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Visit with holistic cavitation dentist in MA   by rocknlocks   3y   View Entire Thread 5
After having the cavitation surgery in June of 2010, I was due for a cleaning and checking. Not having a holistic dentist located near-by, I made the 2 hr. trip to Groton, MA to see the folks at Groton Wellness Dental Spa. They had also come recommended by Fred Hughes of b/c they offer cavitation surgery among other services. The visit exceeded my expectations for sure. Everyone was kind, caring and best of all I could relax knowing that I wasn’t going to have to defend my position on fluoride. I was surprised to see a copy of Fred’s book, among other holistic ...   1,597 hits
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Re: Rebounder/IF1 Question.   by niteblume   3y
Ray, How did you know that it was the if#1 that was causing the candida die-off? I have had horrible candida die-off as well, but I thought it was caused by killing of parasites. I am itching constantly and even have two ring worms on my leg. If that is definetely what caused it, I would like to know. In my opinion, when candida is worse that glues up the intestines more. I don’t know about eating prunes though. You have to really be careful not to eat too many. For me six was always my limit. We are all different though. On the if#1 I can’t even take a whole one per day. BTW, thanks fo ...   986 hits
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You are NOT very sorry... :).... Re: Help!   by unyquity   3y
...for asking intelligent questions and needing to know the answers to heal yourself! :) What you are doing is correct. Start with one IF#1 with the evening meal, and if you don’t have the amount of bms you want the next day - then the next night take two capsules with your evening meal...and so on. When you’re sure you can achieve 2-3 bms daily with the IF#1, then start the IF#2. (I started this response yesterday; now that I see your most recent posts we can assume the main issue is to stabilize on the Effexor. Once you’re ’out of the red’ there, then you can go ahead and use th ...   527 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Video Embedded Re: It's Doobie Doo, not Doobie Do   by healinginHiswings   3y
lol I did consider doo, also due and dew. Hang on to your vinyl, if you still have some. Ray, I did consider Blue October’s Jump Rope song for you, if it makes you feel more relevant to the conversation. But to me, Jump Rope is more of an emotion song, like what my emotions do: Wings   993 hits
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Re: Colonoscopy next week, when should I start Paragone c...   by pilare   31mo
Hi Goeff1981, I think it might be a good idea to wait after testing to start the paragone treatment and all. As for your symptoms, Have you consider fonctionnal(reactive) hypoglycemia? You seem to eat very well but it is very important to have both complex carbohydrates and protein within the same meal AT EVERY MEAL to keep blood sugar steady and get energy throughout the day... Since I started taking 3 good meals a day with 3 snacks (including one before bed) my life litterally changed energy was almost a miracle! And it took only 2 weeks to observe major changes: ...   2,053 hits
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Re: Colonoscopy next week, when should I start Paragone c...   by Geoff1981   31mo
Good evening pilare, thank you for your reply. Yes, I think it would be wise to wait until after the colonoscopy before starting the parasite cleanse. I’m wondering if the pre-examination clear-out will actually flush some bad toxins away, giving me a clearer foundation from which to start the cleanses? I have not really considered hypoglycemia, no, although I am open to all suggestions and possibilities. I was eating a rather strict raw food diet, relatively low in calories, yet always felt great, with lots of energy. These days I am eating far more cooked food (although still cl ...   2,160 hits
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Re: ThinkAgain: ThinkAgain Apicoectomy and root canals   by ThinkAgain   31mo
Gibby, if your dentist says there are no amalgams in your root canals, you either have to believe him or visit another dentist for a second opinion. Second checkup should not cost a lot but it will give you a peace of mind. If you decide to do it, just ask the 2nd dentist to check for any amalgams in your dental work. You can always ask for x-rays from your dentist and take them with you to the 2nd one. By law s/he has to provide them to you. Make sure 1st & 2nd dentists don’t know each other (when/where s/he graduated from?). The problem for most people is to find a dentist who they ...   1,850 hits
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Video Embedded september to remember - 9/11 links and vids   by trapper/kcmo   31mo   View Entire Thread 7
controlled demolition George Bush lying people caught in compromising remarks and what happened to building 7 MIT engineer talks about building 7 Evidence of secondary bombs going off in WTC former FBI director tells what he knew about 911 deaths of key witnesses http://www ...   454 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

HV, about Hip Bursitis and Back Pain   by Vegeta   32mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hi HV, Thanks for the replies in the thread earlier. My questions now relate to my mum (51 years old). She has had hip bursitis for just over a year, started on the right side and now it’s on both sides. I didn’t know what it was until the doctors diagnosed it last month. A year before getting the hip bursitis, some lumbar discs were displaced (slipped discs) which caused her great pain and the muscles in her upper back tighten up with coldness, this also started with the slipped discs. No physical trauma occured before getting the slipped discs or hip bursitis. There is no ...   1,584 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Video Embedded Redacting all but your privacy – DHS Voyeurism, Backscatt...   by trapper/kcmo   32mo Thursday, August 18, 2011 Redacting all but your privacy – DHS Voyeurism, Backscatter Vans and Body-scanners Owen Myles, Contributing Writer Activist Post Apparently public information can be redacted into an unaccountable oblivion, and the only boundary to black-marks are your private parts where they end for the sake of voyeurism. EPIC’s Freedom of Information Act request was answered with what looks more like a Hubble malfunction than a document regarding body-scanners and mobile X-ray (Backscatter) van ...   183 hits
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The ultimate hack: Reverse engineering the human brain   by befurther   32mo
Article: 5 things you probably didn’t know could be hacked 5. The human brain Of all the storage mediums you use to keep information that is most important to you, your brain is by far the most complex. Because of the immense amount of data that the human brain can hold, scientists have been attempting to crack our internal hard drives for quite some time. The scary part? They’re actually  getting close . By building complex models of other brains in the animal kingdom — such as those of mice, cats, and primates — and then moving on to humans, rese ...   885 hits
Forum: Conspiracy Theories

Re: My daughter   by Hveragerthi   32mo
 My daughter is 7 years old. It started two years ago.she had severe abdominal pain for a month. The Dr did not what that was. A year later she started abdominal pain, difficulty breathing.I have done numerous tests including rays,blood work nothing. One thing I know she had some disbiosis in the intestines. The the recent blood work showed high iron 173 and alkaline phosphates are high 244. I don,t know what to do next.she also has muscle pain in the arms and legs,very irritated. Do you have more information on the pain such as where exactly it is located?  Does it come and ...   721 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: My daughter   by suzannaxyz   32mo
Thanks very much. I think she started with GI issues. Would those cause iron elevations? I think she compains the pain in the middle then to the right side.I keep telling them there is something wrong. She wanted me to see the psychiatrist. Unbelievable. I am making an appointment with hematologist. They say with kids the phosphates are high, they grow. But I will request additional tests to make sure it is not liver. As far as liver enzymes, everything looks fine for now. If we continued like this there will be a damage. My son had similar issues, the x-ray showed enlarged liver. They cou ...   615 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: The science of ALA and Mercury   by Tizona   32mo
here’s an interesting study. This museum was having a problem with materials that had been contaminated with mercury So they made up an aqua solution comprised mainly of ALA and sprayed onto the mercury contaminated items. The ALA successfully decontaminated the items --------------- Lipoic acid formulations for the removal of arsenic and mercury from museum artifact material Abstract Museums currently face a tremendous task of identification, mitigation, and remediation of pesticides from artifacts in order to protect museum workers and the general public. Additionally ar ...   2,125 hits
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Re: Periods getting lighter and lighter and headache con'd   by Melanderso   32mo
Oh my God. . .how did they find that? How do they treat a hole in the jaw? My jaw has been hurting for 4-5 months--I’d better make sure they get an X-ray at my cleaning next week. Did you have headaches? I tried fosamax and boniva, but I get the feeling those meds are going out of favor because the bone they ”save” is brittle. There’s some new shots that supposedly grow good bone, but they are new (so that means untested, like Mirena) and expensive. I saw a endo at a very large hospital, and we are retesting my hormones on the 3rd day of my cycle, and doing a 24 hour urine to see i ...   1,044 hits
Forum: Mirena

Pain in My Head   by #141135   32mo   View Entire Thread 10
Hi, I’ve been having some strange events since I worked in this house in Berkeley, CA. I lived there too, and I’m pretty sure I had exposure to lead, some kind of toxic chemicals and mold. Moved out, brought some stuff back to FL, but then, either got rid of them or put them in the garage, but now, over a year later, I still have all sorts of messed up feelings: Pains - in my head, sometimes my lungs. Ears ring. I’m dizzy, weird sensations, (afraid I might have a stroke). There’s a feeling of a ’chemical presence’ in my head. Went to an environmental doctor today (after ...   1,415 hits
Forum: Brain Injury   Chemical Sensitivities   CFS, ME, CFIDS

4 year old with spina bifida   by #2639   30mo   View Entire Thread 2
Hello, I have a problem I am hoping someone here can help me with. My 4-year old grandson has spina bifida. The first year of his life he had approx $500,000 in surgeries. He is able to walk and function. When people see him, they have no idea of what he has been through, with the exception of his shunt. Anyway the problem is that he broke his heal. The little boy can walk normally on it because he has zero feeling in his feet. If fact, while he was sleeping a doctor stuck a needle into his foot to drain some fluids for testing. No reaction at all. It has been a month or two an ...   401 hits
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Re: iodine prophylaxis in bacterial infections   by just thinking   30mo
My understanding is TB is spread by the infected person coughing into the air, and then those droplets are inhaled by surrounding people. Some will show a positive to the TB tine test, but they’re not contagious. Others go on to develop their own infection. Depends on the quality of the immune system, as usual. I’ve never been clear whether I actually had it or not. The test was clearly positive, done as part of routine physical. I could think back to when I was probably exposed, because I’d worked in a medical clinic for five years, for a large part of the time doing chest x- ...   615 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Drugs & doctors suck!   by unyquity   30mo   View Entire Thread 7
My beloved mother = 30+ years on psych-drugs, the last 8-10 years being given horrendous combinations of anti-depressants & stimulants, culminating in a ”crash & burn” which required benzos & lithium to ’stabilize’. That created a benzo addiction which her psych-doc didn’t ’believe in’, so he ripped her off the benzos 5 years ago...which resulted an insidious ’benzo hell’ and protracted withdrawal syndrome. Long story VERY short - after starting Earthing, she started feeling SO much better and ’engaging in life’ again. Enough so, that ’off we went’ to an orthopedist to finally do som ...   815 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: iodine prophylaxis in bacterial infections   by just thinking   30mo
That bit about iodine being put on a plate so lab workers could inhale the fumes to help make them immune to influenza got me thinking. Tuberculosis has hit the news locally, with a teacher unknowingly exposing many kids to his active tb infection. Could iodine be important to treat tb? I’m one who had a positive tb test years ago, was treated for months with an antiobiotic, and have scars from an infection on my chest x-ray. I Googled about tuberculosis and iodine, and found out that Dr. Lugol had touted his iodine formula as a treatment for tb. That led to a lecture by Max ...   675 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Pineal Gland   by thinker2012   30mo
A long time ago  in karate class I got hit  right between my eyes by another students elbow, the blow was so hard it chipped the bone at the bridge of my nose inbetween my eyes. right in the area of the third eye? gland It was an accident and the other student was very sorry and paid for the x-rays I had to have, the blow was so hard I got knocked out cold and was taken to the ER and later released after a few hours. To this day I think this ’accident ’ opened up my pineal gland by dislodging the flouride and other hard deposits that were encasing the gland..And mhs oj fasts and herbs f ...   639 hits
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Re: Chronic, severe constipation . . worse than ever   by vikesfanmb   30mo
Sure . . I log everything I eat and have for the last 6 months or so - I have extensive food journals. I have cut back on fatty foods (i.e. fast food) but I do try to incorporate oils into my diet regularly - canola oil, olive oil, etc. According to my food diary settings, I am eating approx 1450 calories per day, carbs are set at 200, fat is set at 48 grams, protein is set at 54 grams, fiber is set at 18 grams (although I regularly exceed that) and sodium is set at 2500. Those numbers ”bump up” if I do vigorous exercise during the course of the day - and most days of the week, I do exe ...   2,728 hits
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Re: Recommendations for herbal healing book?   by chirontherainbowbridge   31mo
Hi Beth, I find I need less and less these days. Lately, I’ve been loving ”coronation grapes”, which taste a lot like wild concords, and are organic and very affordable. I am thinking to do a few days of these. The new moon is the 27--so good time to begin any new protocol, or hunt for new and better methods--or those more instantly accessible. I have Dr. Christopher’s 20th anniversary edition--Naturally, (irony alert) I didn’t realize it was not entirely ’his’, when I got it. I found/find it maddeningly counter-intuitive in terms of layout, and organization. But when I’ve ...   1,192 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Why do I get gas *after* a BM?   by Geoff1981   31mo
Thanks very much for your post. Yes, I know can relate to this feeling...going to the toilet in the morning, that empty, ’light’ sensation after emptying your bowels. Then, half an hour later your stomach becomes bloated and gassy. When I relieve myself of the gas there is never any odour - just air, exactly as you describe...sometimes it almost feels never ending. One day I felt so frustrated that doctors were not taking this condition seriously that I shot a video of myself in the process - expelling gas for several minutes. I showed the video to the doctor, who tried to argue t ...   4,091 hits
Forum: IBS   Candida Support   Leaky Gut

Re: Tunnels to 13 underground bases being sealed off   by ChaztheMeatHead   31mo
Yep I think you may be right. Or else our ”government” may have weapons we are not aware of. And I have a feeling there is more going on than just aliens. Something galactic. Like something is changing throughout the whole galaxy. Or at least our solar system. And there may be something to the spontaneous evolution stuff too. Where when the conditions become right throughout the solar system, things evolve almost instantaneously. This explains the almost instantaneous changes that happened during previous periods in Earths history. Quite a few scientists are admitting that the old ...   1,440 hits
Forum: Conspiracy Theories

New Curse Of The Bambino?   by bluepastry   31mo
Sox owner John Henry and his wife Linda have decided to back Lucky Them, an indie about a music writer searching for her ex-boyfriend. She’s on assignment but willing to track him down for the story, whatever lingering hard feelings might still be there. The picture was being produced by the late great Paul Newman, but after his death, longtime beloved wife Joanne Woodward stepped in. \ 88 years ago, former Red Sox owner Harry Frazee sold baseball legend Babe Ruth to the hated Yankees to finance a Broadway play called My Lady Friends or No No Nanette, depending on which of the many u ...   681 hits
Blog: Raw Foods is it for Everybody

Re: FOOD is PROMOTED EVERYWHERE   by thinker2012   31mo
A teacher/md who does brain imaging x-rays and EEGs etc etc to test humans brain wave electrical function, told me... Some humans have very active brains, with lots of measurable electrical activity, synaptic connectivity between the ganglion. Some human brains are as active and complex as a computer. He said other humans have almost NO electrical activity in thier brains, maybe just the food and sex center bleep a bit, he said some humans are measurably deficit in neural transmission and that measuring and looking at the electrical activity in thier brain was like looking at a ”BLOC ...   538 hits
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Please help me! I could use some guidance with my Candida...   by Gabeman   30mo   View Entire Thread 4
Hello Cynthia! I am a 19 year old from the U.S. and I am also quite sure I have a severe case of candida overgrowth in my intestines. I have been having constant discomfort, inflammation and a general feeling of a blockage in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen. It focuses mainly under my right rib cage but the inflammation reaches all the way to my right flank. If you compare my right and left flanks there is an obvious physical difference. This is causing me tons of pressure under my ribs and on my back. Having this pain constantly day in and day out is really taking a toll on me. I ...   696 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: hearing problem update   by MH   31mo
Went to the dentist today to see if my tooth was the cause of my hearing loss. Took xrays and said the tooth with the crown looked fine. X RAYS ARE VERY LIMITED AND FEW DENTIST WILL ADMIT ANY CROWN IS A PROBLEM. He flossed around it, no blood and no pain. VERY RARE THAT THE GUMLINE DOES NOT BLEED AROUND CROWNS.... He thought maybe it was TMJ related and referred me to a TMJ specialist. THAT IS ABOUT STUPID, THERE SHOULD BE NO SUCH THING ON THIS PLANET AS A TMJ SPECIALTIST AND HIM REFERING YOU TO HIS BUDDY IS WARNING ENOUGH FOR ME TO NEVER WANT TO SEE THAT PERSON EVER AGAIN AND ...   468 hits
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One step further...   by grzbear   31mo
currently we understand solar radiation storms as swarms of electrons, protons and heavy ions... Without enough *proton acceptors* in/on our skin to neutralize the bombardment of protons, we get sun burned much more quickly during a more intense solar storm, or flares... so do all living things BTW. what are other forms of *radiation*, such as those spewing from Fukushima? What about x-rays, radiation therapies, etc.? What are EMFs? What about them? Beginning to *see* why these things can *cause* health problems? Newport was right to introduce ion/anion here - I think th ...   746 hits
Forum: Ask Trapper

Re: collagen supplement   by Iolite   30mo
I’ve been taking the Neo Cell powder. I’ve put it in juice and I’ve also put it in chicken broth that I make into egg drop soup. It seems to me that it’s just plain old gelatin, but it doesn’t say that on the jar. I’ve also started taking HydraPlenish by Nature’s Way that has collagen as well as HA. I fell a week before Labor Day, going down our back steps to the deck to put some stuff on the grill. I actually didn’t feel any pain in my knee until a week later. I’ve already had a cortisone shot, but it’s worn off. The x-ray didn’t show any damage, but the cortisone did bring d ...   1,209 hits
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Just in time for the Holiday weekend~vintage iodine sunta...   by wombat   3y   View Entire Thread 4
From the ”Westmore Beauty Book”, a vintage 50’s book on all things beauty. This is taken directly from the book. I have no idea what sort of iodine they were using, and I have info on caron oil following this recipe. I certainly would not use perfume~! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ”’s one that we make at home and personally recommend...the proportions are as follows: 1/4 oz apple cider vinegar(for the tannic acid it contains). 2 oz of caron oil(this is the basic ingredient of all burn healing ...   1,803 hits
Forum: Iodine Supplementation

Re: Gut Troubles/CT Scan   by Hveragerthi   3y
  Well, the results of the CT Scan are ’unremarkable’ except for the gallbladder stone/sludge that I already found out about last year from the ultrasound. Bitters and lecithin granules will help with dissolving these. Today, I got a disc with the pix from it from the Radiology Clinic. The CT Scan image looks basically like an X ray! Not much detail at all considering all the barium I had to drink and the iodine dye they shot me up with! Sheesh.  Perhaps it’s the MRIs that show things more clearly?  Yes.     962 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

North Carolina nuclear facility with superheated uranium....   by befurther   3y
...leaking ten gallons of radioactive cooling water per hour RALEIGH -- North Carolina State University says a small leak in its nuclear research reactor is not a public health threat. The reactor is housed in the Burlington Nuclear Engineering Laboratory. The building is located at 2500 Katharine Stinson Drive. Click here for more about the reactor on the school’s website N.C. State physicist Gerry Wicks said Thursday the reactor is leaking about 10 gallons of water per hour. Facilities are only required to report leaks in excess of 350 gallons an hour. NC State said the le ...   301 hits
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Re: 5yr headache0+ w/Strongyloides Stercoralis,leaky gut,...   by TWLIGHTOF MORTALS   32mo
Thanks for your response! What your describing may be what I’m dealing with. Could you share those salt water instructions with me? I have no problem giving up ANYTHING at this point, earlier I had some bread but that was the first time since July 24th. Consider it done! It’s not that I don’t want to take another test, for now I have to maintain my job.(s) I did have my dental check up /cleaning last week and I mentioned like before that my second from back upper molar is aching again and (after reading some Hulda Clark)I had asked them about taking it out or replacing? they X-ray’d it ...   1,736 hits
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Re: Son's foot and knee swelling and pain   by Hveragerthi   3y
 My 20-year-old son’s foot started hurting and swelling a couple of days ago. He could barely walk on it, so he went to the doctor and they x-rayed it. His foot is not broken, but the swelling and pain persist and now his knee is a bit swollen and hurts, too. We took him to Urgent Care this morning and they did not really know what it is, so they wrapped it, and told him to stay off of it, ice it and take Motrin. I’m really starting to worry about this. He doesn’t remember injuring himself, and I wonder if it could be something beside a sprain. If the swelling is getting worse by ...   506 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Low Doses of Iodine vs high doses   by flexfifty   3y   View Entire Thread 3
I am killing time today in med library and reading about radioactive iodine, it seems low doses can be harmful, ie like three or four mgs, versus 30mgs, higher doses, I have an extensive history in radiation and it’s affects, and radiation would not enter into the equation. If anything a higher dose, would be the more toxic. Radioactive iodine, I131, which is an isotope of the E. iodine, I125 we take, is a beta releaser, a particle, not a ray, ie like gamma or an xray. Unfortunately, the article I was reading gave no reason, as it has most puzzled. It was a general warning to radiologist ...   941 hits
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Bloating today, tomorrow constipation   by MrsJustinJames   32mo   View Entire Thread 8
I’ve been having intestinal issues for a year now, but I’m in a bad spot right now. It started with severe constipation, then intense bloating and gas every time I ate. I got an ultrasound, and x ray, then a colonoscopy. All were fine except the ultrasound which said I had very small gall bladder polyps. After the colonoscopy, I seemed to get mostly better, but it’s cyclical. I get really constipated, and have to use suppositories every time I go. Then I get to the point where I have to get it all out, and I try smooth move tea or magnesium citrate, both are very severe with t ...   2,013 hits
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can a 20 mm gallstone be expelled out of gallbladder?   by latticesam   32mo   View Entire Thread 4
hi, i was dignosed with kidney and gallstone two years ago. the doctors asked me to not worry about the gallstone much. two years ago the gallstone was 14 mm but now its 20 mm and is easily seen in simple X-ray(KUK) and ultrasound. it is completely silent stone(its free floating). i rarely get a feeling of like some air trapped in that region(very rare). doc suggested to remove gallbladder, but i wont after reading some consequences. BUT MY ONLY WORRY IS THAT THE STONE IS 20 MM IN SIZE AND DOUBT THAT IT MAY GET STUCK IN THE DUCT, WHICH IS AGAIN A PROBLEM( I THINK A BIG PROBLEM). ...   6,555 hits
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Teeth cleanings n what to do ?   by Anne_33   32mo   View Entire Thread 8
does anyone here go to a dentist to have their teeth cleaned ? I called a local dentist and they wouldnt clean my teeth without taking x-rays and doing a thorough exam I told em I didnt want all that !! I just wanted my teeth cleaned and they said it was state law that it had to be done so needless to say I declined ..that was over a year ago . also I have no dental insurance either well I have had ongoing problems with my gums bleeding and pain in my jaw /sinuses that comes and goes and I know it is compromising my health I have not had my teeth cleaned in years .. ...   943 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: Which pain killer is better, Oxycodone or Hydrocodone?   by josephr525   32mo
Thanks Willow. I’ll look into getting these things. I’m having an awful week. My Ortho MD called yesterday to see how I was, and told me I have soft bones, but should be OK as long as I don’t get hit by any more cars. I miss my motorcycle badly and being able to walk without crutches. But, I need to do what the Ortho MDs tell me to do until that ankle looks OK on x-ray. I go back in about 2 weeks, at which time they may take the cast off and put me back into a stabilizing boot for 2-4 weeks. In the meantime I sleep grounded and get grounded during the day, juicing with Superfood and ...   862 hits
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Re: I think this is a whitewash write up of something tha...   by wheretheresawill   3y
my infection started in 2000, first with linear reddish marks connecting into odd irregular shapes of different sizes but with no skin irritation. Then I soon felt quite distinctly, my infection’s activity of movements at a deeper level beneath the skin and throughout my subcutaneous body and head tissue as well as other tissue manifestations too. I have never seen any exit from my skin except apart from those at my butt-end in the early years, a long red lively worm and some white smaller ones. what I don’t understand is why there are no patient accounts in any of the parasitological ...   913 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
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What is happening to my little fingers?   by hunghung   3y   View Entire Thread 3
I bought a rechargable mosquito bat weeks ago to combat pest problem. After using it frequently for several days, my right little finger (I am right-handed) began to feel funny. Then I realized the bat handle is too large and that has ”overstressed” my little finger when it and other fingers are holding the bat. Specifically, something is wrong at the joint between the lower part (proximal phalange?) and the middle part (intermediate phalange?) of the little finger. Starting from the completely curled position and slowly letting the finger become flat, I discovered at about one-quarter ...   3,949 hits
Forum: Arthritis: Osteo

Re: Anyone else get sunburned really easily since candida?   by candidaquest   3y
I have a theory which is somehow supported by my personal anecdotal experience. The Candida imbalance is using up our natural resources including the ability of our cells to utilize the light rays that are normally emitted by the cells of the body. I can only further theorize that this problem may be the result of ROS and free radicals. Quite accidentally, I found an incredible resource who provided the above theories. Based on this particular scientist’s theories of not only what’s happening but potential methods to help it, I’m currently using myself as a guinea pig. I’m combining three ...   1,592 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: PLEASE HELP me i dont know what else to do   by North Star   3y
I recommend working with Dr. Ron Schmid. His web site is He can work with you to get you off your meds and on a proper diet. I also recommend you get a dental cleanup through Dr. Mark Breiner in Connecticut and orthodontic work through Dr. Ray Silkman in Los Angeles. If you have been vaccinated, you should do sequential homeopathy through the Hahnemann Center for Heilkunst in Ottawa, Ontario do try to get rid of the effects of vaccination. Also, work with a natural vision coach to cure any eyesight issues you may have. I would do these further steps at your discretion ...   2,825 hits
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What is happening to my little fingers?   by hunghung   3y
I bought a rechargable mosquito bat weeks ago to combat pest problem. After using it frequently for several days, my right little finger (I am right-handed) began to feel funny. Then I realized the bat handle is too large and that has ”overstressed” my little finger when it and other fingers are holding the bat. Specifically, something is wrong at the joint between the lower part (proximal phalange?) and the middle part (intermediate phalange?) of the little finger. Starting from the completely curled position and slowly letting the finger become flat, I discovered at about one-quart ...   1,312 hits
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do you believe chiropractic care can help with AF?   by gem75   3y   View Entire Thread 15
5 years ago i would have thought a chiropractor treating my sinuses, depression and fatigue was bunk... heck, 5 years ago i got a theraputic massage for something that happened to my back(i think i hurt it at the gym) anyways the therapist told me i was having back pain because of how i clenched my jaw. I thought she was nuts. Now today 5 yeas later, western medicine has failed me time and time again and it seems the holisitc approach is working for me. Anyways, i went to a chiropractor today and got my first adjustment ever. I’m having pain in my lower back , for a while now. I went ...   1,890 hits
Forum: Adrenal Fatigue

Re: Reading posts in another candida forum   by Sky12   3y
Hveragerthi: What would your response be to someone who has tried all the things you’ve suggested and still hasn’t recovered? And I mean really given it a long term trial. Several years of every probiotic under the sun, from the average to the most expensive? Months of Kefir, months and months of cultured vegetables, hundreds of dollars(actually more like thousands now) on digestive enzymes, betaine HCL and digestive bitters? And a small fortune spent on colonics when even enemas couldn’t keep me regular. All of this while on a near immaculate diet of vegetables, grilled chicken, fish, and ...   877 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Questions about dental procedures   by FantasyArt   3y
hello. I have at least one tooth with two amalgam fillings(those which I can see), two metal crowns and at least one root canal, numerous other fillings. I want to go to a biological IAOMT dentist, but he is located quite far away from me. So I want to know, how many procedures can\should a dentist perform, during one visit ? However, I have those symptoms which are likely to prevent me from getting all the procedures I can: Intense pain in the teeth while any procedure is being performed on it and no amount of anesthetics helps. A strong Gag Reflex and excessive saliva ...   696 hits
Forum: Amalgam Replacement   Dental Health   Dental Support   Root Canals

Re: ozone unit   by truecolor   3y
An ultraviolet unit?! I’m shocked!:) The unit is described as “Based on patented Cold Spark technology.” They also emphasize that “UNLIKE UV ozone generators, the output does not degrade overtime.“ Gee, we can’t trust manufacturers anymore… Anyway, I have a handheld Violet Ray unit with glass electrodes and I know it produces a little ozone. The thing scared my woman like hell (fear of electrocution) and I never use it… but it was amazing to look at the sparks and the pink glow in the dark! Quote: “Gina had found one for about $400, which is the one I am referring to.” Hv To JC73 ...   593 hits
Forum: The Truth in Medicine

Re: hilariously stupid,yes you are, its impossible to get...   by perfectmus   3y
Colloidal Silver How to test for chemical content in your product. LOW GRADE LOW PPM CHEMICAL COLLOIDAL solutions are made with Peroxides, Hydroxides, Bromides aka silver protein and Cyanides that help the nano particles float. This conclusion is arrived at by reading an FDA report about colloidal silver, which cites which chemicals most producers use, *the FDA has not specifically outlawed colloidal silver, but has warned of the dangers of the chemical colloidal silver solutions that many are selling. A simple refrigerator test will reveal if your colloidal silver or Colloidal Go ...   2,087 hits
Forum: Colloidal Silver   E. Coli Cure

Re: How To Spot An Apocalypse Zombie :-)   by ChaztheMeatHead   3y
Well I hope you’re right about the fema camps. By having no control over things, I meant more like Planet X flying by, or a comet getting to close, or the sun erupting with super mass ejections, or Earths crust shifting or our galaxy entering a new field of energy or the sun putting out new types of rays that change matter. Stuff like that that no one can control. I agree with your farmland comments. Food prices will be going through the ceiling pretty soon. And they’ll be able to blame it on Mother Nature. Over 1,000 tornado’s this year. Yeah you’re right about them picking th ...   1,075 hits
Forum: Conspiracy Theories

Re: Ledum? any other homeopathics for Lyme disease?   by #99490   5y
Yes, I have used Ledum many years ago for Lyme Disease. I have had Lyme (3rd stage now) for over 10 years. I researched the Ledum quite extensively before doing it. It is particularly used in the veterinarian field for dogs with lyme. Personally, it did nothing for me. I have found over these many years that the best things for killing off lyme spirochetes (and any other parasites you may have and don’t know about) and eliminating the dieoff from them are these: 1) GIVE IT HEAT ! Lyme bacteria cannot survive temperatures of 102 degrees or higher. If you can get your core body te ...   10,290 hits
Forum: Lyme ("Lime")   Homeopathy

Image Embedded Are you eating any of this? YIKES!   by unyquity   29mo   View Entire Thread 2
Here’s a post I made on the same thing 31 months ago: Irradiated Food! Eating it? Here’s the damage report! And here’s a very informative new article Mercola hot off the press.  Knowledge (and putting it into action) IS the key to vibrant health! Never Buy Meat, Potatoes or Herbs With This Label on it Posted By Dr. Mercola | November 05 2011 | 40,420 views         ...   694 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Comfrey! Comfrey! Comfrey!...Re: Organic Gardening is Not...   by unyquity   5y
...did I mention? COMFREY!!!! from here (just a tidbit, but there’s MUCH more to be found): Comfrey is a particularly valuable source of fertility to the organic gardener. It is very deep rooted and acts as a dynamic accumulator, mining a host of nutrients from the soil. These are then made available through it’s fast growing leaves (up to 4-5lb per plant per cut) which, lacking fibre, quickly break down to a thick black liquid. There is also no risk of nitrogen robbery when comfrey is dug into the soil as the C:N ratio of the leaves is lower than ...   1,350 hits
Forum: Natural Healing

Re: 3 years in Pain - help ?=(   by wholefoodshelp   7y
Yes, unfortunately I am experienced, but also studied in my recommendations, I promise. Alive Multivitamin Activated charcoal Twinlab or Natures way or something (try it, adsorbs stuff like gas and toxins, is used in hospitals for poison ingestion - good for dogs that eat poisin!, sweeps up on the way out but also maybe takes out some good nutrients so use wisely and replenish yourself). Enzymatic Therapy Metal Magnet Sun Chlorella Body Mint Raw Power powder protein Google and find Hulda Clark research on enzymes and read up and get some. one thing that’s great for breath/body ...   4,038 hits
Forum: Leaky Gut

--answer--Testimonial-- Higher Brix of plants up to 9, 10...   by moreless   7y
Hi ForZion, Your question: Can’t get DAP from the farm supply here in the fall. I had some humic acid on hand and so I tried dissolving the bonemeal in a stronger solution of acid and then diluting it before applying with fish and molasses. Worked great! The brix of my plants now range from 8 to 16. Wasn’t high enough on the plants with aphids to get rid of them, but I consider the brix readings a great success since this is my first season at it. Thanks for the tips. Answer: I am glad to see that someone is able to learn to think for themself ! Your idea of mixing the Bonemeal wi ...   1,349 hits
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

problems growing wheatgrass.   by 1herbman   7y   View Entire Thread 2
I have been growing good wheatgrass for about a year. The last three times I grew wheatgrass I had weird results. I soaked the seeds over night than drained and kept the 1/2 gallon jars covered with a dish towel. I rinsed the seeds each morning and night till the roots were about twice the length of the seeds. I followed the plan I outlined below. For some strange reason my trays had growth all around the perimeter but no growth in the center of the tray. Any thoughts about why would be appreciated. herbman To date this is how I grow Wheatgrass. I put the seeds in the freezer for 48 ...   2,230 hits
Forum: Wheatgrass & Barleygrass

--Container Garden--Edited-2nd Edit   R by moreless   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi Ya’ll, When I talked with an ole time friend of mine whom I had not talked with for several years, we got on the subject of gardening and he related what he was doing with container gardening ! Years ago I had introduced him to gardening and the Value of Calcium and Bone meal and Soil Life ! Here is what he had worked out that was working for him: 10 gallon of peat moss mixed with 5 gallon of sand mixed with 5 gallon of Compsot he had made using leaves and grass from around the house and some cow and goat manure he could get to make the Compost. He would mix this all in a ...   584 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Moreless: pH

Overload distorts   by eyeball or two   7y
hello, I’m not less motivated to say that but careful I have an uncanny way of getting unnerved, that ricochets to ears from my nose I guess... as tongue is connected to sinus lol. This morning’s begging to end nausea of something new in the house finally came down to the trash bags! They were actually in my husband’s bucket, picked up not just by being in the same room as I’m not that bad on that but at his desk I recently share.... however that’s been longer than the week I’ve been moving his books and carbon papers thinking it would’ve been fumes of that sort. But it was in the c ...   584 hits
Blog: The person as speaker

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