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    Truth is an incremental process

Truth is an incremental process
by mouseclick

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  • Food again, well sort of   by  mouseclick     13 y     28,796       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Truth is an incremental process

    I know someone that has watched the Processed people DVD and the truth has struck home with them. Once you know this stuff there's no turning back.

    If you like meat and processed food you are like a junkie, hooked on it.

    The problem is, once you have crossed that boundary, how can you respect any one that has not crossed it? Once you know the truth, things take on a different perspective.

    I have real life friends that have been treated for cancer, yet they just shun this information despite the fact I have sent them some good ebooks. They don't even get so far as looking at the first page. And these are friends I have known for 10 or 20 years. I don't want to see them die, but I know the prognosis for the types of cancer they have and it's not good. Earlier this year I went to the funeral of a friend I have known since 1984, though we had lost touch for about a decade. Again, cancer. I did not know about plant based then though, so could not have helped her.

    The think is I now feel like a non-smoker that lives in a room full of smokers. An antibody in a bottle of penicillin. It really is a red pill / blue pill issue as in "the Matrix". A one way ticket. Once you know the truth, there's no turning back. It is also metanoia, or repentance as the frock wearers call it.

    This brings me to the title of this blog, "Truth is an Incremental Process". I knew people would think that was weird, but I didn't care, it was my journey. You will have heard that Freedom is Truth and Truth is Freedom and so on, but whereas knowledge is liberating it can sometimes imprison you as well. Once you know the truth, you become a prisoner of that truth even if it is liberating. I'll quote from my favourite book of all times, the Shack, which inspired me to make this journey. God (a black woman called Papa) is having a chat with Mack (McKenzie Allan Phillips) in the Shack. Mack, thinking that god must be on a higher level than him, wonders if he is free to leave if he so wishes. Papa replies:

    "You’re free to walk out that door right now and go home to your empty house. Or, you could go down to The Grind and hang out with Willie. Just because I know you’re too curious to go, does that reduce your freedom to leave?”

    She paused only briefly and then turned back to her task, talking to him over her shoulder. “Or, if you want to go just a wee bit deeper, we could talk about the nature of freedom itself. Does freedom mean that you are allowed to do whatever you want to do? Or we could talk about all the limiting influences in your life that actively work against your freedom. Your family genetic heritage, your specific DNA, your metabolic uniqueness, the quantum stuff that is going on at a subatomic level where only I am the always-present observer. Or the intrusion of your soul’s sickness that inhibits and binds you, or the social influences around you, or the habits that have created synaptic bonds and pathways in your brain. And then there’s advertising, propaganda, and paradigms. Inside that confluence of multifaceted inhibitors,” she sighed, “what is freedom really?”

    Mack just stood there not knowing what to say.

    “Only I can set you free, Mackenzie, but freedom can never be forced.”

    “I don’t understand,” replied Mack. “I don’t even understand what you just told me.

    ” She turned back and smiled. “I know. I didn’t tell you so that you would understand right now. I told you for later. At this point, you don’t even comprehend that freedom is an incremental process.” Gently reaching out, she took Mack’s hands in hers, flour covered and all, and looking him straight in the eyes she continued, “Mackenzie, the Truth shall set you free and the Truth has a name; he’s over in the wood-shop right now covered in sawdust. Everything is about him. And freedom is a process that happens inside a relationship with him. Then all that stuff you feel churnin’ around inside will start to work its way out.”

    Please don't get too bogged down in the Christian element there because I do not consider myself a Christian and surprisingly neither does the author, Paul Young. but the point I am trying to make is that Truth or Freedom really is an incrimental process, and you don't know what doors are to be opened ahead or where they will lead.

    For example, I had not even sought the truth befoe, but reading the Shack made me want to do what Paul Young wanted to do, to have no secrets, and to find truth.

    I glimpsed truth over 30 years ago, but did no think it was possible to achieve in this life here on earth.

    Anyway, to get back to the present, when I started trying to find the truth I had no idea that the food I ate every day was part of the lies and deception we live in. It was only by using the particular skill set that I had, did I come across all this stuff using Google, and from various books and videos.

    That in itself has added decades of healthy living on to my life, and freed me from many potential diseases. Exciting or what? You bet!

    But that was one incremental step in a journey. I am now at a new stage, finding it difficult to live with the knowledge, because I see everything in a different light.

    Paul Young did write that book for his kids and I do sometimes wonder if he was aware of "The Matrix" and incorporated elements of the film in his book knowing that they would identify with it, who knows.

    Either way the analogy fits well. I now see people as machines, eating their burgers, stuffing themselves with meat, oil, dairy, and slowly ensuring that they have a dreadful retirement and a long and suffering death.

    So now I have choices, and only I cam make them. I can't pray to god to ask what to do because it is I who have to decide. Me me me, that's what it's all about.

    The fact that I am now a prisoner of the truth shows me that there is a "holy spirit" or whatever you want to call it, and it lies within me. If there wasn't I wouldn't give a damn if my friends die, but I do. That is just the way I am made, I feel compassion for others.

    So I am at a crossroads, I can either bugger off somewhere and try and find a place where like minded people live together (Expo 2009 might be a good start) or I can try and get my friends to believe this. Either way I do not want to be surrounded by sickos when they don't have to be sick.

    So I am making a choice here and now in this blog. When I get the "Processed People" DVD and the "Curing Cancer from Within" (I expect them to arrive early next week), then I will show then to my sick friends (the real life ones I hang out with). If they don't watch it I will be sad. To be honest I don't think they will, so for me the truth may bring sadness, but I prefer it to ignorance. But I will let that sadness drive me to do other things. I really need to sort out my workplace, the standard of eating there is probably worse than Glasgow, and socializing is based around eating at the worst cafe in the world.

    Finally if you want proof, read this interview with Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study". It is about the Mclibel case. I quote:

    "The question concerning McDonald's foods being introduced into the school system is quite a serious problem. I happen to have a student, a middle aged woman, who recently did a study in the States for her PhD dissertation on the local school system.

    Her study showed that children in the very first grades, when they're given the opportunity of exploring food, through preparing the food and learning about where it comes from, (particularly the kind of food, that many people think rather odd; plant food, cous cous and all the like), when they're exposed to those sorts of ideas at the beginning of the school year really get quite enthused about it, and then by the end of the year not only had the children changed their own diets dramatically, they went home and told their mothers about it, their mothers started changing their diet, and the little town grocery store started introducing new shelves to put these kind of foods on.

    In fact the story made the New York Times not too long ago and showed that children apparently do not like animal based foods, that's something that they have to be trained to eat. Secondly it showed that children can be actually educated in the public school system in good health, and then actually take the message home, and convince their parents. It's the other way around from what we all have tended to think. It's quite dramatic."

    So you see, you have been tricked into eating meat and now your are essentially a processed person.

    Do you want to become unprocessed? Do you want to reclaim your birthright? That's the big question. Only you can find the truthful answer. Freedom can never be forced.

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    • Re: Food again, well sort of   by  weirdo3     13 y     2,006
      i know your situation, kinda..when i was just 14-15 years old, which wasnt that long ago btw, i also discovered that somewhat "sad" truth about food, that we just cant eat whatever we want if we want to be healthy, fit etc, after some years, which is now i almost completely understand all rules about eating and when i try to tell that my parents, and especially grandparents, for their sake, so that they start to rearrange their eating habbits and could get rid of their health problems and live longer, they just try to bug me off like if what i say is nuisance, i know that it is actually, but i just dont understand how grown up adults can be so ignorant, recless and well even more childish than i am supposed to be at my young age, i just dont know how to make them accept this truth, i know i should let them be free about their choice, but at the same time i cant because i know that what they will chose wont be right, so what to do? i want my grandparents live long and healthy, but they just dont want to bother about anything, just enjoy their food :(
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      • Re: Food again, well sort of   by  mouseclick     13 y     2,147
        Thanks for your post weirdo3. I am aware that some of the stuff I post here is probably way off the radar for most people, but it's good to know that you recognize this problem, and it shows you are taking responsibility for yourself, and others.

        This is my view. In a real community, I mean lets go back several hundred years, people grew their own food, and the knowledge got passed down from generation to generation. This is how we survived.

        However with the introduction of the industrial age, and oil, things changed. Now the system has all gone wrong.

        But I too am like you, born unto man as it were. My parents got it all wrong, I was fed milk, dairy, then processed food. I only got it right at age 53, which also wasn't so long ago :)

        So well done you on getting it right at a much younger age.

        My advice to you would be to let your parents and grandparents be, I tried to change mine and it didn't work, they are set in their ways.

        The best thing to do is lead by example. Hang out with friends who think the same way. If you ever have kids - which I hope you do as you sound sensible :) - try and bring them up the right way.

        Good luck - and well done for being so forward thinking!
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