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    Juniper Berry's Dental Cleanup

Juniper Berry's Dental Cleanup
by Juniper Berry

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    On-going Symptom Log

    I walked 3/4 of a mile today on the treadmill and tolerated it considerably better than before. My extremities didn’t swell up as badly and I didn’t get quite so lightheaded. I’ve lost five pounds since the removal. Of course, my diet has been rather sparse and mostly liquid, so I’m not getting nearly the calories that I did before. This is a good thing for me, a very good thing. I was about 25 lbs overweight, in my opinion. Actually, I’m near the upper end of the normal range for my age, height, and body type. I’d like to be where I was twenty years ago. Unrealistic? I think not. By-the-way, shortly after posting yesterday, three of my stitches fell out. I lost the fourth one sometime during the night last night! It's so great to be able to drink hot, salty beverages again and not have to worry about all of the mercury fumes that I'm releasing. One more comment: my tongue is thickly coated with white gunk. I'm detoxing bigtime. I brushed it with a toothbrush dipped in 3% hydrogen peroxide and got some relief, but not much.

    The Massage

    The lovely woman asked me to remove my shoes, and I did. As I entered the dimly lit room, sweet notes gently soothed away any misplaced apprehension about the uncharted waters I was sailing into. She indicated the location of the bathroom, and then before leaving, she instructed me to remove all my clothing and metals and to climb onto the table and lie down under the covers face up. I lay there quietly, naked, drinking in the scented air while the warmth of the room and heated bedding gently caressed my soul. I began to cry. I knew that I would be wracked with sobs and become a blubbering idiot if I didn’t get control over myself. I willed myself to forget about the agonizing stress that had blindsided me a week earlier. I willed myself to not think about the unknowns that awaited me down below in the dentist’s chair. I cleared my mind of every worry and care and tried to concentrate on the moment, and oh what an awesome moment it was.

    Two women entered the room. I recognized the lovely one and smiled, and she ran her hand in front of her face, top to bottom, and told me to close my eyes. I lay there, still as death, as several more tears snuck out of the corners of my eyes. The air above me was stirred as hands fluttered above me, possibly dispensing prayers and incense. I could not see because my eyes were closed, but this is what I FELT. Moments passed. Then hands, warm hands, gentle--on my feet and head. Love. Peace. Quiet. The massage began all at once, and it was heaven on earth. My body and my soul drank so deeply. How I needed to be touched, to be loved. And these hands loved me. They loved my hurts and my scars. They loved away my fears and my cares. These hands brought life and healing to me. Oh, God! God bless these hands and the hearts that wield them. These were not the demanding hands of a selfish lover; they were the giving hands of a caring, compassionate servant. Oh please, don’t let this ever end! But it did end. After a long time, it did end. I rose from one of the all-time greatest experiences of my entire life and reluctantly got dressed.

    I would travel thousands of miles and drive through hellacious traffic through the slums of Tijuana to a small, unremarkable building…just to receive this blessing, every week. If only I could.

    I opened the door and as I stepped into the inviting anteroom, who should I meet coming up the stairs? The man himself. Dr. Morales and I introduced ourselves, and I told him that I would just get my shoes and be right down. He told me that there was no rush: “You’re in Mexico, now!” And boy, was that the understatement of the ages!! My 9:30 dental appointment didn’t start until about 11 a.m.!

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