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    A True and Simple Way to Stay Healthy.

A True and Simple Way to Stay Healthy.
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  • Poor Digestion The Real Cause   R   by  #27791     17 y     8,075       3 Messages Shown       Blog: A True and Simple Way to Stay Healthy.
    The most important thing a person can do for themselves to
    restore the natural elimination process is to address the
    true cause of poor digestion. Poor digestion is the result
    of a person's body chemistry being unnaturally altered. As
    most health conscious people know, polluting the body's
    internal organs greatly disturbs the human body's natural
    working order and disrupts its chemistry.

    Poor digestion is an example of this. A properly functioning
    digestive system requires that all foods be completely
    digested. Leftover foods that go undigested can become
    toxic, feeding harmful bacteria and contributing to
    intestinal toxicity and accumulated trash, which hampers
    elimination. Poor digestion is the body's inability to break
    down proteins into amino acids and is the cause of our
    greatest inability to achieve optimum health.

    When correcting the digestive process, you restore natural
    balance, harmony and normalcy to the elimination process of
    the human body. Most symptoms of poor digestion such as
    indigestion, heartburn, food allergies, toxicity, chemical
    imbalances, disposition moods, fullness and general lousy
    feelings often altogether disappear. Most importantly, true
    health and immunity will improve with the enhanced
    protection against affliction and disease that is a result
    of a properly functioning body system.

    The real problem is that proper digestion requires two
    things a malfunctioning system lacks, enough hydrochloric
    acid (HCL) in the stomach and ample production of digestive

    A lack of HCL may exist in nearly one out of three
    Americans. HCL is essential for proper functioning of the
    digestive system and helps keep it free of harmful bacteria
    and parasites. Low HCL levels result in only partial
    digestion of foods. Harmful bacteria are more likely to
    colonize or breed in the stomach and intestines and
    interfere with absorption of protein, fat and carbohydrates,
    where they can feed on undigested foods.

    Poor diet, aging, chronic use of medications/antibiotics and
    past bacterial infections all contribute to the stomach's
    inability to produce enough HCL. Low HCL levels cause
    insufficient amounts of amino acids that produce digestive
    enzymes and other necessary substances.

    HCL is essential for digesting protein and for stimulating
    the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes and bile.
    Progressive loss of HCL and digestive enzymes prevents much
    needed vitamins and minerals from being released from foods.
    These nutrients are necessary for different enzyme actions
    and bodily functions, from digestion metabolism to the
    immune system.

    Undigested foods also cause the putrefying of the colon and
    the overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria, allowing them to
    take over your intestines. At this stage, the colon and
    intestines become like a rotting sewer line waiting to blow.
    The lower bowels and intestine will often back up with food
    that has not been properly digested or eliminated from the
    body. Antacids can make the problem worse because they
    buffer the stomach from HCL making it even less available.

    Chronic indigestion also indicates that too many toxins are
    in the intestines allowing harmful bacteria to thrive.
    Cleansing your colon and doing liver flushes are a good way
    to help this problem.

    Cleansing your colon is top priority when poor digestion is
    involved. Jim Foley's Colon Pills and Cleansers work great
    to restore natural elimination. The colon pills are a 100%
    natural and gentle laxative that breaks down built-up fecal
    matter encrusted in the lower intestines and the thick mucus
    layer that coats the wall of the colon and intestines, which
    stops the absorption of enzymes/vitamins/minerals.

    The colon cleansers in turn, are like a soap that goes into
    the intestines and colon and cleans them out. After this
    process is completed, the body can begin properly
    functioning again.

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    • Pills???   by  kerminator     17 y     3,233
      What other methods do you have to flush or cleasn the GI tract??
      What do you know about these suggested pills???
      We are new to this and look for info.... Thanks
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      • Re: Pills???   by  #27791     17 y     3,782
        Jim’s colon products are a wonderful natural way to clean ones systems always start with Jim's colon pills first for 3 - 5 days to open your system. Then add 1 or 2 colon cleanse casuals to strip, scrub and disinfect your system. You can start immediately taking mullzyme mucus dissolver with the colon pills to help digest mucus. Mullzyme can expedite removal of this hardened mucus lining the colon walls. Wait about one week before taking Ultrazyme digestive enzymes. This the best way I know to clean out ones system .These products are very beneficial for digestion and elimation of waste from our bodies .Then one might want to do a liver flush. To flush the liver of virus, bacteria, and parasites. One has to clean there internal system every day just like we brush our teeth, bath, and shampoo our bodies every day. Due to the pollutions we put in and on our bodies. Jim's colon pills are made from 7 natural herbs that strengthen and stimulate colon muscles, gently pull toxins out of the mucosa lining, and are an herbal laxative that keeps you going naturally every day. Jim's colon cleanser cleanses and disinfects the bowel, breaks apart hardened mucus and helps eliminate parasites. It uses 33 natural herbs, including an herb the Indians used as a natural internal soap in the colon. Both are needed for best results. If you go to web sit you can request a free five day sample of the colon pills. To see have they work for you .Also educate your self. Change your diet. Start to eat foods that are alive start to read labels on products that you use in and on your bodies. You must make changes to stay healthy today.
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