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    March 19, 2009

    “…women’s ‘core’ is stronger in many ways than men’s. This comes from womanhood and birthing and mothering. Women on the whole are ‘stronger’ than men because your (world) culture requires them to carry many burdens men do not carry and make many more sacrifices for the good of humankind than men make. This will shift with the coming of the Divine Feminine energy into the auric field of Mother Gaia, yet even with the feminine energies now at hand there will take earth plane ‘time’ for human culture all over the world to shift to a more equitable distribution of power and responsibility. For now, men of the (human) species hold the power while women carry the burdens of responsibility. This is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’—just the Way It is—yet as we have spoken there is now a change, albeit slow. This shift has started in the United States and Western world and spreads incrementally slowly in Asian and African and Latin nations, and in parts of the Middle East, yet even in places and cultures of the world where women seem to function under the foot of male supremacy and authority, subtle shifts are now occurring. Patience.

    We hold much hope and Love and Light for the future of humanity. While you on the earth plane of existence perceive things as ‘slow’ to unfold—towards equity between men and women, towards world peace, towards equity in distribution of material goods, towards what you call a ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ lifestyle/culture and way of conducting business and commerce, we on our side of the ‘Veil’ see it as monumental shifts happening on a grand scale, the importance of which supersedes that of your one beloved planet Gaia. For as the Earth goes, so goes the Universes of Creation—why do you think you are so Beloved of God, dear Humans? Your energy shifts are felt throughout the Universes—positive intent, Love, compassion—these energies are felt throughout Creation as a tidal force of energy, affecting Systems and Dimensions beyond your ability as humans to comprehend/fathom. All affects all—what you do here on this jewel of a planet affects all of Creation. The ‘Grand Experiment’ you have heard yourselves and your planet called (by Kryon*) is true. How will this experiment in free will unfold? What will be the outcome? Will Gaia and Her tenants join the other Star Children in the Community of Enlightenment (other BEings on other planets spread throughout the Universes of Creation)?

    To make a gross analogy—before a child can attend school, he or she must be ‘potty trained’ so as not to soil him/herself or the surrounds. So, too, must Earth creatures, the dominant ones being Humans—learn to not only contain their ‘messes’ i.e. war, famine, social unrest, environmental destruction, disease, poverty, social inequity, and all the other ‘ills’ now engaging your Beloved Planet, but transmute these ‘messes’ so they no longer exist as such but manifest as abundance, peace, Joy, Goodwill, equity of resource distribution, love for Mother Gaia and restoration of her eco-balance, and all the other attributes of a peaceful, loving, respect between each other, the planet, and all your Relations upon and in your Most Holy Mother. Only then will Mother Gaia, with all of her earthly creatures, be allowed into the Community of Beloved Star Children who eagerly await Her arrival. Yes, we have spoken these words to you before. We are confident this will be attained, it is only a matter of time, and Time, as you very well know, is but a human illusion (Spirit smile).

    So we go for now.
    Bless this Now time.
    Safe Journeys,
    We will speak again.
    Namaste, Amen"

    *Kryon, a feminine group energy channeled by Lee Carroll, speaks of humanity as being engaged in a "test". To read more, go to:


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