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Re: Need help with Kevlar tapeworm!   by best123   5y
THNX W.S.W., But I donít really believe in that Ēwives tale.Ē Tapeworms are attached and once they let go, they may loose their spot and get flushed out. I know they can move, but I donít think they are that mobile. Iíll get it though; Iím buying another bottle of Zymex II this week and Iíll be dosing this thing with the Zymex II, Humaworm, Barefootís dewomer, and SP Wormwood. On top of that organic pumpkin seeds and raw garlic. I donít think itíll withstand all that ĒfirepowerĒ for very long. Iím assuming itís a ĒBIG MUTHAĒ and has been there for a very long time becau ...   4,702 hits
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several parasite cleansers at the same time   by senior moments   5y   View Entire Thread 16
I read in one of Docís earlier posts that he took several cleansers at one time. Iíve been using Huldaís cleanse and ordered the zymex and hummaworm,c an I take these at the same time (different times throughout the day)? I should get these products in 3-4 more days. Before I found your forum I ordered co-enzyme Q10. Can I take this while waiting for the others. Iíve read a lot of posts since I ordered the Q10 and Iím not even sure I should even take it -- does it work? Can I overdose on this stuff, all at one time...Clarkís, Q10 and then, Clarkís Q10, Zymex and Humworm??? Aft ...   3,277 hits
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Re: Passed my BIGGEST one!!   by Onwards   5y
Hi 35289- Iím not sure if you are asking me or not. I have been on many cleanses in the last 6 months but currently on the Barefoot and just finished Zymex 11. Yesterday I started another proteolytic enzyme from Genestra. I am waiting for another zymex order. I also take raw garlic, olive leaf extract, humaworm in between herbs, fennel and turmeric. I changed my diet 1.5 yrs ago. I am on the specific carb diet. This means no processed food, sugar, alcohol or starchy veg. My diet is very good. Just fruit, veg, organic meat, eggs, nuts and olive oil.   1,971 hits
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Re: Cleansing the small intestine   by #118552   5y
Thanks for the info infinitelove. I just watched a very inspiring video of yours regarding the stroke you had. Here is the link in case any one else would like to see it: I am about to order zymex II from Standard Process and would like to order okra-pepsin-E3 too but am currently killing parasites and passing gallstones. Donít know if I can take it at the same time. Currently taking zymex II, humaworm and waiting on barefoot dewormer. I am doing a coke LF today. The protocol requires taking 90 drops ultra-phos in apple cider for 3 days ...   1,107 hits
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Re: Zymex II question!   by Onwards   4y
The Zymex ll is very effective for Ascaris. I have just finished 3 rounds of it and passed many, many ascaris. The bottle suggests taking 2 twice per day. We take 3 morning and night on an empty stomach. We take it for 2 weeks and then take a week off. We also took the olive leaf powder with it. Zymex ll does not work systemically as it is just a digestive enzyme combo. I would suggest that you take some other herbs with it for systemic cleansing.   1,070 hits
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Re: Dead Poets: Roundworm Vs Tapeworm - Treatment Protocols   by DeadPoets   3y
One more thing Iíd like to add (since it might give you more information to what Iím dealing with) I started 2 things recently 1) Zymex II - whenever I start this my body odor and urine begin to REEK of ammonia. Isnít it safe to assume the Zymex II is digesting intestinal parasites? Where else would this smell be coming from? 2) I took papaya extract and psyllium 2 nights ago. WOW - what a disturbing night I had. I get in bed and as Iím trying to sleep ALL of the parasites in my gut become active and hostile. I got nausea and could feel them leaving the gut. I began getting ...   1,870 hits
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Can I do Zymex II while on MC?   by MissBeauty   3y   View Entire Thread 2
Over the years of detox, I try to figure out what is best and effective regimen for me. Right now Iím on MC day 12 (usually done in 14 days to move on to next phase). Since I have never tried Zymex II, I finally got it. So, question is; Can I start Zymex II while Iím on MC? If not, how to include this regimen into cleansing order? Can I combine with other cleansing regimen? If so, how? =========== My usual regimen; MC (Bowel cleansing by adding other method such as enema etc if needed) Parasite cleanse (Humaworm/Barefoot/HC etc) Kidney & Lung cleanse Then LF Than ...   1,087 hits
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Re: Question about my daughter   by knows   3y
Sounds like she needs a couple good adjustments. I have great success with these type of situations in the office. Kids respond great to good adjustments. For sure get back on Barefoots DeWormer. Also do another round of Zymex II - Eight days only. The Zymex II will kill any worms in the intestines. Great stuff. The DeWormer will kill everything else. But get her a couple good adjustments. Youíll be pleasantly surprised. Breathing is improved almost immediately. Digestion too. Doc   1,333 hits
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Zymex vs. Zymex II   by mrsmarc   3y   View Entire Thread 3
I was diagnosed with IBS in 9/10 after a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Never had a stool sample. I canít help but think I donít have IBS. I donít have diarrhea or constipation. I have bloating and gas pretty much consistently. All this started after I had e-coli poisoning. My chiropractor gave me Zymex and Vascuzyme but Iím wondering if I should be taking Zymex II? Iím desperate here. I canít seem to get answers anywhere.   1,658 hits
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Re: tapeworms--the ultimate battle   by Onwards   3y
DE will not kill the larger worms. I found a combo of black walnut, olive leaf powder and zymex 11 will take out all of the larger worms. You can also throw in some wormwood for good measure. It took several months to kill the largest ones. I make my own black walnut tincture in the summer. You can buy olive leaf powder from Mountain Rose Herbs for $8 per pound. Most chiropractors carry the zymex ll. You should also get some lower bowel balance to help cleanse and heal the intestines. This is what I did for a very bad ascaris, tape and fluke infestation.   1,805 hits
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Re: Lower stomach area moving... What could this be?   by Onwards   3y
I had a horrible round worm and tapeworm infestation. The zymex ll works great. I took 2 twice per day on an empty stomach. I also took the evening dose with a tsp of olive leaf powder which I bought from Mountain Rose herbs. I used the zymex for 2 weeks and then took 1 week off and then repeat as often as necessary. Raw garlic is also very good for any type of worms. I too had the rolling sensation in the intestines. They seemed to become the most active when they were dying.   1,640 hits
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Re: Zymex II   by suzannaxyz   3y
Thanks so much. Dr Sutter gave advice to take only zymex. I think I should stop the other herbs. I am also doing wormwood,cloves combination.My daughter has pain showing right from the stomach to the small instestine. What do you think about liver flush. I donít give my son zymex, I want to do the liver flush with him,but I know I need to kill the parasites before flushing and also do the killing after the flush. What is your opinion?   2,586 hits
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Re: Question about Zymex II   by suzannaxyz   3y
Thanks very much for help and support. I learn a lot and you know once you experience those things, then the advise does make sense. I am very happy today, because I got some results from zymex. I saw a lot of small yellow, white rice pieces and 2 big off-white pieces of the worm or worms floating in the toilet after my daughter being on zymex since Monday. I have tried many things, but this looks like the once working. I will do it until tuesday and stop a week, and then repeat. Probably would be good to do 3-4 times and I am planning her to be on the dewormer. My son will be next.   1,832 hits
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Re: parsites,humaworm   by snosrap   67d
i read about zymex 11 a while ago so tried to get some,i will have another look but at the time if i remember they either didnt ship to the uk or the shipping was almost more than the product. i will do the cayenne test and im getting to the point if it is tape i will just buy it even if it is a lot of money. ive done the ozonated olive oil and NAC after i did the hulda clark cleanse 20 months ago and it was a good result but what a fad to take,and i got my other half and my son to do it too so we had an A4 peice of paper and had to tick each day after they were taken .rather not have to d ...   443 hits
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Re: Zymex II   by Onwards   3y
Yes of course I saw ascaris, tape and flukes. The zymex kind of digests everything so they come out semi digested. It took me 7 months to rid myself of worms the first time. I knew they were gone because I was taking very large amounts of herbs and the dead worms were no longer being eliminated. My energy level went way up. My head was clear and my outlook very positive and hopeful. I no longer had any intestinal pain, gas, bloating etc. My skin was very nice and supple. No more white tongue, dry scalp, dry patchy skin on my face. I know you are anxious for yourself and your chil ...   2,602 hits
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Are you sure the killing effect is because of the centaur...   by david1o1   3y
Hello sd2345, With all due respect, in one of your previous answer here : You explained : [quote] As I mentioned originally, in the beginning I took it with ginger, fennel, clove, tumeric, and a few LBB. I also took papaya enzymes, and also tried zymex II for a couple of weeks. Neither of these additional supplements were taken regularly, and I do not believe any of them besides the enzymes assisted in the dead worms. [/quote] So how do you know that the dead worms are not eliminated by the body after having been killed by the Ēzy ...   1,484 hits
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Re: Zymex II   by MH   2y
I am surprized you actually can say a dead substance such as zymex ĒdigestedĒ your tapeworm....and 100% ignore that you can do 10,000x better by doing nothing more simple than buying a fresh pineapple and fresh papaya, figs, etc. WHICH WAS THE ONLY POINT OF THE POST..and choose to support a commercial drug company made pill.... ĒI had a big tapeworm that this product dissolved. (I have a picture of it as I placed the dead worm with itís empty head on my scanner). Ē DO PEOPLE EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY WRITE! HOW CAN A PICTURE BE TAKEN OF A TAPEWORM THAT ZYMEX ĒDISSOLVEDĒ.....I GUESS I ...   1,882 hits
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Re: My thoughts on NB   by onedaysoon   18mo
Hi Dave, Yes, Iím doing Zymex 2. 6-8 every morning on an empty stomach. Iím also doing Standard Process Wormwood Complex, which I think is kind of weak, but Iím noticing die off even with this. The Zymex has bromelain in it which Iíve heard is very good for getting rid of parasites. I wait about an hour after I take it before I eat anything. I think everyoneís die off symptoms might be a little different. Mine have been greatly emotional. A lot of brain fog, deep deep depression and hopelessness. Fatigue has worsened some as well, but I honestly thought that it would be much worse si ...   1,625 hits
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Re: My thoughts on NB   by Onwards   18mo
Hi Onedaysoon- That looks like a good plan for sure. It might be a little strong but you can always reduce things when the going gets tough. Just curious who suggested the 6-8 zymex? I only used 2 before bed and again 2 in the morning - always on an empty stomach. But if you can tolerate that much at once then maybe it is ok. I got the zymex recommendations from the Doc Sutter forum. I also think the Now Super enzymes are just as good as the zymex and a whole lot cheaper. These seem to take care of the biofilm as well. 3 before bed on an empty stomach. This Clark schedule is very goo ...   1,600 hits
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progress is made   by #118552   5y
First,I want to thank you and doc for the relief you provided in recommending zymex II. For all of those naysayers out there, Iíve only taken it for 4 days and something was killed, thank goodness. I didnít see it pass but I know itís dead because itís not moving all over my intestines any more. My stomach is very sensitive and the zymex didnít bother me at all. Iíve been using the really hot cayenne tincture (250,000-300,000 heat units) for approx 3 weeks now but this didnít kill that big worm, whatever it was. Iíve been using hulda clarkís parasite cleanse at the same time for two ...   1,588 hits
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Re: several parasite cleansers at the same time   by Onwards   5y
I have just finished my 5th month of intensive cleansing. The past 30 days I did the full Clark cleanse, extra strength humaworm, 1 round of zymex, turmeric, fennel, and cystein. I never could have handled this amount 5 months ago as I was very parasitized and had severe die off. I always took more of everything and when the die off was too intense I would back off for a day or so. I also did the coq 10 but it did not work as well as the zymex for tapeworm. I think the humaworm has its place but is not strong enough to kill the big worms which I had loads of. If you look at th ...   3,128 hits
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Re: Please read this message!   by AngelHealing   5y
I have also tried lots of different products. Iím really, really hoping the Zymex II will work, but Iíve been taking it since the end of August and it has not died yet. I believe I have both Tapeworms and roundworms. But I was not taking the wormwood combination with it. I think it is most effective taking both at the same time. I just recently, within the last week, met with a chiropractor who has used Standard Process products in his practice a long time and it along with the wormwood combination of herbs is what he is recommending, so I am now taking both together. I do feel it is ...   1,498 hits
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Re: Taking Zymex II Timing   by pursuinghealing   5y
Hi Rosycrayon, IĒm also in the middle of my first 8day round with Zymex II. I took the 2 Am empty tummy and 3pm empty tummy for the first 4 days, then yesterday someone had let me know you could just take the 5 all at once on an empty stomach. Kinda like a mini-nuke, ya know, maybe more powerful all together than spaced out throughout the day?! So I went for it and took all 5 last night and WOW!! I got dizzy and felt shaky and sort of chills all over. I thought maybe it was because IĒm still getting over a cold, but the same thing happened to my husband who is taking the zymex II along w ...   1,611 hits
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Re: Zymex II daily?   by knows   5y
Zymex II is an excellent proteolitic enzyme and can be used as such for digestive problems. However to get the parasite elimination affect you want you have to take 5 a day for 8 days straight. Then again in a week. And the Zymex II will help rebuild the intestinal flora, not directly but by eliminating the parasites. Parasites are very hard on the flora. If not too far south the flora will make a good comeback all on their own. Problems with digestion, heartburn and constipation indicate liver involvment. So get to work on it with the DeWormer and flushes. Right now I wouldnít worry ...   5,086 hits
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Re: Child is SICK, please help!   by #76830   7y
If you look up Zymex (, you find: ĒZymex Capsules Contain Defatted Wheat Germ, Beet Root, And Specially-Processed Tillandsia Usneoides.Ē Wheat germ, and beet root seem harmless, but the third...? Tillandsia Usneoides If you look up Tillandsia Usneoides, you will find out it is spanish moss. Spanish moss has a unique capability to attract calcium, [and other undefined nutrients], and water directly out of its environment -- the air. Studies on monkies have shown that their body temperature is ...   6,083 hits
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Re: seeking out advice, my experiences with mms   by Johny Apple Bomb   5y
MMS obviously has been very beneficial to you. The colonics are only going to work on the lower intestine. Since your blockage seems to be in the liver area further cononics wonít do much good. If you havenít tried already it sounds like you need to try the Dr. Sutter approach. The Coke flush instead of the harsher Hulda Clark epsom salt type flushes. If youíre not too sick you start with a bowel cleanse. I think he likes the Dr. Shultz formula for the bowel cleanse If youíre really sick you start ...   2,520 hits
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Re: Parasite cleanser   by Peterbilt   5y
Thanks Pioneer, Yes I used about 20 small habaneroís those things are like fire. I got them from whole foods, they were not organic, but all other ingredients were. Im hoping I can stick with my mix, it is cheap, potent, and I hope effective. I just dont want to waste my time if its not going to be worth while. Also , I just got some Zymex II from my chiropractor. My dogs have tapeworms and during a past parasite cleanse iíve gotten out small rice tapeworms. Im hoping Zymex II will work as well. I wanted to know Docís thoughts on a neck traction machine that my chiropractor has me doin ...   1,073 hits
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Re: Severe Leaky Gut Symptoms: please help   by Maisey   6y
Hi Mike (Digitalman) Your informed replies got my attention re healing leakygut procedure but I have some questions. I am assuming that I have leakygut due to the & chemical sensitivities, low energy, brain fog, autoimmune thyroditus etc.but there seems to be a multitude of opinions out there as to how to fix it which makes it very confusing especially when we are also dealing with ill health !! But I would like to get my head around what you have written regarding this issue. So sealing the gut is the first and most important procedure ( I am going to try Seacure ...   8,286 hits
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Re: Needs Encouragement! :)   by WannaSeeWorms   6y
I havenít started the tapeworm crash course yet but last week I passed not only tapeworm skin but also the scolex (cyst) - looks like garbanzo bean with a perfect brown dot on it. Iíve been taking either Humaworm or Barefootís since January. Iíve done three rounds of the Zymex II and each time is when Iíve seen the whole bigger things coming out like ascaris and tapeworm. As far as I understand, these are different and have to be killed by digesting their outer skin and then doing the clark mop-up. (listed somewhere above on site in the clark info). The Zymex II has to do with the bromelai ...   1,241 hits
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Re: Dear Doc   by knows   6y
Zymex II for 8 days. 5 caps per day. Wait a week and do it again. That will guarantee no more parasites in the colon. It wonít interfer with the regular Zymex. Makes you hungry though. Schulzes Formula I gets the colon moving. Number two cleans it out. If already too loose donít do #1. Kidneys are upstream of the liver so as the liver gets healthy the kidneys are soon to follow. To clean the kidneys before the liver is NOT recommended. Iíve seen very few kidney problems after the liver is healthy and on-line. So, kill the bugs using Barefoots DeWormer. Two weeks into that do your ...   1,176 hits
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How ya doing today Glax? Digestive enzymes/tapeworms   by jessesmom1987   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Just wondering if you still are having the headache with taking the ozonated oil? So, call me a worry wart- itís just that darned worm that you know lives in your head, ya know? One other thing that is interesting, and you might consider, is apparently digestive enzymes (Papain/Bromelain) work on the tapeworms. Zymex 2 from Standard Process is mainly digestive enzymes- and itís a program for killing tapeworms- doesnít say that on the bottle- FDA stuff- but this other stuff the Dr. has me on that is specific for tapeworm/roundworm, that I canít eat any beef or pork for 90 days- Systemic ...   1,431 hits
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Re: zymex II   by knows   6y
Zymex II is an 8 day program. I did it twice while I was doing all the other things. It was the state of mind I was in at the time. Checking out was a very real option for me. I had been living for the past 26 years like this. Life simply wasnít worth living anymore. And I figured If Iím going to die Iím going to go out swinging. So I tripled up on everything and took it all. Clark, Clear, Zymex II and Ornathine. I lived on that stuff. Taking it 3,4, 5 times a day. Plus, I figured ĒHell, Iíve been to war, I can do thisĒ. Iím still here. Itís interesting. People talk about the necessity ...   1,280 hits
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thanks doc & Pioneer -- Re: knows (and whoever knows),ple...   by #118552   5y
Where do tapeworms attach (usually)? Do they just stay in the intestines? How did you know you had 3 of them -- are you able to identify them when they pass? When they leave the site of attachment, does this mean they are close to dying? Did they pass while LF? I read an old post of yours where you say that you took Barefoot dewormer also -- do you think this killed them or did the zymex11? Did Zymex give you any side effects? Asking because I have a sensitive stomach...which Iím hoping gets better after parasite cleansing, colon cleanse, Kidney cleanse and LF! Is barefoot an ...   2,068 hits
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EDITED -- Re: Ascaris problem   by #118552   5y
I was just as frightened a few weeks ago when I started feeling movement in the annus and in my stomach. This problem started after I did a some LF without first doing a parasite cleanse. I did Hulda Clarkís parasite cleanse for two weeks but things didnít get better. Found Doc Sutterís forum here on curezone, thank God, and he recommended Zymex II by Standard Process for intestinal parasites. He and Pioneer used it personally with great success in killing tapeworms and other intestinal parasites. I donít know what I had but I called it a big worm. It never felt like more than one, j ...   3,694 hits
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Re: Are you sure the killing effect is because of the cen...   by sd2345   3y
David, then I suggest that you try zymex, because itís the gift that keeps on giving.....I havenít taken it in about 3 weeks, and it was after I stopped taking it and upped my dose of centaury that I started getting out loads of worms. I only took about a half a bottle of zymex, and I kept forgetting to take it, so it was not taken regularly. I know my body, and I know what worked for me. Iím sure that zymex does help wear down the protective layers of film on these things, but it did not give me the results I am getting from this herb alone. What if it is the combo of zymex, ginge ...   1,339 hits
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Re: How can I sleep with these things in   by journeykins   3y
Wow a spinal tap...Was that for the parasites?...Maybe you are going to fast for your body because of the spinal tap.Sounds like your body is under A LOT of stress. Do you see a holistic doctor to?...just wondering if thatís where you got the zymex....I see one about 1x a week and he is truly a blessing....I would hate to see what shape i would be in if i did not see him...Sending you good thoughts!   1,026 hits
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Re: Tapeworms?   by ParasiteKiller   20mo
From what I can gather, Im already basically taking the zymex II because im taking the trimazyme and a broad spectrum proteolytic that contains: Bromelain Papain Amylase Lipase Neutral protease fungal protease bacterial protease rutin serratiopeptidase the trimazyme contains: calcium, mag, boron, lecithin, malic acid, pancreatin, trimethylglycene, bromelain, papain, trypsin, rye grass extract, chymotrypsin   815 hits
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Re: abdominal pain   by onedaysoon   17mo
I havenít tried that one, but if I remember right I think Onwards did but found it to be expensive. Maybe sheíll comment about that. Iíve done Standard Process protocol for parasites, which is their wormwood complex plus zymex on an empty stomach. After that I started following the clark schedule with wormwood and cloves and black walnut. Has your husband gotten rid of any parasites with the barefoot?   436 hits
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Re: Pancreas Parasites!   by cuzjay420   3y
If you know alot about parasites.. then you must have read many articles like myself that say parasites loveee to live in the pancreas.... some causing diseases like diabetes..Im not sure I do but I get plenty of loud weird noises from that area that Ive never had before I got sick! I didnt know that the common herbs we use to kill parasites in our intestines are also good for killing bugs in our pancreas....anybody have luck with zymex? thanks   4,594 hits
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Ammonia   by DeadPoets   3y
I know you get this a lot... But when we KILL parasites do they release all the ammonia they were holding on to? Iíve been going after parasites with your formula and kroegers wormwood combo. But recently I added Zymex II to go after tapeworms and NOW my urine smells like cat piss (Iím assuming ammonia) Itís also changed itís texture - is a bit cloudier you could say. Good news? lol   931 hits
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Re: question?   by aging tree   5y
You can say that again!... Thank you Newport for everything you put in here, I am so glad I can benefit from reading even if I donít always understand everything, I learn alot and I am treating myself several hours a day with F-165. Taking Zymex 2 and have ordered Amla, DMSA and Triphala, will be starting detox as soon as it comes in...unless you say it is too soon for me to start now. Thanks again.   609 hits
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Re: zymex II   by #112103   4y
I normally order my Zymex II from a website called Total Health Discount Vitamins. The 150 capsule bottle is out of stock on their website currently and they only have the 40 capsule bottle right now. Here is the link if you need it: Somebody else may be able to tell you of a different website that is offering the 150 capsule jars right now. I hope that helps.   1,192 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Re: Will pretty much any anti-parasite herb for the intes...   by Onwards   4y
The primary herbs that I have used are black walnut, cloves, wormwood, olive leaf powder, pau díarco, oregano oil and elecampane. I have also had very good success with zymex ll which are digestive enzymes. I do not think zapping is necessary. I think mankind has been deworming sucessfully for centuries using herbs alone. I donít know anything about pomegranate but I think the other herbs you are using look good.   817 hits
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Re: digestive enzymes   by Waverlywoods   4y
Iíve had really good luck with zymex II and just plain bromelain ( from swanson) Iím getting to the point where I prefer strictly plant based enymes. I like to take bromelain even between meals and before bed. I blieve it is anti-parasite and helps to reduce circulating immune complexes and thus reduce allergy levels. I have heard it is good for removing the mucoid plaque layer in the intestines.   1,171 hits
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I have some enzymes..please take a look   by gibby   4y   View Entire Thread 2
I asked you guys about the enzymes to penetrate the biofilms before. I have some enzymes in my massive collection. Do you think any of these would get through the biofilms (before I start buying more..) Zymex II has ficin 20 mg Proprietory Blend 884 of defatted almond, fig, papain, bromelainamtlase,lipase, and cellulase Pancreatin 500 mg Bromelain & Papain both 250 mgs, so total 500 both.   681 hits
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Re: hi everyone - I'm just switching forums for awhile, h...   by knows   4y
The best Antiparasite formula at this time is Barefoots DeWormer. has the wormwood tincture that is excellent. Clarks original formulas are good also. Standard Process Zymex II for intestinal tapeworms. Awareness corps ĒClearĒ is also excellent. Humaworm is another one. The best??? Barefoots DeWormer Doc   1,363 hits
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Re: not for squeemish- ascaris in biliary/duodenum   by WannaSeeWorms   6y
Wow this is excellent. I believe the three-worm glop that fell out of me was ascaris and it happened to be during the week I was taking Zymex II. I also have a negative ultrasound but now even more than ever clogged liver so I think itís parasites all the way. Has anyone ever heard of anybody in the US using one of these biliary baskets to remove a parasite?? do they get into the bile ducts via endoscopy? Obviously my test never went that far....   877 hits
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Allergies - Parasites - Zymex II   by Klynn1   5y   View Entire Thread 2
Recently my alternative health care provider has informed me that I have parasites and has suggested that I take Zymex II for what she refers to as an 8 week empty stomache program. She has instructed me to take 2 tablets each morning on an empty stomache for 8 weeks. I am curious will I actually be able to see the parasites? What should I expect? Will this treatment really help me with my allergies?   1,056 hits
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Re: Can parasites develop resistance to herbs?   by #87980   6y
Yes, any animal that uses millions of eggs as a survival stragety, which most parasites do, will have some offspring that are resistant to whatever you throw at them Luckily, there are so many herbs, you will never run out, and if you have bigger worms, then use digestive enzymes, and get them that way. (Zymex 2 is a good example, I like bromelain, it agrees with me and does the same thing.) Julie   3,032 hits
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Parasite Diet?   by dahlimama   6y   View Entire Thread 2
Hi Doc, Does the diet you advise below also apply to a person still battling parasites? I have read that some say no animal protein. Also, I have recently begun to take the zymex II enzymes and as a result more constipation issues, even though at times itís just a hot yellow water with the tomato skins you describe. Anything in your black bag for me ? Iím so tired of this Iím into my 7th year... Thank you, Dahlimama   1,333 hits
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Re: Update Zymex II Pill Timing   by rosycrayon   5y
For me its like really,really bad gas rolling around in your tummy. Most of the times these bugs fly under the radar but this Zymex II is really kicking there butt. Iíve been on some strong herbs and medicine from the Drís and did not see so many dead as in these last few days The Dr is right this stuff kills them. Better out then in. Donít be afraid to kill them, be afraid to live with them and they slowly take your life.   1,196 hits
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Re: Bad Breath - Tapeworm   by helpmerhonda   5y
Actually I just took Fish Oil and 6000mg of Coq10. It doesnt matter what kind of oil, the Coq10 just needs any type of oil to absorb it. Some other things that you might want to invest in are Rascal, Black Walnut hull, Zymex II, & Humaworm. You can also do a search for Hulda Clarks 9 essential oils that are supposed to kill the tapeworm head in 5 days. Good luck and dont give up. You will overcome this!   3,191 hits
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Re: Possible Tapeworm Infection - FREAKING me out!   by #154965   5mo
I had the best results for tapeworm with ĒZymex IIĒ by standard process. You can get it at amazon for example. Tapeworms come out very often in segments and not as a whole worm. People describe it as white rice in the stool. It can also be bigger.   693 hits
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pork tapeworm in head, will Zymex 2 help?   by bugfreeme   4y   View Entire Thread 6
Thank you Dr. Sutter for all of your help here on curezone!I always feel better when I read your posts. I am on the Zymex 2 right now. I find I can sleep better while on that. I have had a really hard time getting rid of a pork tapeworm that likes to hang out both in my back and in my head. I suspect I have more than one. I did kill two tapeworms using quassia a few weeks back. Actually felt one die in my back one day, found the whole thing including head in toilet the next day and then the day after that a second one died as well. So quassia did help, thus why I am back on it again. I ...   4,596 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

My 18 month battle with LARGE worms   by Onwards   4y   View Entire Thread 12
I havenít posted much lately. I have been busy trying to get rid of my monster worms. I wasted the first 15 months on products which were just too weak to kill the large ones. I used Barefoots dewormer but needed 9 tblspns per day for it to be effective. At one point last year I was taking Barefoots, full Clark protocol and humaworm all together. Still not getting the big ones!!! The tradgedy with all of this is that MOST dewormers cost a fortune and donít work. Well I am very grateful to share our good results with all of you. For the last 3 months both my husband and I started using o ...   1,889 hits
Forum: Parasites Support

My 18 month battle with LARGE worms   by Onwards   4y   View Entire Thread 24
Thought I would post here as this is the closest health protocol that I have followed for the past 18 months. I havenít posted much lately. I have been busy trying to get rid of my monster worms. I wasted the first 15 months on products which were just too weak to kill the large ones. I used Barefoots dewormer but needed 9 tblspns per day for it to be effective. At one point last year I was taking Barefoots, full Clark protocol and humaworm all together. Still not getting the big ones!!! The tradgedy with all of this is that MOST dewormers cost a fortune and donít work. Well I am very g ...   2,714 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Re: pork tapeworm in head, will Zymex 2 help?   by bugfreeme   4y
Thank you for all of the responses. I am finding success in using filix mas along with Zymex 2. The filix mas (homeopathic male fern)paralyzes the tapeworms, probably causing them to starve eventually, and along with that (I am guessing), the Zymex has a good chance to eat away at the tapeworm. The movement in my head is very minimal since using the filix. Along with that it is recommended to use Rascal and wormwood with this. Right now is the best I have felt when it comes to feeling those things in my back and head. I am having the success I have been looking for. Some mention concer ...   3,754 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Re: Big flock of parasites (suspect) in colon   by knows   7y
Maybe.... When I did the big antiparasite thing back in 97 I used Standard Processes Zymex II for intestinal parasites (worms). Itís a strong proteolytic enzyme. It digest all worms in the colon. If Barefoots DeWormer didnít get that worm killed (if thats what it is) try Standard Processes Zymex II. Itíll disolve it. Anything that comes out of the liver is very slippery so you donít have to worry about it getting caught in the colon or mixed with anything in the colon. Itíll slip right through and maybe even help whatís stuck to pass. At this stage the big stuff is taken care of so any ...   1,360 hits
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

Vegetable enzymes die at 112įF   by poppyseed   10y
Cooked food is dead food, you want your fruits and vegetables to be raw. When vegetables are brought to 112įF the enzymes in them die. I canít imagine that helps our digestion By the time they reach 212įF which they can reach from steaming them, they lose almost all nutritional value. Vitamins, minerals included. I was just at a seminar this weekend given by Dr. Larry Rowdan, who is a registered pharmacist who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and then went into very bad asthma after that, he went on a completely raw food diet and is free of both diseases. And this was back in 1 ...   1,407 hits
Forum: Candida Support

Re: Can multiple antiparasite products be taken at the sa...   by knows   5y
Zymex II has specific instructions for itís use. WSW is correct, five a day for eight days, wait a week and do it again. But I didnít take them all at once. Between meals on an empty stomach. The DeWormer has specifics for taking that also. The 2,2,2 rule. Ten minutes BEFORE eating. And the ĒClearĒ is a once a day thing. When I was going through all this I had a big calandar right on my refrigerator to keep track of everything. But yeah, you can do it all at once. Make sure your bowels are opened up first. Formula I and go for it. I stayed on Clarks antiparasite regime, was ...   1,303 hits     1 of 1 (100%)
Forum: Ask Dr. Sutter

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