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  • My battle with PINWORMS as of now.. And BB, SCABIES,WORMS,CB   by  BuggyWoman     9 y     11,365       6 Messages Shown       Blog: BuggyWoman
    It has now been 3 days I am now on the 3rd night having NO TROUBLE with the pinworms, that just a few nights ago I thought "Man, I can feel them come out & lay eggs & this 'wriggling' just like everyone says!" Then yesterday night "I'm going to drown these B*TCHES in rubbing alcohol & stromectol!!!!" So I took stromectol last night & have been spraying alcohol on my lower back/abdomen, my hips, thighs, buttcrack, pubic area, & a pad on my underwear. I also had to spray my feet, toes, & lower legs last night & night before. I'm also taking para-free & a probiotic. Plus 3 3mg stromectol for my 115lb body weight as of last night. My husband is 275 & took 8. My daughter is 3 29lbs & took a 1/2, & 6 yr old son at 49lbs with 1 round tablet. Take MIRALAX & choc lax etc. depending on your stool. & the probiotics etc. RUBBING ALCOHOL, BLEACH, & MASKS/GLOVES are Now Your BEST FRIEND PEOPLE!!! We had leftover Stromectol from our bout with Scabies only a month & a 1/2 ago. You see, my husband's Mom is a BIT crazy, & lives in a non-assisted living apartment, after living in a psychiatric hospital, then My House, & eventually an assisted living facility, & almost 3 more times; another psychiatric hospital. His brother (quite the low-life POS who does nothing but live off other people, has been handed living places, & jobs, & decided he doesn't want to work. (The Song PISS by Pantera kind of explains him if you know your ROCK). He's been kicked out of EVERY LIVING place their mother has lived in!!! For stealing, staying too long, bugging people (quite literally we're sure) etc. not to mention being in & out of jail for plain old NOT GIVING A SPIT, & just NOT GOING!!! Point being, her in institutions, complaining of having BB's etc., & Mr. "I ONLY CARE ABOUT MYSELF" being with her (& we found bugs on the bed in her trailer house cause she's just NASTY most times) & being in homeless shelters, we know we got ALL THIS SHIT, including these lovely Butt Worms from THEM!!!! I mean, my husband & I were cleaning up a 59 year old CRAZY ADDICTED TO PAIN PILLS WOMAN'S shitty underwear etc. Our house is tiny, & she had to stay in our son's room. Gave our poor boy quite a scare & kept him sleep deprived A LOT!!! But, Spit being talked & all (btw, the woman has over 26 sores on her upper body, that a "doctor" actually diagnosed her with "stress sores"!!! I put the quotes because his screwed up family & their idiot doctors have affected our lives in such HORRIBLE WAYS!!! Anyhow, I know we had Bed Bugs from them, & my desensitized husband took a month of evidence & convincing before he got Orkin over here!!! Well, that guy was either an amateur, or an idiot just looking to make money, but he proved to us we have CARPET BEETLES (& their Larvae I'm allergic to!) Skin rashes etc. I mean I found a tiny ass larvae worm in my daughters old baby mitten (a thick fuzzy pink one for winter time) & all I did was extract it from under the bed, put it in a zip-lock Baggie, & had to take a shower & change clothes cause of the I tense BURNING ITCH that the larvae hairs caused. They can go through 2 layers of clothes & I'M PROOF!!! It's winter & it went through my 2 layers!!! Point is vacuum under & around beds, & definitely get RID of clutter, & as I said before... BLEACH, RUBBING ALCOHOL, & GLOVES/MASKS are your new Bestie!!! So let that bitch who tells the whole family your business & that you blame it on the 2 people SHE BLAMED before YOU said ANYTHING, that she's out & THEY'RE IN!!!! We bought a steen cleaner, have been filling cracks & holes, & vacuuming & spraying poison & my BESTIES A LOT!!! Spraying a different thing every day. I sprayed the crap out of out mattress (& the kids have toddler beds still, so I've been bleaching their plastic mattresses & wiping down). We have a lot of wood including paneling on the bedroom walls since this old POS we live in is made of concrete. Anyway... I am pretty sure we killed the BedBugs, & the carpet beetles which gave me & the kids CRAZY RASHES!?! IDK for sure if we even had BB's, but it would make sense either way. I have tips for battling Any of these issues. My husband (also our 2 children's father is the DESENSITIZED 50% of the population who doesn't realize without effort from me and the 3 & 6 year old!!!) This has made me feel crazy. Not sleep well, but still not OCD. I have had quite a bout of INSOMNIA lately, what with our BEDBUGS, carpet beetle larvae walking across our bed, PINWORMS & their LOVELY ITCH. Got rid of that rather quickly with my own regimens & no doctor so far... I still want to bring my own evidence to the doctor, purely for diagnosis & records purposes... Just let me know what (if any) advice I may be able to give!!!
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