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Heal Thyself/Sacred Woman
by ren

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  • Near Fatal Bitch Possession...   by  ren     9 y     2,484       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Heal Thyself/Sacred Woman
    Default 14 steps for purging the Bitch

    Fourteen Steps for Purging the Bitch and Returning to the Lotus Clan of Sacred Womanhood

    These fourteen steps will help you break the Bitch cycle to free yourself and to prevent the ways of the Bitch from being passed down to your daughters. Follow these fourteen steps closely for atleast one season, but it's best to adhere to them through four full seasons to purge yourself of the Bitch. If you have a tendency to be dominating, harsh, judgmental, acting as an occasional or a full-blown/full-time Bitch, this anti-Bitch regimen will help you make a turn for the better and transform yourself into the whole and sacred woman you owe it to yourself to be.

    1. Confess out loud or to another sister/brother or just yourself that you have been behaving like a Bitch, and that you are willing to release the Bitch in you.

    2. Fast on green vegetable juice, fresh fruit juices, water, herbal blood purifiers, and herbal extract calmatives, such as valerian root, kava kava root, hops, or passiflora, during your menses and around the time of every full moon. Take 10 to 20 drops in a small glass of water. It is at these times in particular that the Bitch can act up the most and cause absolute havoc.

    3. To maintain Bitch blood you have to eat a great deal of meat. The blood and flesh of an animal feeds the Bitch. Other foods that strengthen Bitch possession are sugar, fast foods, junk foods, and fried foods. For a healing change, take on a natural vegetarian lifestyle. As a protein source, consume beans, peas, soya meats (TVP), and raw soaked nuts and seeds. Limit your starch intake to small amounts of whole grains. Consume large amounts of fresh raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Be sure to drink 12 to 16 oz. of green vegetable juice daily, which will help you maintain a state of balance and harmony.

    4. Drink a tonic daily of two cloves of mashed garlic with the juice of one lemon in 8 to 12 oz. of water. Also drink atleast a quart of purified water daily.

    5.Please stop wearing all that black, gray, dark blue, and especially red until you are well. Wear white and pastel colors to lighten up your spirit and help you topopen your higher spiritual Gateways (chakras or aritu).

    6.Clean up your Karma/Shai. Make a list of all those to whom you've been Bitch, and as you cleanse, write them or call them in person, one by one. Reach out and ask for forgiveness; offer them a supportive act to balance out your wrongdoing, and/or help someone else who is in need.

    7.Say thank-you more often for any large or small good deed done on your behalf.

    8. Practice smiling from your heart regularly as you send out healings from your heart center.

    9.Over seven consecutive days take seven baths with 2 lbs. of sea salt each time to draw the demon out. Take a white candle into your Hydrotherapy Chamber and meditate on its flame to clear your spiritual body. Or use a green candle to heal your heart center from the pain and conditions that created the Bitch qualities.

    10. Practice the Maat Feather Meditation (page 315) for forgiveness and to lighten up your heart.

    11.Cleanse your colon of old toxic waste with three enemas a week over a twelve-week period.

    12. Travel through and begin to incoporate the wisdom of the various Gateways of the Sacred Woman into your life.

    13. Go on a talk fast for one to eight hours a day. Annoint yourself with frankincense and myrrh or eucalyptus oil before you begin your talk fast each day. Also before you begin, place the Maat feather by your lips so that your words and attitude will lighten up. This way you will begin to train your mouth to speak from a place of Maat.

    14. Accept and affirm your sacred calling, which will return you to your original state. Allow your higher self to emerge and rescue you from the Bitch state. Allow the beautiful lotus in you to open and blossom in the sun!

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