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Clearing Chronic Symptoms Without Drugs

By Linda Braun
Eldorado Sun, March 2001

If your child, or someone you love, is plagued by chronic symptoms and/or repeatedly presents "problem" behaviors - ongoing cold symptoms, extreme anger, trouble sleeping, eczema, difficulty paying attention, hyperactive - itīs highly possible that something they are eating, breathing, wearing, or in contact with, is contributing to their difficulty. If theyīve always felt or acted this way, they may not even realize other options are available to them. Sometimes they canīt find the words or the concept to convey whatīs going on, and their bodies take over - showing us, in a myriad of ways, that somethingīs not right. Imagine how bad it must be for them - in the midst of a school day or out doing errands with your - while feeling so out of balance. If they act out, get angry, donīt pay attention, or melt down sometimes itīs the only way they can think of to ask for help.


The western medical perspective views allergies as an overreaction by the immune system. Standard treatments include desensitization using injections of allergenic substance, or controlling symptoms by the use of steroids and antihistamines. This can offer some relief to some people from some allergies, but often with unwanted side effects.

Dr. Nambudripad is a licensed Acupuncturist, Chiropractor and Kinesiologist, registered nurse and PhD. Born and raised in India, she suffered for years with a host of allergies. Combining her extensive training with her own experiences she has developed a unique approach that eliminates allergies, strengthens the immune system and enhances overall health. Her own allergies and symptoms are long gone - and she has helped thousands of other people lose their allergies and symptoms as well.

Her system, called Nambudripadīs Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), defines an allergy as a condition of unusual sensitivity. In this context, the brain views the allergen as a threat to the bodyīs well-being, thereby disrupting the normal flow of electrical energy throughout the body. Essential communication via the central nervous system is impaired. A consistent blockage of this energy is the first step in a chain of events which can develop into an allergic response.

For some, allergens are easily identifiable and their symptoms appear clearly and promptly. For others living with chronic, cyclical, irresolvable symptoms, itīs not clear at all. The idea that what might be triggering the distress is an allergy is often met with surprise. According to Dr. Nambudripad, "Just about any health condition could be the result of an underlying allergy - headaches, backaches, chronic coughs, attention deficit disorder, indigestion, infertility, depress, etc." If a substance is disrupting the bodyīs energy flow, thereby initiating imbalance and strain, it makes sense that unless youīve "cleared" that substance from our body, no amount of other symptom-related help will bring consistent relief.

And thatīs precisely what NAET does. Through its systematic testing and clearing process, it eliminates, one by one, the multitude of substances that could be disabling the inherently fine functioning of a body. There are ten basic substances that need to be cleared. The treatments start with eggs, continue with calcium, vitamin C, the B-complex, sugar, iron, vitamin A, mineral mix, salt mix and corn mix, and end with grain mix. After that, the number of additional treatments necessary correspond to the individualīs response.

Each treatment involves holding a sample of the substance in a small glass vial while being muscle tested to determine specific areas of weakness/reaction in the body. Then a series of manipulations are done along the spine. Next, six acupuncture points are stimulated for a period of 20 minutes while you rest, still holding the vial. After this, you are muscle tested again and asked to completely avoid that substance for a period of 25 hours. Upon you next visit you are muscle tested to confirm that you have cleared the previous substance, then you move on to the next. Once a substance is cleared, it can be ingested again. Occasionally repeat treatments for certain substances are necessary.

For some there are dramatic and immediate results following the clearing of a certain substance. For others, changes are more gradual. NAET has elicited enough positive change that the National Institute of Health in Washington, D.C. is awaiting the results of NAET studies being done with cancer patients. NAET has helped considerably with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as offering general benefits (including remissions) to some dealing with cancer.


Dr. Danielle Hampton, DOM, has been using NAET in her practice for almost two years. In children and adults alike, she has seen significant changes. I spoke with three different parents whose children benefited greatly from NAET.

Tom suffered excessive abuse as a little one, before being adopted by a parent who was better able to love an support him. Even in a better environment, his levels of anger and expressions of outrage were frightening and difficult to handle. He had auditory and visual hallucinations. He couldnīt communicate well with peers or adults and so spent most of his time alone. He also suffered from asthma and was allergic to hay. At age 15 he underwent psychiatric testing and was diagnosed as having schizophrenic tendencies. He was put on Zyprexa, an anti-psychotic drug. The prescribed dose of one capsule daily completely knocked him out, causing him to sleep through days and nights. Reducing the dose by half still left him quite sluggish and sleepy. During this time, however, his family noticed that his anger was greatly lessened.

While his decrease in anger was a big relief, seeing her son so sluggish and miserable was not easy for his mother to bear. She had benefited from NAET, and her intuition was telling her that Tom would also benefit from these treatments. Tom began NAET in May, 2000, and continued week by week through the end of December 2000. His mother reports steady changes and improvements throughout the whole time. His moods changed and his general disposition was happier. He began making friends with peers and adults, and in general he became more relaxed and talkative. His hallucinations stopped. In mid-November he further reduced his anti-psychotic medication to one-quarter capsule. Itīs been two months now that Tom has stopped the NAET treatments. At a recent medical checkup his doctor found no evidence of asthma. His symptoms of hay allergies have also stopped. Most noticeable is the continued absence of intense fits of anger, and all of the positive changes noted above remain.

Jill was four years old in the winter of 2000, and she had nonstop cold symptoms - runny nose, low fever, and persistent couth - for most of the season. Her mom paid a lot of attention to the food her daughter ate and made sure she got plenty of rest, but nothing cleared her ongoing cold. In the fall of 2000 Jillīs cough was back and her mother decided to try NAET treatments, wanting to avoid another winter of nonstop sickness. In on of the more dramatic cases, Jillīs cough stopped and never returned after the first treatment. She has gone on to do the first six of the basic ten treatments. Her mother happily reports that even with Jill starting pre-school this past fall, sheīs had absolutely no cold symptoms at all!

Early in Bobīs life, his family noticed he was very angry, had a short attention span and tended to be hyperactive. Any direction or suggestion from an adult was met with hostile, confrontational responses. After a series of troubles in school when he was seven years old, he was tested by a psychiatrist and diagnosed as having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). For the next year and a half, Bob was put sequentially on Lithium, Wellbutrin and Prozac. Each drug provided some small behavior changes for a short period of time. But they also produced unwanted side effects such as excessive weight gain, a marked decrease in alertness, and a noticeable increase in behaviors his family describes as "mean".

Concerned they had run out of workable options, Bob, then eight and a half, started the NAET series during the summer. A few months later, when he was back in school, his teacher immediately noticed a big change from the two previous years. Bob had calmed down, his attention span was greater and he was getting along with peers and adults better. He continued with the NAET treatments for almost a year. His family reports he is more relaxed, happier and alert, and he is able to sit still and focus - something that was close to impossible a year ago. When his anger comes up, he is able to express it and handle it well. His family now says his "sweetness" really shows.

Nambudripadīs Allergy Elimination Techniques are not prescribed here a magic bullet that will banish all ills. Good health is often the result of a wide variety of factors. But for children and grownups alike, it may be worthwhile considering that chronic or acute ailments that donīt respond to other modalities may be due to unknown allergies. NAET offers a simple, non-invasive, side effect-free way to resolve what up until this point may have felt like never-ending difficulties.

Reprinted from:

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