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    life and some relief with My Mites

life and some relief with My Mites
by weneedtrees

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  • some relief, long read, but hopefully help for many   by  weneedtrees     8 y     4,028       3 Messages Shown       Blog: life and some relief with My Mites
    My mites
    this is my story & can not guarantee anything that has worked for me will work for you &
    am not responsible if results are not acceptable. use info at your own risk... just
    telling my story & hopefully some of it may help you.

    Enduring for over 6 months.
    I Live in an oak forest & have No more squirrels in immediate area since August 2012,
    when there was always many.
    The mites were on in the back of my neck and in my hair and I was losing my hair.
    Doctors gave me Ivermectin in pill form & Permethrin 1% topical to leave on entire body
    including hair for 10 minutes. Repeat, did NOT work. Then was prescribed Elimite cream
    to leave on entire body for 24 hours, still did NOT work. All of the meds prescribed
    are potentially cancer causing, thanks doc!! Of course they only know what they know &
    most everything they know is provided by the drug companies.
    So I researched & this is what I did -
    First I PRAYed then
    I Eliminated sugar &
    I added to my diet daily
    2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
    plain yogurt – to become less yeasty
    Tablespoon olive oil
    Tablespoon coconut oil

    IN shower & /or bath
    borax 20 mule in hair & /or on skin to kill mites
    diatomaceous earth (DE) in hair & /or on skin – use caution - very light weight product
    do not breathe
    powder fine sulfur message into skin – use caution - very light product do not breathe
    leave shampoo in till the end, then rinse out
    baby oil in hair & /or on skin
    use an old toothbrush & brush under fingernails & nail bed.
    Use a fine tooth comb & comb hair with conditioner, to agitate the mites & more will get
    washed out & killed in shower/ bath
    epsom salt in bath approximately a cup
    soak for an hour or so

    once OUT of shower& /or bath
    olive oil all over body
    coconut oil & /or olive oil & /or neem oil in hair
    VICKS type generic brand - personal care - chest rub from walmart - ingredients
    camphor, menthol, cedar leaf oil, turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil,nutmeg oil, thymol.
    Message into skin where mites are.
    spray generic Listerine & tea tree oil in hair
    do not use a towel, use a hair dryer to dry off.
    Look for very tiny black specs, different size specs – some are mites
    Use all or a combination of &/or alternate & I pray something will work for you.

    IF mites in EYES, I used tea tree oil, With TTO on fingertip wipe eyelash with eye
    slightly closed. It WILL BURN keep eyes closed for several minutes 15 minutes or so,
    do not rinse out. Do this a couple times a day, it may take a week or more to see
    My left eye got infected with mites. I saw floating things in my eye. Went to eye drs
    many times & they gave me different types of expensive drops, NONE worked. Every time
    them telling me mites do NOT go into humans eyes, yet I’m tell them they blind coyotes,
    foxes & other critters, its documented. So with no relief in getting my sight back & my
    eye had already turned gray blue & my eyes are brown I researched even more & found
    they use tea tree oil for eyelash mites, so I figured if TTO is that close to eye some
    must get into the eye & I was running out of options. I used TTO in my eye full strength
    from walmart & after about a week I could tell it was working the gray blue was fading
    & my sight was coming back. Two weeks later my sight & the brown color came back & no
    more floating things in my eye.

    shower / bath & change sheets & clothes every day
    Use some Borax 20 mule in wash for all clothes
    Dry clothes on high heat
    Keep clothes in garbage bags air tight, to keep mites out
    This routine will have to be done for months every day because it is SO difficult to break the life cycle of the mite.

    DE & powder fine sulfur buy at local coop in 40 – 50 # bags

    A sauna or steam bath will help kill the mites & spray eucalyptus in the air

    warning - some herbal products are fatal to pets.

    IF you have pets that are scratching diatomaceous earth (DE) may work on them too, but
    use caution it is a very light weight product do NOT breathe.
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    • Re: some relief, long read, but hopefully help for many   by  butterflybeliever     8 y     917
      Thanks for sharing. I, too, moved in a house in the woods a couple of years ago and I have been fighting some kind of mite infestation, especially bad in my hair/scalp area. I have always had thick, healthy hair. Now, I have lost about 1/2 of it and the texture of it has changed. I find weird looking specs and mites in my sink that fall out of my hair when I comb/brush it. I save many of them in a jar of alcohol (not sure why b/c the dermatologist thought I was a whacko for doing so)! Some of them look long with pointed ends like they could drill/bore themselves easily into a hair follicle. Most are black but some are brown. I have been using TTO, Borax, Cedarwood oil, neem shampoo/conditioner, Denorex, T/Gel, vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil, and more to try to eradicate this frustrating problem. I just want to shave my head!! Sometimes they get on my face, neck, and shoulders during the night and bite. I have been using strictly neem products on these areas with good success. I am now doing a cleansing...does cleansing help with these kinds of mite infestations?
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    • Re: some relief, long read, but hopefully help for many   by  notavinit     5 y     571
      I have been fighting this for 6 months . I will spare the back story for now, but suffice to say, it has ripped my life into tatters. Like everyone else. I having spent a small fortune, I have tried every single recommended remedy to no avail.

      I am at the point if I can fix this, I have a fighting chance of putting my life back together . If it gets worse, I'm on the streets. Thus these two options inspired me to think from a completely different angle.

      I believe this is beatable. However, it will be the toughest thing you have ever done. I will quickly share my method that has eradicated up to 70% in 3 days:

      Rub you skin and scalp every inch, every pore with repeated doses of Fixodent dental adhesive . Within seconds, black specs, and white hairs will emerge, running for their lives. They will want to be any place but under your skin . I have no idea which of the active ingredients work, but I will get to the bottom of that in time.

      I first thought it was the adhesive making the specks and worms stick to the glue, but they just want out whether you add water or not. Long after application on a spot, they continue to pour out in many forms.

      Now for some hard fought for observations about these bastards . They are not bird mites or scabies. They do not behave like either. They are not invisible. You just have to look harder beyond everyday cosmetic expectation.

      In their smallest form, they look like household dust and play dead. In a larger form, they look like spiders. I believe there is possibly several other forms and stages.

      They can live in, on and outside of your body for extremely long periods.

      I have witnessed immense levels of intelligence and energy. For example, they will pop of your scalp in a translucent form speck by speck. Then they combine with others to form a sort of flying cotton ball. I am completely dumb founded that something so small can have so much energy and intelligence. If in nature, they cannot be of this world .

      Hiding Places:

      This is the most important thing to learn . They hide in places you would never imagine . Every space the size of a micron (one millionth of a centimetre) is up for grabs.

      For example, I had a gargantuan amount hiding in the tiny little air bubbles of each brick of my house. This is a 3 story , triple sides house! Upon spraying the side of the house with ammonia, I saw trillions of translucent specks fly for their lives. These can be distinguished from vapour droplets because of the coherent swarm like escape vector . I advice everyone fumigate the entire permiter of their home in this way . Whilst present, you breathe them in constantly . Every time you open your door or window, they swarm in. They are visible with a strong light about the power of a projector .

      They both attract and masquerade as spiders. This is a big give away of an infested house. Do not dismiss rapid appearing cob webs as seasonal. They take the form of spider webs by groping together.

      They appear desperate for water , so cut off every single viable source of water in and around your property. if there is a drain you cannot cover, pour oil into it.

      There is likely and invisible swarm around your shower head .

      A key nesting place are the outside of your windows in he corners. Spray them with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.

      They hide beneath the most flawless looking of skin. When you feel them , the have surfaced .

      If you are at the stage where you are convinced they are invisible, you will never get rid of them from that view point because your decisions will support what they like best.


      The only thing that cuts it for me is to soak and wash clothes with Mr Muscle oven cleaner. When you take the clothes out of the dryer, you will notice the lint tray full of dust (dead specks) - They appear to have a way of becoming a part of every single type of material, including water. This is why many cannot get them out of clothes. I think they must be sub atomic in some way, meaning they can literally force their way between molecules, thus invisible.

      Keep in mind, that depending on the level of infestation, you will quickly reinfect anything you put on, giving an appearance of them not coming out. The application of Fixodent will cause a huge exodus and thus a sharp increase in symptoms, but its clear to see they are dead, weakened and leaving.

      The funny thing is , had I not had so much stress and fear, I can easily recreate and film all of the above. My priority has been in fixing the issue.

      Environment :

      Fixodent is one half of the issue. A far bigger task is cleansing the house. You need to be beyond relentless. Close all toilet lids at night to deny them water. Spring clean every single day. Other than the known products like Windex, Lynx deodorant is a contact killer (not antiperspirant ) . I have a few other promising products I am testing that may be the best every yet .

      I have some evidence that amplifying and playing ultra sonic noise makes them run away from the house, just open the window. Each morning, my window ledges have been full of dust (dead mites) and tiny spider like creatures .

      Somewhere in your home, there will be a huge main nest. Today, it dawned on me that my main nest was a very expensive , feather stuffed sofa, go figure uh ? The sofa is huge , but I literally threw it out of the house on my own . Let me remind you; points of infestation are clear with very high lumen light. In fact, they will swarm to the light. To give you an idea of what I was dealing with, the only other smaller particles in the room is oxygen. Every micron of the large feather stuffed sofa was occupied. There is still some work to clear the rooms, but with the sofa gone, I now have more than a fighting chance.

      Days earlier, I had a professional pest controller blast that sofa and it did not make one dent ! With the sofa now gone, the air in the house does not feel oppressive for the first time in months. I will chase up the sofa company ; it may well be ground zero . Never again anything stuffed with feathers.

      All I can say for now is that , the issue is everywhere. I think besides them having a host of choice, its the intelligent and perceptive that will even notice they are there. My point is, a very large percentage of the population are likely infested. The house across the street from me is infested and yet none of them notice - They probably amuse its dog fleas . Keep fighting, keep sharing .
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