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    Juniper Berry's Dental Cleanup

Juniper Berry's Dental Cleanup
by Juniper Berry

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  • Symptom Log   by  Juniper Berry     17 y     2,887       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Juniper Berry's Dental Cleanup
    Symptom Log

    My dental cleanup was done four days ago, and I have not needed any pain meds of any kind. I had some severe cramping in the usual spot (splenic flexure) the day after my removals, several hours after I had eaten. That pain was quickly relieved by lying down for a few minutes. All of the pre-wheatgrass supplement pains revisited me, including the breast pain because although I took four servings of my wheatgrass shakes to eat on my trip, I only ate one during my four day trip. All of that pain has now passed for the most part. Since I had so little going into my body, I had so little coming out. I had my first BM 60 hours after my dental work. I cannot believe that I didn’t try harder to make it happen sooner, but I did eat about eight activated charcoal capsules. Hopefully that absorbed and held most of the released toxins.

    I have experienced some mild lower back pain for about three days, but it has not hindered my activities in any way. In the past, I have suffered such extreme back pain (kidney pain) that I could hardly move for days—this is nothing even remotely close to that. My gums have been sore for a couple of days due to the cavitation clean outs. I still have my four stitches, one over each wisdom tooth site. The evening and night after my extraction, I kept swallowing blood (not a bad thing—beats the alternative). The next night I had excessive salivation. The tinnitus (ringing in my ears) increased after removal, probably due to some mercury exposure. It is now so loud that I can hear it almost no matter what I’m doing, unless external noise is pretty loud.

    The rash on my arm has gradually diminished until it is nearly imperceptible today! I attribute this in part to the Vitamin C IV and the lymphatic massage—not to be missed!!! My jaws were extremely sore the day after my dental work, but by the time I finished my lovely breakfast, I was able to open my mouth fully. The soreness was gone by the following day, although I do have some stiffness due to constantly grinding and messing with my teeth—I’m still trying to get used to the feel of my new fillings.

    I have a definite lessening of hay fever symptoms. Although I had a strong sore throat the day after my dental work, it has passed and was not related to a bacterial/viral sickness. On Sunday in church, I noticed a distinct improvement in my vocal agility and stamina!!! I was able to sing for hours without getting hoarse—this is a miracle. I have struggled with my vocal performance for YEARS, and I believe that I have been set free from that bondage! I am able to breathe more deeply and freely. My sinus passages are clearer. My speech function seems to also have improved. I don’t hesitate as much, and I can think of the proper words more quickly. I’m sharper, more willing to talk to people without weighing every single word as if my life depends on it. I am also able to type more quickly!!! I’m starting to realize how sorely handicapped I have been.
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    Juniper Berry
    • What happened after your 4 days post removal?   by  aef1228     17 y     2,070
      Dear Juniper Berry,

      I have been reading all about your experience with Dr. Morales, and you sounded very happy with the results ( I read up to the entry about your symptoms, 4 days post procedure.) You are a very good writer and I enjoyed reading your story (ies)!
      I am really glad to hear this, since we are going over to Tijuana next weekend to get our fillings removed!

      I was also disturbed however, by "talk" on Torrie's websitr that in reality, you had a very BAD experience there, which you related in a private email. Is that so? if you do not mind, I would like to hear about it.
      Hope to hear from you soon.


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