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Oil Pulling / Water Pik Re: Teeth cleanings n what to do ?   by water01   3y
I have a thought... Oil Pulling. Several years ago I had a plague building up on an area and used coconut oil and a couple drops of oregano essential oil 3 times/day to oil pull. The plague just fell off within a couple of days. I have used oil pulling using coconut or sesame oil a couple of days a week ever since and have not had any sign of plague. Pulling the oil through the gum line and around the teeth seems to keep the area clean and free of food particles and bacteria build up. Dr. Schulze talks about using a water pik to get the tooth formula into the gums and cleaning the m ...   1,174 hits
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Re: This can't be it.   by DesiGirl   24mo
Try Oil Pulling. It is basically * taking in a mouthfull of light edible organic oil (I use Sesame oil) into your mouth * squishing it for around 15 to 20 minutes (for optimum results) first thing in the morning * spitting it in the toilet and * making sure afterwards to clean any and all surfaces that it may have come in contact with. This action ’pulls out’ into the mouth cavity’s oil all kinds of toxins and microorganisms that seem to enter the body with everyday breathing, drinking and eating. It has worked WONDERS for me personally and thousands of others. It is a slo ...   2,269 hits
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Oil Pulling and Receeding Gums   by brianwilk   6y   View Entire Thread 8
Hi Everyone - I’ve been enjoying reading over the results and questions people posted about Oil Pulling. I’ve been pulling for 2 months now and have seen some great results so far. Those being my teeth definatly becoming whiter and some stains on the inside of my front bottom teeth are going away also. I had a question though about receeding gums. Can oil pulling be benificial for this? During my pulling I also include 3 drops of oregano oil and sometimes collodial silver. I have also been taking a dosage Vit C and CoQ10 100 mg once a day and using a mouthwash that has essential a ...   3,286 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Anyone else cough up bile?   by riggo   13mo
I’ve oil pulled off and on for years, typically with olive oil or sunflower oil, and gained benefits. I recently switched to sesame oil and its had a markedly stronger effect, after 15 minutes of oil pulling I’m coughing up phlegm which is good. Also typically cough out bile, well I’m assuming its bile .. acidic tasting stomach acid, it’s clear in color though. It’s not enough to put me off doing it, just wondering if this happens for anyone else?   384 hits
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Re: oil pulling with juic cleanse   by MrCuddly   2y
Coconut oil in general is one of the best detox oils. I’m sure the juice fast is also good for detox without knowing the details. I’ve done oil pulling with juice fasts before. For long fasts the toxins coating your tongue etc are pretty noxious. Oil pulling is great to keep your mouth fresh and relatively germ free. Also gotta believe absorbing oils into your bod is a good thing while fasting - even juice fasting.   1,231 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: *I need some help guys*   by tygmusic   29mo
teeth up on dr. weston’s on curezone as well...chia seeds are helping my diet in a small way and have become my ’dessert’ have heard mixed reviews on humaworm...oregano oil is awesome...oil pulling...great for teeth. when I was really sick, I put a few drops of oregano oil in the sesame seed oil as an added kick to discourage candida/parasite growth. research oil pulling. easy - inexpensive - may help alot of what you described. all the best   2,280 hits
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Re: Skeptic oil pulls for the heck of it...   by healthymaybe   7y
Hi molly. I’m by no means a skeptic when it comes to natural health but I like to know the reasons why something works. That said, scientific research is patchy when ti comes to whether, say, echeaneca helps colds or not but I’m 100% convinced it works - scratchy throat feelings that used to 100% mean I would get a full-blown cold can now be removed with a couple of doses of echeaneca. If people in the office have colds and coughs, taking it as a preventative really works. When I was a kid/teen I’d come down with everything and get headcolds, ear infections, chest infections all winter ...   7,135 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Canker sores from oil pulling   by StacyC   11mo
The same thing happens to me! I’ve attempted oil pulling a couple of times and always stop when I feel I’m starting to get a canker sore. This time, though, it occurred to me that it might be my body’s way of getting rid of this awful infection my dentist said I have. I’m determined to kill it with oil pulling with coconut and oregano oil, brushing with coconut oil and baking soda, swishing with colloidal silver and also with peppermint oil!   5,396 hits
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Re: speaking of the mouth   by Zoebess   6y
Hi Trapper, I actually should have been paying more attention, but when I had my teeth cleaned, the hygienist gives you a little lesson and once the plaque gets deeply embedded in your mouth, it forms those black, like coffee grounds, particles. She delighted in showing me the ones I had in my mouth. For a few days later, I was still spitting them out. It was another reason I decided to further my own oil-pulling since I feel it is like gargling your mouth and so all the nut skins and particles from the Brazil nuts I enjoy are able to be flushed out. In the morning, I reall ...   2,189 hits     1 of 3 (33%)
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Re: want to try oil pulling to avoid (or postpone) tooth ...   by #42879   5y
There is decay under the gum line on both teeth which is why they can’t make crowns for either of them. I keep thinking that with oil pulling I can keep the decay area clean. I really hate to think of having two more teeth pulled. I’ve had a couple of other back molars pulled in the past and I just want to keep these two. Even if it means being hyper vigilant about oil pulling and other modalities that could possibly help mineralize the teeth.   5,739 hits
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I avoid refined oils   by liverspleengirl   8y
many refined oils are solvent extracted at high heat with harsh chemicals such as hexane or bleach. the ”expeller pressed” refined oils are probably ok. both types or refined oils are usually depleted of vital nutrients: I am assuming part of the ”cure” with oil pulling is that some of the healthful oil nutrients (like vit E and lecthin etc) are being absorbed directly into the blood stream and bypassing the acids of the stomach. If this is true then, I would treat myself to the highest quality oil I could afford. I have been doing the liver flushes about every 6-8 weeks since N ...   5,479 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: oh, c'mon now....   by trapper/kcmo   7y
yea, he has time to obtain a clean sample and devise a bladder to store rectally with a nozzle with a clip for releasing the flow. (they test for temp, so it has to be stored in the body cavity). they also test for iodine because it will neutralize stuff so positive for iodine is primaface evidence of hiding something. short of that, taking lots of oil and oil pulling should do it. sugar and oil. get the body into storage mode. thc is fat solluble, so it may be able to be pulled in oil pulling and storing instead of breaking up fat where the thc is stored(why it can be detected for ...   841 hits
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Re: very dry skin   by grzbear   7y
Do an Inet search on olive oil... visit the oil pulling forum here. I eat at least 2 oz of oil a day and most always closer to 4 ounces... olive, coconut, fish, cod, flax, hemp, real organic butter. I am 51 year old male and I have women years younger than I telling me they wish they had my skin... as they say on the oil puling forum. swish oil pull oil eat oil wear oil A lot of older oil pulling forum discussions go into the benefits of all these ideas and their origins at the beginning of time. Includes a lot of ancient text oil references too... grz   1,733 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Will oil pulling/swallowing with Extra Virgin CO help the...   by georgina_1987   7y   View Entire Thread 10
i have hsv1 that affects my genital region at times its not that severe seen as its hsv-1 i have about 3 sores and they dont hurt much... i oil pull with sunflower oil, which has brought out an outbreak..i believe due to releasing the toxins in me.... but i want to know this: -will oil pulling with coconut oil help my virus -will swallowing a teaspoon x 2 a day help? -shall i do both and see what happens? any advice appreciated guys x   4,667 hits
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Re: Oil pulling is not a cure for constipation.   by grizz   5mo
I agree that oil pulling does nothing for constipation. I am eating 3 heaping tablespoons a day with meals, and that definitely helps my constipation & painful stools. Oil pulling is just swishing coconut oil in the mouth, then spitting it out. I do think swishing coconut oil helps to remove thrush.(White Tongue) Grizz   1,398 hits
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Re: How Many Out There?   by kathryn101   7y
Hi Molly...I’ve been oil pulling for just a few weeks, mainly once a day, but sometimes get in an extra o/p. I use mainly Sesame...sometimes Olive Oil. I’ve been meaning to try Castor Oil as I’ve heard that will whiten the teeth a little faster than the others, but have seen benefits from what I’m doing. I’m losing hard plaque, teeth are much whiter, and my receding gums have improved. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE oil pulling!!!!!   3,882 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: A Positive Update   by montrealhomegrown   6y
hey dhamma, oil pulling has been around forever, but its mainly done by swishing oils around in the mouth. I haven’t heared of rubbing the oils on the bottom of the feet, you should try doing both to get even better results. heres a link to the oil pulling section of curezone, check it out.. keep us updated :D peace   1,059 hits
Forum: Peeling Lips

dark circles   by tasha92337   7y   View Entire Thread 2
? **Mind you within the five minutes, the oil is already white. Should i spit that oil ouit and intake more and cont.? please help!!!   1,493 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Debunking oil pulling   by Sary   7y
Jeez you guys, i’m not ATTACKING anyone here, nor am I saying that oil pulling doesn’t work. Obviously people are yielding results here, but i’m just say in MY opinon I just don’t think it works for the same reason other people do. The only reason I titled it "debunking oil pulling" is because that was the title of the link I gave you. I do not agree with everything on her website, but I agree with some points she made with Oil Pulling, such as "pulling toxins from your blood" I believe she made a lot of very good points on this. I am not a docter either, but fr ...   57,562 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: curious... salt water pulling??   by kebod   7y
When I had a boil on my tongue, probably a cleansing reaction shortly after starting oil pulling, I pulled with warm salt water many times a day until my tongue was normal again. I also did many oil pulls. It didn’t occur to me that I was absorbing salt minerals, though that certainly seems possible. Rather, I thought the salt was drawing out toxins from my tongue. I still do salt water pulls, along with numerous oil pulls with oil of oregano, if I get a sore throat. kebod   2,080 hits
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Blurry vision   by willysw   5y   View Entire Thread 2
I sometimes get blurry vision where my eyes have a hard time focusing. The blurriness usually last for an hour to and hour and a half. This blurry vision happens to me once every few months. I have been oil pulling for a few months and I woke up in the morning with the blurry vision that I sometimes get and I had to drive to work. So I started oil pulling for my 30 minute drive to work (I oil pull sesame oil when I drive to work and when I drive home from work.) As soon as I started oil pulling a couple minutes after I got in my car and started driving, my blurry vision disappeared and I c ...   2,160 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

A New Puller Needs Help -Allergy Reactions or Detox Sympt...   by #101282   5y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi Oil Pullers, This is my first post in CureZone. I started oil pulling three weeks ago. I pulled twice a day for 20 minutes, one before breakfast and one before dinner. In the first two weeks, I used organic cold pressed sesame oil. After oil pulling,I rinsed my mouth with sea salt water, but I didn’t brush my teeth. I didn’t have any detox symptoms. I did see some improvements in my health - no bubbles in the urine, less lower back pain and less fatigue. I learned that we should change the oil occasionally. So starting in the third week, I began to use organic cold pressed u ...   4,465 hits
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I'm new at this   by coops   7y   View Entire Thread 3
I’m new at this oil pulling thing and I have some questions on it. For the past 3 years (im 18 now) i have been battling Keratosis pilaris (KP) and I was browsing the kp support forums and found out the oil pulling method. I don’t have the worst case of kp but it still enough to bug me on a day to day basis. I am the only one in my family to have it. (which sucks, because i always wound why i got it and my brother didn’t, or my parents for that matter) Of course i want to get rid of it so thats why im going to try this oil pulling thing. What would be the best oil to use for kp? I only ...   1,012 hits
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Re: Repetitive injury? “Mouse” Tendinitis?   by Just_D   7y
I did some major damage to my right arm, elbow to wrist when I had an online home business one year and worked like a maniac day and night on the computer. Even six months after easing the business into part time I had a very painful and large ’rope’ from elbow to wrist, and no amount of resting it seemed to do the trick. At the end of August I started oil pulling with olive oil, the first day I was doing it I sat down on the computer and as soon as I touched my mouse I felt the oil go ’thin’ and watery so I spit it out and reloaded. The second day the same thing happened when I went on th ...   1,389 hits
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Some questions from a new oil puller   by Jade Dragon   5y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi. I’ve been oil pulling for almost a month now morning with sesame oil and evening with coconut oil. Usually after that i wash my teeth with usual toothpaste. I’ve read a few messages here that one should wash with salt water. is it necessary and if yes how exactly should i do it? Also i wonder if there is any natural replacement for teeth brushing (or at least the tooth paste) Few more questions on the way: 1. Is it recommended to oil pull with one kind of oil for along time or different oils as i do? 2. After the oil pulling the oil is completely white while before it was com ...   1,590 hits
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Re: Oil became very thick and wouldn't thin out   by #130839   4y
I have found that if I drink wine the night before, I cannot oil pull upon awakening. I first have got to drink at least 16 oz of water to rehydrate, and wait one hour. I have experienced the thick white blob in my mouth, which makes it impossible to ”pull”...When I drink alcohol, I either drink water several times when I wake up at night, or I drink the water in the A.M., then wait one hour before oil pulling...Totally works for me! Good Luck!   1,121 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Peroxide Experiment   by CuresWanted   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Well Hello Everyone, Okay, I haven’t posted on this forum before but after doing a recent experiment I just had to let all of you know about it. I had first been exposed to ”Oil Pulling” from reading ”The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” by Andreas Moritz. I had tried it a few times for about 5 minutes but stopped because I didn’t appreciate its true value. Later after researching natural therapies for my thyroid issue I stumbled upon it again on and here on Curezone on the Iodine Supplementation forum. Anyway, I’ve been doing ”oil pulling” off an on. I’ ...   3,699 hits
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Should you continue to oil pull while doing Humaworm clea...   by Trysten3000   7y   View Entire Thread 5
I was thinking Id take my humaworm at like 5am and 5pm (because those are times I wont be eating much anytime near it). If I do that, and wake up between 8 and 11 and do my oil pulling, will that be enough time for the humaworm to digest and stuff? I am concerned of ”pulling” the herbs out through my mouth somehow and making them less effective? Do you guys continue to oil pull while parasite cleansing? I cant imagine having to give up my precious OP.   1,337 hits
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Re: Black seed oil pulling   by TELLTHETRUTH   9mo
Yes, I have. Oil pulling has been practiced to ”pull” toxins out of the body orally and commonly practiced in Ayurveda for centuries. Oil pulling is traditionally done with sunflower, coconut, sesame, olive, any other oils with known antibacterial properties, but in their books about black seed and its curative benefits, Sylvia Luejohann (1998) and Doctors Schleicher and Saleh (2000) suggest pulling with black seed oil. What most people fail to realize is bacteria and infection often enter our bloodstream through our mouths. Oral infections can also lead to inflammation of the body and ...   723 hits
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Re: Sunday morning musings   by sandover   7y
Hi, I feel somewhat culpable after participating at length yesterday in a thread that was further and further away from OP, and apologize to all. To borrow from another fellowship I know and love, ”our primary purpose is to oil pull and to help others to oil pull.” I will try to stay more focussed in my participation, although I hope that peregrinations of a non-inflammatory sort will continue as this is a great place to learn about OP, but so much more. Thanks and happy pulling! Laura   916 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Oil Pulling whiten intrisic stain ?   by Dexter89   3y
I found the cold-pressed sunflower oil and coconut oil at herbal medicine, but the vendor told me that usually is used for hair or skin. The label says ”coconut oil, cocus nucifera seed, cold pressed. Vegetable oil coconut. . I do not know if it is the right one for oil pulling. A curiosity. After 20 min what you usually do ? After 20 mins I wash my mouth with warm water, then brush my teeth and then rinse with a mouthwash aloe vera. Is it good ? Tell me how you do. I have a little afraid to go back using the oil pulling because a dentist told me that I have 5 small cavities, and I fear ...   1,150 hits
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Re: Small bumps on gums   by trapper/kcmo   6y
no, i dont know what they are. i get places in my mouth every once in a while but they always seem to resolve themselves. if you are worried about your oral health, the first place i would look is dental work. amalgam fillings will ruin all health. i cant think of anything a dentist does that does not cause some harm. dental hygeine products follow right behind. stay the heck away from fluoride. i use baking soda and h2o2 in a waterpik and lots of floss. i would suggest oil pulling. using virgin coconut oil might be best or some iodinated sesame oil. go to the oil pulling forum ...   984 hits
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oregano   by panoslydios   12mo   View Entire Thread 2
hay mh, i was oil pulling with sesame oil and oregano. at the same time accidentaly i had dropped some oregano on the desk and waited to finish oil pulling and then take care of the mess. so i didnt figure out that the oregano was oxidizing in the air together with the unhealthy material . i felt die off symptoms in the top of my eye. it couldnt be heavy metal poisoning otherwise i would feel pain in all the eye area. so was oil pulling that was detoxing or the massive amounts of oregano oil in the air.? i know my question is a mess but i would appreciate any input. thanks ...   487 hits
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Re: A comment on the MC and weight loss   by nickatnight   8y
i may not be the best person to ask, the info i gave was just from me reading the oil pulling forum and also from the recommended site: which said this at the bottom under the ”Precautions” heading: (c) Sunflower and Sesame oil have been found to be equally effective in curing diseases. Other oils were not found to be as good. Do not blame oil pulling by practicing with other oils. Use refined oils. I’m sure if you ask the question, though, someone will answer it, there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here who do oil pulling. take care ...   8,506 hits
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Still Oil Pulling with good results   R by boldyloxx   7y   View Entire Thread 14
Hi ! I still am oil pulling- but it is very hard for me to get past 15 minutes- especially when I am late for work every morning as it is- and my father is banging on the door to use the! But I am having good results at 15 minutes though. Last 2 weeks I have been recovering from an upper respitory infection. While oil pulling I immediately have to cough up phlegm-- which is a good thing! Seems the oil pulling is encouraging removal of sinus mucous. After a week of NO drugs or anti-biotics as usual- and a week full of fruits and veggies, distilled water, ...   3,222 hits
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Re: How to bring a complete end to teeth infection?   by #102879   6y
I went to the dentist requesting a regular cleaning in mid 2007. I had a chip on one of my back teeth from cracking a walnut since around 1999 but no problems with it. Like a fool I allowed this dentist to trick me into allowing him to ”fix” it. In the process, contrary to his claims this butcher dilled so deep into that tooth he had to have hit bone. I was so pain I could hardly stand it. Then I found a site called earthclinic where I learned about oil pulling and various herbs that I made into a pack out of to dull the pain. But within three days of oil pulling the pain was gone. I co ...   3,748 hits
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Re: oregano   by MH   12mo
hay mh, HAY i was oil pulling with sesame oil and oregano. A ”STRANGE” THING A FEW PEOPLE TRY BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET…….NEVER HAVE I EVER READ OF ”OIL” PULLING IN ANY HEALTH BOOK EVER…BUT IT SURELY CAN’T DO ANY HARM FOR THOSE THAT LIKE TO SELF-EXPERIMENT…. at the same time accidentaly i had dropped some oregano on the desk and waited to finish oil pulling and then take care of the mess. BIG MISTAKE WITH ANY ESSENTIAL OIL, YOU WERE ASKING FOR THE FINISH TO BE DESTROYED... so i didnt figure out that the oregano was oxidizing in the air together with the unhealthy material . ...   494 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Oil Pulling With Root Canal Crown Ok To Do?   by oilpuller22   5mo   View Entire Thread 3
Is it ok to oil pull if you have a root canal and crown in your mouth? I just do not want to ’loosen it” or knock it out. I have a red area that is receding and has white spots around one of my teeth. I figure this might be a gum infection or something. Oil pulling might help? Thanks and what is a good oil to use for oral health?   676 hits
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OP on KP (Keratosis Pilaris Forum)   by kebod   7y   View Entire Thread 2
In the parallel universe of oil pulling, here is a link to an encouraging post on the Keratosis Pilaris Forum: OP seems to have a beneficial effect on keratosis pilaris, a skin condition with no known medical cure. Merry Chrismas, Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays, everyone! Thanks for all the great encouragement and support you consistenly provide. kebod   3,264 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Does any here have or had a problem with constantly c...   by tinkerbell123   7mo
I think I’ve noticed improvement in throat clearing (probably caused by yeast creating PND) after a week of using Oil Pulling with coconut oil daily for 20 min. Then i use a hot salt water flush/gargle for another few mins to clear out any pathogens dislodged by the oil pulling. Also spraying Colloidal Silver into my throat and nose. Doing all of this consistently seems to be paying off.   361 hits
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Re: Tooth Enamel Damage?   by JReegs   6mo
I am also very curious to know how others have made out with their newly transparent teeth. I started oil pulling with coconut oil last week and after 6 days the lower half of my top front teeth are looking quite transparent--definitely were NOT like this before oil pulling. Would love to hear from someone who has experienced this and had their teeth return to normal....   1,834 hits
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hey, molly...   by trapper/kcmo   8y   View Entire Thread 4
i saw someone request a name change for a forum on the webmaster forum and i thought of this forum. dont you think we would get more traction here on the WWW if we were called oil pulling instead of oil swishing? i know i keep using oil pulling and cant seem to cozy up to ”swishing”. then there is the website what thinkest thou?   1,335 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Do you floss before or after you Oil pull?   by morenasa72   7mo
Hi Jay, not sure if you already figured this out, but its good to floss before oil pulling. This way the oil has clear passages to roam between teeth. Great that you’re doing it in the morning--this is the best time. Cheers! Sonja Oil Pulling Daily   956 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

What to do about Parasite in Tonsil   by #178973   8mo   View Entire Thread 3
After doing a parasite cleanse I still have one hiding in my tonsil. :( I just started oil pulling and gargle with Oregano Oil after oil pulling but I fear it may not be spicy enough to get this thing out of here. Any suggestions on what to do?   325 hits
Forum: Parasites

oil pulling & herpes outbreak   by #92786   6y   View Entire Thread 15
Hello, I have been oil pulling each morning for 5 days now organic cold pressed sesame oil. From time to time I get a genital herpes outbreak - usually if my diet gets off balance or I eat too much sugar. Neither of which is the case currently but at day 2 of oil pulling I started getting a bad outbreak and wonder if this is a detox result. Has anyone else heard of or experienced this reaction. thanks   10,965 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Two week testimonial   by vanadeux   7y
Hello Patale Good to hear your testimonial on the Oil pulling..I just started this only two days ago, so too early for any results yet..although I do feel as if its possibly stirring up old catarrh in my ears! I think this method must have a good stimulating effect on the meridians and life force of the body, via the electrons in the oil..I don’t think its just a simple detoxing effect.. I think its such an easy thing to do, that it would be silly not to oil pull! AJD24   7,118 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Oil pulling good for gums but didn't cure my candida   by saywhatagain   5y
I had the same thought as you and I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for the past month. It doesn’t seem to have an immediate impact on my candida, but it did vastly improve my gum health and it also seems to help eliminate bacteria in the mouth so I will continue the oil pulling even though it hasn’t help eliminate the candida. Also, I believe that my candida problem is connected to heavy metal poisoning so nothing is really going to cure my candida until I can clear out these toxic metals.   4,028 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Does oil pulling increase hunger on MC?   by Totoro   8y   View Entire Thread 3
Someone a few days ago, wrote about oil pulling (and I’ll check out that forum here in a bit), but I was wondering from a MC perspective, if the oil in the mouth causes an increase in appetite/hunger? I tried it yesterday, fine. I tried it this morning and my stomach is in knots and I’m wondering are the knots/hunger pangs more likely from the oil pulling or a new stage of detoxing? (Day 18 here, btw.)   1,459 hits
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Oil pulling and weightloss..   by OURLUVSfromABOVE   7y   View Entire Thread 2
So for the last 2 weeks I have been eating healthy, and now exercising, along with oil pulling. Now I don’t swallow the oil. I mean maybe some by accident. But for the past 2 weeks I have not been able to loose any weight (which is my goal to lose another 55lbs) does anyone else have issues trying to lose weight while oil pulling? Should I stop till I get to my goal weight? Xoxoxo have a great day, Kerry   2,538 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling   Fasting: Weight

Re: oil pulling triggers eczema   by zenmusic   36d
Yes, I have experienced eczema spreading too. But from many other posts, this is normal before it heals completely. So I have bought long sleeved cotton shirts and have doubled oil pulling to twice a day. Applying oil all over the body helps. As does eating bitter stuff. Please do post an update on what happened finally with you. Did you continue oil pulling?   559 hits
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Nightmares?   by boopinlover   7y   View Entire Thread 8
Hi All, My Hubby and I are Hulda Clark Followers, with Liver Flushing, Zapping, we follow her book best we can. We started Oil Pulling about a Week ago.I have noticed no more Tonsil Stones Forming in me, and very pleasent breath in both of us,well anyhoo my question is..Everynight I Oil Pull with Coconut Oil is what we use, I seem to have Nightmares or very Violent Dreams. Does anyone else Experience this or have they in the past? Or is it just me? Much Thanks Irene in Arkansas   6,051 hits
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Question on oil pulling   by #90127   6y   View Entire Thread 3
I have been reading a little about oil pulling and am very interested. I am in the middle of a kidney cleanse (just finished a colon cleanse last week) and will move onto my parasite cleanse (herbal and zapping) before doing the liver flush. All of this cleansing started due to my severe eczema. Is it safe to oil pull during these cleanses?? Or will it give me a healing crisis? Can extra vrgin olive oil be used? Thanks   1,191 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Day 5   by herb-gal   6y
Hey, good job on day 5. How long are you planning to go? I can’t say exactly what the strange taste it, I think we all get it though. I think it’s just a large combination of different things. Make sure you’re getting plenty of water. Oil pulling might help. I’m not sure if it stimulates digestion or not, so someone might want to correct me, if I’m wrong. I know some people prefer not to oil pull on the MC, but I’ve never had a problem with it. I’d go with coconut oil. It would also be a great counter attack on the acidity of the lemons. I’d probably suggest a small glass of water fi ...   940 hits
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Re: mineral loss through saliva?/OP???   by frank06   7y
I don’t practice oil pulling, but also wondered this myself. Perhaps this is why oil pulling works for some and not others. Minerals bind to toxins, they flow into the mouth via saliva, then are absorbed by the oil, then excreted through the spitting of the oil. There’s a guy who spit his oil solution into one of his plants pots and killed the plant. So if this theory is correct then you need to have to right amount of minerals in order for oil pulling to work, otherwise you’re just making yourself more acidic.   1,085 hits
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Re: Wow! Wow!! WOW!!!!!!   by vermicella   7y
A friend told me of Oil Pulling. I had terrible acne. After I started Oil Pulling, the acne disappeared. It took me years to understand that the acne was related to my amalgam dental fillings. Oil Pulling didn’t prevent me from getting serously ill with amalgam poisoning (to be more exact: mercury poisoning from my amalgam dental fillings). The amalgams have been removed 6 years ago and there is no acne anymore - with or without Oil Pulling. I did Oil Pulling daily until about 3 years ago. Now I pull every now and then. But this Website has inspired me to give it a new regular try. W ...   12,408 hits
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Re: Toxins   by Killimunati   7y
I think you need to read up a bit more on oil pulling. To me, it doesn’t seem like you know a lot about it. I would never swallow my oil because Dr. Karach said not to, due to the toxins. Before I started pulling, I did my research. Earth Clinic has a section dedicated to oil pulling. It does mention something about heavy metals being removed by oil pulling. I don’t think it would be mentioned there if it weren’t true. If I’m wrong, let me know.   1,255 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Re: Teeth Whitening   by holisticmale   5y
This one is easy... Oil pulling is what your looking for, and not only will it whiten your teeth it will assist the healing of your body by removal of toxicity. Check out the oil pulling forum for more information. It doesn’t whiten your teeth overnight, you will need to oil pull for a couple of months depending upon the condition of your teeth, but you will notice a significant difference within one week. Whats the cost? The price of a bottle of sunflower oil, sesame oil or coconut oil. Much cheaper than a visit to the dentist and a whole lot healthier too.   987 hits
Forum: Dental Support

Re: Oil pulling absolutely a detox!! "Pulling" something out   by dreamextreme   4y
I fully believe oil pulling pulls toxins out of the body, as well as detoxing my mouth. I can feel it. After oil pulling, my eyes glow with a healthy shine. I feel energized. I’ve been sleeping better and awakening with the rising sun. More stamina during exercise. All sorts of things. I am definitely not allergic to the oils, I eat, cook with them, and use them on my skin every day. :) Can I ask- what makes you feel oil pulling ISN’T a detox? I’m curious. It feels a very powerful detox to me.   3,448 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Oil pulling - no results?   by Hammy B   4y   View Entire Thread 3
I started oil pulling about a month ago, and maybe I’m expecting too much, too soon, but I haven’t really seen any of the results people rave about. I know it can take a long time and I should be patient but I’ve read a lot of comments from people saying they noticed huge differences after 3 days. The only thing I’ve really noticed is that I’m always really hungry, though most people seem to say their appetite decreases when they oil pull. Am I doing something wrong? I’m using organic sesame oil and organic sunflower oil. I find it almost impossible not to swallow when oil pulling but I ho ...   2,261 hits
Forum: Oil Pulling

Oregano Oil, Coconut Oil Pulling and HSV   by Fruitloops   7y   View Entire Thread 3
So I’m beginning oil pulling regularly tomorrow with Coconut Oil. But I have the Herpes virus. Only had one breakout I think and that was about 4 years ago. I’m scared the oil pulling with bring an outbreak. the way I see it is if I’m gonna cause an outbreak then I want it gone for good!!!! So basically... what do I do?!? Can I get rid of it quick if I incorporate Oregano oil? And how do I do that exactly? Should I buy some L-lysine as a backup? Will it go after one breakout if I use oregano oil? Will it be gone for good then? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m starting ...   5,181 hits
Forum: Herpes   Oil Pulling   STD

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