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  • Fibromyalgia:holistic cures   by  RisingSun     16 y     30,925       4 Messages Shown       Blog: Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Research Blog

    David, from Chicago IL wrote us, "I saw somewhere that apple cider vinegar cures Fibromyalgia. I don't definitely have it, but was diagnosed with it based on symptoms years ago. I've had muscle spasms varying in severity for 24 years. I just started to come out a 1 1/2 year bout with it. Drank vinegar and have been completely pain free for a week. It's asinine this isn't common knowledge. It feels kind of like an metabolism enhancer too. I'm down to 1 tablespoon twice a day. And I repeat I'm completely pain free. I don't know what was wrong with me, thought it was just something I had to live with. Somebody tell a doctor!"

    Earth Clinic note: if you try apple cider vinegar to cure fibromyalgia and it works, please let us know! This site is dependent upon reader feedback. Thank yoU!


    The following information and potential treatment for Fibromyalgia was sent to us by Ted, of Bangkok, Thailand.

    "Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal pain and fatigue disorder for which the cause is still unknown. It is the pain in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It's like a bad pain when you have the colds. One's energy level is reduced to almost zero. Again, the official explaination for Fibromyalgia is unknown. But I do have my own pet theories and treatment. Most people will know that the common treatment for Fibromyalgia is malic acid with magnesium. However may I add, Malic acid and magnesium chloride. Malic acid is a component in the Krebs Cycle and magnesium is an important component in treatment of muscular pain. My suspicion is that Fibromyalgia is a viral origin due to the weakness in similarity to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). An easy way to get your energy back (within 45 minutes) is to get a clove oil mixed with 50% ethyl alcohol and spray it in the area of the feet, legs, arms, back, and tummy. Avoid sensitive areas. Do this every 10 minutes. Clove oil will absorb intradermally. Note: Clove oil is hot, so you have to withstand this heat, also if you are in anyway have a skin reaction to clove oil, use pure lavender oil for treatment or reduce the clove oil concentration just in case. Test in area of skin to see if you have a reaction to clove oil.

    Your energy should be back before the hour as if nothing has happened. A very little known information that many do not know is clove oil, is strongly antiviral against Fibromyalgia and CFS.

    As to the muscle pain, a treatment of malic acid and magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate should work. The usual treatment is 500 mg malic acid, 2000 mg magnesium chloride and 5000 mg sodium bicarbonate. This will act as a buffer, reducing lactic acid buildup and reduce pain by getting the PH in the muscle to stabilize.

    Pain should be reduced to tolerability within an hour. or two. Also as a good measure, you may drink water with 0.25-0.50% food grade hydrogen peroxide and MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) or its equivalent Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO. The usual safe dose is about 2 - 4 grams, about a teaspoon.

    Both MSM and DMSO are strongly antiviral. I have treated this method and it seems to go away almost permanently. Of course weather has a great deal also as I live in the tropics, Bangkok, so virus are more controlled when the weather is something like 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Most virus cannot survive when weather is over 102 degrees fahrenheit. A good synergistic treatment with Fibromyalgia, is to take 600 - 1200 mg of N-Acetylcysteine. My feeling the reason those supplements work with treatment of Fibromyalgia is due to the fact that all of them seems to be strongly antiviral.

    These dosages that I recommended are per day. You may adjust dosages my dividing by three if you plan to take it three times a day. However, there are no limits how much you can take sodium bicarbonate and frequently if the muscle pain is terrible, I may go to 10 grams of this baking soda.

    You MAY get diarrhea if you take 5 grams magnesium chloride. Malic acid, if you can't find it from your local health food store, just take apple cider vinegar, there's plenty of malic acid in them since sour portion of apple is the malic acid.

    Since N-Acetylcysteine works in synergy with selenium, I strongly advise you to take selenium also. For those who do not have the luxury to take all my recommendations, the basics are sodium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, malic acid, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, clove oil. Please adjust your clove oil mix with
    ethanol accordingly depending on your skin sensitivity. It will also be ideal if you take a drop or two of clove oil internally. Of course, some may complain it is too hot, but aren't cayenne peppers too hot? If clove oil is not your kin, go for fresh cayenne peppers, but it must be eaten by the mouth until your face turns absolutely red.

    A footnote to Fibromyalgia is to stay away from white sugar, and white refined flour, pastries, bakeries, and bread. For some reason, virus have this love for sugar. Eat lots of salads using only italian dressing or other oil salad dressing, do not use those dressings with sugar or white sugar. If necessary to use sweeteners, use stevia as a sugar substitute, they are antiviral and they are safer than sugar."

    2/10/05 Email Update
    "First the prescribed dosages for Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and Magnesium Chloride (5000 and 2000 respectively) are the ideal dosages. Unfortunately, you have to start with smaller dosages at meals, because taken all at once may lead to diarrhea. However, if you work your way up slowly, you will not experience any side effects. Apparently the body is not used to taking so much. For example, my mother years ago took 1,000 mg Magnesium Chloride and got loose stools. Of course, she needs it, but today, if I give her 5000 mg (5 grams) nothing happens. The same is true for Sodium Bicarbonate as well. Most of the effort is to find the ideal dosages, as well as splitting up the dosage over the course of the day (4 times x 250 mg each) with every meal, for example.

    Also, recent research also indicates silicon deficiency which you can supplement easily with silicic acid. You should not forget vitamin E and selenium. These two have a connection with the said conditions also. If you take it, your conditions should improve within hours. (Weakness and shortness of breath is reduced). The effects of cayenne peppers and clove oil are fast also.

    Finally, the regular consumption of water with 0.2% food hydrogen peroxide will help improve oxygen. You can try deep breathing exercises as well. If you have ever lived in the mountains, when the air is thin, these people breathed deeper and slower, and this habit is an important one to your overall health in increasing oxygen for the blood.

    Try taking a bath in a dechlorinated water in disodium EDTA. This will both help your body remove the heavy toxic metal accumulation from your skin as well as remove your body of chlorine. One of the causes of chlorine is the water. Certain compounds will convert chlorine into a safe salt (Sodium Chloride) when treated. I now always dechlorinate my drinking water. Note: all water filter devices do not remove chlorine as well and it is best you treat them with a dechlorinator. One of the major causes of fibromyalgia of course comes from excess chlorine during shower as our body absorbs chlorine through the skin. Certain heavy metal accumulation on the skin are also responsible, such as free metal iron. Oral EDTA chelation will help remove excess iron from the body as Iron is an oxidant compound creating toxic free hydroxyl radicals which ACCUMULATES IN THE HEART. Another way is to donate some of your blood, to get rid of excess iron might also be helpful. There is some studies that show women heart disease is correlated with their periods. The risks of heart attack in woman is usually lower then men, but becomes equal to men, when the women no longer have their periods.

    Here is another important information: whenever blood cells stick to each other, blood flow is hindered and iron accumulation rises in the heart. This sets of a chain reaction to a condition of fibromyalgia. One little secret that prevents blood from sticking each other that is WELL KNOWN by blood banks is to add a little amounts of EDTA. Taking some orally will also help prevents blood from being "sticky" and remove the unneeded iron accumulation.

    I also understand that you are living in Thailand. One of the problems of drinking water in Thailand is the high levels of copper. Therefore, I suggest you also take zinc supplements. My preferred zinc supplements is zinc acetate as it is well absorbed and do not have side effects. Do not take zinc sulfate as it will cause vomiting. For some reason, magnesium and zinc seems to work synergistically."

    Reader Q & A

    Reader Question:
    "I am very curious about this disease. My mother was diagnosed with this disorder about 3-4 years ago. She has since then seperated with her husband, moved from the house, questioned her self worth, and has just about exhausted any clinical version of treatment that is offered. As you are in Thailand, I was curious if there has been any method or treatment that has shown to aid or even cure this hindering ailment. Some form of massage or homeopathy that the United Stuates hasn't accepted or caught wind of yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can't stand to see my mother deteriorate at such an alarming rate. She's a 47 year old now stuck in an 80 year old body. Thank you for your time."

    Ted's response:

    "The conditions of fibromyalgia seems to be an agressive one, therefore:

    I will make it simple: take 250 mg Magnesium Chloride (Magnesium Aspartate or Magnesium Orotate is good also) and 25,000 I.U. Vitamin D and 300 mg of Malic Acid. If you can't find Malic acid, take apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup/ day x 2 day. Once the conditions have improved, reduce the dosage. Drink 1/2 glass of water before meal and drink glass of water at every meal and take 1 full glass of water before sleep. Vary your dosage according to her conditions.

    Eat about 1/2 cup along with soups, or other food of fresh cilantro (Chinese parsley) every day for at least 1 month. YOU Must take them every day!! This will remove toxic heavy metal.

    If the conditions does not improve or you believe she needs a more aggressive dosage than take 2 tablespoon 2 times per day of sea salt mixed with 1 glass of water.

    Magnesium might cause the diarrhea, but this is necessary to get rid of the toxin buildup as well as a severe magnesium deficiency.

    If mother have a herxheimer reaction, apple cider vinegar or vinegar will reduce the side effects.

    One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate every night mixed with water.

    Your mother's conditions will hopefully improve within 3-4 days. If and when she improves, consider adding zinc acetate of about 100-200 mg/day. You may need to consider humic acid/fuvlic acid later on to reduce the toxic mycoplasma buildup later on also.

    Do not drink milk, bread or white sugar. It makes her conditions much worse. Try eating brazil nuts, pecan, walnut. Real butter is good. Avoid using any vegetable oils for cooking. Coconut oil is o.k.

    I am keeping it simple here so you can try them out."

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    • Fibromyalgia cures   RN   by  parhat     15 y     5,865
      Hi! I am Ted from Earthclinic and noticed you posted my stuff here. I would like to note some additional info I forgot to post this condition. A friend of mine was cured of fibromyalgia (he read my postings at earthclinic and contacted me). So I gave him magnesium chloride and fulvic acid, plus some silicic acid and fulvic acid. Within three months he was not only cured of it, but his hair color came back (he was about 56 years old, a U.S. citizen who lived in Louisiana). The hair color came back would very likely came from the trace rare earth's mineral such as indium, which restores something like 30+ hormones in the brain's center, so in my opinion fulvic acid is the addition I would like to see added when treating this condition. Malic acid as a side benefit removes the body of aluminum (which tends to build up in both the heart, brain and muscles) this causes cross linking of tissues. By removing them you the tissues recover and the condition goes away. I take something like 1/4-1/2 teaspoon DMSO mixed with a whole glass of water to remove the aluminum too as well as other free radical metals. EDTA helps too, but to notice the full effect it takes about 3 months. Your vision should improve in clarity just taking it overnight. Oh by the way silicic acid was to improve my the nails and collagen tissues. You can take a powdered hydrolyzed collagen too in place of silicic (silicon) as substitute or addition. This may help fibromyalgia too.

      Ted from Bangkok
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