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Are we overlooking the obvious in cancer prevention?

By Dr. Mary Rodio

A Modern Day Scourge

Cancer -- known largely as a disease of our modern establishment -- ravages our bodies, our minds, and our spirits indiscriminately. It's a scourge that could prey upon anyone. Why has this horror become a part of our everyday conversation? Why has it affected so many? What can be done about it? Within the confines of this article, I will address these questions.

At any meeting place -- restaurants, stores, golf courses, offices, malls -- people exchange woeful tales of Cancer's attack upon friends, relatives, neighbors, or other loved ones fallen victim to this evil.

One Out of Five Deaths in America are Due to Cancer

Cancer is not necessary, but education of the origin of this malignancy is. The American Cancer Society, Cancer Statistics report that one out of five deaths in America are the result of cancer:

"Forty-one thousand (41,000) Americans died of cancer in 1900; a death rate of approximately 64 per 100,000 Americans. The 1990 death rate per 100,000 is nearly three times the 1900 figure. In 1994, over one million two hundred fifty thousand (1,250,000) Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and predictions are that five hundred forty-seven thousand (547,000) Americans will die from this plague in 1995 (a 1500 person per day average)." The American Cancer Society, Cancer Statistics

Consider the statistics in the previous paragraph. How high do they need to go for us to contemplate alternative methods for cancer research? Previously, I suggested that cancer is a disease of our modern establishment. At the beginning of this century there were relatively few cases of cancer. In the 1800's and previous to then, it was even less prevalent. Why are cancer deaths' sky-rocketing? If we fear this killer, then we should know what lures it to us. Most people feel that they have no control over developing this disease. This isn't so. With knowledge and strong resolve, we can beat back our fear and focus on increasing our immunity to cancer.

Simple, Unrefined Food is Necessary for Cancer Prevention

Let's consider the similarities of 19th century America and countries where cancer is practically non-existent. For the most part, the only countries that have a low incidence of cancer are those countries where the environment is largely unspoiled and where the food is simple and unrefined. These countries are generally agricultural nations where highly processed food is uncommon. Nearly a century ago -- before the arrival of chemical fertilizers -- farming in America was organic. Apart from the industrial centers, the environment was relatively pristine. Cancer statistics point to the subsequent arrival of a chemically toxic environment, over-processed foods and stress as cancer's root cause.

To better understand the possible root causes of cancer, you should know that cancer is considered an acid disease that may be generated by an over consumption of acid foods: usually meat, dairy products, and coffee. Toxic food substances, tobacco, environmental poisons and other potential hazards may also contribute to the possibility of developing cancer. In each decade since the early 1900's, we have seen an astronomical increase in the use of harmful additives, colorings, irradiation, insecticides, fungicides, and the list could go on indefinitely, as you may well know. Today, most of the food found in the grocery store contains refined foods, bleaching agents, chemicals, preservatives, additives, salt, sugar, etc. Refining destroys the medicinal components of food. For example, the milling process removes the wheat germ in bread that is an excellent source of Vitamin E which is known to be a beneficial immune enhancer. In addition, bleaching agents found in white bread also destroy Vitamin E.

Food Contains Cancer Fighting Nutrients

Many health experts concur that you can help to prevent cancer by reducing your consumption of the previously mentioned acid foods as well as by building your immunity with essential natural foods and natural food supplements. Along with the loss of Vitamin E in the milling process is the loss of beneficial fiber that feeds and cleanses the bowels and is indispensable in the prevention of colon cancer. Congested bowels develop putrefaction and invite disease because this congestion passes health sapping toxins into the blood stream.

We are a country that has chosen wheat as its main food staple; therefore, we miss out on the essential benefits of other grains. For example, the grain millet contains a rich source of nitrilosides. Scientific evidence shows that a low cancer incidence sustained by a society is in proportion to the amount of nitriloside containing foods that the society consumes. Certain grazing animals in their natural habitat of nitriloside rich grasses never suffer from cancer; however, when given feed prepared by man for zoo habitats, some of these animals develop cancer.


For every problem there is a root cause. When we strive to get to the root of a problem we can usually solve it. We as concerned citizens are this society's best resource to banish this plague of cancer. What the most brilliant scientists attempt to accomplish for you with their awesome medical technology, you can probably accomplish through a change in your diet and lifestyle. Insist on whole, unrefined foods for you and your loved ones. Seek out information on stress relief and natural approaches to maintain your health. Try to avoid the abuses to your body that are certain to make you sick.

Help yourself by building a strong immune, calming your emotions, balancing your acid/alkaline food intake and by introducing natural whole foods into your diet. By applying simple measures to protect yourself, cancer will have much less of a chance to develop within your body.

Copyright C 1995 by Dr. Mary Rodio

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