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    "Vaccines as a primary CAUSE of food allergies"

"Vaccines as a primary CAUSE of food allergies"
by llasidog

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  • What to do if the vaccines become mandatory   by  llasidog     14 y     2,521       2 Messages Shown       Blog: "Vaccines as a primary CAUSE of food allergies"
    What should we do if the vaccines become mandatory?

    1. First ask if there are any exemptions. Use them if there are. One of the hospitals in Texas is mandating the vaccines but I did read that they will have a medical or religious exemption.

    2. Check out how to get a medical exemption.

    3. We need to dig in our heels and say NO!

    4. The issue is not just a simple vaccination. This is about losing our rights. They are not putting together a plan to isolate people who are sick. They are putting together a plan to put healthy unvaccinated people into "camps".

    5. There is mercury in the shot and they are recommending giving it to pregnant women. All vaccines can cause ministrokes. There have been thousands of our men and women in the military who have gotten very ill from the manditory vaccines. Gulf war syndrome.

    6. I don't know of any treatments that would help if autoimmune disorders kick in. The squalene can make the body attack itself. How does anything fix that? It may not happen immediately. Unless you get a reaction to a shot within a day, the medical community says the vaccine is innocent. The vaccines do not provide "full immunity" for up to two weeks after the shot is given. The body is still reacting to the vaccine and can have a bad reaction long after the shot is given. And maybe the vaccine just sets the body up so getting that head cold is too much for the body to handle. There are too many unknowns with this vaccine. The vaccine that was tested for 3 weeks didn't have the squalene in it from what I've read. And the government is approving a vaccine adjuvant that has not had approval in this country until now. Now it is getting an emergency approval for this epidemic.

    7. Be truthful to people and tell them that giving in on this issue is like throwing the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights into the trash. Actually, Congress has already trashed our rights. We need to pull them out of the trash and get them back.

    8. Get as many people in the hospital or whereever to quit your jobs. Look at it this way, keep your job until you get very ill from the vaccine and can't work or quit your job, save your life, stand up for our freedoms. We back down on this and we have joined the new Nazi party. How do you think Hitler took over Germany? Same way. Spread fear. Say I'll protect you. Blame someone innocent as the enemy.

    9. If we tell people that they can get the vaccine safely if you take these homeopathics or herbs, we would be lying to them. It is not a safe vaccine. If you get injured, nobody will help you with your medical bills. You will just be a sacrificial pig. The swine flu is aptly named actually. Not named for the farm animal. Named for the general public being sacrificed.

    10. We are ignoring the lessons we should have learned from the last "epidemics" of swine flu and bird flu. The bird flu epidemic didn't happen but this swine flu vaccine will also be innoculating us for bird flu. WHY? The swine flu epidemic in 1976... the vaccine killed more people and made them sick than the swine flu. So why are we repeating what was done then on a world wide scale?

    11. Tell people to say NO! Not maybe. NO!

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