came back, after oil pulling, it has not came come back. I also notic ...   2,372 hits
Forum: Seborrheic Derm.   Eczema/Excema

Oil Pulling and BLIS K12   by skyler1212   26mo   View Entire Thread 9
I am trying to find out if probiotics come into conflict with oil pulling. Oil pulling is as powerful as chlorhexidine and some BLIS K12 products are sold with chlorhexidine. That leads me to believe oil pulling and probiotics are safe together. However, oil pulling is meant to destroy bacteria so I’m weary that the good probiotics in the mouth will be destroyed as well. I’ve looked all over the internet and couldn’t find anything on the matter. My research led me to this site. Asking this question has brought me here. I’m hoping you all can assist me in this question. To find out oil pull ...   3,830 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Bad Breath   Probiotics   Cleansing   Dental Health   Dental Support

Oil Pulling Therapy   by rudenski   4y
Despite this astonishing, hard to believe list of conditions that oil pulling is purported to cure, it does not appear to be a get rich quick scheme for a natural practitioner or manufacturer. Quite to the contrary the only thing one needs to carry out oil pulling is oil. One might wonder just where this oil must be purchased and think it must be a special oil however it is easy to find on the shelf of most grocery stores. All that is required is a bottle of cold-pressed sesame or sunflower oil. The procedure involves taking a tablespoon of oil and swishing it around in the mouth, s ...   8,133 hits
Blog: Oil Swishing & ACV

Re: Embarrassed about this...   by nickatnight   7y
Well, first you probably need to see a dentist... I would suggest oil pulling also. A number of people in the oil pulling forum have had thier teeth whitened and have reported that thier receded gums have grown back. Go and get some organic sesame seed oil and start hanging out in the oil pulling forum: good luck, let us know how things are going. Nick   2,726 hits
Forum: Ask CureZone

Receding and Bleading Gums   by Fruitloops   7y   View Entire Thread 4
Can oil pulling cure this? I’ve noticed my gums are receding and they bleed when I brush too. I’ve got some coconut oil at the moment but its refined I think because it doesn’t smell of coconut. Can i use this to oil pull? I’m waiting for some VCO that I’ve ordered for use on my body and in my diet, but can I still use this other refined CO to oil pull or should I wait and use the VCO for that too? Thanks :)   2,416 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Coconut Oil

Root canals and oil pulling   R by holisticmale   5y   View Entire Thread 2
I have one root canalled tooth, an incisor. Without a doubt it has caused a myriad of problems for me over the years due to the aneorobic bacteria that would appear to have located itself within the apparently filled canal. Chronic fatigue, bad breath, sinus congestion, possible thyroid problems but to name a few. Although I intend to have this dead tooth extracted at some point, I would like to advise people on my experience of oil pulling and its effect on root canal bacteria. I use coconut oil, and pull atleast once a day and sometimes 3 but generally twice... Initially feeling much ...   12,663 hits
Forum: Root Canals

Sinues Infections   by bfd839   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Hello all, I have been dealing with sinues problems for the last 7 years. I read something about Oil Pulling and have been Oil Pulling for the last couple of weeks. Oil Pulling seems to help but not clearing out the Green Discharge from my Nose. I aslo have this popping from my Left ear and my left side of my nose never seems to drain ??? What will help me to get rid of that crap and prevent anymore Sinues infections ???? Any help would be great   2,186 hits
Forum: Allergies & Intolerance

Re: Time to come clean..   by grzbear   8y
I do many things for my health, in fact, I try to live that way, and believe the attaining of health and its maintenance is not any one thing but a complete package. That said however, I will always oil pull due to the definitive, positive and profound improvement in my wife’s and my own oral\dental health, which CAN be attributed in FULL to oil pulling alone. The improvement in oral\dental health was noticed within days after the addition of oil pulling and it has improved even more over time since we started. grz   2,101 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Confused about oil swishing and liver function   by Quetar   7y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi all Just wondering if I can oil pull (daily) and do liver flushes every other week during the same period of time. I noticed that someone cautioned not to do some kind of liver flush when oil pulling because one method acts on the ”upper digestion” while liver flushing acts on the ”lower digestion” and doing the two simultaneously will ”confuse your digestion.” Is there any truth to this? What does the oil pulling do in terms of bile production? Thanks a lot Queta   1,362 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Take Free health Gifts, by registering in site   by #132639   3y
Hey All, Grab free health gifts by just registering your details in the mentioned website and sharing your experiences towards Oil Pulling (hope everyone in this world knows about Oil Pulling). The main idea of the website is to emerge as a common knowledge pool for Oil Pulling. Register, share, benefit and get health gifts.   645 hits
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Side-stepping healing crisis?   by ivygreen   7y   View Entire Thread 3
I began oil-pulling, and was good for about a week, until I read some of the healing crisis posts her on CZ. Obviously, oil-pulling is for your highest good, but is it necessary to go through the nasty side effects? Are there complimentary therapies (colonic hydrotherapy, Reiki, rebounding) that might bypass the healing crisis? What are some of your experiences in combining oil-pulling with other forms of healing? Thanks! ivygreen PS. Is there a forum here at CZ on Rebounding?   3,992 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Acne

need help with oil pulling   by #80385   7y   View Entire Thread 12
hi everyone, i ma a newbie on here, but i have been lurking for a while an dhave joined u guys with the oil pulling only problem is today i noticed a white spot on my toncils. could it be from the toxins or do i need to go see a doctor. also one one side of my mouth close to my wisdom teeth there is a darker spot, they are both raised. is this from the oil pulling, so far i ahve been seing the benifits and results of oil pulling, but i ahve never had any spots in my mouth b4   3,692 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

bad breath cure   by Baby Blue   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Oil pulling has been a miracle for my bad breath. Over the many, many years that I have suffered from bad breath (including fecal breath) I have not found anything to work until I stumbled on the wonders of oil pulling. I have been at it for only 2 weeks and can say that my breath feels fresher than I have ever, ever experienced - it even stays okay after drinking a cup of coffee. Please check out oil pulling on the internet, there is plenty of info out there on how to do it.   2,205 hits
Forum: Bad Breath

Re: oil pulling while liver flushing   by juwalieta   4y
Thanks for all the information, Molly...I decided to wait until Monday morning to resume oil pulling - that will be 3 days off from oil pulling. I’m anxious to see what effect 2 months of oil pulling will have on this flush! I agree that it’s amazing (almost unbelievable) that all that junk could be in our livers but I’ve experienced improvements in my health so I’ll do a few more flushes. Julia   1,261 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Can Oil Pulling draw out infection from cavitions and...   by MrCuddly   4y
After all the pain you’ve attributed to oil pulling its amazing you’re still so dedicated. Remember, though, to try other oils if your not getting good results with what you’re using. I’ve got to wonder if the peppermint has anything to do with it but just a guess. The jury is still out (at least around here) on whether oil pulling ”pulls” toxins and other stuff from the body. But it’s pretty clear that all types of germs in the mouth can be dealt with by oil pulling. Abscesses, tooth infections, gum disease can be dramatically treated with OP. In fact all by yours truly at one poi ...   27,310 hits
Forum: Cavitations   Oil Pulling   Dental Health   Chemical Sensitivities

Re: shud i continue to pull???   by MrCuddly   20mo
Should you continue oil pulling? Absolutely yes. As adults gum health is far more important a factor than tooth decay for maintaining oral health. Will oil pulling stop tooth decay in it’s tracks? Not by itself just as toothbrushing won’t either without proper diet, nutrition and the other usual factors. Will it help? Absolutely. Plaque will be loosened, harmful mouth bacteria removed, gums strengthened, etc etc. Nobody here can really advise you about whether to pull the teeth or not. I can tell you that oil pulling has either bought you time with the decision or is conti ...   3,303 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Dental Support   Dental Health

What i've found with oil pulling...   by georgina_1987   7y   View Entire Thread 10
I have this strong feeling, in my gut..and my instinct, that oil pulling shouldnt be done every day, and maybe periodically when you have an health issue. my reason wouldnt do a detox every day would you? also, oil pulling brought out alot of stuff in my body, i loved the idea and i found it an enjoyable experience, even though their are high and low points, but i’ve come to the descision to have time off oil pulling for maybe a month or 2, as its bringing out my herpes, and i honestly want them to stay dormant! i’m in 2 minds...herpes outbreak aint easy, and even thou ...   5,466 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling with Black Cumin Oil   by mo123   8mo
Oil pulling is also known as oil swishing. A method that has been used for thousands or years that originated in India and is an alternative healing modality for people. It is a fairly simple process where you place from 1/2 tablespoon to 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth, first thing in the morning and swish the oil around gently until you have a white milky substance. This process usually takes from 10 to 20 minutes. You must not swallow this milk substance, but instead spit the milk into the toilet. Some say to spit it into the sink, but the milk contains live bacteria carrying o ...   368 hits
Forum: Black Seed

Re: Wow - is it just my imagination or does this really w...   by hopinso   8y
I believe the oil pulling is a fantastic adjunct to any other cleanse. Most cleanses release a lot of toxins into the blood. Oil pulling can pull toxins directly from the blood through the superficial veins under the tongue. This reduces the total toxic load which helps relieve stress on the liver and kidneys and allows those organs to work better. I would imagine oil pulling would go well with colon, parasite and kidney cleanses; it can be done the day after a liver flush to help pull out toxins. For fasting, I would imagine great care would have to be taken to avoid swallowing the oil an ...   4,046 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Dry mouth   by Jeepman   5y   View Entire Thread 6
I posted several weeks ago about experiencing dry mouth after oil pulling with EVOO.I quit pulling for a week to see if the olive oil was causing this problem and it was i don’t know why since i had been pulling for over two months every morning when i get up.Since i am hooked on oil pulling i changed to flax oil,its been one week now and everything is allright i think i like the Flax oil better than the EVOO.I will continue pulling even if i have to change oils again.Has anyone else had this problem?   6,015 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: It's time to vote "realdeal" off this island...   by realdeal   6y
I did not come here to expose MH as a disinformationist. I came here to add my help if and when needed. I came here to also add my experiences over the last few years. People don’t want to hear something which goes against what they now believe. This is fine. Their experiences will show them eventually what suits them. It’s like someone yesterday saying Oil Pulling isn’t dangerous. I won’t even go into what I know about Oil Pulling and how you can end up six feet under if this one thing happens to you. So these Oil Pullers know best based on what? Theres hardly any knowledge on Oi ...   1,381 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: the message keeps spreading   by trimnut2   26mo
””I’m just saying”” thanks for that MrCuddly. I have frequently read that we need spit out the oil after oil pulling. I understand oil pulling’s Ayurvedic origns and its historical legacy. Yes I respect that. However I will ask questions and try to make sure that all I understand makes sense to the best of my understandings. In doing so I neither seek to offend or even challenge any attitudes or views. I ask because I wish to understand. Firstly spitting out is easy, so why worry? That is true. If you are using oil pulling as a means of supplementing then not swallowing may ...   1,697 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   News

Re: Do you think there is a connection?   by mackenzie2   8y
Could anyone please explain or lead us to a link about oil pulling and how to do it? I’ve read about oil pulling with oregano oil on the Candida support forum thread and have wondered about it. It’s interesting that oregano oil is one of the strongest yeast fighters recommended by many in that forum and how some here are also using oil pulling with oregano oil for asthma. The Mayo clinic has found that 90 percent of its patients with sinus problems have a fungus issue involved. I was wondering if the oil pulling as described here may be effective against asthma because it helps to deal ...   4,800 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Asthma

Oil Pulling and Now Have A Loose Tooth - Help   by MaryMar   15mo   View Entire Thread 3
Hi Everyone, I have been oil pulling for about 3 months now. I started oil pulling with organic coconut oil and liquid bentonite clay mixed together in my mouth. About one month ago, I ran out of the liquid bentonite clay and continued oil pulling with just the coconut oil. At the same time I started oil pulling I also stopped using toothpaste with flouride. I now use my own tooth powder made of mostly bentonite clay. My gums don’t bleed anymore and they are pink and healthy. The only issue I have now is that I have a loose tooth and I don’t know why. I don’t feel any pain on that ...   1,767 hits
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Re: oil pulling with no teeth   by DesertDance   6y
I suggest you google ”Oil Pulling Testimonials.” You will be astounded at the ailments it helps! I have been oil pulling for about 3 weeks now. I am also on the coconut oil diet AND Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times daily. My boyfriend laughed the other day when I announced seriously (and I was) ”Before I Oil Pulled and took coconut oil, my golf game sucked!” I never played better in my life! I attribute my better game to Oil Pulling AND coconut oil. The ACV couldn’t be responsible because I just started that 2 days ago! I had incredibly strong drives, my fairway shots were long and accu ...   3,370 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Oil Pulling, by MH   by trapper/kcmo   7y
my thoughts exactly. that is why i have gone off of oil pulling after being on oil pulling for a long time to see the difference. it is not noticeable to switch back and forth any more than it is to tell you have started the oil pulling again with its benefits. no big craving or crash by not doing it. i also noticed that when the diet was correct in every way, the pull was clear and the oil took forever to get thin, another sign of clean blood. its all diet, baby, alll the way down. dont put crap in the body in the first place and there is no need for oil pulling, just the eating a ...   3,605 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: First Timer oil pulling for Keratosis Pilaris   by High on Water   7y ’OIL PULLING 12/17/2006: K from ... writes, ”Oil pulling cured keratosis pilaris, coated tongue, ear wax greatly diminished, softer skin, sounder sleep, white teeth, pinker gums and tongue, reduced menopause symptoms. ’I have been oil pulling for 4 1/2 months. I pull for 20 minutes with organic coconut oil. Keratosis Pilaris has no known medical cure. I will oil pull for the rest of my life.”   5,989 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Image Embedded Re: How important is a barrier cream?   by Ibinns   12mo
Maxime, Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine method. In practice, the oil pulling extracts bacteria from the mouth and body due to the chemical properties of the oil in a more natural environment. Mouthwash eliminates (or covers up, depending on what mouthwash you use) the current bacteria in your mouth. Oil pulling is basically sucking the bacteria from your mouth and body hence the term "pulling." Oil pulling has an effect that is seen gradually as with most other natural healing methods. Also, I am currently using the exact same mouthwash pictured below. ...   473 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

Re: receding gums...will they return to normal?   by herb-gal   5y
I would recommend oil pulling. It’s okay to do while you’re cleansing. I think most of us that MC and oil pull typically do it before the SWF. I like to have a glass of regular water, oil pull with coconut oil, then do my SWF. Or you can do it right before bed...or both...or three times a day. whatever... You should be able to find some info about pulling alongside MC on here. If not, we do have a whole forum dedicated to oil pulling.   1,261 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

I have a question for you   by Rainbow Girl   7y   View Entire Thread 11
I have been telling everyone I know about oil pulling. Dad, Brothers and sisters, hair dresser etc are all pulling now. For the question. My sister called tonight, she has been pulling for approximately 2 months. She wanted to know if I had heard of anyone getting sores from oil pulling. In the last couple of weeks she has had a couple of sores show up on her hands and one on her leg. She is concerned because both of our parents have had many skin cancers removed in their lifetimes. I told her that I did not think that the oil pulling was causing this. Anyone out there with any ...   3,408 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling and Teeth problems   by ooamy2   3y   View Entire Thread 9
I have recently started oil pulling with expeller pressed sesame oil.  I went to the dentist today and have cavaties in all of my previously filled teeth, one of which needs a crown.  I am going to aggressively oil pull with the sesame and add oregano oil but want to know if anyone has experience a huge turn-around in their teeth since oil pulling.  I don’t want to wait too long to get my oral issues fixed but don’t want to pass up an opportunity to allow oil pulling to help me fix something naturally instead of drilling, filling and tons of money spent. Thanks!   3,174 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: What the ???????   by optimum   7y
The oil no longer gets thick for me. If it does get thick, I barely notice it because it becomes thin and white very quickly. I also don’t have the ”mucus” issues when I oil pull. That being said, I have a patch (it was 1-2 inches wide) on my arm. I think its related to the ”not eating well (eating processed grains/foods & dairy) & anxiety phase I went through a week or two ago (I wasn’t oil pulling and alkalizing during that time). I’ve been oil pulling for 4 days (first two days with Coconut, today with Sesame), and the patch is clearing up. Yes, I’m back on the alkalizing train & ing ...   2,111 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: dental work no options no money at all   by Grace2Marayger   3y
So sorry for your dental pain and lack of insurance or funds to get to a dentist. I do not know AZ but perhaps you can find a dental school willing to help you. Try calling dentists in your area and see if they know of some schools or other help. Right away you might see if oil pulling (go to the oil pulling forum here on curezone) can help your pain. I discovered oil pulling about 5 years ago when I had extreme pain that was a torqued (sprained) tooth. It felt just like a root canal problem only Vicodin and other pain meds would not touch the pain. Swishing 1 Tbs of Organic grape see ...   2,674 hits
Forum: Dental Support   Dental Health

Re: Day 14 and dry mouth   by Naturalist   7y
Hi losingfast, Oil Pulling is great for removing toxins from the body. I oil pull everyday. However, I would never oil pull while water fasting. If this would be your first time oil pulling, you could or will probably swallow some of the oil. It is very common to do so. Also, the oil (vitamin/mineral) will affect the body. If this does not matter to you, then yes, it will help your dry mouth. Wishing You A Successful Fast...*Naturalist   3,736 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water

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