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Re: White plaque, geographic tongue and celiac disease   by Geoff1981   3y
pbchrist, that’s the $64 million question! Candida, parasites, leaky gut, etc. I believe a number of visitors to this forum are attempting to understand the reason for their poor health. And, no doubt like many others, identifying ’candida’ as a potential cause gave me something to pin my hopes on. I followed a strict carb/sugar free diet for approximately three months, while also following the ParaGone and then CandiGone cleanses, and consumed plenty of coconut oil/GSE/oregano oil. However, despite my efforts, I did not experience any typical ’die-off’ like symptoms, nor did I not ...   5,585 hits
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New here, what do you think of my cleanseing plan?   by thathippieguy   27mo   View Entire Thread 12
Hey guys and gals First of all, been reading all your forums for about a month now. A heads up in thanks to you all. Recently I underwent a 3+ months course of Cipro for prostate infection, and during the third month, started experiencing cipro toxicity symptoms, so i stopped taking it. About 2 weeks before this, I ate a meal with mushrooms, and the next day, wham, my stomach is distended quite noticably. Mind you, i had developed a gential yeast infection maybe 2 months prior to that. Fast foward 2 weeks since discontinuing the antibiotics, and I’m at a bit of a stand still. i ...   1,647 hits
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Re: questions! questions!   by Hveragerthi   4y
 >>Bacterial coatings are frequently mistaken for Candida. is there any way to know whether its bacteria or Candida? can the scrapings be subjected to microscopic analysis? Yes.  But even without a microscope bacterial build up is thin, as where Candida in the mouth (thrush) tends to be a thick coating. it can be scraped off and is mushy kinda like the top fuzzy coating of a banana...and why would it show up all of a sudden and persist for months? Hard to say without knowing what it is.  It could be as simple as something you picked up from kissing so ...   1,364 hits
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Re: What is the candida diet?   by sans sucre   6y
Hi - that is such a broadly painted question that one really needs to write a novel to adequately answer it! :) So, I suggest that you do a google search on candida which will bring you many versions of the diet and approaches to getting rid of it. Then, basically most come here to share their ideas and what works for them, and what does not. First, familiarize yourself with the R and RR messages located at the top of the main forum page - they are chock full of good info. Then, you will likely have more specific questions than the one you posed here. To give you the very basics, a ...   587 hits
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Re: Spider Bite or Boil.....what the heck is this?   by MH   6y
MH, HAY Over the last two days I have developed a red boil looking spot on my backside. OUCH.. BY BOIL, IS IT VERY THIN SKINNED OR HARD AND TOUCHABLE? It’s painful to the touch and has a pus head on it. OK I was out in the woods with my son and I think I felt something bite me while we were out playing! OK, SOME OF THE WORSE SPIDER BITES ARE BY SPIDERS SO SMALL, YOU CAN BARELY SEE THEM WITH THE NAKED EYE. Not sure if this is a boil, spider bite or some type of staph. SAME THEORY IS TREATING I’ve been putting a mixture of oil of oregano and olive oil on it twice a day. ...   2,732 hits
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UTI or bladder infection.........   by #3376   6y   View Entire Thread 4
UGH! this is awful! first i started out with that damn bacterial thing that was going around causing a sore throat, nausea, over all sick feeling! Then, it went into a UTI, for a few days, then that left. I think this bacterial thing is still in my system though, because now, the UTI has returned. I made a BAD mistake the other day, and took a Cipro, i had them here, from a month ago, when my dr. had given them to me for a slight sinus infection, and i had finished the course of them then...yes, it did take away the sinus infection, but to me, i feel it left me open to this other ...   1,670 hits
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Re: Solutions against mold   by finallyfaith   8y
sorry i can’t offer you more help here as most of my experience is with outdoor growing operations, though i hve grown it indoors. the main thing is to keep it as dry as possible, get some uv light on there as this kills fungus and mold, and also keep the air cirulating, you may want ot put a fan near the wg and keep the air going as much as possible, fresh air will help too. the grapefruit extract is a good idea. i personally don’t do colloidal silver anymore, so i would not use it, but you may have a different opinion on that. i wonder what affect using ozonated water would have on th ...   8,694 hits
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--answer--swollen neck glands and sick for over a month w...   by moreless   6y
Hi timsmcm, Your question: I have been battling candida for some time now (for about a year) and just recently developed sore glands in my neck. The glands that are right under the jaw and the glands that run up and down the neck, and something behind the adams apple at the base and the bottom of my neck. It started as just small pains and a little swelling. There has been a lot of the flu at my work so I thought that is what I had. Fever started comming on high about 103 and aches in joints and no energy. No sore throat except the glands. It has been more than a month and the fever is ...   3,382 hits
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What else to try?   by Sechmeth   3y   View Entire Thread 5
Hello there. I am a new member, but I lurked before already. I have had pinworms and blastocystis for over a year, lost 15 kgs, had strong belly pains and no gp found the reason until I made a gene test. I took the tripple nuclear approach against the blastos, but now I still fight against the pinworms, and so does my bf, who had nearly no symptoms before he took some mebendazole. So far I eat no starch, sugars or honey, mostly meat, eggs and veggies, lots of garlic and pumpkin seeds, no milk, but yoghurt (self made, lf free) I also eat tons of pineapple, drink pomegranate juice from a ...   1,071 hits
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--Answer--Why--Just can't seem to alkalize..   by moreless   5y
Hi dfams1, Your question: Hi ML, I’ve been following your protocol with ups and down in my health for about 3 weeks now, but overall I just don’t seem to be feeling any better.. I’ve been eating exactly as you described, I mostly eat only the vegetables that are above ’avg’ or ’good’ quality on the brix lists, which is currently mostly spinach (always raw), arugala (also), carrots, potatoes (sometimes raw), grapefruit, and apples, because these are pretty much the only things I can find that aren’t bad or below avg quality. I also eat and cook with other sea vegetables for extra tast ...   1,440 hits
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Day Eighty Three!!!!   by M.O.G.   8y   View Entire Thread 15
Hello people. How are the fellow health seekers today. Been rainy all day here, so I was stuck inside most of the day. I spent some time going over my blog and reposting days 1 through 54 so I could clean them up and send them to MH. Something weird happened to my computer when I went shopping this evening, because when I came back on tonight my browser had lost all my e-mail address’s and all my bookmarks, saved mail, etc. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens. So now I have to get MH’s e-mail from his site and then send him the info. Yesterday I worked in the garden ...   1,189 hits
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Re: Herbal plan   by MH   3y
Hi MH, HAY Sorry to bother you again but I really want to get it right this time around. NO PROBLEMO So ... having recently done a fast and now 3 days of nearly book-perfect fruit meals - separate from tomato vegetable drink meals - and your herbs, here’s my plan. How does it look? morning - orange juice\ CAN’T GO WRONG lunch - fruit / fruit smoothie SUPER supper - salad HOPE YOU GREW IT, OTHERWISE ALL STORE LETTUCE, ETC. IS ALL CHEMICALS (will a bit of olive oil / lemon juice dressing harm the digestion too much, in your opinion?) or root vegetable (carrot, turni ...   750 hits
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DONT DO IT!! READ THIS!   by jake1111   10y
DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT I WAS THE SAME WAY. I PRAYED TO GOD TO JUST LET ME SLEEP AND NOT WAKE UP I PRESSED ON AND FOUND THE ANSWER... KAREEM ITS ALL ABOUT DIGESTION ITS YOUR STOMACH, YOUR LIVER and YOUR ELIMINATION AMOUNT... DO THIS AND I PROMISE YOU WILL GET BETTER.. 1) Dr Huldas liver cleanse. Once a month until you dont see any more stones. 2) Chew your food until its a liquid. 3) Either get an HCL test done (fake pill on a string and the doctor checks your HCL production) or try adding HCL to your meals. Increase until you get a reaction. Belching, burping is a major ...   817 hits
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Re: Colloidal Silver? Methinks not...ECHINACEA & GARLIC! ...   by mostlysunny   5y
Thanks! I have been a bit suspect of all this colloidal silver hyping... I’m also kind of concerned about the nano particle silver. We don’t really know how nano anything will effect the body. I tried it & it didn’t seem to help me all that much in the past. ----- My situation with raw garlic is that I think I have some kind of allergy to it - which happens sometimes. I don’t have allergic reactions to anything else i can think of. I’m not an allergic type of person. It’s weird, one year I was eating raw garlic pretty often & I got mondo sinus allergies. It happens when I eat ...   1,560 hits
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Re: To MH and 3 flushes   by christi   9y
THe eczema cleared up pretty fast. I think it took about 4-5 flushes for it to be completely gone, but i did a few other things too to help that process. I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar and I switched lotions. I bought some (don’t laugh I swear by this stuff) udder balm. Not the ointment kind you find in the green can in the stores, but the lotion kind that comes in a big tub. This stuff completely rejuvenated my skin from head to toe. I grew up with dairy goats and we would put this on them after milking each morning and evening and it is really great on human skin too. It ru ...   1,077 hits
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Re: rebound Melanie   by Blueduck   10y
Melanie, What I did may not work for you...we are all different. The thing that worked the best for me was changing my diet, which I did because of a gall bladder attack. Of course I immediately got on a low fat diet, until after several liver flushes...then I added flax oil. I stopped eating red meat, all fried foods, all fast food, all processed food, dairy became a no sugar or candy, no white flour products. No coffee, no more diet sodas. I started eating lots of veggies and a little fruit. I ate small portions of boiled chicken. I started drinking half my body weight in ounce ...   1,181 hits
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Re: Can my yeast be a mold ?   by pathseeker   3y
IMHO, any infection, be it bacterial, viral, worms, fungal, etc. esp if in colon (where most of our immune system is) can give our flora good bacteria a run for its money. (which actually serves as part of our immune system) I am starting to use coconut oil (Caprylic acid is in high concentrations i hear) supplementing large doses of liquid vitamin D3 (purchased from if its appropriate and ok to mention here. i just find high quality important in supplements, and this is the highest quality vitamin d I’ve found so far, and it was not easy to find) easing up to excess ...   3,529 hits
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Re: I need help identifying the parasite or sites and fun...   by Larsy1566   25mo
Hi Again :) I’m not really sure if the damage was already there or caused by a specific insect. I do have a few spots that resemble tiny seeds on my ceramic tile floors and one on the bathroom counter top that I swear I was trying to pick it up and witnessed it sink into the counter. I just want to concentrate on fungus and parasites that can live under your skin and in your body. I saw a picture on here that resembled exactly what I was telling you about me pooping just strands of white and I believe that I do have a candida overgrowth. I’ve taken a very fine tooth comb to my scalp rec ...   1,237 hits
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Calling All Anti Candida Support   by candidakiller   4y   View Entire Thread 20
Hello. This is my first post on curezone. I am battling severe systemic candida overgrowth. As you can see by my profile pic, I have really bad thrush, allergies, constipation, mucos in my stool, the whole nine yards. I have been trying to read as much as possible about candida and have gone broke with different products that don’t provide any real solid benifit and am modifying my diet. I am posting here in hopes that I will get feed back and have a track record of what I’ve done that I can refer to and others can see and ofer their advice. Currently I am eating a raw paleo diet, t ...   6,349 hits
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Re: Dendritic Cell therapy   by kingcheesemaster   4y
Actually there are a few things that worked for me, but didn’t eliminate completely. The one thing that worked BEYOND anything i’ve ever tried, ever ever was aquaflora. That got me to about 90% healed, then i stalled. I needed something more powerful. I recommend that first and foremost to anyone, although it won’t work for everyone because your symtpoms have to resonate with aquaflora on a vibrational level since it is a homeopathic. But it does in fact work. There is also no die off these worked but didn’t work well enough and the die off was too intense to make it work. two things: ...   1,257 hits
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--answer--Tinnitus   by moreless   6y
Hi Striveon, Your question: Hi Moreless, My husband has developed tinnitus about a month ago. Of course, he never told me that he was having any issue until about 10 days ago. So when I learned he has this problem, I researched it and there are a number of possibilities that could cause this and stress is one of them. He is under a tremendous amount of stress at work and has been for a while now. But this high pitched ringing in his ear is raising his stress levels even more. So to help solve this problem I have been more consistent in giving him the drink (he was only taking it twic ...   2,055 hits
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Re: Mexican Reports: Flu Much Worse Than Reported   by Zoebess   5y
I think that ultimately you will not go before it is your time so as long as you have options and are prepared to stay at home should there be a forced quarantine you should be fine. Also, the other consideration is that the supplies of the options are limited so now is the time to order or buy what you feel you need. My naturopath had already told us before this latest ”flu crisis” began that GSE was running low in supply and high in price, so I wanted to make sure I was able to have that since it is so good for handwashing and for washing veggies. I even have taken to wa ...   836 hits
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Re: Worms in odd places and ways, is it possible? Essenti...   by sd2345   3y
Hi Sam. We spoke on one of the the other forums. I’ll just get straight to it and say that I see you asking questions and pondering your health, but not just jumping in and trying a general parasite cleanse to see if you might have something infecting you. This is the best way to rule it out and move on from there. If you do get results from an initial cleanse, you might discover what it is, which will help you to figure out the best way to tackle it. There is a wealth of info on this forum, and many pages of post after post with helpful info. In addition there are people here to h ...   3,462 hits
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HighonWater; mudpuppy; savagegrace; wombat, trapper and a...   by rosycheeks   6y
Thanks everyone for your comments. High on Water – My Homeopath did meridian testing, told me my large intestine was the weakest and that I should keep away from sugar, dairy and wheat. That was two months ago. A month ago when I went back to him and the mucus was still coming out, he said I had fungus and said continue with avoidance from sugar, dairy (never did have much of these two anyways), wheat and all rice and just take barley, oats and millet as far as grains were concerned. So that is what I have been doing. I know I am not absorbing nutrients as I see a lot of undigested ...   2,450 hits
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Re: The importance of not combining herbs, supplements, d...   by steps   3y
Hi SD...let me know how the vidanga works...and it will I am sure. I am currently taking Bael for the scattered worms in my muscles tissues. I found this info when I was reading about Vidanga. I can tell you this..they hate Bael..Bilva fruit powder, Aegle marnelos..all the names for it. 1/4 tsp with warm water 2 x’s a day. It is strong and the first day was alarming and I discovered how bad off I am by the activity throughout my body..they were biting me everywhere..I did it for a few days and quit for 2...then I started back yesterday and I just had a few dig and stop ..not near as ...   1,168 hits
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Re: A connection between Oral Candida & Oral Erosive Lich...   by #154451   30mo
Hi there - I strongly suspect there is a connection between candida yeast overgrowth (also responsible for oral thrush) and OLP. I will try to give you the Reader’s Digest version of my story! But it might be a bit of a novel... I have recently been diagnosed with OLP by my family doctor, who essentially said ’yeah, we’re not sure what causes it or how to get rid of it, here’s some steroid cream, good luck.’ So I went to a naturopathic doctor who asked me a list of questions about my health - I should tell you that I have suffered from what I believed to be a hypothyroid conditio ...   4,481 hits
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Re: Try oregano oil!   by tobi   9y
You are right my friend!!!! I bought some oil of oregano before you made the post. The warm saltwater rinses, tee tree oil, and oil of oregano that I used made my tooth pain disappear in one day. Today is my 3rd day without any tooth pain. I saw my dentist today and they gave me an ozone treatment and a laser treatment. They told me that everything will be 100% OK. My swelling&infection (abscess = dental talk) is healing like crazy. My pain vanished in one day (it was still sensitive to touch), and the 2nd day it is totally gone. Even my cold sensitivity is all gone (somethin ...   1,724 hits
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Can this be a healing crisis?   by #123227   4y
My husband applied several highly diluted (1:100) essential oils (peppermint, oregano, white thyme, basil, wintergreen, cypress) to my back (I have severe scoliosis) a little over a week ago, a couple of days in a row. These oils were therapeutic-grade, GS-verified, but NOT Young Living. Since a week ago today, I have had body aches (joint & muscle the first 2-3 days; now only muscle), low-grade general headache occasionally, severe ice pick stabs behind the right ear and near the back of my head (sometimes constantly for more than 24 hours), extreme fatigue, fevers from early-afternoon ...   1,852 hits
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Need help from every MH followers   by MissBeauty   6y   View Entire Thread 7
I have received MH’s Pre-Cleanse kit. Yay! FYI: I had previously posted before that I have suffered acute kidney infection (caught from something/animals etc) and treated by the Western medicine, since then my health has been deteriorated that is why I ordered MH’s to start all over again. Prior to that, no sign of parasite symptoms, no toxic related problems that I’m aware of) My household products are non-toxic materials - vinegar, borax etc as well as my personal care (essential oils etc). I’d like to clarify the protocol: Q1. I do start all of them (LB, Kidney cleanse, Live ...   1,323 hits
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My First Week OPing   by Raven486   4y
My hubby and I are on our 4th day of oil pulling with Sunflower oil. We are both really pleased with the results! Husband: So full of energy he wasnt even tired at night the first day! He loves the energy boost, and he falls asleep easily and wakes up easily (which never happens for him). He experienced some aching in his liver the first day but it only lasted a few hours. He loves the effect on his mouth and I’ve noticed that his mood has been very upbeat consistently even after a bad day at work when he would usually return home grumpy =P Me: Directly after pulling I start to c ...   753 hits
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Re: 4 Month Old With Bacterial Infection Over Eczema On C...   by MH   5y
My 4 month old son has developed eczema over the past month particularly bad on his cheeks. NOT A RARE PROBLEM AT THAT AGE. The past week it has gotten progressively worse to the point where he appears to have a bacterial infection on his cheeks as the skin is red and is weeping. OK We are working on finding possible food allergies which at this point would be dairy as we do not eat meat. SO LETS BACK UP, IS THE CHILD DRINKING YOUR MILK OR WHAT??? We’ve visited a naturopath HUGE MISTAKE USUALLY and the dermatologist EVEN DEEPER INTO THE FIRE.... mainly to get a culture ...   3,034 hits
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E.Coli Bladder Infection Re: Ingesting Essential Oils for...   by water01   4y
Hi 53299, You mention that you have tried many different natural healing modalities but did not give any specifics, so all I can do in response is give you some information and things to be watchful of when purchasing essential oils for therapeutic use. Mountain Rose Herbs is a reputable website and they do sell quality herbs and products.  I have never purchased essential oils from them however.  They claim to have organic certification for many of their oils and also offer other details about their testing and distilling processes, however this is what I& ...   12,852 hits
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Liver flush never working AND constant bloating.   by LuigiBomb   78d   View Entire Thread 23
I have just tried my second liver flush and once again failed. The epsom salts do not even make me have a bm prior to consuming the oil. All they do is bloat the hell out my stomach. Magnesium Citrate also just bloats me up like crazy. I constantly have bloated stomach no matter what I eat. Now, I am an infrequent user of MDMA (do not judge me on this as I am responsible and use it as sensibly as possible) The only time I ever get rid of my bloat is before taking MDMA orally. I get sudden urges and evacuate the whole lot, a lot of runny stool which seems to float (I think I have bad mala ...   696 hits
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Re: Suffering Need Help, I know I have candida   by candida123   7y
STOP ALL MEDICATIONs Do you know if you have leaky gut syndrome? Do a proper body cleanse meaning colon cleanse(P&B shakes/caprylic acid), Parasite cleanse(barefoot dewormer) & liver cleanse(Andrea’s Mortiz Protocol) After a proper body cleanse work candida. Diet, antifungals, probiotics, boost immune system, eliminate enviromental toxins & vitamin/minerals. FIRST THING IN THE MORNING Squeeze half a lemon into warm water and drink immediately after rising in the morning Diet-No sugar,etc. Antifungal- oregano, caprylic acid, Grape seed extract anxiety- plenty of b vitamin ...   1,745 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: protection against "bird flu"   by MH   9y
Step 1 You need pure water. You may even need a non-eletric water distiller in an all out attack as the CIA believes will happen. Step 2 Oregano oil 1 dropper daily in 1 gallon of distilled water with an aquariam pump filing the home with vapors is my first choice of defence, I have been doing oregano oil in the house for several years and it makes a baby sleep peacefully as well as all of us, I even read doing such things may keep negative spiritual things away! All I know for sure is it works to keeo the virial load down and very poweful on the lungs. In germ warfare it is all about ...   823 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: You've come to the right place   by jessesmom1987   7y
Wow, little did I know. I have to tell you the funny thing though, because of doing liver flushes, (drinking olive oil), the last thing I wanted to know about was ingesting any more oils--thus I avoided looking into what this forum was about. Yes, after 4 hours worth of deep gum cleaning- 2- 2 hour sessions, about 20 shots per side for numbing- I will definetly try this now. I may have some trouble finding the organic oil you recommended- the closest town to me (35 miles one way) has one grocery store- with a very small section of organic foods. I know I can order the oregano onlin ...   10,961 hits
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Re: Update on bloating...   by plzchuckle   8y
My ex had a heart attack 10 yrs ago. We went on a heart healthy diet of eating nothing that had more than 3 grams of fat. His heart healed itself to the point of being called a miracle by his doctor ... BUT ... over 10 yrs, my legs and feet looked like alligator skin. (I am a self-experimenting liver flusher!) Recently, I’ve added plant oils to my daily life, something I couldn’t have tolerated before liver flushing. Each morning, I take 1 tablespoon of olive oil with 1 drop of pure oregano oil (an antifungal, by the way - good for yeast overgrowth) and about 5-6 drops of olive le ...   956 hits
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Re: Oil Pulling Advise for Loose Teeth & Gum Infection   by Music Man   4y
coconut oil might be has antifungal properties. The oil will benefit even if you think there’s no space between teeth there has to be micro spaces there. Oregano oil might be way too strong for you-even diluted (a few drops in carrier oil) I find it really burns my mouth. But the stuff IS a potent germ fighter if you can stand it. Yes Whole Foods or any other grocery which carries natural & organic foods (Trader Joe’s etc.) I still would say use sesame oil first.   12,897 hits
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Re: A better book   by b2reflect   7y
Based on that review, hemp oil is not good for you. Yet, I do not feel bad taking it, so how can one tell (from these 2 books alone...or even other ”knowledgeable authors”) what oil is good for oneself? I am under the understanding that hemp oil contains Omega 3, 6 and 9, therefore, I would believe it is a good thing for me. I also like the flavor of hemp oil, it is not as thick tasting to me. Along with hemp oil, I eat olive and flax...with a couple drops of oregano. Fortunately, I am not in a position where I will be having my urine analyzed yet there may be some who will, so how can on ...   1,840 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Need advice   by IvanDrvaric   4y
Hoila, I would use it cold-pressed oil from seasamme seeds. Rather black seasamme because of better mineral contention ( Calcium and Magnesium ratio ). Maybe the book Cure Tooth Decay : Heal & Prevent Cavities with nutrition ISBN 978-0-9820213-0-9 by Ramiel Nagel could give you some presentation about the regeneration of cavities and why mineral richer oil should be better. My prejudgement of olive oil is that it is too unstable from oxidation on potential acids in saliva and this way rancid mix in mouth while OP. But this is only personal prejudgement. So I would rather use coco ...   1,336 hits
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Re: It's looking likely I need to take antibiotics again ...   by #145133   15mo
Have you tried Oil Pulling (there’s a forum here on Curezone). It has helped me get rid of oral infections. I just started back doing this and I notice the difference. No pain. First thing in the morning I take about a tablespoon of olive oil and add about 1/2 dropper full of wild Mediterranean oregano oil and swish in mouth for at least 10 minutes as I prepare for the day. There are other oils used, but I have always used olive oil. Hope this helps. It takes at least 4 days to a week to notice change.   505 hits
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Re: Dr Clark regime - successful?   by outoftime44   5y
Dr. Clark’s program is primitive in my opinion. It is like the beginning. Also buying the ingredients by themselves will be very expensive. Humaworm as Dariush mentioned includes many of the key thinks Dr. Clark talks about. There is a good product called Para mune, it is German, maybe easier for you to get since you said you were Northern European. It has Wormwood Oil, Clove Oil, Rizol Rohstoff Oil, and other oils. I would take a lot of raw garlic, and oregano oil, and well, there are a bunch of things to try, but Dr. Clark’s program won’t kill it all. Look into MMS as well.   1,762 hits
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Re: Consider oil pulling/swishing   by Zoebess   8y
Thanks! I will get some my next trip out. Its 70 miles round trip to the nearest health food store so you can imagine my disappointment in myself that I bought the wrong kind. I do have some good olive oil but I am not particularly fond of drinking it for the liver flush so do not want to suck it up in oil-pulling...ggg. I want encourage myself to continue to do it so will wait for the sunflower oil. Little by little, sacrifices will bring you what you need to stick to your healing path. I have been surprised at how far a couple of ounces of oregano oil goes though so put it on your wis ...   8,181 hits
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Re: Oregano oil   by zooii   9y
It is a bit dangerous to use it direct if it’s not diluted at all, actually very dangerous in terms of burns on the mouth, tongue or throat. I dilute it with water one drop to start if you are not experienced, at the most 3 drops in one glass. It’s very important to keep it diluted in the glass of water, don’t let it stand for a while before you drink it, the oil will get to strong. You have to use a spoon to dilute it(forgot the word but you know what I mean). I tend to drink it quite fast to not irritate the mouth to much. I also use it in olive oil for the ears, usually 2-3 drops, it ...   759 hits
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Re: OT Oil Pulling   by GrannyCat   7y
That’s what I like to read, detailed testimonies!!! I tried oil pulling a few times with olive oil but it was quite repulsive and I didn’t notice anything one way or the other so I stopped. Could you go more into detail about how you did oil pulling? How often? What kind of oils? Etc. Since I am fighting periodontal disease, I would love to find something that would heal that! I already use baking soda, salt, oregano oil, etc. for brushing and I had H2O2 to my rinsing water.   1,768 hits
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Oral care   by james3112   6y
What’s your regimen? I dry brush my teeth and rinse after every meal. The mouthwash I made consists of 3 parts water to 1 part himalayan crystal brine solution (sole) with a few drops of myrrh extract and ipsab concentrate (for gum care). At night I brush with baking soda, floss, and rinse. I’m experimenting with adding in neem, peelu, green clay, and xylitol for a tooth powder mixture. Some other good ingredients would be: clove oil (great for pain and sensitivities), sage oil, oregano oil, thyme oil, tea tree oil, white oak bark, prickly ash bark, msm powder, silica, and colloidal ...   940 hits
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Re: Which are a ''no no'' ?   by MH   29mo
every essential oil is not sold for direct use or internal use, because they are CONCENTRATES....all internal use is SELF-EXPERIMENTATION when it comes to essential oils.. ANOTHER REASON Most of the essential oils are diluted by bad companies reselling them and or may have been mde with chemicals, etc. all stuff not suitable for internal use. David Christopher use to teach a class on essential oils and he said much of what is resold insidethe usa has been diluted so they can sell it CHEAP.. Perfect example: Super Strength Wild Oregano The doctor lies about the product, it is ...   651 hits
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Re: What would happen if combine RawEggs with RegFlush ?   by plzchuckle   7y
Because my work schedule changed, it messed up my 1 tablespoon of unrefined plant oils morning, after work and bedtime ... (I now get off at 7pm) taking supplements at 8pm then again at 10 didn’t make a whole lot of sense, so I’ve cut out the afterwork stuff. Now in the morning, I take my oregano oil and olive leaf tincture in a tablespoon of flavor of the month (when current bottle is gone, I’m gonna alternate between flax seed oil and Udo’s Omegas) and then 1 tablespoon of lecithin/evoo. Then at bedtime, I’m taking 2 tablespoons of lecithin/evoo ... so right now, I’m taking a total o ...   829 hits
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Re: Need Help - Fairly Desparate - Sugar Sensitivity   by onthejourney   8y
2 questions. Are you eating carbs? Have you done any colon cleansing? When I started I started with a very strict diet and lots of antifungals and probiotics. I was so sensitve back then that leftovers and all restaurant food bloated me. So I stuck close to home. Anyway while this will help to get the candida under control, the thing that will push this muck out of your intestines will be colon cleansing. The treatment is cheap and you do not need the ND to prescribe anything expensive. Antifungals - rotate GSE, Oil of Oregano Caps, raw garlic cloves, caprylic acid and maybe SF72 ...   2,769 hits
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Re: 630 stones and counting what i did.   by Theresoren   11y
that sounds great. i can’t imagine the extra graferuit in epsom salts as being bad since even her recipe says you can use juice instead of water. and the syrup is jstu to make it more palatable i can’t imagine the extra oil as hurting cause you still mixed it with a similar amt of grapefuri /part vs oil mixturee. i agree if have a sensitive stomach ( and i do) that migh tbe too much oil... even tho i love olive oil and use it as about my only source of fat in cooking or flavorign over maargarine choices 8) i love the flavor/hmmm lol i wonder if addign sweet basil and oregano ...   1,175 hits
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Re: Can Oil Pulling draw out infection from cavitions and...   by Fondues   23mo
Also oil pulling with a few drops of Grape fruit seed extract or Thyme oil, oregano or even tree oil ( just a couple drops) is amazing. I used both sesame oil and organic virgin coconut oil white makes the whites of your eyes super white. I have a root canal from a few years back that does not look infected on the xrays but hurts I the dentist said there is only one way to know is take it out. I know this has been making me deathly ill so I’m going to a holistic dentist who will refer me to his oral surgeon the the oral surgeon will NOT do a root canal he will do an implant I want this ...   26,352 hits
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Re: Folliculitis Decalvans?   by Folliculitis   13mo
Essential oils like lemongrass, oregano, rosemary, white thyme, and tea tree are great antimicrobial agents. Don’t be afraid to combine some together to make treatments more effective. Oils such as olive, almond, castor that some like to use on their hair are carrier oils so they are different. These oils might not clog pores on a healthy scalp but be cautious using carrier oils on an unhealthy scalp because it might do more harm than good. Although all of our conditions might look similar, I’m confident we all have different strains of microbes causing this condition. Therefore, that’s ...   2,026 hits
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Molly questions and update on oil pulling   by lyn122   7y   View Entire Thread 3
I’m coming over from the iodine forum with some questions...and good testimonial! The last 3 months I’ve had teeth problems using iodine (which btw took care of a huge number of other problems). So finally started oil pulling with coconut and today a sesame/olive oil mix with some oregano oil and iodine added in. Just did the cold water test and have very little pain! THis is after just 3 days at 3X/day of oil swishing! I’m totally stunned!!!! So....posted this on the iodine forum and wombat suggested I ask you Molly for some advanced techniques. Please please share these with. I wa ...   1,351 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Image Embedded Re: Can we prioritize flu remedies?   by Zoebess   5y
There are so many good-great options. I would recommend using what you resonate with, and can afford. Depending on what symptoms you want to hit also, and of course, as preventatives there are a lot of good options. I like using Cayenne on anything I can sprinkle it on to keep my immune system jumping. I take Grapefruit Seed Extract every other month and this month happens to be an ON month for me, so I am taking that. I am also using Olive Leaf Extract which is one of my favorite immune builders. Benefits of GSE~~ ...   1,664 hits
Forum: MMS Support   Swine Flu   Flu

Re: Oils   by Zoebess   8y
Since these are essential oils, some may not be appropriate for swishing. Or you may have to use one of your other oils as a carrier oil and adding a drop or two like I do my oregano oil. It will be really interesting to hear how your pulling with these additives goes. I like your idea of an oil bar. Unfortunately the FDA feels that health claims turn ordinary food into a drug so best to keep a low profile...ggg. Sounds like experimentation will be the rage in this coming season~~so enjoy~~and Merry Christmas~! blessings, Zoe -_-   1,052 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Million Bucks!   by b2reflect   7y
I have noticed that when I eat sweets and drink pop now, that it is not as appealing as it once was! Which is a GREAT thing for me! My elbows are not as dry as they once were, either. I know I have been putting oil on my body, after showering the past 2 or 3 days but that didn’t seem to matter before. They still tended to be dry, after a short while. This oil pulling and consuming oil on a daily basis is definitely doing something for me. Fortunately, for me, I was not sick beforehand...well, at least, not where I noticed anything! After swishing I have been doing Hemp oil with a couple d ...   1,172 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: agrisept, parasite cleanse, wisdom teeth   by Dr.Jeff   29mo
Gargling with the Agrisept-L can help that. I would garle and swallow, 15-20 drops, 2-3 times a day. Another great approach would be to incorporate oil pulling/swishing. There’s a good forum on Curezone for Oil Pulling. You can use virgin coconut oil and incorporate essential oils like clove, cinnamon, oregano, eucalyptus, etc. With the essential oils, you would only add a drop of each one and pull/swish for 20 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Let me know how it goes.   1,077 hits
Forum: Ask The Candida Expert

Die-off from peppermint oil, oregano oil on skin   by kaliputri   22mo   View Entire Thread 5
I have noticed that I can take 1-2 drops of oregano oil internally without major die-off but if it is on my skin I get hypoglycemic symptoms (die-off). And it seems the same thing is happening with peppermint oil. Has anyone else noticed this? I assume this is because it bypasses the liver. Transdermal peppermint oil can apparently dramatically increase delivery of prescription drugs. This recent thing with peppermint oil was from using hand lotion that smells quite strongly of peppermint oil and I can feel the menthol on my skin. I wasn’t taking anything else that would cause die-off ...   1,504 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Recipe for flus/colds   by Keep Getting up   8y   View Entire Thread 4
I’d like to share a great recipe for overcoming flus and colds I learned from my friend.. ’tis the season. I hope you don’t mind, but I need to mention the brand of oils I use because I believe that Young Living is the only company that makes oils for internal use - Plse correct me if I am wrong, I would love to hear.. Anyways these oils are cold pressed on the 1st pressing, and are organic. They contain no fillers/preservatives. Here is the recipe ~ All these oils are antiviral/antifungal/antibacterial: 2 drops Thyme 2 drops Clove 3 drops Oregano 2 drops Thieves (Clove,Lem ...   974 hits     2 of 2 (100%)
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

100% Oregano Oil Danger on Label   by dave021   7y   View Entire Thread 6
Hello, i´ve ordered a small bottle of 100% pure Oregano Oil, from turkey. now i have a question, on the label is a sentence that scares me a bit. ”do not take inernally, can cause Lung damage. do not apply on skin. if taken internally look for a doctor.” when i opened the bottle first the smell alone of this oil is very potent. i took 1 drop in a tablespoon of Olive Oil and my mouth hase burned a lot only by one drop. is this oil so potent? what about the lung damage? is this oil so danger? dave   1,321 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

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