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The '20-5-3' Rule by kerminator   21 h
Ponder the path that you are taking by kerminator   23 h
Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse. by kerminator   70 h
COVID-19 Myths Webinar by kerminator   82 h
Human or Spirit? by kerminator   82 h
NOW AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC! COVID-19 Myths Webinar by luckman   4 d
The ageing mind by kerminator   4 d
Learn to walk with the wise - 2 by kerminator   4 d
Students of French by kerminator   5 d
Developing a Clear Vision - #2 by kerminator   5 d
What is really happening? by kerminator   5 d
2018 study of birthrates in the United States by kerminator   5 d
Do you really know, Who you really Are? by kerminator   6 d
Do you really want to find yourself? by kerminator   6 d
Developing a Clear Vision! by kerminator   6 d
Electronic engineering math by kerminator   6 d
We all have emotions - yet how do they differ? by kerminator   7 d
What makes you kind and truly helpful? 2 of 2 by kerminator   7 d
Forgotten Words! What makes you kind and truly helpful? by kerminator   7 d
June 2021 Creme de la Creme by Chef JeM   7 d
Most people become so tied up in their life by kerminator   8 d
What We Believe, And Our Health by kerminator   8 d
Reposting my entry about testing for parasites with edits by mizmac   10 d
Long term parasite protocol reposted. by mizmac   10 d
Fasting Drives Away Doubt by kerminator   10 d
What is in your GUT? by kerminator   10 d
“Hey, I’m so glad you’re here by kerminator   11 d
In just 3 minutes U can change your future by kerminator   11 d
Learn to walk with the wise by kerminator   11 d
Art: Wounds of War/Memorial Day 2021 by Mayah   12 d
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