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  • Spirit:Financial Crisis   by  Liora Leah     13 y     3,546       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks
    "House of Cards"
    The big event Monday was the announcement that a major U. S. investment bank had filed for bankruptcy (Lehman Bros.), while another one (Merrill Lynch) was gobbled up by the Bank of America. The conjunction of Uranus and the Full Moon in Pisces dished up two 'surprises' that stunned the world financial markets. There were players in the background too, Pluto and Chiron, that were underpinning a major shift in how we perceive the 'value' of money and goods in general.

    As the chaos took hold on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I remembered an email that a close friend had forwarded to me at the beginning of September that warned about the collapse of U. S. markets on
    September 15th, 2008. I tried to find that email but could not, having had deleted it about a week later. (I have since found it again online, and it is either a warning by a sincere and astute financial analyst or insider information by someone who knows who is, or what is, manipulating the markets and currencies). In any case, the banks and the financial markets are a house of cards. Ever since the mid-1990's, the creation of 'wealth' through the speculative buying and selling of currencies, equities (derivatives) and mortgage paper has created a money bubble that has turned what was of value on its head.

    Quite simply, money is now debt. If you want to learn more about the exciting world of fractional reserve banking, then please click 
    here ("Money as Debt"-Google Video). The so-called wealth created through the financial services worldwide really has no inherent value, because it does not represent anything being produced, and does not rest on a substance of stability, like gold or silver. Even the idea that gold and silver has value is just another consensus belief, propped up by all of us. We could make chickens, or buttons, or wool blankets have universal value too, if that is what everyone wanted and needed. Agreement and belief are all you need to create consensus. What is happening now has never happened before, and getting real about where it may go is not only useful for all of us, but empowering as well.

    Ultimately, from a spiritual/metaphysical perspective, everything is temporary, ephemeral and will eventually change and experience dissolution. Civilizations rise and fall, empires built, then collapse, even landmasses appear and then subside (see Surtsey Island,Iceland:
    http://en.Wikipediaorg/wiki/Surtsey). However, the one thing that is constant in all of this is change. Whether castles are made of sand or prefabricated concrete makes no difference…one day they both will succumb to the sea.

    What is one to do? What will happen next? A better question would be; what do we choose next? How can we feel empowered when things happen that seem to be beyond our control. Re-reading the Serenity Prayer of St. Francis might be a great place to begin.
    Some of us may choose to have 'our' reality whilst the rest of the world experiences upheaval. On more than one occasion, I have heard the New Age folks say 'that's not in my reality', and I've wondered if that is only a choice not to involve one's mind in negative thinking, or is it also a choice that comes from subconscious pain avoidance and denial? To deny what is actual, what is in front of us in this moment, does not make it change or go away. This house of cards is not going to go away anytime soon either. The toxicity in our financial affairs, personal and planetary, is due for an extraordinary and thorough sorting out.

    The Master Yeshua (Jesus) had loads to say about money, finance and investing, and alternative paths to health, abundance and life. He also did not approve of money changing (currency trading, speculation and usury) as it is spiritually corrupt and abhorrent, causing souls to feel entrapped demeaned and enslaved to manipulation, shame and indebtedness. If around today, I would imagine his ire against hedge-fund managers, debt collectors and the like might be quite fiery. Well, at least he'd speak out against the fraud of loaning fictitious money for interest, and then if you can't pay it back, having your real property and wealth seized to square the 'debt.'

    Recently, in the U. S., some bankruptcy judges are fighting back on the behalf of beleaguered homeowners defaulting on their mortgages. They are demanding that the banks produce the original mortgage contracts in order to prosecute their claim on a house or property. If they have already bundled that contract along with thousands of others and sold them off to the highest bidder as an investment vehicle, then they are out of luck. The case is then dismissed, and the folks keep their house. So far, so good, but at this point it is a very local phenomena.

    "Something From Nothing's Still Nothing…"
    …or so the old song goes. Phony Monopoly Money is what the banks have been creating, and then they sell you the illusion that it is 'real.' That paper money in your hands, the stuff in circulation appears real. The stuff floating around in cyberspace and on the banks books is anything but. The banks call their fictional money, "check book money". When a bank creates a loan, it is creating money. When the loan is paid, the money literally disappears, as if it never existed in the first place. Hey, this is on Wikipedia, and I did not make it up! Wikipedia did not make it up either; it is the Federal Reserve Board (not Federal, but a privately held corporation) who is printing the money and are in charge.

    Now, something from nothing is making quite a lot of 'real' money (physical currency) for a very few folks. The brokers in the City of
    London have been making huge bonuses for almost a decade now on speculation with debt instruments and currency trading. A billion here and a billion there, and soon we are talking real money. Anyway, this happens every day, sometimes all day and all night, all across cyberspace, and they can even make a profit on betting when a stock or currency will be devalued and go down! This is 'short selling' or 'put options', and much the same thing happened to United Airlines and American Airlines stock a few days before 9/11. Someone knew that these two airlines would face a stock correction after the attacks, so they bet that it would go done, which it did…before the event!
    Nonetheless, all of this accumulating debt has been sold on and on and on until no one knows who is holding the hot (toxic) potatoes. Now all of the nothings are indeed something, and the mathematical shell game has run out of permutations. As the old Chinese proverb said, "if we don't change our direction, we will end up where we're headed." Seems it's time for a real change of direction, one that is about creating something new and just, and not just reforming the existing system. Throwing a trillion dollars at the current situation is like pouring kerosene on a fire.

    "We're In a Tight Spot"
    You may be thinking that I have just gone off the deep end. Well, back in my late twenties and early thirties I was in the field of accounting, so I do have some experience with what I am writing about here. My work as an auditor and controller in some major hotels taught me about fiscal responsibility and sound practice. With the era we are entering, all bets are off in the 'business as usual' department. I am not a betting man anyway, so speculation is not useful here, and there has been enough of that already. We are in a tight spot, but that tightness will serve us too. We will become a bit more responsible, a bit more economical, and a bit more sensitive to the correct use of limited resources.

    The Pluto in Capricorn era will be about the wise use of limited resources, which will eventually teach us to have a more conscious relating to our planet and each other. It will also stimulate the change needed in our personal and collective beliefs and habits, as well as stimulate new inventions and methods that will assist us to create new economic models, along with new models of community and self-reliance.
    It is difficult for me to explain some of my observations and conclusions regarding these topics and events, which hold as much of a charge for me as anyone else. I've experienced much anguish about money, debt, and so forth in my life, and even when I have beenconfronted with the 'isness' of a financial situation, I've tended to want to run from it and hide, hoping it will all just go away. However,it doesn't, and I am confronted with myself and my choices eventually. I have to remember the truth about money, which is the truth about it only representing our ability to give and receive. As a symbol of that, I can practice surrender and gratitude, and act as responsibly as possible in any situation. What I am trying to share with you here has to do with our illusions about money, and how much importance and power we have given over to it.

    When we face losing our income, or our credit rating, or even our home, the sense of shame and failure can be crippling. Is our identity
    so wrapped up with that sense of loss that we lose our self-respect? May we never become so cynical as to believe that we are only our credit worthiness, or conversely that we need to prove our value and spirituality by how much we can manifest in this world. For if we allow either to dominate our consciousness then we have lost contact with our essence, which is love.

    "You Cannot Serve Two Masters"

    Ever since my spiritual awakening experience fourteen years ago I've replaced my rather down-to-earth worldview of finance with a more universal model based on the metaphysical principles demonstrated and taught by Master Yeshua (Jesus), Florence Scoville Shinn, Archangel Ariel, and others.

    Essentially, after the kundalini event started, my practice of fiscal prudence went out the window. I could not operate as I had before, and for a while, I had to hire someone else to pay my bills and balance the checkbook. Eventually, I ran up too much credit card debt, and found the going tough indeed. As I gradually began applying the principles that Spirit was showing me, things got better, mostly because I received promotions in the field I was in, and the pay rate went up with it. After I quit my corporate job and moved to Sedona to find my true work, I went through a few more difficulties until the channelling and teaching began. I found my feet as it were, and I have always felt freer and more supported than at any other time in my life. At times, I felt desperate, but I always received what I needed, even when it was not what I wanted.

    Divesting yourself of debt of any kind is one of the best things you can do for yourself in stable or unstable economic times. The sense of freedom from not having debt is wonderful. Florence Scoville Shinn created an affirmation on debt that is quite empowering - "There is no debt in God's Reality. I now place all of my burdens upon the Christ within me, and I walk on unencumbered and free!" Becoming debt free also frees you from the official world money-laundering system. If you have a credit card, fine, just pay off the balance every month, and do not create more 'interest.' Using cash in most situations is the easiest however.

    Creating a sense of health and security from the inside out can allow you to let go of other financial burdens such as life insurance, medical insurance, and investments in the stocks, bonds, or commodities markets. These instruments were created from either fear or greed, and only perpetuate the dis-ease in the world. When you no longer fear death, or illness, or feel that you have to create financial security in order to feel protected, you will taste more freedom than you have ever believed possible. To continue to live a dual existence, professing to trust in Spirit, and at the same time maintaining a destructive life-style is no longer congruous. Yes, it harms the planet, and it harms other people. Did you know that there are more millionaires in Mumbai, India than in New York City, and more than 80% of that city's population lives in poverty?
    Free market capitalism is the last failure of the human ego, for it respects neither life nor Nature, and does not acknowledge a Higher Power. The so-called 'Masters of the Universe' in the world's financial markets are now exposed as the instrument of other puppet-masters and string-pullers. The shadow financial system has just come out of the closet, and it is a fraud. We are not disempowered. We were only led to believe that there has been no other choice, no other way to live and prosper.

    "Revelation Station"
    The next few weeks are still going to be an intense roller coaster, so remember to breathe, and take good care of you. As I see/sense it, and as I am being shown, there are still hidden elements that will influence the markets for good or ill. The U. S. election is also a roller coaster, and the event chart that I have erected for November 4th over Washington D. C. shows an interesting opposition between Saturn and Uranus that will be exact that day. Saturn in Virgo is about maintaining the illusion of strong structures and pragmatic, political will, while Uranus in Pisces is the energy of sudden fluctuations, as in commodities such as oil, water, and natural gas, and the element of water and storms (hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.) in the natural world. This opposition has the same feel that the Pluto-Saturn opposition in August of 2001 had, an energy of 'something's gotta give.' For me, Saturn-Uranus is Mister "I Make the Rules" and Mister "I Break the Rules" at complete odds with each other, so anything may happen, and probably will. Whatever happens, remember, it is not any accident!

    The other major influence here is the upcoming return of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn. This will occur on November 26th-27th, exactly at the moment of Uranus stationing direct. Pluto has already dipped into Capricorn once, and that was just at the beginning of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that started in August 2007. The effects of Pluto (or any of the outer planets) changing signs is experienced long before that actual event on a calendar, and that is why what is happening now is happening now.
    Pluto is transformational, but takes us to that transformation via the 'underworld', giving us the opportunity to root out any hidden demons and traumas of the psyche before we arise again like a phoenix from the ashes. Capricorn rules structures: banking, politics, trade economies, and authority. The world that we created is now subject to dissolution via Pluto, and once Pluto enters Aquarius on November 22nd, 2024, the economic and political power that was created since the establishment of America in the late 1700's will have evaporated. In other words, anything not in alignment with Spirit is outta here.

    The final player in all of this is Neptune, the ruler of higher love, mysticism, addictions, delusions and denial. With Neptune currently retrograde (going inward and backward) in the sign of Aquarius, we are now reviewing the belief systems we have held that are based on illusion, and where we are addicted (consumerism-buy now, pay whenever…) and in denial (crisis, what crisis?), and relying on the prophets of abundance to build up affluence (i. e., "The Secret"). Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also in the sign of Aquarius, and will conjunct Neptune next May. Chiron is calling on us now to create something new, to respond to the situation from a spiritual perspective, so that the many rather than the few can benefit. Nothing happens in isolation, and Aquarius is going to remind us of that repeatedly.

    In this present climate of uncertainty, I would encourage each and every one who reads these words to honestly acknowledge and befriend whatever fears and doubts you may be experiencing about 'the future' and about your relationship to money, prosperity, poverty, and survival. Positive reinforcement like prayer, meditation, immersion in Nature, and intimate friendships are essential for balance. However, refrain from using any spiritual practice to avoid the uncomfortable feelings that stressful change brings. Above all, do not judge or blame those that are victims of their greed, or those whose fear is so great that they seek to dominate others.

    Essentially, these are all symptoms of a dying power structure that is desperate and insane enough to try to use the next few years' worth of political and economic advantage to dominate the planet, and it will not work. Terrorism on demand will not work either. It is the last gambit of those we have labeled the Illuminati, the Dark Forces, and the World Management Team... Change will come, nonetheless, because we will choose a different way, and because Spirit is hacking the system. We can no longer serve the world system and God. However, we can co-create an honest and equitable system that is Spirit-inspired. One of the ways of change will be peaceful non-participation, non-compliance, and non-cooperation with the current system. This is not 'dropping out'; this is path-cutting par excellence.

    In a way, this whole scenario is beginning to read like something out of the Book of Revelation, and perhaps it is a time of testing, of sorting out what our values are, and what our relationship with the Infinite is. Fear, the false evidence appearing real, is where our work is, and we cannot do it alone and in isolation. We have each other, and we will need to encourage and praise, and stimulate each other into greater courage and greater compassion. It is time to declare Who You Are.It is time to reach out to others. It is time to make a change. It is time to take risks. It is time to speak out. It is time to dance and sing. It is time to create your life as a mirror of how you imagine heaven to be.
    It is time to get off the fence.

    Other links of interest:
    "The Historical Roots of Money" -
    This is 22 parts, or you can just buy the DVD.
    "An Explanation of Commodities Trading" - Rent the movie "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd.

    Quote of the Moment -
    "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust do corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. For
    where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." -Jesus of Nazareth (From the Sermon on the Mount. Paraphrased from The
    Gospel of Matthew, C. 6, v. 19-21.)

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    Yeshua & Materialism

     Spirit says: Yeshua taught that EVERYONE is "God made manifest through the Flesh". As we are all "God", we are all deserving of the basic human needs to sustain our bodies, "The Temple of the Soul".

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    Liora Leah
    • Re: Seeds, Dear One, Seeds....   by  YourEnchantedGardener     13 y     1,516

      "The so-called wealth created through the financial services worldwide really has no inherent value, because it does not represent anything being produced, and does not rest on a substance of stability, like gold or silver. Even the idea that gold and silver has value is just another consensus belief, propped up by all of us. We could make chickens, or buttons, or wool blankets have universal value too..."

      Tossing out a lot of things in recent days
      from the 80's and 90's Here is a bit of a writing
      I tossed out.

      Makes me question the Worth of things,
      what we save, what we toss out:

      "These are evolutionary times,
      times that ask We reawaken a radical appreciation
      of Natur's Original Technology.

      When all is said and done,
      not gold, not silver will sustain us.
      We can bank on Seeds--not only to help us survive--but thrive.

      Everything natural begins with a Seed, including our Dreams.

      With Seeds in our Medicine Bag, 1000 years of Peace,
      the Potential for this New Millennium, is inevitable.

      Sanctify Seeds and our Soul has a physical Temple
      and Strong Flexible material to make its Housing.

      With Seeds and Plant as teachers and allies,
      we can grow the Enchanted Garden, a nae for our healthy Renewed
      Mother Earth.

      Our Renewed earth grows because we are healthy,
      alive, and living our dream.

      Today the greatest back to the Land Movement
      is the History of the human race begins in our own backyard.

      Plant a Seed. Grow a Whole New World."

      Written around 1998
      by Your EG


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