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Re: Newbie bowel cleanser - day 1   by clary   11y
Lonnie, That sounds pretty intense. Have you ever taken psyllium before ? That sounds like an awful lot of psyllium to be taking every 1 1/2 hrs. ? Your water intake sounds really low. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces everyday on a regular basis...and even more when doing a cleanse. Psyllium expands ”a lot”. I don’t understand putting the vitamin powder in the shake, as I understand it the psyllium and bentonite are just going to grab it, lock it up and shoot it out without it being absorbed. I would be curious to what others here think of this recipe ...   906 hits
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Re: Candida Ball?   by fungihomeworld   4y
..enzyme mixture.. ”megazyme forte”..7 enzymes and bunch of other good stuff.. from ”medical research products”. ..colon cleanse system [3 products that must go together] from ””. 1. caproyl [entirely natural anticandida weapon.. the caprylic acid from cocoanut oil kills the candida yeast on contact; the lauric acid from the safflower oil will absorb into the fungal rhizoids and kill them as well. 2. bentonite magma..basically volcanic clay..absorbs toxins..will not absorb into the body. 3. psyllium husk and SEED blend *..pysllium forms a mucilage sludge that ...   1,560 hits
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Jhan, could you explain the following colon cleanse?   by #104854   3y
Jhan, I read one of your former posts...”Psyllium husk is one TABLEspoon in a cup of water, followed by another cup of water with ACV (2 to be on the safe side). Not enough water will have the opposite effect and cause constipation”. I have Psyllium but when I take it I get really constipated in my intestines/stomach. Like a small ball is in there and it doesn’t go away for about a week. I was drinking a lot of water while taking the Psyllium but I still got the ”ball feeling” so I stopped taking the Psyllium and it went away after about a week. I recently got some Triphala tablets a ...   600 hits
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About this mucoid plaque thing   by kasima   8mo
I’ve been reading, and it seems that most people pass this stuff, whatever it is, after taking a P&B shake or a colon cleanse. Well, I did neither of those things. I just took a tablespoon of psyllium twice in one day. After I passed the long, black rope of about 12 inches and a few smaller black ropes, I took more psyllium, but nothing came out but clumps of fiber. I have taken bentonite clay in the past, but only 1 tsp. in 2 ozs. of water occasionally (maybe once a month) to relieve diarrhea. I don’t see how that much could have built up on my colon walls. My rope wasn’t really black, ...   461 hits
Blog: Kasima’s Journey to Health

Re: Caprylic Acid with Colonix??   by Monique_1   8y
Yes you can do this. But the thing is that Colonix has so many benecficial herbs in it already that it might be possible for the caproil to interfere with them, I don’t know this for sure. It’s much better/cheaper if you just take regular psyllium husk with the caproil, and make another shake with just Colonix. Many of the herbs in Colonix acts as mild laxatives and will help you to push the other shakes ”out”. If you wan’t the benefits of caproil shakes, it’s much cheaper to use regular psyllium. If you wan’t to have a cleansing ans slightly laxating (?) shake, you use Colonix. T ...   684 hits
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Re: How can I tell if I have the right type of liquid ben...   by nspeth   11y
Hi gman. Are you taking psyllium with your Bentonite? If you’re not you should add psyllium to it since that is what pushes out the old stuff. You need the bulk of fiber. The Bentonite releases it from your intestinal wall and the psyllium is what scrubs through and acts like a broom. The question about your liquid Bentonite, I am not quite sure. I’ve only used one type..Sonne’s #7 and it is pretty thin and a sandy gray color. I would get a brand that doesn’t add anything to it. Our bodies don’t absorb the Benonite anyways so that seems silly they would add anything to it because you would ...   1,045 hits
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Re: can i use just psyllium?   by crystalmaiden   11y
Yes, in fact I think it is best to get used to the psyllium before adding the bentonite. That way, you will know what the effect is of the psyllium. Just don’t consider it as part of your cleanse program, rather a warm up. You can find bentonite in most health food stores, in the intestinal cleanse / bowel health section. It comes as a thick liquid in a bottle. The psyllium comes as a powder. Don’t taste the psyllium dry.(I found this out the hard way.) It will cement itself to your mouth. It absorbs water and becauses gel like very quickly when you add water to it. I usually put a ...   870 hits
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Re: easy bowel recipe for first timer?-To Hopinso (and all)   by hopinso   11y
I use Yerba Prima brand bentonite and psyllium. I have to order it on line. I live in a very rural area and there is no health food store closer than thirty miles from here. Many health food stores carry both products, although some will carry the powdered bentonite. It works, just pre mix it with water. I prefer the powdered psyllium, but use both. I found I can only take bentonite once a day. I do a P&B shake in the morning, an hour before eating or taking any medicine or supplements. I then take two to four additional psyllium drinks throughout the day. Be sure and drink plenty of wate ...   916 hits
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Re: Have you tried fibre?   by garcia   10y
Flax is ok, but psyllium is much better at cleaning the GI tract. Do you have a problem with psyllium? When I do flushes, on the morning I wake up I: - have 3rd dose of ES (I don’t take a 4th dose) - 2 hours later do a SWF - 1-2 hours later I take a psyllium shake - 30-60 mins later I eat breakfast The first fibre shake is *very* important - you want to take it as soon as the diarhea has stopped. Last time I flushed, even though a litre of salt water had gone through my body, the psyllium still managed to pick up several large stones. More importantly it was white with candida! ...   1,356 hits
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About psyllium & what I use/suggest for daily use...Re: w...   by unyquity   23mo
While I find no harm for utilizing either IF#1 or IF#2 until whatever problems that caused their need can be eliminated (and I certainly have no problem with using them for routine ’maintenance cleansing’!), I don’t feel either product should be used indefinitely.    But that’s not because I fear them causing harm, it’s because I know we don’t need them if we get to the root cause of our problems...and it’s all-too-easy to substitute a "product that works" for doing what it takes to heal & restore our bodies. As far as the rumor/lie that has circul ...   1,348 hits
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the wonders of psyllium - advice?   by #57625   8y
Hi, In my CureZone searching, I haven’t been able to find a chunk of info that specifically addresses some of the questions I have about psyllium. I posted on the Humaworm forum recently about how I was ”stuck,” and I tried to get around this without the psyllium. I went ahead and bought some, though, because the enemas take a lot of out of me, and I feel like ”pushing the crud out” is the way to go. Please comment on which of the following are not such good things to do. - I’m taking psyllium with lots of water right now, without the clay, because I have taken clay alone (with ...   493 hits
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Re: questions about Mucoid Plague.   by hopinso   10y
I am only on day two of my latest bowel cleanse and I’m already freezing; it happens to me all the time. (although liver flushes leave me feeling hot, may need to throw one of those in soon :) Remember that psyllium seed is mostly insoluble fiber, meaning that it is going to go straight through you without being absorbed into the blood stream. This is what causes the scrubbing action that cleanses the walls of the intestines. All this insoluble fiber is going to be pooped on out, and much of the bulk of the fecal material is psyllium. However, remember that this material also contains m ...   1,270 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Constipated with B&P shakes   by Lovey   10y
Gingko, Yes, you’re right. I am sure you aren’t supposed to take flax oil during a fast, but the seeds probably wouldn’t bother you, but I’m not an expert on the subject. You might want to stop taking them the day before you flush. Whether it’s good during a fast or not, I do think having constipation due to the fast itself defeats the purpose of a fast. You wouldn’t want to get backed up from the bowels up, creating one problem while working to solve the other. Instead, you can also try to take more psyllium husk, except twice a day if you are only doing it once. I’m no pro, but ...   930 hits
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Green clay "Arcilla Verde"   by Jhan   9y
Dear Mary, First of all I want to congratulate you for this choice, this is a smart option that will get you there. I do not know much about green clay, but if it says you can swallow it and how much, you could easily put this clay with your psyllium (if the clay comes in powder, you will need to do the ’shake’: put water, psyllium and clay in a jar and shake it, otherwise the clay will not mix well. If the clay is liquid, mixing all the ingredients in a glass will do. However, you do not absolutely need the clay, you cuold opt for psyllium alone. I would actually suggest that in ...   1,136 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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IF#2 information...the truth IS out there! - Re: Intesti...   by unyquity   6y
Regarding the previous reply... On the OTHER hand: Dr. Schulze *cured* over 9,000 people of ”incurable diseases” on his clinic with a 90-95% success ratio (and this doesn’t count the thousands that have been healed following his protocol since then)...and EVERY one of them used the IF#2 formula for the FULL LENGTH of their treatment. This is NOT a product designed/marketed by someone ”selling product” - it was designed to be safely and effectively used by those patients that were ALREADY ON DEATHS DOORSTEP (so they could heal/cleanse quickly & safely and NOT be weakened or compromise ...   2,496 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: next step to take?need help   by oklalilred   6y
Telman, I have been taking psyllium husk (3 teaspoons)for the last few years in the morning and evening (per doctors suggestion). I have had 3 successful liver flushes and would like to stop taking so much psyllium husk. I workout twice a week and have recently started drinking half my body weight in ounces of WATER (80 ounces with 1/2 teaspoon of natural sea salt called the WATER CURE)this seems to help some. Is there anything else I can do or do differently, to help me?   1,047 hits
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Re: Results of massager/ 3rd liver flush & Candida quest...   by #90061   6y
this may help your leaky gut Suggestion: Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice and add 1/2 cup of water plus 1 tsp. of psyllium powder. Mix this and drink it before bedtime. The aloe will help the vinegar penetrate deeper into the mucus membranes for a greater antiviral effect and the psyllium will create a time-release effects for further penetration into the small intestines   947 hits
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Psyllium, question on timing   by summerhaunt   6y   View Entire Thread 4
I’m trying to clean the intestines out well before I get to start my next round of Humaworm. When taking psyllium, how long before and after should I wait for taking food or other supplements? I’ve been doing iodine supplementation along with its companion nutrients. This is such a challenge, since some supplements shouldn’t be taken together, or must be taken with food, or taken X minutes or hours away from food, so spacing things further out for the psyllium is going to be tricky.   851 hits
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Re: How can I fight Candida while on a Juice Fast?   by Jhan   6y
To your question regarding how to reach higher up than the colon, the answer is psyllium husk (or p & B shakes): You would, of course also want to use an antifungal ( and magnesium/vitamin B supplements along. I have done a Juice fast - along with psyllium - with fantastic results (many candida threads coming out in bm), it is a great treatment. Jhan   2,945 hits
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Re: how to pass mucoid plaque ?   by humaworm   5y
Yes - psyllium will trap mucoid plaque - but it is the addition of cascara sagrada that will really cause the plaque to be loosened from the colon wall. This is because cascara sagrada actually stimulates the long muscles outside the colon wall to work in wave like motions that will dislodge the plaque and allow it to be removed. This is why HUMACLEANSE colon cleanser contains psyllium and cascara sagrada.   1,097 hits
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Re: When does the constipation cease?   by #155584   23mo
I have not been having regular movements on the plan. Some days near the beginning I would have 2-3, other days I would not have any. When I started to use psyllium along with the magnesium supplement, things started to get a little more regular, consistently having 2 bowel movements almost every day. I still need both psyllium and magnesium to keep things moving. Should I do a liver/gall bladder cleanse?   707 hits
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Re: Interpret my Metametrix Results   by RONBN49   21mo
No need to take probiotics if the colon is a mess, try taking the bentonite with psyllium and the psyllium will cause the good bacteria to grow while the bentonite clears out the bad and any yeast overgrowth. Take it until improvement occurs then drop to a level that will maintain colon health.. Avoid all acid foods, all junk foods, all dairy,wheat, and fried foods. Limit meat intake, improve vegetable and raw food intake. Avoid MacDonalds like it was the black plague.   1,663 hits
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Re: No bowel movement after ending 16 day water fast (thr...   by dreamer8861   32mo
I have the same issue when I break fasts. I truly believe that it just simply takes more time for the food to make it through your system (since it is empty) and when you go ”regularly” usually it is food from 2 or even 3 days ago leaving your body. Psyllium husk is my go to when I feel like I need a little extra fiber and even in the first few days of my fast (I think of it as a pre-fast) I take psyllium husk and allow myself to drink coffee in the morning.   3,114 hits
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Re: Every antiparasitic substance causing constipation an...   by readthelabel   6mo
Thanks for your advice, however, I’ve already tried psyllium (husk as well as whole seeds). It helps me until I start hiting worms. Whenever I do, something starts blosking in my intestines and psyllium stops working immiediately. In this situation I’am afraid to use it as I don’t want to blow :/ Yesterday I tried epsom salt. No results :( Just a tiny bit, that, judging by gurgling sounds, managed to get through the blockage   648 hits
Forum: Parasites

Re: Just an Update   by afewmoreEXP   10mo
Mary, I just noticed something. I didn’t know what a PB shake was, but now that you said it’s Psyllium Bentonite, I recognize it. The bowel cleanse that I was taking specifically says it does not include psyllium based chemicals due to it’s ability to cause bloating gas and discomfort. Does that happen when you take PB?   509 hits
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Re: In Deep Trouble. Need Help.   by dpier87   8mo
I take the psyllium now 4 hours after my last dose of drugs.. 10mg HC and 7.5mg Valium. I’m hoping that this will be fine, but it sure seems I need it in order to avoid horrible gut pain and to stabilize my blood sugar. PS: I know I’ve got leaky gut, candida, and am also hoping to clean out my colon with the help of the psyllium.   879 hits
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Re: Best, safe bowel cleanser to remove mucoid?   by North   3y
I’ve never heard of Psyllium being habit forming - psyllium is soluble fiber, it isn’t irritating. It doesn’t always clear the bowel in everyone though, just some people. The other two things you listed, cascara sagrada and senna, are both laxative herbs that work by irritating the colon wall. I have read, though, that in moderation they are both useful and safe, the key words being ”in moderation”. Lots of opinions out there as to what ”in moderation” means!   1,148 hits
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Re: Has anyone tried this product?   by LoricaLady   3y
I think Blessed Herbs is the best, though it is pricey. Other than that there are the old stand bys of bentonite clay & psyllium (hopefully organic) husk ”shakes.” Oxypowder has reportedly helped a lot of people. Some of us, though, found it to be too hard on our systems. It made me very fatigued. Psyllium can actually cause constipation, so if you are having diaherrea (sp?) then it might benefit you.   895 hits
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Re: Update on constipation - mystery solved   by Hveragerthi   3y
 I was taking a lot of fiber in the form of psyllium - prolly 4 teaspoons a day. Surely enough to replace any fiber lost due to low carbing. Psyllium, especially the husk, is not a good choice for fiber.  It is to hard and sharp for the intestines. Soft fibers such as oat or rice bran are much better choices and more nutritional.   2,756 hits
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Re: Yuck   by Ruffneck   4y
i agree it is a bit like that i don’t see much out of the ordinary in these images though to be honest , there is a bit of mucous like bulk from psyllium husk or another type of high fibre other than psyllium husk or even from enemas which i found would strip out the natural mucous from the colon that allows the food to travel down it smoothly (and is a natural part of everybodies intestine) the white specks are most likely food or poorly digested food , my best guess would be partly digested rice or undercooked rice still hard in the centre that has passed through   5,640 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
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Wormwood woozies   by #132938   3y
Started my wormwood/bentonite/psyllium treatment today. I’m so glad I decided to start with only 10 drops of wormwood tincture instead of 20, because I would be twice as woozy! LOL Three hours later, going to take my clay/psyllium now. If you want to follow all these things I’m doing to my body, I’ll be posting them on my blog. Don’t want to post the link here, but you can message me if you want it.   429 hits
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Re: Uncertain and confused   by shira shira   3y
I know you hadn’t been on here in years but was hoping you would read my question to you I now feel the same way ur feeling after using benonite clay with psyllium. I didn’t do any of Dr. Schulze remedies and is definitelt hesitant after feeling like this after only using benonite n psyllium. Have u gotten better with anxiety? If so what have you done? Bc anxiety n fatigue are my main problems after using an IUD Mirena for months.   543 hits
Forum: Ask Dr.Schulze

Re: Psyllium   by Jhan   7y
As long as you have weak digestive power, stick to the enzymes with the meal. Once you feel you can digest better ( vitamin B complex will help to provide essential nutrients to metabolise the natural enzymes) try them before the meals with psyllium. One thing at a time. For the time being, you are better off with psyllium one hour away from the meals on each side, while eating small meals, with enzymes (to digest your food properly and thus avoid feeding candida with undigested food.) Jhan   1,144 hits
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Re: Curious   by humaworm   7y
A psyllium based colon cleanser will not only clean out the ENTIRE digestive tract - it will also quickly absorb and remove toxins and parasites (visible and microscopic) that HUMAWORM is removing from your body. Just for colon cleansing purposes, the preps for the colonscopies were probably sufficient - they flush out the lower colon area. But for toxin removal - the psyllium based colon cleanse is much more gentle and effective. If you are unhappy with your decision, please email me and I will be glad to refund your money for the colon cleanse.   1,334 hits
Forum: Ask Humaworm

Re: Help, I am failing   by LOW   9y
I read of a woman who does psyllium and bentonite on her water fasts. This way she cleanses out her colon and the psyllium fills up her stomach. Here’s the links, her name is Crystal so look for her posts in the list, she has some really good info for all fasters: ©†ƒ……•™¼‡_Original_Message_¾€š½ž¢«»¬ï°©   634 hits
Forum: Fasting: Weight

Re: taking pysillium and bentonite while juicing??   by traderdrew   8y
There are alternatives to Psyllium on the market. I had a conversation with someone at my local Vitamin Shoppe about this. He recommended that I supplent my juice with fiber. I wonder why the book author recommends psyllium.   882 hits
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Re: Bowel movements (Urgent)   by chava   8y
Many people have reported that psyllium is very bloating for them. Also, in the original master cleanse, there are no psyllium-bentonite shakes. I would stop the MC, fast on just water with epsom salts for 1 or 2 days to get everything out, and then try to go back to the MC, but without the PB shakes.   874 hits
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Holistic Horizon vs B&P shakes   by gepflegt   8y   View Entire Thread 2
1. Have been considering Holistic Horizons instead of B& P for the following reasons. Please advise if my reasons are incorrect - Bentonite can’t be taken for more than a few days because it is so effective at sucking out materials (nutrituion), it prevents nutrition from getting into your body and weakens you. - Psyllium taken over many days removes all the good implanted lactobacillus - in order to get the deep removal of mucoid plaque, I would need a period of months so Bentonite and Psyllium (for above reasons) should not be taken this long   965 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

better tasting p&b   by mdarbyg   11y   View Entire Thread 6
I just began p&bshakes 2 days ago, and originally started with whole Psyllium. I had a really hard time finishing the full drink, and almost gagged several times at the end. I’ve now gone to powdered Psyllium, which has helped. I just know that I will stick with this program much longer if I can find a way to improve the taste of these shakes? Anybody have any suggestions on making the p&b shakes more palatable without reducing their effectiveness?   1,478 hits
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mucoid plaque or psyllium? ?   by Piedro   11y   View Entire Thread 2
I just talked on the phone with my sister who lives in Mexico. After I gave her some suggestions for her constipation problems, she started taking flax seed powder; she said that she is now passing mucoid plaque. For those people that want to believe that mucoid is made from the psyllium, this prove them wrong, since my sister is not taking any psyllium, she is taking flax seed powder. Now what are they going to say that flax seeds also makes that rubbery stuff? Salud Piedro   2,117 hits
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Re: what is the BP shake exactly?   by Wrenn   11y
goto the curezone home page . in far left blue colum , click on bowel cleanse. 1st recipe to pop up on right side will be the liquid bentonite and psyllium cleanse. you can see images in the image gallery. i buy my liquid bentonite great plains brand form and get the psyllium husks there too 6.00/ for 12 oz cannister the yerba prima brand and the bentonite is 32 oz for 14 $ Ami B.   620 hits
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Re: what are the B&P shakes?   by Wrenn   11y
goto curezone home site. look in column to the left side (blue ) click on bowel cleanse first recipe pop up in column on your right side is the bentonite/psyllium one. Ami B. I got my liquid bentonite at the liquid 32 oz bottle ( grat plains brand was $ 11.30) the psyllium whoel husks there were 6$ for a 12 oz caniister (yerba Prima brand ) it says whole husks, but it is powdered in side/ ground up. Ami B.   632 hits
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Re: Day 5 of cleanse-(Flush colon with water)   by Robbie   11y
Hi, Water washing your colon/bowels from Colonics, Home colonic/colema board or enemas will help you tremendously get rid of that stuff stuck on the walls of your colon. The water loosens it off after the psyllium scrapse it of and the bentonite binds the toxins together to get rid of it. Flushin colon with Water-psyllium-bentonite shakes are an invaluable combination and gets the toxins out fast. I know, I had to learn this the hard way. Take care, Robbie   817 hits
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Re: psyllium   by _BOB   11y
That’s what I used. Then I went to and got it there. Yerba Prima makes Psyllium Whole Husks for 6 bucks, without Sodium, Sugar, Aspartame, Artificial Flavors, Colors! Select Yerba Prima from the drop down menu. They also have Psyllium Husks Powder & a nice Tampico Skin Brush for dry brushing.   1,126 hits
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I know what the gel like mucous stuff is....Tracey.   by reyecat   11y   View Entire Thread 4
I had a brain wave in the middle of the night and I think it’s the gel that the psyllium husk forms in water. If you leave it sitting in water it all turns gelatinous and that’s why it’s a good ”broom” because it makes water into a semi-solid.....that’s also why you have to drink so much water while cleansing with psyllium or it will turn everything inside you to more solid state than it is.....what do you think? I am not a scientist but I think this is the logical conclusion.   865 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Re: B&P Shake Definition   by Tracey   11y
The following link will take you to a bunch of posts about b&p’s (how’s one TABLESPOON of psyllium Whole Husks or 1 teaspoon of powdered psyllium. Most people do not mix it with their lemonade...but mix it with water. Within the link below there are some more difficult questions answered about the ’ultimate fast’ (or our version of it) T Cleanses (including b&p directions!)   969 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

How to mix flax shakes?   by garcia   10y   View Entire Thread 5
Shelley I bought some high-lignan flax powder from Omega which I used instead of Psyllium for shakes and it worked great. After I ran out I tried to grind up my own - only the powder isn’t as fine, and more importantly it doesn’t ”mix” fully with water - it sinks to the bottom. Any idea what is going on? Is it just a matter of grinding it finer? Are flax shakes supposed to be gelatinous (like psyllium) or not?   669 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley 1[A]

Re: Am I getting all the vit C?   by bambam945   9y
Supposedly psyllium interferes with absorption of nutrients. This may be because of the swelling action it takes in the intestines where nutrients are absorbed into the body. I personally don’t know for sure, but to be safe, take journ’s advice and take the vit C in divided doses and try not to take it at the same time as the psyllium. This will ensure that your body is taking as much of the C as it can. Blessings, Bambam   871 hits
Forum: Vitamin C Support

Re: Am I getting all the vit C?   by gassy   9y
Supposedly psyllium interferes with absorption of nutrients. This may be because of the swelling action it takes in the intestines where nutrients are absorbed into the body. I personally don’t know for sure, but to be safe, take journ’s advice and take the vit C in divided doses and try not to take it at the same time as the psyllium. This will ensure that your body is taking as much of the C as it can. Blessings, Bambam   757 hits
Forum: Vitamin C Support

Re: Pick Up An Allergy Due to Psyllium?   by shelleycat   10y
Do you actually cough up mucous? You could very well be allergic to the psyllium - the bentonite is inert, so no worries there - or it could be part of the healing. Have you had throat issues in the past or is this an entirely new thing? If it’s not a case of an old issue rearing its ugly head for a final detox, then it’s the psyllium and you’d best take a break and switch to powdered flax seeds. Hope that helps! :)   462 hits
Forum: Ask Shelley 1[A]

Re: Can P&B's wipe out electrolyte & minerals in bowels?   by shelleycat   11y
No, it won’t. Just be sure to take it in between meals. Bentonite clay is charged and inert so that it gathers up the toxins and free radicals. Psyllium is a water-soluble fiber, so as the colon takes water from it, it gets the minerals too. Many minerals are absorbed in the large intestine/colon, but psyllium shouldn’t interfere. You just have to take it after meals so that it doesn’t interfere with what the stomach absorbs.   569 hits
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Question regarding Psyllium and other supplements...   by Trisztan   10y   View Entire Thread 3
Hi, I’ve recently started feeling my age and have started exercising and taking supplements. I take a good Multi-vitamin, along with flax seed oil, a green-superfood supplement, and Psyllium husk powder mixed with water. My question is should I take the Psyllium at a different time of day than the other things because it can absorb the other nutrients and flush them out of the body before they can be utilized? Thanks in advance for any response. Tristan   645 hits
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psyllium and bentonite   by fastmachine2   10y   View Entire Thread 4
Just started the master cleanse today. Have fasted several times before and I really like it - makes me feel great. Have done Airola-type juice fasting and also an internet program juice and broth fast (57 days one time.)Want to start with 10 days this time and see how it goes. I notice people talking about taking psyllium and bentonite and I did not see that in the little yellow book - is this in another of Burroughs’ books? Is it really alright to take psyllium?   557 hits
Forum: Master Cleanse Supp

Is it possible to pass mucoid plaque with just fiber?   by NSPETH   11y   View Entire Thread 4
Just wondering if you can only pass mucoid plaque with psyllium or will it work with just fiber? The reason I am wondering is because the formula I am on now only contains flax fiber and no psyllium. I am considering adding a few B&P’s to my existing bowel cleanse but I have been passing ”different” things. I posted about passing a worm a few days ago and am wondering if it could be mucoid plaque instead. Hmmm...   1,105 hits
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Support

Re: Paragone   by michaeljs   11y
I believe from reading other messages at curezone that B&P stands for Bentonite and Psyllium. In fact I just purchased Bentonite (Sonne brand, product #7) and ParaGone at the health food store an hour ago (already had psyllium). What I’m not sure about is how to mix the B&P, how much of each and with what liquid, etc. I was also wondering if the B&P and Paragone can all be done each day of a parasite cleanse. Can someone else help with that info?   957 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

Jhan or anyone   by #4061   9y   View Entire Thread 5
Jhan, i used to take colon cleanse for 6 months that i bought ayt GNC then stopped them the ingredients like psyllium, cascara etc and i don’t want to get dependence on them then i switched to triphala and i take it everyday but after LF, we should do intensive Bowel cleanse and i think triphala alone is not enough, can i take psyllium alone like twice a day plus triphala after LF is it sufficient? but i do seperate them, Do i have to avoid colon cleanse that contains FOS on candida diet but i just takem them for 6-7 days after LF, Thanks   1,528 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Colon Cleanse   by #4061   9y
Jhan even after i take 3rd and 4th dose of ep , i still take another dose of ep the next day just 1 tbs just wanna make sure i passed all the stones out along with psyllium mix with ACV twice a day and triphala 2 tablet also twice a day, maybe this combo is sufficient rite, i do have BM 2-4 a day with this combo Btw how many teaspoon of psyllium in cup of water? 2-3? FOS is fructo oligosaccharides acts as food for the friendly bacteria but some of the response here mentioned that also feeding candida Thanks   1,251 hits
Forum: Candida Support

What is a P & B Shake   by jhan   9y
P stands for Psyllium, a fiber: psyllium husk. B, for Bentonite a volcanic clay, the blend of these two natural and cheap ingredients works marvel to help expell candida threads from the bowels, In England, apparently, you can only find the clay on its powder for, so you will need to shke them read all about the recipe on my blog: Jhan   1,059 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: yeast infection candidias   by Jhan   9y
The diet will starve the yeast, it is not a 1 week cure, but as far as hope is concerned, many people like me, healed of candida and returned to a normal diet. How to: Diet essential suppl.: magnesium, vit B, lecithin, fish oil, + probiotics : yogurt bacteria and antioxydants: vit A vit E vit C, zinc (to help your body manage with the damage candida ant toxins cause) then: 1-bowel cleanse (cheap and effective is the psyllium or psyllium and bentonite shakes (P & B shakes0 2-liver cleanse: liver flush or the salad cleanse 3-kidney cleanse: fast then 1,2,3 again   1,311 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Jhan   by Jhan   9y
I used p & B shakes at first and that is when the mucous came out. So I would not know. I assume it would although Bentonite does stick more to the intestinal walls than psyllium does. One thing is certain, psyllium alone is effetive to lead candida threads out. Actually, I only switched to the P instead of the p & B because I was expelling too much candida and my liver and lymphs could not cope.   874 hits
Forum: Candida Support

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