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How to Be Healthy in a Dopamine-Seeking Culture by kerminator   18 h
How Having Fun Makes You Healthier and Smarter by kerminator   18 h
Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, by kerminator   44 h
"Stop Arguing about the Existence of the Virus" by luckman   45 h
My Quest for the Truth of Life, by Kerminator! by kerminator   67 h
Monkey Business by luckman   78 h
Skills don't help if you ignore knowing your partner! by kerminator   90 h
Becoming better balanced with your health! by kerminator   91 h
Some help saving your house! by kerminator   92 h
Unbecoming, Titrating Trauma & Debunking Germaphobes by luckman   4 d
What should always be part of your life? by kerminator   4 d
Biggest Beginner Running Mistakes - by kerminator   4 d
We have not been told to seek things - rather pursue truth! by kerminator   4 d
Why Is the Deep State Destroying Our Food? by luckman   5 d
Love never fails... by kerminator   5 d
The Lord has never had anyone qualified working for Him yet! by kerminator   5 d
Being late is not a fault but use only as needed! by kerminator   6 d
Who R U in your Marriage? by kerminator   6 d
Marriage is much more than just a shared relationship! by kerminator   6 d
The Question we should all ask? by kerminator   6 d
Is Testosterone helping older men get better health?? by kerminator   7 d
Does money speak louder than the whole truth? by kerminator   8 d
People tend to spend great deals of time wasted or lost! by kerminator   8 d
Kissing Disease—Epstein Barr Virus or Something Else? by luckman   8 d
Do Conspiracies Really Exist? Murray Rothbard Thought So by luckman   10 d
Some we win and then some we give away! by kerminator   10 d
Sol Luckman on DNA, Imagination & Authoring Our Own Reality by luckman   11 d
How you come to spend your limited life time is up to U! by kerminator   11 d
Dr. Sam Bailey: RFK Jr. Enters the Viral Existence Debate by luckman   12 d
General Health by kerminator   12 d
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