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  • FREE Energy Healing Sat.Oct 8   by  Liora Leah     10 y     3,151       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks
    New-Free Distant Healing
    Saturday October 8, 2011 5-6 pm Pacific Time
    Dear All:
    I am doing another free distant energy healing for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is SATURDAY OCTOBER 8, 2011 from 5-6pm Pacific Daylight Time or same as Los Angeles, (6-7pm MDT), (7-8 CDT), (8-9pm EDT-same as New York). 

    You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy and you don't have to do anything else. Healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this as many people who have done this before have reported. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session and you can receive a lot of healing energy before the main session on OCTOBER 8.  

    You can include other people by following the instructions later in this newsletter. For those in other countries you can search for a World Time Clock to convert the time;  Use Los Angeles as the originating city. You can also use this to convert other US cities.    

    For those who want to know more about this work you can read my website . I was the past Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Association and found I had a gift for distant energy healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury.  

    This is not a telephone or Internet session. All you do is just relax and sit or lie down during the session and notice what is happening in your body. Even if you are busy you can still get good results. Because there will be many people in the session, I please ask that you don't email to join. I wouldn't be able to handle all the email unless it's done this way. You join simply by using your intention after reading this email. Also because this is a big group I won't be able to answer questions before the session and you'll get the details you need in this email. Please feel free to email your experiences afterwards.    

    Besides the main healing session there will be daily unscheduled energy adjustments leading up to OCT. 8 for those who intend to join before the main session. You can begin to notice effects of the energy adjustments soon after intending to join. Sensitive people can feel the effects of this adjustment period strongly before the main session. Here are comments from people who felt the energy working soon after intending to join.

    "This is my first experience with this type of healing and I was skeptical. I am sensitive and from the time I joined I have felt this flow of energy and coolness. It's quite interesting."  

    Hi, "just the minute i intended to take part, while reading the e-mail,  i could feel the energy!   i felt waves and waves of energy.  thanks so much for sharing this blessing with us!"  anna  

    M:  "I just joined for the session and soon I started to feel tingling sensations in my upper arms and my legs.  And when I set back in the chair, it encompassed my entire body."  Linda

    Michael, "Shortly after I signed up, I started to feel some tingling sensation around my feet. The vibration got stronger and started to work its way up into my ankles, calves and thighs. And now 24 hours later, I'm still feeling the effects of it. If this is what you call unscheduled intermittent adjustments WOW. I can't wait for the main session to start. Thank you very much"  Verna

    This is not a telephone or Internet session.  To receive the energy you just sit or lie down and relax on OCT. 8 from 5-6 PM Pacific Time-same as Los Angeles (PDT) or 8-9pm New York Time (EDT) and receive the energy. Even if you have to be active during the session you can still receive great results.

    The energy works on many levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Even though it's a group healing, the energy works with everyone individually. The energy is intelligent and knows best how to work with your energy system. The energy infuses light and energy into your energy field and can help clear and balance the acupuncture meridians, chakras and other energy channels. The energy won't weaken with a large group and can even get stronger with more people. Distance isn't a problem and you can receive this energy anywhere in the world.

    I ask for your help and please forward this to anyone you think may be interested.  Anyone can join even if they haven't done this work before. You can post this wherever you think it would be helpful, message boards, blogs, Facebook and other social websites, chat rooms, Twitter, etc.. It is better to copy and paste this email into another email rather than forward this email because others can unsubscribe from this newsletter for you if they receive this original email. You can also just give them this blog url.

    You can help many people by forwarding this email.  Because we are in a time of major transformation predicted by many different ancient cultures, it is easier than ever to transform negative beliefs and energy patterns.  

    Many spiritual traditions teach that we are all connected and now some Quantum Physicists are saying the same thing. These ancient teachings often mention the most important thing we can do is help others. When we help others we are also helping ourselves because we are all connected.

    In Chaos Theory there is a term called the butterfly effect. This term is used to suggest that small actions or variations in a system can affect giant and complex systems. It suggests that possibly a butterfly flapping it's wings in one part of the world over time could create a tornado in another part of the world or change its direction. If you send this email to others we don't know how it will affect the bigger picture. You could send it to your friends and they could send it to their friends and it could affect hundreds of people or many people could read it on a blog, message board, other social media site etc..    

    Once someone has received energy from the free session I'll be able to send energy to them if they're in a disaster area to help them get through difficult times.  

    I'm only a conduit for the energy and not the source and give all credit to the Divine, Universe, Spirit or whatever term one wants to use. The energy helps people to adjust their energy field so they can heal themselves. I believe all healing is self healing. I'm very grateful for this gift and happy to share it.  

    I liken this to the transmitting antenna of a radio station. I'm not the source of the energy and just the conduit for the universal energy and frequencies. When you use your intention to join the session it is like a radio tuning into a radio station.  When you post and email this to your friends then you are transmitting the healing energy to them. We will all be broadcasting healing energy to many thousands of people all around the planet. Letting others know can help enhance your session.  

    A few other people wrote these comments after sessions.  

    Maureen Moss is the Executive Producer and host of World Puja Network, which is one of the oldest and largest holistic global Internet programs. She is the author of several books and wrote this about Michael's work;  "The power of his work has continuously astounded me and shifted me!  Michael Mohoric is one of the best energy healers I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my life...  Michael is a Master Conductor of Energy!"

    Sandy Johnson is the author of  "Mystics & Healers, Travels Into The World of Mystics, Shamans, & Miracle Makers", a book about healers with unusual abilities including John of God.  She wrote about this energy work after the book was published;  "Even with all my exposure to healers of all types, this work leaves me amazed."   

    Ingrid Bacci has authored best-selling books, CD's and DVD's on self-healing and is a respected healer.  She is a former professor and graduate of Harvard and Columbia Universities. Ingrid wrote the following about this work.  

    Hello Michael:  "I want to thank you from my heart for the session Wednesday, the first I have experienced with you. As a 'healer', or facilitator of energy flow from the Universe, I recognized immediately the purity and effectiveness of your work. Before the session started, on Wednesday morning, I could feel some old emotional toxins come up and then clear. During the session itself, I felt first some 'kriya' spasms, then very strong images of gushing blue water, and then felt the energy working to open up my entire cranium and rebalance me at a deeper level in that area. I am well aware that the more 'open' our system, the more energy we can both receive and transmit, and your work felt truly profound. I also found the work very 'instructive' in the sense of guiding me to where I need to work within myself to receive at deeper levels, and a higher energy for helping others heal. Feel free to share these comments if you like. I look forward to working together more with you. Blessings, light, and many thanks,"  Ingrid Bacci

    You can print this out and mail it to friends who don't have email to join the session.  You can also read this to people over the phone if they don't have email and they'll get the energy when they use their intention to join.  

    For those in foreign countries you can translate this into your native language and send it to your friends to include them. Just try and stay as close and true as you can to the meaning of this email. This could be a great service to your countrymen. You can leave out the testimonials in your translation and just copy and paste the first sentence of this newsletter to the bottom of your translation.
    How to Include Others  

    If you want to include other family members living at home in the session then just write their names on a piece of paper and put "Energy Healing" at the top of the page. Leave the paper out in the open on a counter or desk. Please don't send me their names in an additional email. You should get other adult's permission to be included (don't tell me). You don't need to get your children's permission. Anyone else outside your home will have to join by reading this email and using their intention to join. You can also include your pets by putting their names on the paper.  Animals love the energy and respond very positively.

    This is not a phone session. You can be anywhere and receive the energy. Your intent to join is the connection. You could be in your car or on a plane and still receive the energy. It's best to try and be quiet during the session on SAT. OCT. 8  and just notice what is happening in your body. You can sit or lie down. You can still be active and get good results during the session but optimal results are obtained by being quiet during the session. It is ok to sleep during the session.  It's helpful to not bathe right after the session, wait until the next morning. Try to avoid cold drinks the night of the main session & the next day. It is also good to take it easy the next day after the session and if you exercise do it very moderately.  It is best to use the energy for healing and not for a lot of activity.  The energy can continue to work in your body several days or more after the session and some people can continue to see changes weeks after the session.  

    I like to hear from people afterwards. Please feel free to email me your experience.  

    If you are not on my email list and would like to receive notices about other free sessions and my monthly newsletter then you can sign up through my website.

    You don't have to be on my email list to receive the energy. I send monthly notices when I start new monthly programs and you will receive notices of future free sessions.

    If after the session you would like to do more intensive work with me then you can sign up through my website.  I offer a monthly healing program for $99.   

    There is no set time for the unscheduled adjustments before the main session on OCT. 8 and you can receive this energy at any time. The unscheduled adjustments before the session can be a very powerful time. You may notice many things before, during and after the session.  Some people may feel peaceful, energized, centered, balanced and sleep better.  Others may be more emotional, restless and lethargic as they detoxify, which is very good. There can be a lot of purification happening on many levels during this time, emotional, mental and physical.     

    Before and during the session people can feel different energy sensations working in their body.  Some of these feelings can be tingling, electrical, vibrating, heat, coolness, cold, pressure, lightness and other things. If you feel very cold then this is a sign that old negative energy is leaving your system. Try to stay warm if you feel very cold.  

    It is ok if you have to be active during the session. Many people have to work or take care of their families during this time. It can still be very beneficial if you aren't able to be quiet. It reduces the effects some but it can still be very effective.  You can also sleep during the session. Sleeping is good way to receive the energy because you are very relaxed.  

    Try not to work on anything during the session, just be receptive and let the energy do its work. The energy knows where to work where it is most needed in your system. Thousands of people have done this and I get many reports from surprised people when the energy often finds their blockages even though they haven't told me their symptoms.

    Usually a great majority of people have very positive results. Some people are more sensitive and can feel a lot of energy moving in their body. Others may not feel the energy but will notice good effects. After the sessions people can feel calm, centered, energized and balanced. They can also feel their pain greatly reduced or eliminated. Like any modality this won't work for everyone but most people see significant results.  

    Don't worry if you feel odd pains come and go leading up to the main session. This is good. As the energy clears the blockage in an area it can result in temporary pain.  Also people can feel extra emotional during this time, which is also very good. From a Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medical perspective much dis-ease is caused by emotional repression.  The energy from these repressed emotions get stored in the organs and tissues of the body. The energy from the sessions can help to release these stored emotions. When we release repressed emotions then we can bring about deep healing. It takes a lot of energy to hold down the emotions and when they are released we can have much more energy available to us.         

    Sometimes people can have very beautiful and peaceful dreams during the sessions. Others can have some strange dreams. This is also beneficial. The sessions can help people to release old negative energy. The energy works like a virus detection program on a computer and can remove and cancel negative energy patterns, beliefs and programming. Some people will notice some of their old negative ways of thinking will simply be gone and sometimes addictions fall away. Don't worry if you have scary dreams during the sessions. As one releases old repressed fear out of their energy field then the mind can give it a symbol. The symbols and fear are coming from your own mind. The energy work isn't causing anything, only helping to release old energy and emotions.      

    The energy helps to purify, cleanse and detoxify the body and mind.  As the energy works through the energy blockages it can cause toxins to be released that are stored in the area. Some people may feel achy or tired at times leading up to the session. This is good and very, very helpful in the healing process. Feeling unusually tired is a sign that the body is using a lot of energy for healing.  Many modalities recognize the positive effects from detoxification. You may also find that you have to go to the bathroom more as you release toxins. During the purification process your organs of elimination will be energetically supported to help them release the toxins.  I have done this process with thousands of people and the energy always works for people's highest good. If you don't feel good some of the time, try and hold the thought that you are healing.  

    The time leading up to and a little while after the main energy session can be a little bit like a roller coaster ride.  You can feel very energized one day and then tired the next day as you release more toxins.  Just realize that every time you don't feel good that it is a powerful time for healing and that you are raising the vibration of your energy system. It is good to stay hydrated and drink extra water (warm not cold) during this time.

    I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with everyone.

    Disclaimer:  I, Michael Mohoric, am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I don't diagnose, heal, cure, prevent or treat disease. I recommend people continue to see their medical doctors and follow their advice. My spiritual work is a complement to conventional medicine. I'm a minister and this spiritual energy work is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment of any kind, physical or psychological. For such issues you should seek the proper licensed physician or health care professional. This energy work may help the bio-field to come into energetic balance. Qigong theory believes when one's energy field is in balance, the body's latent healing ability can heal itself. I make no promises or guarantees about the results of this work.

    Michael Mohoric
    Qigong Energy Healing
    Join Our Mailing List
    Qigong Energy Healing | PO Box 6548 | Laguna Niguel | CA | 92677 

    Qigong is a Chinese word that simply means energy work. It is an ancient energy medicine and alternative energy healing system that has been used in the Far East for centuries to help with many serious health conditions. There are numerous scientific articles in China that show its effectiveness. Many people in the West are now practicing Qigong because of the great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefit they receive from practicing it. In China Qigong is used to reduce stress and pain, boost the immune system, increase stamina, productivity, creativity and balance the emotions. Also Chinese practitioners believe that Qigong is very helpful in preventing disease and promoting longevity and well-being.

    The long distance healing sessions work to correct energetic imbalances in one's life force or bio-field. The chakras are cleared and energized to help this vital system and promote chakra balancing. The acupuncture meridians, chakras and other subtle channels are infused with light and energy to energize and transform the whole energy system. Sessions can affect all areas of one's being, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.


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    Liora Leah
    • QiGong Energy Healing Reaction   by  Liora Leah     10 y     2,234
      I participated in the free QiGong energy healing transmission Saturday Oct 8. I fell asleep during the session. Two hours later I started sobbing uncontrollably, and kept on crying for hours. After going to bed I fell asleep for 4 hours and then woke up, crying again.

      Old memories from 20 years ago surfaced--I used to work in the pediatric unit of a medical facility as a social worker; the children had severe birth defects or traumatic brain injury. Most of them either died or remained severely disabled. I could remember the children and their parents and the situations clearly, as if it were the day before, and not 20 years ago.

      The next day I realized that as a medical social worker I was trained to not get "emotionally involved" with the children or families I was working with, and although I rarely openly grieved the children's deaths/illnesses at the time, I'd "stuffed" the grief into my body all those years ago and only now was it being released.

      I'm impressed with how powerful the emotional detox was for me. I'm considering signing up for a month of QiGong energy healing sessions--4 weekly sessions for $99 seems reasonable to me--beats going to "talk" therapy anyday, and less expensive, too!

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      Liora Leah
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