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Re: Gall stones: ultrasound before and after to see the c...   by #130249   4y
congratulations on the great results of the liver flush!!! the liver is the governor of allergies and now that yours is being cleaned out you are reaping all the great benefits of liver cleansing. ultrasound will sometimes only pick up masses that are sufficiently calcified, the same goes for x-ray. and sometimes the technicians who interpret ultra-sound are not very skilled, to further confuse the matter. many of the stones people expel during the flushes are not calcified, but still they cause havoc in the liver and gall bladder by blocking passage of healthy bile. you can re ...   1,580 hits
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Re: Vitamin D (and Other Supplements): With Meals, or Wit...   by chrisb1   4y
Very interesting Tony, with regard to absorption I think it is significant that the study participants were senior citizens, and where absorption is known to decline with age. There are some variables here such as prescribed medications (not mentioned) which can also interfere with absorption, and judging from their age, this may also be a co-factor in malabsorption. Other co-factors in malabsorption can include biliary obstruction, Celiac disease or IBS and/or Crohns disease. Further: exposure to sunlight will directly produce Cholecalciferol (D3) in the skin, which is transport ...   808 hits
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Re: This Forum   by jb10   4y
Thanks for that I did read one of your past forums on Morgellons so will go over that again. I have some lesions at the base of my neck and I did have some running down my spine to the base of my tailbone but as soon as this came to the for the tailbone ones disappeared. I still have a scaliness in my hairline. I did a VitaKlenz parasite cleanse and did see white rice and lots of sesame seeds. Even found them in the bed when I reaslise what was going on and one day found a proglottid (small maggot like but very white in the bed) sounds grose I know. I did not know what it was at the t ...   2,104 hits
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Re: What kind of parasite is it???   by LoricaLady   4y
I do not think the bentonite & psyllium will help with the throat. It only is used to go thru, and cleanse, the intestines. Yes, it can have side effects, like constipation for example. But one can use cascara sagara a few hours after the p & b to help push it along. I am not expert, just reporting what happened for me. Personally I would try a zapper, maybe even at the neck (not too close to the delicate ear mechanisms though) to kill any parasite in the neck. I would also try paracides, the standard ones mentioned in my link. I would not try them at the same time as the za ...   995 hits
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Help! Intense nausea, vomiting, itching.   by ms4runr   4y   View Entire Thread 4
Emergency! Friend has been having growing symptoms last few years, now has many symptoms of liver distress like distended abdomen, anemia, borderline diabetes. She is now in high stress of nausea, cannot keep anything down except juice for several days. Has severe pain after eating. No doctors are helping. Recent x-ray showed galbladder FULL of stones. I suggested a cleanse of 3 days apple juice then the olive oil and lemon juice on Sun. evening. She is 2 days into apple juice only and is having violent vomiting. Will the gallbladder burst? Oh, she has been suffering from whole body itch ...   5,067 hits
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HV -about toes   by chirontherainbowbridge   4y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi HV, hahaha I’m starting to feel I should always ask after the opals, as if they were small children...bless their rainbow-fractured hearts :-) In the past 4 months or so I have done damage to two toes. Both the baby toe on the right foot (catching it on something, and fracturing (?) it)and then the fourth toe, just about a week or two ago. Same thing. In both cases, they seem to catch on some object or other, and get pulled, yanked. Bizarre, I know. Well, the little toe hurt a lot, and a black bruise extended across the foot; the toe felt/looked like it was broken, but I tried to pu ...   529 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Terminal Liver Cancer   by Ithink   4y
So sorry about your Dad. I just recently returned from Hope Wellness Center in Acuna, Mexico where I was with a friend receiving treatment for Squamous cell anal cancer (Farrah Fawcett type). We had explored our options outside of the US given that we had received reports from 4 people who had gone the US standard of care route and all had failed. She did the Greek test from Research Genetic Cancer Center in Greece that grows your cancer cells in wells and checks it against 38 different botanical (Vit C, E, Quercetin, Arteminisin etc.) natural substances and ...   8,475 hits
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Video Embedded Re: Ron Paul = Straw Man   by InnerCalm   4y
If he was the ”real deal” he’d be ”really” dead. he is being utilized as a device to see where people’s minds are. A pied piper for info gathering. Watch Ron a little c;loser and please understand how social engineer works. They are creating a 3rd party ray of hope which will not turn out to be so. Perceptions are being manipulated and driven by the propaganda streams of mainstream media. This entire thing is being engineered. ;-) Now here are some hints that will either strike or miss a cord in you depending on how deep your conspiracy knowledge is. It’s all about noticing a ...   565 hits
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I need some advice about BABY   by mo123   4y
I have literally tried everything with Baby and she still is not going to the bathroom. The only raw food I can get her to eat is livers and parsley. The rest of the time she is mad and refuses to eat anything but her favorite cat food and pumpkin oil. The longer she goes without going to the bathroom the worse. The last few days her fever came back, I must assume from the toxins building up in her system. Before I took her to the hospital and she refused to eat for 8 days and she felt like I abandoned her. She was so frightened. The doc is new and basically doesn’t know her ass ...   351 hits
Forum: Sara’s Soup Kitchen

Re: May I Gain from Your Experience Pls (esp Chiron)   by chrisb1   4y
Hello waterdesign, This is what I know of edemas.............. Pitting edema is caused either by a systemic disease of one or more of the various organs of the body, or by a ”local condition” affecting just that extremity: in this case your legs. The most common organs that can give rise to pitting-edema are the heart, liver and kidneys: in other words a disease of one form or another that affects these organs will affect salt-retention or sodium-chloride retention. It is the excess salt that causes the body to retain water and especially a kidney malfunction which will normally ...   1,174 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only.

couple more things..   by Anne_33   4y
will the bentonite and charcoal in the IF#2 help draw out anything bad I may have gotten from the MRI ?? I have also had 2 Ct scans and a hidascan with dye and a stress test with the dye in my previous years and of course multiple X-rays in my lifetime .. would really like to know that IF#2 will take care of all that excess medical induced posion along with cleansing ..ugh! I am starting to retain more water little by little and have put on about 10 pounds this past month alone ..truth be known I probably got about 30 pounds of water on me right now I know my bod ...   797 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Tooth Truth by author Frank Jerome   by rocknlocks   4y
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, I really appreciate it! Wow, it sounds like you went to the right guy for what you needed to have done. Just curious, was your insurance able to cover part of the cost or did you have to pay out of pocket? When I called to inquire about an appointment, his wife told me that he does not use sedation so he would have to do two of my four cavitations in the morning and wait to do the other two until later in the afternoon. I’m not sure why that is but she said that they do this type of procedure often and successfully. She did confirm ...   5,150 hits
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Re: teeth & gum products   by MH   4y
The ”only” good thing I know about ”real” butter is that this SPRINGTIME grass along with a fresh cow, produces butter milk that creates dark butter as a result of the super rich grass that only happens with the first growth each Spring. This butter when eaten gives almost instant better eye sight.... I also suspect this: The amish are using the very first milk from these cows, meaning it has allot of blood in it and often the butter has a red tint to it and it spoils, while normal butter does not spoil very easily. As far as decalcification of the inorganic lime inside the bones/fl ...   1,047 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: Added information   by Hveragerthi   4y
 The culture looks for bacteria. They generally do not look for fungus.  The fact that the culture was negative for bacteria should have told the doctor right there not to use antibiotics. As for the x-ray this is a poor diagnostic tool for sinus infections, especially since it cannot image the ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses. My ex-business partner suffered from a serious sinus infection for over 7 years when I met him. He had gone through the cultures, etc. and again it showed up negative. So the doctors just kept giving him antibiotic after antibiotic, which only mad ...   3,948 hits
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Re: Women and christianity.   by spudlydoo   4y
Hi Ray, thanks for you post. ”Let persons become in charge of a group, and watch rules to suit the leaders emerge. I personally want the real deal from God my Father and from His Son, my Lord Jesus Christ be spoken and lived in all persons. This may be a pipe dream, but I keep hoping.” The rules, that suit the leaders, are established using the scriptures from the bible. (and the qoran, as in my friends case). If women follow the scriptures and are submissive to their husbands, who take their orders from the guys that make the rules, how are they going to get a ”real deal” from god. ...   1,881 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: Christianity Debate

Re: still no.   by wombat   4y The basic question is this - How long of an exposure to any heavy metal is unhealthy? It can take many hours for the body to purge itself of Barium and Gadolinium - if all of it can ever be removed from the body at all. Gadolinium might be equally sinister it invades the brain by crossing the blood/brain barrier. This must happen to penetrate the lesions of the brain so they will show up on MRI images. Otherwise, MS lesions will not appear on the scan. This entire issue of contrast agents (so named by the medical profession) is a very dif ...   5,963 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Personal Conflicts

Re: This is sick   by Hveragerthi   4y
  I just had an x-ray for my lower back and there were whole capsules  showing! He said he liked to point that out to patients how much money they’re wasting on vitamins and that we should eat whole foods. Is that proof I have no stomach acid??? How could a gelatin capsule of herbs make it all the way through? This really does not make sense. Gelatin capsules get real soft and dissolve easily even in water.  The only time you would really have undigested pills going through the system is with some tablets. Some manufacturers use coatings like shellac over their ...   1,071 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: Failed root canal 5 years ago, tooth is lose can't af...   by #107689   4y
" Bridges are one of the worst things you can do unless ofcourse you want to be toothless in old age . To make a bridge , the two adjacent teeth are filed down to stubs and their nerves are damaged and they eventually die and you end up with weak root canaled teeth and then these teeth are extracted . You state that a bridge is an alternative to a crown , but bridges involve crowning teeth" I have a bridge that was installed just about 50 years ago and the only problem I’ve ever had with it is that it one time fell off the anchor teeth - about ten years ago.&nb ...   5,444 hits
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Re: Another cause of mineral deficiencies/imbalances (EDIT)   by   4y
The MS friend, like many people, has never taken magnesium supplements his entire life. He get’s tired of taking supplements, which I told him is likely going to be needed for the rest of his life--but be glad he has a rest of his life to take his supplements. I was printing out for him to see for himself, what symptoms magnesium and calcium deficiences cause. Many of them are what he had been experiencing, thinking it was the MS. And, yes, Lyme coinfections were the most severe pathogens found for him through biofeedback. I was reading in the Minerals for the Genetic Code last nig ...   1,126 hits
Forum: Rife

Sunscreens Can Cause Skin Cancer   by Karlin   4y
Some sunscreens contain nanosized particles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. ”These nanomaterials are being added without appropriate labeling or reliable safety information, so the public has no way of making informed purchasing choices,” The Food and Drug Administration has known for a decade that almost half of the most popular sunscreens contain an ingredient that may actually accelerate the growth of skin cancer cells. 80 percent of the sunscreens that claimed not to contain nanoparticles actually did. * Zinc oxide nanoparticles can kill important brain stem cel ...   430 hits
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Re: Post Mirena Update   by Melanderso   4y
Well, if he’d found it during the hysteroscopy (the vaginal scope with no cutting)--that was less than an hour and I went to work the next day. But I’m one of the rare ones. The Mirena had gone through the uterine wall and was in my gut. That required a laproscopy (2 tiny cuts). Usually if they go missing it’s the first month, but mine waited over 2 years to escape. I am still very angry with my Dr. because after the hysteroscopy he told me the IUD probably just fell out. Well, I knew it hadn’t because I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I picked up my back X-ray my prim ...   1,615 hits
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My Fast(ing) Day 9   by catch22   4y   View Entire Thread 8
Good evening everyone! Hope all is well with you. Almost at the end of day 9 here. If you didn’t know... sunbathing works. It really does. I haven’t really had a chance to get any in the last few days because of the weather and overall lack of desire/too tired. I did, however, get some rays in this morning and it did wonders.. I actually went on little hike through the greenbelt a little later in the day also. Probably my most ”at peace/relaxed” during this fast. Just thought I would share... SUN IS GOOD! It may also be the fact that my brain finally processed that 10 days is 1 ...   800 hits
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Re: Sun bathing: Chiron and Chris   by chrisb1   4y
Mighty, of course there is a distinction between sun-gazing and sun-bathing and the most beneficial times of day for each. Animals in the wild (even domesticated ones) tend to avoid the heat of the Sun at midday as they know instinctively that the heat is enervating if prolonged. This was also my take on the matter until relatively recently: avoid the heat and only sunbathe after 3.00pm and before noon. However, fairly recent research has shown that Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3 manufactured within the skin from sunlight, is only achieved by exposure to UVB rays, and these are at th ...   807 hits
Forum: Fasting: Water Only.

Liver enlarge problem any one?   by cynthleal   4y   View Entire Thread 3
Ok here I am again and still not feeling very well. I had to go to the Dr last week because of a pain that i been having for the last 2 weeks on my upper back left side, but last week it got to the point that it hurt me so bad when breathing like a stabbing pain in my heart when inhaling air’ so they took and x-ray of my up back and chest and said that my back muscles seem to be stiff, so they prescribed me a muscle relaxer and pain pills. Now just yesterday the nurse call me back again to go get an ultrasound because it appears that my liver may be enlarge but not they are not sure so h ...   1,205 hits
Forum: Mirena

STILL CRASHING update.   by cynthleal   4y   View Entire Thread 3
Like I posted before I’ve been Crashing, and yesterday I got this very sharp pain in my left upper back shoulder area, that will pass to my chest and hurt really bad every time i inhale air like a stabbing pain. I got really scare because it wouldn’t go away; so I called my Dr and got an appointment for that same day. Took an x-ray of my chest and back and said that she could see that my muscles were really stiff. I also mentioned that my left ear kept popping, she checked my ears and said that she could see a lot of pressure inside. and another symptom I mentioned was the feeling of n ...   1,351 hits
Forum: Mirena

Re: Pancreatitis   by MH   4y
I’m a 54 yr old male OK and seem to have symptoms of pancretitis (very uncomfortable) OK, NOT SOMETHING YOU HEAR TOO MANY PEOPLE TALK ABOUT, OTHER THAN PANCREATIC CANCER SEEMS A DEATH SENTANCE TO MALES ONCE THEY ARE DIAGNOSED WITH IT, ETC... and don’t want to go to a doctor if at all possible. NOT GOING TO A MD IS FINE, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A GREAT CHIROPRACTOR AND ENOUGH HERBAL/NATURAL EDUCATION TO TRUST NTURE. The medical books say not to eat or drink for several days (which would require hospital stay with iv fluids) to allow the pancrease to heal. SOUNDS VERY WEIRD...I ...   792 hits
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My Orthodontist   by Mike1953   4y   View Entire Thread 9
My Orthodontist is what first piqued my curiosity in iodine. The reason a 56 year old like me has an orthodontist is that I gave up a 3 pack a day cigarette addiction last August and decided to hi-jack the ciggy fund to something positive and also create a point of no return to the cigarettes as I can’t afford both. My Orthodontist is also old like me, he is 67 and had just had his thyroid removed weeks before first meeting him. I assumed it was due to the x-ray equipment but he said his radiation badge never showed over exposure. I began researching thyroid and iodine on the net w ...   1,017 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Stomach pain after eating   by deli   4y   View Entire Thread 5
Desperately seeking an answer for my 16yo daughter. She first began having severe stomach pain in NOV 2009 that took us to the ER. They ruled out appendicitis or gall bladder attack by x-ray. She had a mucous-y stool so they prescribed a stool softener for constipation & sent us home. She DOES NOT have bowel problems. She is mostly regular and eats a healthier veggie diet than most teens. However, after EVERY meal, she has stomach pain within about 20-30 minutes after her meal. Sometimes she is to the point of being doubled over. Her quality of life is being greatly affected. She cannot ri ...   2,770 hits
Forum: Ask Dr Mom

Re: which came first, the allergies or the disease? (edited)   by chirontherainbowbridge   4y
Well, it’s official. I just heard from my mother, and she says: ”to date there is NO substance in the world that rebuilds cartlidge. NONE or the inventors would be richer than bill gates.” She adds there is no cartilage and it’s very clear on the x-ray. Hip totally impacted. Apparently she was told five years ago she’d need the operation. I guess she tried some glucosamine and chondroitin health food type stuff and it doesn’t do much but helps a bit with keping the knee mobile. Anyway, she’s asked me to stop looking for a ’cure’, since there is none, and she’s going to have the opera ...   2,293 hits
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Re: Doctors milk dying cancer patients for every last dollar   by Hveragerthi   4y
 Tony, that’s true to a certain extent.  What isn’t included in that article is the fact that all a patient has to do is to refuse treatment.  It’s that simple. Actually it is not that simple. I had a friend who was admitted for kidney failure caused by a single dose of ibuprofen. He was uninsured so he ended up in County. During the admitting  x-ray they found a spot on his lungs which he informed them was scar tissue from Valley Fever and this was documented in his medical records. They insisted on doing a biopsy anyway. they came back several days later and t ...   4,623 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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Re: More Gut Pain!   by Hveragerthi   4y
 Then I suppose I’ll need to find out what triggers gallbladders attacks???!!! THEN figure out how to PREVENT it! Contributing factors include estrogen, progesterone, lack of fiber and lack of lecithin and dietary fats. Therefore I recommend getting the hormones in balance, increase your intake of fibers and lecithin granules, and small amounts of oil with each meal to help keep the bile from becoming stagnant. Sterol sources such as the jiaogulan, yucca root or maca will help prevent the reabsorption of the cholesterol released in the bile in to the intestines. Ok, ...   926 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

cogent comment   by trapper/kcmo   3y
VIEW REPLIES (0) REPLY REPORT ABUSE Leo Ray Ingle 4 hours, 20 minutes ago I live about ten miles from DIABLO CANYON NUCLEAR PLANT, owned and run by the "disaster specialists", PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC. It is on the Hosgri Fault, and one mile offshore is another newly discovered fault that could produce a massive tsunami. Japan is protected by winds being from West to East. Most of the "dirty 13" are set to send a large plume over inhabited country, urban and rural. Physics Departments are funded by BIG NUKE, BIG ...   612 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

Re: Any recommendations!   by Esstee   3y
Well if it were me, I would try MMS again(in moderation) to try and identify if the effects are the same. However... I don’t think I would go heavy on the dosage. Mainly as MMS can be rather abrasive and so I’m not sure a full flank approach would be wise in a case such as this. Perhaps you could try a 6-8 drops /twice a day protocol for a few, and see how that works. And, should you not feel any changes, then slowly increase your dosage in hopes of improving. Also, I wondered if perhaps you might have taken any types of medications and/or supplements these past few months? Because(l ...   1,081 hits     0 of 1 (0%)
Forum: MMS Support

Grim Subject, Yes?   by SoulfulSurvivor   3y
In my off-CureZone Life, i’m determined to be positive, jovial, and dedicated to enhancing my spiritual and physical health. I’ve been urged by friends and associates to ply my wry wit to standup comedy, and a reader of comments, responses, and this blog would never imagine that SoulfulSurvivor spends the majority of her time in joyous laughter and thoughtful creativity. So, why am I posting such grim, negative stuff on this blog, specifically? The reason that I am so vociferous and serious about the truths of domestic violence/abuse, malignant narcissism, and sociopathy is because the ...   1,521 hits
Blog: Floating the Abyss

Re: root canal removal during lyme disease   by Xicota   3y
Thanks! Yeah the doug coil machine is great. So I went ahead and had root canals extracted by a Huggins dentist (Marble Falls, TX). I felt AMAZING immediately afterward. Ever since, I feel much calmer, and I don’t get upset as easily. I am enjoying life more. But I am going through a detox period afterward. Some people at the dentist said to expect to feel more tired than usual for 2 weeks afterward. Yes, I am more tired than usual! One of the rc’s had an abscess underneath, not visible in x-rays. Anyway, between the rc toxins and bacteria probably released, I am pretty ti ...   3,668 hits
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is it photophobia or eye flash plz help???   by farro   3y   View Entire Thread 2
hi, i have developed eye floaters and flashes 8 months ago after taking lots of antibiotics and going through 2 surgeries for anal fistula,,, also i got h pylori 8months ago with eye flashes anf floaters, i still have h pylori and it is really hard for me to eradicate it even though i used lots of alternatives ,,,, my sympoms for eye that i cant tell if it is eye flashes or photophobia are, cant tolerate extreme light from sun or any sharp flash , when i look at any bright and sharp flash the flash remains in my eye like a very bright ray , if i blink i see the flash for some minutes ...   1,204 hits
Forum: Eyes Problems

is it photophobia or eye flashes plz help me,   by farro   3y   View Entire Thread 2
hi,i posted this in eye forum too,,,, i have developed eye floaters and flashes 8 months ago after taking lots of antibiotics and going through 2 surgeries for anal fistula,,, also i got h pylori 8months ago with eye flashes anf floaters, i still have h pylori and it is really hard for me to eradicate it even though i used lots of alternatives ,,,, my sympoms for eye that i cant tell if it is eye flashes or photophobia are, cant tolerate extreme light from sun or any sharp flash , when i look at any bright and sharp flash the flash remains in my eye like a very bright ray , if i blink ...   1,950 hits
Forum: Eye Floaters

Getting Tested   by lzqosoz94   3y   View Entire Thread 6
Hey guys, i have been dealing with stomach problems for 9 months, have posted in these forums many times. I am wondering what you guys would recommend for the most accurate testing in regards to a person with my suspected conditions. 1 - i had rectal swabs done about 6 months ago that said i had ”charcot-leyden crystals” signifying the existence of a parasite 2 - i spent a few months on antibiotics, a total of 4 courses. 3 - I got c diff, and spent a few weeks on vancomycin - c diff comes back negative and from there i have increasingly worse distention, bloating, digestive troubl ...   1,093 hits
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Reverse thinking   by ring5100   3y   View Entire Thread 3
Now I wonder, since treating my adrenals for 2.5 years now and still not achieving results, if I could be ”over stimulating them. 10 years ago, I had exteme low levels of salivary cortisol. But, in the last 2 years on several occassions, I had blood reading that were high, and salivary, were low and than normal, yet symptoms have always been weak, depresison, anxiety, low blood sugar symptoms, etc. I was put on hydrocortisone to help regulate the HPA axis loop between the brain and the adrenals. Maybe it is to overstimulating now. I’m on such low dose though, 3mg. 3 times a day. ...   634 hits
Forum: Adrenal Fatigue

Re: Could I be having partial seizures?   by LookingUp   3y
Thanks for your reply. Since I last left a message, I went to a chiropractor/natural healing doctor and I think I may be on the road to recovery now. My neck had some serious issues that could be causing lots of my serious neurological problems and affecting other areas of the body. With just one adjustment I felt the difference. Also, through muscle testing, he found out that I have infection in my body and almost all of my body systems are a mess. Through an X-ray he found out that there is some calcification of my thyroid. From what I read, that alone can cause anxiety, nervousness, ...   1,939 hits
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Re: Could it be acidosis?   by unyquity   3y
That pressure/moving sensation/pain in continue to feel in my left chest, heart, back/lung. mainly right above heart. That pressure/moving sensation/pain in continue to feel in my left chest, heart, back/lung. mainly right above heart. Maybe i should buy some alkaline mineral supplements aybe i should buy some alkaline mineral supplements Please explain what makes you think your body needs ”alkaline mineral supplements”. And what specific supplements do you mean? Honestly, I truly DO appreciate your discernement, but like ray, I also know that this is a very common adver ...   688 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Non-negotiable (lol :) Re: Is it bad   by unyquity   3y
Yep, ray is correct...128 oz of juice daily is the goal. Are we going to reach the goal? I’ve never been able to get down more than 7 of the 8 16oz jars in a day (when I’m IF#2ing at the same time). And that was along with my standard 1 - 1 1/2 gallons of water daily :::tee hee::: SO, the answer need to ’push it harder’, but please respect yourself and don’t try to push from 2 16oz jars to 8 16oz jars, or your next post will be about something yukky. Do your best to add 16 oz a day (more if you can). As far as the water, make sure you have 8-16oz after every dose of IF# ...   701 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Question for ya Uny :) (flukes in liver feeling)   by Willowley   3y
I’m sure Ray will pop in and answer your questions but in the meantime here is what the AVC Bomb is. :) "ACV bomb = 1 tablespoon of raw/organic Apple Cider Vinegar, one tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses or raw/local honey, 1 minced garlic clove, 1 dose of cayenne powder and 1 teaspoon of Unyworm liquid).  Tip: this will be MUCH easier if you premix the vinegar with the molasses or honey (just put equal parts of both in a pint or quart jar, and shake like takes a long time for the molasses/honey to dissolve into the ACV).  Then ju ...   892 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Finally Got My Answer!   by #135505   3y
IBSucks....this makes SOOO much sense! I too have gone for lots of tests...They thought mine was possible cancer. Had CT scans, x-rays, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and with all the MD treatments and medications--nothing worked! Nothing really solved the problem totally on here either, the herbs, etc. While diet & exercise help a lot--it is impossible to keep on this crazy diet. Think the diet may help a little with this internal intussusception because of all of the fiber in it. But I feel like I am starving. I too have internal hem and thought I might get them removed. Oh MAN, I CANNOT wait ...   13,922 hits
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Image Embedded Re: stay calm   by trapper/kcmo   3y The Radiation level at Fukushima reactor No. 2 at its highest level recorded so far March 23rd, 2011 Share | by ZH Per the Japan Nuclear Agency: the Radiation level at Fukushima reactor No. 2 at its highest level recorded so far. From Reuters: “Radiation at the crippled Fukushima No.2 nuclear reactor was recorded at the highest level since the start of the crisis, Japan’s nuclear safety agency said on Wednesday. An agency spokesman said 500 ...   762 hits
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Video Embedded Meltdown at Fukushima CONFIRMED   by turiya   3y   View Entire Thread 6 NEUTRON BEAM OBSERVED 13 TIMES AT CRIPPLED FUKUSHIMA NUKE PLANT TOKYO, March 23, Kyodo Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it has observed a neutron beam, a kind of radioactive ray, 13 times on the premises of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after it was crippled by the massive March 11 quake-tsunami disaster. TEPCO, the operator of the nuclear plant, said the neutron beam measured about 1.5 kilometers southwest of the plant’s No. 1 and 2 reactors over three days from March 13 and is equivalent to 0.01 to 0.02 micro ...   1,024 hits
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Re: Vitamin D: Bad guy or good guy?   by Ginagirl   3y
Hi Sam; reading old posts? A good thing, but when it comes to vit D I am as puzzled as anyone else. I tried to supplement it for a while but had bad reactions, as I have had to many types of supplements. I recommend sunshine as vit D; if possible. I try to get out one hour daily; this works well for me even if living as far north as I do. Problem is that many forum members seemed to have low vitamin D; even if beeing out in the sun a lot, and even if living further south than me. That put me in the thinking box.. so what I believe is that if part of our ”system” is lacking, we ...   1,799 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Went to the dentist today...   by Sikanda   3y   View Entire Thread 10
To see about getting my silver fillings removed... She was very nice although skeptical about the whole mercury posioning thing lol...Explained how its more dangerous to remove them if they aren’t damaged and explained about the procedure(she sounded like she knew about the safety techniques and mentioned the ones I read on here) so I think it should be ok using her to remove them...I wonder though if its so dangerous removing them then WHY DO THEY PUT THEM IN YOUR MOUTH IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! I mean really?!!?!!?!? Bad news is its going to cost $189 per tooth! I have four! They took ...   1,469 hits
Forum: Candida Support   Mercury   Amalgam Replacement

Mirena displaced .... Feel like crap .... Related?   by HappyChick72704   3y   View Entire Thread 3
I’ve had my Mirena for 2 years. I loved it at first, but last summer, I started having severe abdominal pains. I went to my pcp, and he did a pelvic and said, ”didn’t you say you have a Mirena?” Apparently, he couldn’t find the strings. He did an x-ray and determined that it was still in my uterus, but sent me for an ultrasound to get more details on where it was. The us showed that the Mirena had migrated up further in my uterus and that I had some ovarian cysts. He didn’t advise me to remove it, so I just kept it. Since then, I’ve gained 40 pounds, am extremely exhausted and fatig ...   5,408 hits
Forum: Mirena

Dr hardy, back ear lump, h pylori, ear noise and eye floa...   by farro   3y   View Entire Thread 12
hi dar hardy, i have some health problems, i been diagnosed with h pylori 7 months ago i take some alternatives for it, like mastic gum , monolauring, zinc, magenizium citrate, black starp molasses, vitamin c 1000mg, kyolic aged garlic for candida cleanse, grapefruit extracts, vitamin e, fresh garlic 4 or 5 cloves day, ,,,, . i started eye floaters 7 months ago too, and some weird things happens to my eyes when i look at the sun directly or indirectly or if i take pic with flash the ray or the flash remains in my eyes for about 6 or 7 min it really makes me sacred, i bought dr chirsto ...   3,557 hits
Forum: Ask Dennis Hardy ND

Re: menopause   by mia1950   3y
Hi MH, you needed some furthur details to my question, i am 60 years old, 160lbs 5’5”. i have 4 children all grown up now. only operation i can think of is appendix removal as a child. water. currently i drink tap water. i understand this is bad and so have ordered a table top water distiller. i live in a small town. you askes: ”You a medical type, do those mammograms, x-rays, test subject?” No, I am not involved with any of this. diseases? nothing comes to mind. drugs. well, i do take HRT which is a prescription drug supplied over here by local doctors for menopau ...   647 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Again & always... Re: Major Die-Off [Edit]   by josephr525   3y
Thank you for doing no harm. In the past [I mean last year before I came here and was chelating with ALA 3 days every week], I was able to reduce HC from ”stress dosing” doses of 20 to 35 mg down to 10 mg quite fast and without any noticeable problems. I’m getting over that flu, and with that, my need for HC seems to be less. Before that flu, I seemed to be doing OK on 10 mg HC, but then I tried to wean off it too fast and while taking IF2, which was a mistake, and that was when I said something I should not have said and then was given the flu, big time. It’s hard to say what’s causing ...   947 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Eczema life suffering   by dd710   3y
Height = 5’6” Weight = 165 lbs My mom tells me she stopped breastfeeding shortly after 2-3 weeks. I live in a city that uses municipal water supply. I have been changing my diet recently to a more nourishing traditions type diet (eggs, sauerkraut, raw milk, meats, vegetables). I avoid soft drinks at all cost and when forced to eat out choose fresher foods that are minimally processed. I am an x-ray tech and work in a hospital. I believe I do have the money for amalgam removal but put it off due to no symptoms at that time (dumb move). Do you feel the difference in technique in remo ...   1,002 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

Re: Can someone with sinus movement/itch and Ivermectin p...   by TropicalBoy   3y
have you tried to clean out your nasal system using jala neti pot...well like most other things it is unlikely to help To find out about your sinuses there are mainly 3 things to do: Get a ENT doctor to go in with a scope and look at your sinuses, and du culture swabs. Some doctors do wider set of cultures, places it on a long series of culture medias. You can also get a box to deliver mucous etc coming out from your nose to a lab. Well it depends on how good the lab is what they will do. In addition CT scan can be very useful to detect low grade chronic sinus infection. (standard ...   2,121 hits
Forum: Parasites: Drugs

Re: praying for you...   by SnoopylovesWoodstock   3y
Pioneer, Sorry to hear of the bad time you are going through. Seems discouraging to go through that. You can get past this though if anyone can. Hang in there. You know what to do. You have already been through some pretty major detoxing. What did they do for you when you went to the ER? I think I read that they did x-rays. I went through a bad detox reaction after going gluten free. That is when my C5-6, C6-7 inflammed terribly. Had all sorts of burning pain across the back of my neck and head, mild case of shingles, depression, no sleep. Since then, I have read that ...   1,104 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Re: Eczema life suffering   by VeryGnawty   3y
”I have been changing my diet recently to a more nourishing traditions type diet (eggs, sauerkraut, raw milk, meats, vegetables)” That doesn’t sound too different from the SAD diet, with the exception of consuming the milk raw. ”I am an x-ray tech and work in a hospital.” That’s one place I would never work. The smell of hospitals alone make me want to run 100 meters in the other direction. They are full of sickly air, like MH says. ”Also I have read the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by Dr Mcbride and I wanted to start this diet but wanted your opinion of this syste ...   1,132 hits
Forum: Ask Barefoot

caught smuggling gold out of egypt   by johng   3y   View Entire Thread 2
things must be heating up in middle east: After a week ago we learned that the central bank of Tunisia had parted with 23% of its gold stash courtesy of now deposed president who fled the country with a 1.5 ton shipment of gold, it appears that Egypt is preparing for a comparable spike in revolutionary activity. Only unlike the now former Tunisian president whose gold sequestering actions were retroactive and thus, quite lucky to succeed, Egypt has taken proac ...   671 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

Re: New at this and could use your help please.   by mertletertle   3y
Prayer is so important to healing, and I’m so glad all of these folks have you advocating for them in prayer. People prayed for me, and I also did a natural protocol to heal stage 2 & 3 cancer, and it worked, together with exercise, and better water. Alkaline water helps even more. The plan I used is at I was tested and all tests were normal, where the tumor had been a grayish blob on the x-ray, there was clear, black space. Other places they can find help: A ...   1,414 hits
Forum: Ask George

How to refuse standard toxic medical therapies in cases o...   by knut87   3y   View Entire Thread 2 ”For everyone interested in protecting themselves from the normal medical assaults, I suggest that you carry a card on you at all times, in a pouch around your neck, in a wallet, pocket or in a purse. I suggest that you laminate it to insure that it does not fade or mutilated.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ On that card, I suggest that you type the following on the front-side: In Case of Injury or Unconsciousness, The Following Medical Procedures Apply Absolutely NO medications of any kind except those mentioned permissible herein can be utilized on or i ...   791 hits
Forum: Rife

Re: Aging puffy face, Eye bags, Pale fingernails. what do...   by aman2010   3y
No Ive never been exposed to any major radiation at all. Except x-rays twice when I was about 7... ages ago. 19 now. The radiation they are claiming is affecting me is electronic radiation from things like, Mobile Phones, My PC, computer monitor. They said I must have been spending A lot of time near these things.. Which is true but everybody else I know is fine.. So im thinking is it really affecting me or are they just throwing out random reasons for my symptoms? Also Ive been using microwaves a few times a week too, So I dunno. ”Black walnut is usually used for parasite control. I ...   14,673 hits
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