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  • How can a guy like me who is so devoted to healthy diet have appendiciti...   by  #29621     13 y     2,636       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Son of "Truth of Self"
    Greetings All!

    I'm recovering from having my appendix removed and from spending the following six days in the hospital.

    My friends ask "How can a guy like me who is so devoted to healthy diet have appendicitis?".
    I think any of us who know where the appendix is located can understand that the answer has to include the bowel. The appendix and especially appendicitis as been referred to as a kind of smoke-alarm for the bowel. I agree!

    Three years ago I went to the hospital with nearly the exact same symptoms however the hospital did not give any diagnosis! In my last visit they included a "CAT" Scan and that positively identifies an inflamed appendix. Because of the risks with raptures we decide to remove it. (Especially after I had asked whether there were gradients in severity and told that it's either inflammed or not.) Three yeas ago during the hour that I was being discharged a friend appeared who does Iridology readings. He looked at my eyes and saw the inflammation in the bowel and said the bowel was coated with mucoid plaque. Upon my release three years ago I continued getting readings from my friend and making small adjustments to diet to allow a gentle cleansing process. Subsequent readings indicated that the bowel was improving and within a year there was little concern other than my friend hoped I wouldn't be having a relapse. However, I wanted to do a more through colon cleansing process but my friend discouraged that as being too radical. About a month ago I had found the product I waned to use and wanted to check that out with my friend. The product also required that I have immediate access to the toilet and I didn't have that where I live yet since I had a move that was pending I was wiling to trust that all this would work together. Then at 6:00 AM Wednesday, January 9th I was awakened with the appendicitis. I finally went I the hospital the next day. The surgeon told me the appendix had begun to rupture and spill fluid. I'm convinced I made the right decision at that time. Had I known on the 9th what I know now about my "smoke-alarm" I would have begun bowel cleansing! In any case I'll be ordering the cleansing program that I had in mind a month ago. Although the "alarm" is out of the picture the "fire" still needs to be cleared.

    So my answer at this time regarding the title question is that diet alone isn't all there is to building a healthy body temple. "Bowel management" has to be included. It was natural for native traditions to include a cleansing cycle in their relationship to the seasons and what we may sometime refer to as "Spring Cleaning". For the sake of people who are devoted to a Weston A. Price approach I will look into the records of traditional cleansing and help encourage it's acceptance in the WAP circles.

    I intend to report on the cleansing product I have in mind as soon as I begin using it.

    Towards a more radiantly healthy life!

    Chef Jem
    Executive Producer: "The Raw Milk Controversy: Fact & Fiction -
    A Conversation with Mark McAfee and Dr. Dale Jacobson, DC"
    Google "The Raw Milk Controversy: Fact & Fiction" for a an online video preview.
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