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Alcoholism , Beryllium & Ergot

Alcoholism may be strongly linked to beryllium and ergot.
Dr. Hulda Clark

According to the theoretical work of Dr. Hulda Clark, alcoholism may be strongly linked to beryllium and ergot.


Beryllium is a common ingredient in kerosene and coal oil or products containing these petroleum derivatives. Hurricane lamps, the emergency lighting sources for hundreds of thousands of homes, are the most common source of beryllium pollution and intoxication. The lamps don´t even have to be lit to emit beryllium.

When inhaled, beryllium gains access to the blood stream where it can either be detoxified by the liver or it can be carried into certain regions of the brain. One of these regions is the limbic system -- an ancient brain system that controls pleasure and anger responses as well as aggression.

When certain cells in the limbic system´s pleasure center are stimulated, certain neurotransmitters are released from the nerve endings resulting in the perception of pleasure. There are safety features built into this neuronal net so that excess pleasure is not produced.

Under normal circumstances the neurons in the pleasure center respond to glutamate stimulation. That is, these nerve cells have "receptors" for glutamate -- a common derivative of protein. As we digest protein glutamic acid is produced which then can activate the glutamate receptors and create the sense of pleasure.

In a beryllium contaminated brain a very different thing happens. As it turns out beryllium also has a high affinity for glutamate receptors in the limbic pleasure center. Now when glutamate comes along it cannot produce pleasure, joy or happiness.

The beryllium does more than block the creation of pleasure responses, it actually creates a low level chronic depression. If there is a lot of beryllium present, the depression is worse.

If a beryllium contaminated brain is exposed to alcohol, the results can be uncontrolled. Either the person becomes more depressed or overly elated.

The administration of glutamic acid does not work to remove the beryllium or overcome its effects. However, giving glutamine does work. Dr. Clark says that "addicted or depressed persons should take glutamine, no less than 3 grams (3000 mg) per day. It comes in 500 mg tablets. It is completely harmless."

Beryllium reacts with salsol, a substance formed from alcohol. Drinking alcohol or exposing the skin or mouth epithelium to alcohol we create salsol. Candida, the pathogenic yeast in our intestines, creates alcohol as it burns our sugar. Even part of this alcohol is converted to salsol. Salsol may react with beryllium directly or it may be bound to the same receptor sites in the limbic pleasure center.

Beryllium plus salsol leads to a massive over-response of the pleasure center neurons. Accordingly, the "alcohol," via beryllium and salsol, creates a profound "high." Dr. Clark found that as beryllium was removed with thioctic acid (chelation) the salsol also disappeared.


Ergot is a mold that is prominent in alcohol beverages. These substances interact in ways that result in greater toxicity. Ergot along with a number of other molds and mold toxins can prevent the liver from recovering its ability to detoxify chemicals and ordinary food substances.

Molds and mold toxins are powerful inhibitors of normal liver function. Some are powerful carcinogens like aflatoxin - a common mold in corn. Every corn farmer knows about aflatoxin because the U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors will ban the sale of corn with aflatoxin present above certain levels. Not to be deterred, these crafty farmers learned long ago to simply mix their condemned corn with aflatoxin-free corn until federal levels were met.

While it is always better to avoid eating moldy foods, sometimes they still get in. Aflatoxin is a common mold in bread, nuts and fruits. It is present in almost all beers, apple ciders and syrups. It makes the liver´s job of detoxifying alcohol almost impossible. That is why it is critically important to rid the body of mold toxins and prevent their entry.

Vitamin C powder simply sprinkled on foods before eating helps the liver detoxify the aflatoxin and all mold toxins.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) taken with each meal is also required. Take three 100 mg tablets daily along with 1/8th tsp. of vitamin C at each meal.

Thioctic acid can be used to help remove beryllium or Oral Chelate, an oral chelation product can also be used. Take 3-6 capsules daily in water. Take 1 ounce of Min-erAll in juice twice daily. The process will take several months but will effectively lower the beryllium levels in the brain.

Products that can help remove these toxins:

Oral Chelate (contains thioctic acid and EDTA)
Vitamin B-2
Vitamin C Powder
Stay Sober

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