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  • Gut Problems...Relief   by  RisingSun     15 y     9,334       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Research Blog
    To begin with, IBS or Irritable is not a disease but rather a denfense system. It is a gut indicator that your body is toxic. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results without changing behaviors. Many people want good health but they want a magic pill to fix them so they can continue with their life just as it was before their health failed.

    Gut problems and most diseases are indicators that you are out of alkaline/acid balance. Imagine your body as car battery. If you give your car battery a proper acid and water balance then it will give your body the boost it needs to wake up in the morning and keep giving you a proper amount of current to keep all of its electrical systems. You don't even think about your car battery unless something starts going wrong with your electrical systems. If you have gut problems, your body like a battery may start but it will start showing signs that it is in decline. IBS and 95% of all health issues are indicators that should be telling you that your battery low on water or has an improper amount of acid. It is easy to add distilled water to your human body but just like a car, many of us ignore the signal until we have a dead cell. Unlike a car though, you can't throw out your body and start over. Our bodies are an amazing battery though and if you give it the proper acid and water it needs,
    you can relieve your IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia or Leaky Gut, Hormonal Imbalance, Diabetes, Parasites, HIV, Gout, Allergies, Psoriasis, Cancer and every other disease.

    There may be a cure for IBS in the sense that you may some day be capable of eating toxic foods and drinking toxic water again but if you have gut problems then be aware that it is like the red light going off on the the dash of your car. Many people want to run to a doctor to get their body to stop sending that signal.Doctors are good at masking symptoms without addressing the cause of the problem. If you take drugs to mask the signals your body is giving you then you may get temporary relief that prevents your body you sending you a danger signal but consistently ignoring our body may lead to chronic illness. Make some dietary and lifestyle changes and you may overcome disease and any gut problems or health condition you might have.

    Many other people around you may eat the same food you eat and drink the same water you drink and they may appear healthy but for you that same food and water may cause your body to give you a warning signal that you are poisoning yourself. IBS could be a big red flag that you need to eat or drink something different than what other people eat and drink. Imagine there are 5 kinds of people in the world and for 4 of those kinds people, what you eat might be considered food to their body but for you of the fifth kind of people, what you eat could be considered a toxic chemical. Eat and drink what is right for you and your body.

    An elimination diet could help to isolate what is causing your body to warn you that it is being poisoned. Start in the morning and quit one thing that you normally eat or drink for breakfast. If it is coffee, milk, tap water, or even a piece of toast, pick one thing to quit putting in your gut. Give it a week and if you feel some relief, you should consider eliminating this food and substituting a more healthy alternative. Move on to lunch then dinner and identify then eliminate what your body is telling you is toxic. Discover what is causing your body to send up a danger signal and you may no longer have IBS related gastro-intesinal disturbances.

    Milk and other dairy products- are the end product of a cow that has had toxins pumped into it from birth and for all of its life. Vaccines and hormones are pumped into milk cows to fatten her up and to increase her milk production. Vaccines are necessary to prevent an unhealthy fattened cow from getting diseases. If you had been vaccinated with dozens of immunizations and pumped up with steroids, do you believe your body would be good food? You drink milk or eat dairy at your peril. I would stop dairy before eliminating any other food. 100's of toxins can be eliminated from your body by making this one dietary change. Dairy does not do a body good.

    Coffee is is a diuretic- A body that is perfectly functioning needs water to eliminate toxins. Coffee cause the body to use fluids you get from food and water to eliminate the coffee you put in your system. If you eat mostly raw foods from fruits and vegetables then your body may be capable of handling small amounts of coffee. If you drink no water at all then you are going into the negative. Drinking coffee may be causing your bowels to slow down from a lack of fluids to move and eliminate food
    that is stuck in your bowels. If you are a caffeine achiever, you may have positive temporary results from increased energy and mental clarity but you may be aggrivating your bowels. If caffeine is not causing bowel flare ups, you should still drink three glasses of distilled water for every cup of coffee you drink.

    Sugary drinks- Refined sugar plugs up the gut and prevents it from functioning properly. 25% on North American's calories come from sugary drinks. If you are going to continue drinking sugary beverages, you will need to drink three glasses of distilled water for every sugary drink you consume just to break even.

    Margarine is a non-food that might be causing your body to reject it therefore causing your bowels to flare up in disgust. Your body doesn't know what to do with non=foods. Eliminate non-foods from your diet and you may end your flare ups. Margerine is used in many processed foods and snack foods. Buyer beware.

    Wheat Products- may be causing your bowels to be irritated. Bread, Pasta, and many thousands of wheat based products are not considered food by many bodies. You may be one of those mixtures of blood type and genetics that senses that wheat products are toxins and your bowels let you know it. Eliminate wheat and processed foods for a week and see if it helps with reducing IBS symptoms. A gluten free diet is hard to do if you want to eat processed foods but for you it might be that you are not supposed to eat processed foods and wheat. If your body is sending you a signal to stop eating
    wheat then it may severly limit fast food eating and salty snacks but is that such a bad thing?

    Microwaved food- is the same thing as non-food. In Russia they outlawed microwaves because they did research and determined that microwaves destoyed the DNA of food cells and made it nutritionally worthless(Thanks for the tip Andreas). Cats were fed just microwaved food and they all died after several weeks from malnutrtion. Your body may be sensing you are giving it non-food when you microwave even good food and
    then sometimes your body may reject it by giving you a kick in the gut. The gut doesn't recognize non-food as food and doesn't know how to break it down so it will stay plugged up in your gut until it recieves the minerals and enzymes it needs to move the non-food out of your body. Give your body healthy food and you may find relief. Microwaves take perfectly good food and turn it into non-food.

    Eliminate one thing at a time and each time you quit something toxic to you, you may have more and more relief until one day you are toxin and IBS free.

    Every mechanic knows to use distilled water for filling up car batteries. The other chemicals and minerals in tap water is not good for a car battery. Tap water or even spring water could be causing you to have IBS gut responses. Tap water has many chemicals in it that might cause your gut to become enflamed. Flouride, chlorine, lead, mercury, PCB's and hundreds of other potentially gut irritating substances may be in your drinking water. Even spring water may be toxic to you as spring water is stored in plastic bottles and you may have a reaction from the plastic particles in bottled water. I would suggest making your own distilled water as a good substitute if spring water is causing you IBS problems. At the very least, switch out distilled wateer to glass containers as quicly as you can.

    Mineralize your body to give it what it needs. A good friend of mine suggested that I should put 12 grains of brown rice in three or four glass containers of distilled water and rotate and replace the rice when you finish each container of water. This is the perfect water for our body. Take the toxins out and add the good minerals back in.

    If you want to continue eating toxic foods and non-foods, there are ways to help your body digest the non-foods better but elimination is always better. The following could be helpful to relieve gastro-intestinal sufferes;

    The Water Cure is the most simple way to improve bowel function and provide your body with what it needs to eliminate toxins. Your elimination system may be rebelling against you for not drinking enough water. Drink 6-8 glasses of distilled water every day with a pinch of unrefined sea salt until all gut and gastrointestinal symptoms are gone. This will remineralize and rehydrate your water and mineral starved body. When you no longer have IBS flare ups, back off on the salt until you are at a maintainace amount of one or more glasses of salty water each day but continue drinking 4-6 more glasses of water each day unless you are getting all of the water your body needs from raw fruits and veggies. When your urine is clear then you will know that your bodies digestive function is operating in an optimal acid/alkaline range. I began have two healthy bowel movements a day when I began the water cure.

    * Remember that drinking sugary drinks and coffee are not the same thing as water.

    Apple Cider Vinegar creates good flora with the proper amount of acid for your gut- Despite what you might think, your gut may not be capable of digesting food properly because it does not have enough acid to process food. The little acid it does have is used to yell at your body for sending it toxic foods. If you want to eat toxic food, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar is by far the best way to create a perfect acid/alkaline environment that will help your body digest cooked foods, break down non-foods and refined sugar that you have put into your body. I take apple cider vinegar daily for health maintainance and I have not had a day of sickness since. Give Apple Cider Vinegar a try.

    Apple Cider Vinegar- is strong tasting stuff and some people give up on it before they find a way to take it so that it agrees with their pallet. Some people can slug a tablespoon or two down in a glass of water and see immediate results. If you can do this, great. Although I can take apple cider vinegar straight, I try different ways to make my apple cider vinegar easier to swallow and even better for my health. Apple Cider Vinegar will give your gut what it needs to digest food and it may give you a gift of gut and gastro-intestinal relief. I take a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a cup of strong fruit juice, juiced carrots or some other juiced veggies every day. Strong fruit juices from unsweeted organic apples, grapes, pomegranetes, and blueberries are tasty fruit drinks that make apple cider vinegar easier for me to swallow. Veggie Juice and Fruit Juices have the added benefit of giving your body something good for it too. Try apple cider vinegar with strong juices.

    I mix in herbs and spices into my apple cider vinegar fruit and veggie drinks. I always add a dash or three of cinnamon to my apple cider vinegar for taste and cinnamon's amazing health benefits. I also add cayenne if I feel mucous coming on. This is a terrific combination when flu or cold symptoms try to attack my body. Turmeric is a spice from the ginger family that is also good for colds and flu plus it is also good for tummy problems. Try little bits of herbs and spices to add to your juice and apple cider vinegar. Give your body the right formula that works well for the batch of chemicals that is your body.

    Parasites are common problem for people with gut problems. If you have undigested rotting food in your gut from improper acid/alkaline imbalance and improper fluid levels from not drinking enough water or eating raw fruits and veggies, then parasites that would have been expelled by a proper functioning body, will find a home in your body. Wild Oregeno Oil, Sea Salt, and Vitamin C make living in your body unbearable for parasites. If you have parasites and most people with gut problems do, I would suggest taking a shot glass full of carrot juice with a drop of wild oregeno oil and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a dash of cinnamon every morning when you wake up. Also add substitute sea salt for table salt in your food. Take mega doses of Vitamin C for immune function and with all of these combined, parasites will be sceaming to get out of your body. Nature finds a way to start sending parasites to break down rotting food. If their is undigested food in your clogged up gut, parasites will begin to invade. There may be some flu like symptoms as parasites are dying off so make sure to drink heavy amounts of water while taking oregeno oil to kill parasites.

    Balance your diet- I did mention veggie juice and fruit juice as important foods but you should also consider balancing your diet while adding more and more fruits and vegetables as you reduce and eliminate toxic foods and non-foods from your diet. You are what you eat including foods and non-foods. Eat good food and the bonus you will recieve is a healthy body. What you put in your body is what you get out of it.

    Find what works for you- All in all, there are many ways to relieve gut problems but each of us is a different animal and there may be slight diferences between you and everyone else. Even different brands of car batteries may require slightly different amounts of water and acid. Finding that perfect balance is what makes what I eat and drink worth it for me. Your body wants to heal itself. Give it the tools to do so and it will respond. Stay in tune to what your body needs and it might not only relieve your gut problems, your proper functioning body might just make you a more happy and healthy you.

    Yah Bless you on your journey to perfect health
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    • New to ACV   by  FirstFastMay06     15 y     2,208
      I am on my 4th bottle of ACV and I take a big shot of it and chase it with some type of liquid. I always worry that this is bad for my stomach because I feel it going down fast. Also, I do put about 3 cups in my bath water with some epsom salts and I feel like it detoxifies me very well. My main question is this though. Does ACV help an alcoholic in any way? Wouldn't it be good for the detox part of an alcoholics life? I am only on my second day of sobriety and I want to do everything I possible can to help my health. I do stuff like juice fast and take milk thistle, but wondered about the ACV?
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      • Re: New to ACV   by  risingsun     15 y     2,592
        I know alcoholism is also related to sugar cravings. Apple cider vinegar helps the body
        process sugars and carbohydrates more efficiently and helps the body displace uric acid so in a convoluted way apple cider vinegar may reduce gut irritation from sugars that causes one to crave alcohol to relieve the allergic reaction of the body to alcohol. If you treat alcoholism as an allergy then I see apple cider vinegar as a good healthy supplement to combat that allergy.

        I would also consider drinking 6-8 glasses of water with a dash of unrefined sea salt every day for many of the same reasons. Water is critical for moving toxins through the body and sea salt is great for proper mineralization.

        Balancing the gut pH, hydrating the body, and remineralizing one's blood is like giving your body that is a battery the proper acids and liquids it needs to operate efficiently. Get the right balance and don't overdo it and you might find the right balance for your body.
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    • thanks great advice   by  bluepastry     14 y     1,970
      i ahve been eating more because of gut pain...


      does cabbage also help?
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