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    Truth is an incremental process

Truth is an incremental process
by mouseclick

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  • Time to get some sunshine   by  mouseclick     13 y     2,916       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Truth is an incremental process
    I have been posting too much here lately, so I thought I'd get some fresh air. On the internet, you don't get to know people properly, there is nothing that beats the real thing.

    I found a good website called Meetup,
    - it has interest groups in cities everywhere. It's all based around actually meeting up with like minded people in real life. maybe some people here should try it!

    I went to one and it was called emotional connections or something. In the upstairs room in a pub, we had to pay a fiver for room hire and expenses that's all. Most meetups are free. It was really interesting. One of the exercises was to look into your partners eyes and appreciate their value for say, 20 seconds. We swapped around. Some people simply coulnd't do that without blinking and even smiling, I then had to look away from them to ease their tension. Others, including the organiser, gazed straight into mine, she was a bit more in your face than the others. But it was okay.

    I walked back to the tube with a couple of people, but I doubt we will meet again because we don't have enough in common. However the whole point of that meetup was not that it was an interest group, but it was to prepare people for meetups. A sort of pre-course course if you like, ha ha!

    So I have my new job where the hours are flexible, and all my diving friends seem to want to drink or dine these days (should call it the dining club) and dives are not so common because kids take up the time. I also have a local social group I go to, they are really nice people, I like them. I guess my work hours will increase if I do well, but I might join a few meetups, they have one group that goes on holidays and does various activity things on weekends, they look good.

    It's better to meet with real people, because you get to see the body language, everything, you don't get that on the web. So that's what I am going to do today, shut the laptop, turn it off, put it in my rucksack (he he only kidding) and go out for a cycle ride. Seeing as I now fit into my cycling shorts from 20 years ago (I hoard things). Then I'll come back and do some work work in the evening.
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    • Re: Time to get some sunshine   by  mo123     13 y     1,806
      Maybe you should follow an old wives tale.

      Want to find love, "Quit looking"

      It comes when you least expect it to. Look to the ones who are your friends and who talk to you when you are low and who defend you.

      There are no coincidences in life.

      Don't be like me and never want to marry ever, lol I hate men. Look to the one who gives you everything.
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      • Re: Time to get some sunshine   by  mouseclick     13 y     1,811
        Hi Mo, gosh 2 comments on y blog in the last day, wow.

        My general rules of life in the last 6 months are to be as truthful as I can, to the people who mean the most to me.

        And sometimes when I get angry I bark, but I never bite. I never bite when angry. I will go away and deal with that anger, usually by trying to understand the person that angered me more, because anger comes from having something to hide within me. So dealing with that anger often involves submitting to the truth, It helps me to understand myself better.

        When I find out more about the people who made me feel hate and anger, I usually love them again, in a non sexual sense I am talking about. Then I lose the anger and all that is left is love, or truth.

        And truth is I am drinking a can of Stella Artios now, which makes me feel sleepy after a while.

        I am no angel you see

        I am just me

        That's the truth

        I am on a journey following truth, and it is an incrmental process

        I don't know what lies ahead, because I can't see it until I get there

        I just follow the light

        Sometimes it draws me in different directions

        That's OK, I am probably being taken around obstacles

        I have no fear anymore

        Nothig to hide

        PS this Stella tastes great :)
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