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    The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free)

The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free)
by mysogood1031

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  • please read this entry before any of my others   by  mysogood1031     7 y     952       2 Messages Shown       Blog: The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free, finding what else work
    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have begun on the biggest journey of my life, and that is saying a lot. I know that there is a heated debate that will most likely never be completely resolved regarding the HIV/AIDS theory. If you have never seen the documentary 'The House of Numbers', I ask that you check it out. It won't give you a better insight or understanding about what is really happening with this epidemic. It will most likely leave you more confused than ever, which is the only way that I believe we can approach this topic and learn from it. We cannot assume to have the answers. That movie portrays so clearly what I have gone through in this maze of statistics, lies, hidden truths, and opinions.
    The only things that I can be SURE of are my own personal experiences. I listen to others' stories with an open mind. But when anyone tries to convince me of the "facts" that they have read somewhere, be it the internet or a medical journal, I take it with a grain of salt. You can pick a school of thought and find volumes of "proof" to back you up.
    Do you believe that HIV has never been isolated in a lab? That is a widely accepted theory, and you can easily find documentation (or lack thereof) to support that.
    Do you believe that HIV is a virus that causes AIDS? This theory is the most commonly believed, and there are hundreds of thousands of pages of information and statistics that you can gather to support that.
    Maybe you believe that the virus exists but that it can be managed with good health and lifestyle choices.
    In my own life, the only consistency that I have found with nearly everyone I know, the only common thread, is an unwillingness to explore other ideas. People are afraid to ask "What if?"
    I am not claiming to have any answers. I am asking questions, and using my own body as a guinea pig to see if I can come up with some answers. I very realistically may not be able to spend another year off the meds. If my bloodwork reflects that my health is plummeting, I may choose to start taking them again, and when I choose that, I will take them for the rest of my life. I do believe that the virus can build a resistance, and starting and stopping meds can be dangerous. But right now I am healthy, and I feel like I have a window to experiment with my body. While I am on meds, my viral load is 'undetectable', and without the meds, it climbs and drops. The only way for me to get a clear reading of the affect of the other methods I am using is to be without the medicine.
    As I begin this blog, on January 22, 2014, these are my most recent results:
    Viral load: 77,00
    T-cells: 108
    I don't have the rest of the numbers with me, but my liver enzymes were the best they have ever been (probably because I stopped the meds) and my platelets were a little low but not worrisome. My kidneys were perfect, and everything else (iron, etc) was normal, except my triglycerides were a bit high, which could have been because I ate a little food when I was supposed to fast.
    Those were the first results after ten months of being med-free. I had not been sticking to a protocol until a month before I got my blood taken, so basically those numbers are just my baseline without the meds. I'll get tested again in April, and that will determine if I think I should keep moving forward or consider starting the HAART treatment again. In the meantime, I am flooding my body with goodness!
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    • Re: please read this entry before any of my others   by  zonkey2     6 y     504
      Hi Happy, Thought I would join you.

      Found you when researching MMS. I have been HIV+ for about 14 years. Things got to a head June 2014 when I finally decided to go to the doctors.

      I had been getting increasingly breathless over the previous 4 months. The previous 5 years I had been vaguely aware something was not right.........

      Took 4 days for them to find out what was wrong with me, although the first 2 days were spent being moved around wards. The lung fluid tests showed up PCP and CMV.

      I reckon I had about 2 weeks to live before they found what I had.

      My figures were CD4 = 39, Viral load 400,000.
      I am on retro virals and antibiotics.

      My CD4 is currently about 342 but has been as high as 425. My viral load is showing undetectable.

      I am married my partner is HIV negative. We have never used "barriers".

      I have similar interests to yourself excepting not taking meds. I look on a site called greenmedinfo.
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      This is NOT me. This is just randomly assigned avatar, until I upload my own photo. Click here to see my profile.
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