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Dr. Clark's - Letter to the "Health Freedom Movement"

Dr. Clark's - Letter to the "Health Freedom Movement" October 2, 2001

We have all been taught that our primary needs as humans are food, shelter and clothing. Without these, we cannot pursue life and happiness, which means holding jobs and raising families. But I want to add a fourth primary need, health. Without health we cannot pursue even the other primary needs.

In the past, we took health for granted, because we all had it. Nearly all. If we got past childhood we could expect our health to endure to retirement and even past then.

But now we can perceive a change, we may get past childhood, but we can't expect our health to endure.

A large number of us, not just a sprinkling, lose our health. WE are not vigorous, even though we exercise. We are not energetic, even though we eat health foods. We have mood disturbances even though we have jobs and loved ones around us. We can't look forward to our "golden years" because of the specter of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cancer.

If we don't find out what is happening to our health, if we don't move to correct this at an early stage, and do everything we can to avoid health decline, it will be too late for our children and grandchildren.

These are the thoughts that preoccupy my mind as I see more and more children with cancer, more and more young people with MS and more and more middle age people losing their mental facility. They were preoccupying my mind 10 years ago, too, when I saw my family stricken in these same way. And that is why I became a student of biology, of biochemistry, of biophysics, and, in fact, and discipline or knowledge that could shed some light on the new human dilemma.

What a joy it was, 10 years ago, to discover a technology that could help us all in our quest for health before we have lost it. What a joy it was to imagine every family owning the technology to learn what is robbing them of health long before that fateful trip to the doctor. Knowing the cause of our health problems is the first step to a cure. Sometimes is comes to late, but the primary and huge benefit of such knowledge is being able to prevent these health problems - in our children, in the healthy members of society.

In sharing these thoughts and feelings 10 years ago, I was astounded at all the advice I got. "Don't publish it. Don't write about it. Don't tell others. You will land in jail. You will never be heard anyway. You will be squashed, legally, financially, emotionally and personally. Don't do it."

Being raised in a religious family does leave you with a heritage of conscience, and responsibility for others, as well as your own family. I could not accept this advice. I had to find a way. A way to bring out my invention with the catastrophic ending. So I subscribed to the Townsend Letter, bought books like "The Cancer Cure that Worked", and "Diet for a Small Planet." I read the Medical News and the Chemical News Newspapers. I got a new education.

I learned that those who have much money and much power do not like their foundations shaken. Any change, be it for the good of society, even for their own families, does not have a chance of support from them. Quite the contrary, all change must be resisted and put down. And, in fact, it is best to have a legal department, a set of attorneys and an enforcement arm to handle the issues of changes that came up repeatedly.

So, in the field of health issues and medicine, there are the "quackbusters". They took me on a few years ago. This group has taken on the chiropractors, homeopathy, naturopathy, dentistry. No effort to discover causes of ill health is safe from this group whose mission is to oppose change. There are many of them. They put on many faces. They are well funded - to be able to attack dozens of health related inventions at the same time. This is white collar crime in its greatest, most heinous form. It is no less than manslaughter, seen in my own religious context. When your family member or friend dies for want of knowledge and access, to a concerted effort being made by a group in society, is it not gang-warfare against us? Is it not worse than manslaughter because it is premeditated, planned, funded by wealthy providers. Industrial providers who will never know your name or your loved one's condition.

It must stop. They are engaged in illegal gang-activity. The USA has laws against such behavior.

I have been served another Summons. It is from the "quackbusters". While their activities were secret, many providers of health inventions could be intimidated. They thought they were alone. Alone to fend off a multi-headed monster. In the past, they were alone.

But, thanks to the tireless efforts of a few supporters, the "quackbusters" identity and tactics have been discovered. We have a chance to erase this blight on health freedom. I must challenge them in a court of law. I must stand up for the truths I have found. I will not be squashed. My, and other's, discoveries must not be suppressed. I owe it to my parents, my teachers, my country (who paid for my education), and my own family. It must not get lost.

What better way to air my discoveries that to counter-sue the "quackbusters"? Perhaps, some day, all of society can take them on, as the Tobacco Industry was. It's bound to happen, as we all awaken to this simple solution to our health freedom needs.

Please read my books if illness affects your family. Study my findings. They are not based on beliefs. Try to repeat them. And when you see their rightness, please support my project.

Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, ND - October 2, 2001

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