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  • Poem:"Holographic Projection"   by  Liora Leah     12 y     3,021       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    Holographic Projection

    This is all a hologram.

    It is not real.
    It is NOT real.
    It is NOT REAL.

    This is NOT my Reality.
    It is NOT real.
    It is NOT REAL.

    This is merely a projection of my mind.

    Some Day, some Time,
    I will WAKE UP.

    This is NOT real.
    This IS NOT real.
    This is NOT REAL.

    I will WAKE UP.
    I WILL wake up.


    I sit on my bed writing this.
    It is past two in the morning,
    Friday July 10, 2009,
    Standard American West Coast Earth Time,
    Milky Way what Universe?
    The 3rd Dimension

    When will I BE REAL Again?
    When will I be MY WHOLE SELF?
    When will I be my SHINING BEING OF LIGHT Again,
    instead of this diminished, pathetic, weak, bio-neuro form?

    You have taken me and put me in a straight jacket.
    You have blinded me and deafened me.
    You have restricted my auric capacities.

    I can no longer SEE.
    I can no longer KNOW.
    I CAN NO Longer shape-shift
    or materialize and dematerialize.

    If I didn't know better, I would say you have imprisoned me,
    here in this "solid" life-form.
    Is this a prison planet after all?

    But no, that is an old way of thinking,
    done with a limited brain with blinders on and ear plugs in.

    A school, you say. To learn life lessons.
    What kind of "school" is this, anyway?
    The school of "hard knocks"?

    How many life times must I be knocked down?
    When can I be FREE?
    Must I wait for biological death?

    Why can't I have my heaven here on earth?
    Why can't I have my cake and eat it, too?
    Why must these lessons be so VERY HARD?

    What is the point of all of this PAIN?
    This Heart pain, worse than physical pain.
    Give me a hole in my heart. Pierce it with an arrow.
    Spill blood. But why this ongoing heart-pain?

    It is worse than death to feel this way.
    The sorrows and the grief. The regrets and the remorse.
    The guilt and the shame.

    "Love thy neighbor as thyself".
    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".
    So you say.

    But what if one hates one's self so much one can only hate one's neighbors?
    What if one kills and maims one's neighbors,
    so they can only kill and maim in return?

    Isn't this the human "Golden Rule"?
    "An eye for an eye". "Tit for tat". "Like begets like".
    What else would you expect on a prison planet?

    Why do you insist on playing these Games?
    Are you merely playing with us, toying with us?
    How do we REALLY know if you're lying to us or not?

    Maybe there is NO "VEIL"
    Maybe there is NO "SPIRIT"
    Maybe there are NO "GUIDES"
    Maybe there are NO "GODS"

    Maybe, just maybe, I AM the ONE and only GOD
    and this IS REALLY just a Holographic Projection
    from my mind after all,
    but I've been in the Holo-Program for SO LONG now,
    I've forgotten that it is NOT REAL.

    The madmen are RIGHT after all.
    We've all gone crazy and forgotten WHO WE ARE.
    ...or, I've forgotten WHO I AM,
    as YOU are NOT REAL.

    YOU are just a figment of MY imagination.

    No wonder I feel all alone.
    I AM alone.
    There is only ONE.
    There is only ME.
    YOU are dust motes floating on the Projection Screen of my mind.

    None of this is REAL, really.
    Just a hologram.

    ---Liora Leah
    Friday July 10, 2009
    2:30 A.M.


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    Liora Leah
    • Re: Poem:"Holographic Projection"   by  Liora Leah     12 y     2,231
      So, what do I find in my email after posting this poem? An answer! Spirit works in mysterious ways:

      "Coming Down from the Mountain

      We've all, I would think, have had the big 'mountain top' experience sometime in our life. Eventually, we have to come off of this spiritual 'high' and come back down to 'real life', so to speak. Can you imagine what it must have been like for Moses? Here he is, on top of the 'Mountain of Adonai', being in complete communion with the Creator of the Universe, only to come back down to a very, very harsh reality. He returns to a mentally and spiritually still-enslaved people and to a world in which G-d is quickly forgotten.

      We are coming to a yearly observance called 'The Three Weeks' which this year will be observed beginning Wednesday evening, July 8th up until Tisha b'Av which begins Wednesday evening, July 29th. These Three Weeks are, traditionally, to be a period of restriction and mourning for the destruction and loss of the Temple (in Jerusalem, 70 A.D., followed by the Jewish Diaspora)...

      So, what do we do when we come down from the "mountain" of our Passover and Shavuot (when Moses received the Torah from G-D) celebrations? Why is this three week time period important for us in our yearly cycle?... How do we 'hold on' to the spiritual highs that we may have experienced and not to, so quickly afterwards, build 'molten calves' to worship?

      My answer today is: the human being requires outward practices to (re-)align the inward self with G-d. Daily outward practices help us to remember and to re-mind us of the spiritual realities that lie covered over or forgotten inside the damaged Temple of our heart...

      (T)he spiritual journey...requires daily practice, discipline, and the making of choices that may 'appear' to be limiting or out-dated. All ritualized practice is to be an outward manifestation of an internal reality.

      The Three Weeks is to be a time when we remember that we are the ones who have forgotten G-d's abundant love for us, that we have turned away, that we need to be reminded, and that we are the ones who need to mourn for our choices and actions.

      May our days of mourning be quickly turned to joy".

      --Rabbi Micha'el Akiba
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      Liora Leah
    • Re: Poem:"Holographic Projection"   by  superhidef     12 y     2,062
      o my GOD that is EXACTLY how i feel. that's ridiculous. I seriously could have written that exact thing, and meant every word. Life is so weird. BTW I'm more real. lol jk.. I just said that to make you think.. to make us think? No but really... I mean, I guess that's why those inspirational artists create art that consists entirely of eyes. Because the eye that is a hologram isn't an eye like we know it. It's everything. Every vibration, every emotion, it's every conversation and situation. THAT is the eye which reflects.. which is why it's imperative that we unite, because "everything" really DOES matter..? Pleased to meet you, I'm Dee.
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    • Re: Poem:"Holographic Projection"   by  YOURENCHANTEDGARDENER     10 y     1,850

      7:39 35 pm
      November 9, 2011

      Deep thoughts. I was just reading this now.

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