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  • Christ Easter Message   by  Liora Leah     13 y     3,573       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks
    March Message –

    A Message inspired by the Christ Presence
    Through Isaac George

    March 22nd, 2008

    Revelation, Revolution and Resurrection

    “Peace be with you. It is time to reveal and thereby create a revolution. As was already given through the Gospels, the signs of the times are now upon you. The future is now!

    Look no longer to special dates or years yet to come, for that is a distraction. When I declared that at the end of this Age there would be wars and rumours of wars, and earthquakes in diverse places, and that there would be signs of wonder in the skies, it was not a prophecy. It was a simple understanding of the consequences sown during previous cycles that lie hidden until a new cycle is in the ascendant. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear, all such self-created consequences are designed for self knowledge, which leads to the remembering of each soul’s true nature and Source.

    I would remind you that the intent of this message is not to frighten or create anxiety, but to point out that although that the appearances in the world may seemingly be full of upheaval and uncertainty, there is actually a very good reason to be overjoyed by that which may look to be dangerous and fearful. As the storms of madness increase, it is a sure sign that collective ego is desperately attempting to maintain power and control, and ultimately it will use up all of its resources trying to prevent the inevitable…the end of separation from the Father/Mother within the consciousness of every individual. Separation is fear in its ultimate form, and the false ‘power’ that seeks to prevent the spiritual revolution from awakening within the collective heart of humanity knows its time is now very short. Satan is just another name for the lower ‘self’, and it is this ego self that is going mad with its own fear.

    In the last message through this channel there was a suggestion to go back to basics, to return to the foundation of truth and communion within your heart and with Spirit. Here is another recommendation: surrender what you know and what you think you know. Information is not the same as wisdom. What is essential to know, you already know. If you needed to know more you would already know it. Ask Spirit to reveal to you what is essential for your journey right now. It is well to prepare ahead of time for the care and sustenance of the body, but useless to spend too much more time in accumulating data and security. The world is drowning in information, and the truth is obscured. Even when you think you ‘know’ something spiritually or metaphysically, it is still influenced and tainted by the context you reside in. Imagine Neo in the make-believe world of the Matrix, oblivious to the fact that he is in a technological ‘Truman Show’, while at the same time thinking he is ‘free.’ Forget what you have learned, your conditioning and manipulated perceptions, and ask to be shown the world and your Self as it truly is. Then you can forgive everything, while at the same time intending to broadcast the highest Light and Love from your Heart so that more ‘balance’ can be manifested to guide you, and everyone and everything else, through the changes ahead.

    The desire of many is to create Heaven on Earth. Seek instead to experience Heaven within thine own self, and then it will be manifest as a reflection of that. As Ariel has given before, ‘live Heaven’, which is fundamentally different than seeking to change external conditions, even from the level of intention and the mind! Externals are dependent upon the momentum and focus of belief within the collective, or group mind of humanity, not the domain of the individual. Yes, many minds and hearts together do have influence, and can create balance. Even I did not seek to change the world, and neither do you need to do so. The ‘mission’ of the Christ was to change the hearts of people, to awaken them from their amnesia and break the chains of slavery to materialism and survival consciousness. There is still a great deal of misunderstanding about what it means to ‘save’ a world, or a soul. It is time to reveal the deeper truths in what was said two millennia ago, and is still whispering to each heart even now in the Silence. There are many mansions to aspire to. Therefore, do not seek to carry the burdens of this world on your shoulders, nor become attached to any particular aspect of multi-dimensional identity or reality. Only through understanding this will you not succumb to the despair that disappointments bring when something does not transpire according to your ego’s hopes, dreams and fantasies.

    You are not the superior power in this process. Consciousness, Light and Love are the superior power, and Source the only certainty. You may choose to align with Love, and through you that which is most needed in the moment may be accomplished, but only in proportion to the degree with which you surrender your ‘personal’ agenda. Spiritual disciplines are useful to tune the dial of your consciousness to the more refined and subtle broadcasts that emanate from beyond the boundaries of the ‘matrix.’ Going back to basics is a revolutionary act, just as telling the truth is. As you are discovering more and more each day, this world does not love the truth, and prefers lies and deceptions. (I will speak more about this a little later on.) This will change, as more and more of the Presence of Spirit infuses and transmutes the astral and physical realms into balance. Sometimes this will cause disruption and instability, as resistances and blockages are transformed, but bless the chaos nonetheless, as it is a sign of Love in action. Sometimes Love may show itself as anger and fury, but it is never judgmental.

    I say to you; be aware that you and the world now stands at the fulcrum point in the Shift of the Ages, halfway through the overlap of the cycle of Pisces with the cycle of Aquarius, but before the full influence of the Aquarian cycle can begin to assist in the transformation of consciousness, the Second Coming of the Christ. The literal beginning of the Age of Aquarius is, as you count time according to the Precession of the Equinoxes, still roughly 200 years away. However, the future is now, not in 2012 or some other appointed time, although this is the time that is a preparation for 2012 and beyond.

    What will you sow in the furrows of this time? Your intention is more important than you yet fully realize. Your soul’s agenda will profoundly affect everything. The time that is close at hand will be one in which empowered, God-realized individuals can change the course of time and space. That is the revelation and the revolution that is just around the corner. What do you envision? How large is your passion? Take the time to know yourself first, ask inside what it is that you have been created to give to this world, acting with courage and passion from that wisdom.

    Be aware! Be as gentle as doves, but as wise as serpents. There is a temptation now by those controlled by their greed (fear) to use food and energy resources as weapons of control. This feeds their sense of power and their desire to avoid powerlessness. Every day the costs on the basic requirements for life keep rising more rapidly and no one seems to know what to do about it. This is intentional. Part of the scenario is the desire of some to control the profits realized through commodities and so on, so that there is a loose monopoly. Your economic model as it is structured also allows for this very small segment of people to control the resources and distribution of resources. They control the wholesale costs and then it trickles down from there. Do not allow manipulated shortages or the dramatic increases in pricing concern you or frighten you. It is manufactured, designed to ratchet up your fear and keep your focus on survival and the ego’s attachment to security and success. Moreover, do not allow yourself to sell out to fear for a piece of bread, or a gallon of fuel. There is no more effective form of spiritual and emotional blackmail than to make someone believe that their physical survival depends on loyalty to a given government, authority or economic system. When people are hungry or economically strained they tend to give away their power for crumbs. However, there is always another choice.

    This other choice is to first of all say ‘no’ to economic blackmail or carrots on sticks. Change must begin within by altering your beliefs about survival in the physical realm. Find out where you stand with your own resources and to your Source. What are your deepest fears and how can they be healed? Are you afraid of being homeless, going hungry, or being bankrupt? Are you afraid you won’t be able to provide for yourself or your family? Do you feel shame because you are in debt or unable to realize your dreams of being a success? My brothers and sisters, you need not take on labels that define failure! Your value is not found in you being ‘successful’ or a ‘good provider’, and your value is not diminished by where and how you live. However, enlightenment and peace is also not easily accessible to those who are at a subsistence level of living, as all of one’s cares and concerns are with mere survival. Therefore, seek to gather wisdom regarding every aspect of your welfare and make a plan.

    First, pray. Ask for help and guidance. Then, remove that which is dead weight in your life, whether it is ‘stuff’ in the closet, attic, basement or garage. (You may even need to let some relationships and groups go as well.) Sell or give away as much as you can. Then, find out what you are spending each month and on what. Eliminate wasteful or unnecessary purchases or monthly expenses. Next, if you have a little land available, grow a small garden. If you are in a cold climate, use poly tunnels or build a little greenhouse with plastic and old pallets. Grow herbs and sprouts indoors in window boxes. Reduce or eliminate meat consumption and cut down on fish and poultry as well. Eliminate purchasing produce that is trucked or flown in from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Learn to make your own bread.

    Tell the grocers and fuel providers (heating and auto) that keep raising their prices that you will be putting pressure on your politicians to investigate price-fixing and corruption. Boycott where appropriate. By the way, bio-fuels are a red herring that does nothing positive for the environment or your food supplies. Seek out zero-impact solutions that are most affordable for you.

    Finally, begin to create neighbourhood and local cooperatives for mutual support and welfare. Talk with those who live closest to you, and suggest that it is now time to become more self-sufficient through the pooling of resources and information. If you live in a small village, investigate the possibility of a group purchase of a wind turbine to power everyone’s homes and thereby remove yourselves off the ‘grid.’ These suggestions are not just a nice way to save the Planet; they are a model of sovereignty and spiritual truth expressed in practical ways. Don’t wait for governments and politicians to do it for you, or you will be waiting for a very long time.

    Pay attention to those that are less fortunate to you. They do not want your pity, or judgment. Give them your love, your cash, your direct eye contact. Don’t wonder if they are truly ‘poor’ or if they are scamming you. If you have very little, give of it anyway. Cast your bread upon the waters my friends, and you will never want for whatever it is you need in the next moment, for as you do it unto the least of your brethren, you do it to Me and everyone. The highest knowing is that you do it to yourself.

    Here is an intention…a prayer you can use: “Thank you Mother-Father. I ask for and gratefully receive, all that I require for my life, knowing that before I have even asked for it or known that I have required it, it is already mine.”

    Revolutions are coming. Some will be gentle, some not so. The stirrings have been felt in Kosovo, and Tibet . Over the next four to six years a whirlwind will shake the established powers of the world even as they attempt to tighten their grip on the helm of power. People will discover that they themselves are powerful and that they are many. The revolution will unfold through what is universally true about all of you; that you are all children of one Source, and no religion, belief, or other temporal power will keep you in separation from each other or from Source any longer. You live on the Earth and She is your Mother. But you are not of the Earth, nor do you belong to Her. You are of Spirit, and you are everywhere and everything. Remember, there are many mansions.

    There is a storm-watch set. There are storms and earthquakes coming and though the mountains slide into the sea, fear nothing. As these times unfold, and as you discover and embrace the truth within you, the old structures that are unable or unwilling to transmute and align with the new awareness will dissolve back into their elemental state. The old world will be swept away and there will be a new Heaven, and a new Earth.

    The stage is set for the resurrection of Consciousness, Light and Love within humanity, for the Second Coming to awaken and arise within the Hearts of all who choose to end the long sorrow of separation, the dark night of the soul. The One is infiltrating the matrix and it is the power of Love that will overcome it. You are Neo, the One. Be resolute.

    Revelations will shake the world, revolutions will arise. Resurrection is here, right now. It is imperative to choose joy above all else. It is your nature. When you are afraid, shake yourself like an earthquake and remember who you are. If you are thirsty or hungry, drink and eat from the well of Spirit…you will be fed and satisfied. When you are in doubt and sorrow, feel it all so that the cup of sorrows may be emptied and then be filled with joy.

    There are three R’s, and there is a fourth…Rejoice! Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world…and so will you.

    Peace to all of you on this Easter Celebration.”

    End of Message

    Note: Check out this link about a village in Scotland that is now powering itself with a wind turbine! Though it may not be the perfect answer, but it is just one possibility for self-sufficiency. Click:

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