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  • Hair Loss Shampoo: Saw Palmetto   by  risingsun     17 y     15,655       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Make Your Own Shampoo
    Saw palmetto for male pattern baldness? - Phytotherapy Review Commentary
    Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, June, 2003 by Kerry Bone

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    Laboratory experiments have shown that the liposterolic extract of saw palmetto (LESP) is a weak inhibitor of 5-[alpha]-reductase (5AR). While the relevance of this weak activity to the oral use of LESP for benign prostatic hyperplasia is debatable, (1) a group of scientists decided to test the effect of oral intake of LESP on male pattern baldhess in a pilot study involving men between the ages of 23 and 64 under double-blind conditions. (2) The product tested also contained [beta]-sitosterol and nutrients and the dose of LESP used was 400 mg per day (equivalent to about 4 g of berry). The blinded investigative staff rated 60% of the volunteers receiving active treatment as improved, compared to only 11% for the placebo group. Self-assessment by volunteers showed a similar but less striking trend. The authors suggested that this positive pilot trial justifies the expansion to larger trials.


    While the results of oral LESP for male pattern baldness might be significant, they are also likely to be modest. It is conceivable that topical application of LESP to the scalp could add to the observed effect since it delivers a high concentration of dose to the affected area. Soft gel capsules could be cut and massaged into the scalp at night.

    While on the subject of herbs to improve appearance, an interesting German study found that intake of nettle and dandelion juices improved skin parameters in healthy women. (2) Both active and control groups used a moisturizing cream, but only the active group took the herbal juices. Skin hydration improved significantly after 6 weeks in the experimental group (p<0.05). Elasticity was significantly improved compared to controls. After 6 weeks of treatment, volunteers in the active group rated their skin condition as significantly improved, whereas there was little change for the control group.

    (1.) Prager N, Bickett R, French N et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of botanically derived inhibitors of 5-[alpha]-reductase in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. J Altern Complement Med 2002; 8(2): 143-152

    (2.) Schmid D, Lang A, Allgauer T et al. Evaluation of effects of skin parameters through oral treatment with stinging nettle and dandelion extracts -- an open, controlled, prospective pilot-study. Akt Dermatol 2001; 27: 25-29

    COPYRIGHT 2003 The Townsend Letter Group
    COPYRIGHT 2003 Gale Group

    Saw Palmetto

    Propecia as Proscar was first developed for treating prostate problems in males. Natures answer to this treatment is Saw Palmetto. Serenoa repens is the medical name for the herb saw palmetto.The deep red fruit of this small palm grows wild in warm climates such as those found in the Southeastern United States.

    The liposerolic extract of the fruit of Saw Palmetto is the most popular herbal supplement for the promotion of prostate health in Europe.

    Saw Palmetto is found as a main ingredient in most of the commercial hair loss treatments such as Revivoen.

    Saw palmetto has been used in Europe for generations, that its safety "has never been seriously questioned," and with the exception of occasional stomach upset, no side effects have been reported. "In particular, use of the extract has not been associated with erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disturbance, or altered libido as you may get with Propecia.
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    • MSM for hairloss!   by  historicalfashions     17 y     2,408
      I Feel for your cause, I have gone through years of hair thinning and more recently regrowth. Right now it is ok although I want it thicker!
      When I was 20 it got so thin I was ashamed to wear it in a ponytail or braid of anykind because then people could see how thin it really was, even down you could see right through to whatever was behind me.
      I even tried rogain (as recommended by a foolish doctor)for a couple months.

      My husband has had a balding spot and thinning (which he thought was just old age) starting at 27, funnily enough he now sees it started a few months after having 6 Lg amalgams (50% mercury) put in his mouth! Seeing as the scalp is a major elimination site he wonders if it is the true reason.

      Read "Its all in your head" by "Hal Huggins" for more info on amalgams (we got it at the library).

      He just had them all replaced with Diamond Crown, but even before this he had started using MSM crystals and rubbing MSM lotion on his head 2 times a day. We recently found out MSM is a chelator for Mercury and other heavy metals,hmm?

      The other thing is natural sulfur (aka MSM) is the 3rd largest element in our bodies so maybe its just a deficiency or the both together, I read mercury loves to bond onto sulfur in IAIYH, probably making it unusable!

      If you can get your hands on the tape by Bill Rich you will see why it is important for hair growth and every other building process in the body, he has it for $1 at his website along with the lotion, I purchase the crystals locally at a HFS for $12.99 for 16oz (454gr.)the cheapest I have found. BTW he takes 2ts. morning and night.
      Another thing he loves the water drops for his eyes!

      The hair has started coming back in around his forehead where it has not been for years (he is 36) and some in the balding spot, even the guys at work have noticed and made comments about him filling in a bit! only time will tell.

      If it is the mercury I am sure it will get worse before it gets better as he will be detoxing for awhile, he will do an orange juice fast to speed up the process!

      I was taking the MSM for awhile and my hair shaft litterly got much thicker and smoother by 2 weeks on the stuff.
      I did not even think that was possible seeing as I was not putting it in my shampoo or anything, although you could (BTW we ordered his shampoo but did not like the film it seemed to leave!)
      I stopped taking it for now.
      I have had CFS for 6 years, and the MSM seamed to be aggravating my fatigue and brainfog, maybe stirring up old mercury deposits.
      I get my amalgams out in couple weeks so I will be restarting it then! I can't wait for my hair to improve again!

      I hope something in our journey for a good head of hair will help you in yours!
      Have a great day!
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      • Re: MSM for hairloss!   by  risingsun     17 y     2,135
        Thanks for the info. I am going very slowly about this to make sure which ingredients are helping. I am probably going to add Saw Palmetto & MSM to my shampoo but for now I am convinced that Apple Cider Vinegar, Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, & Aloe Vera are helping. I am still not sure yet if there is any real growth yet from these three ingredients but my hunch is that the ACV is removing salts from my scalp and the aloe vera can't hurt. The once a week Virgin Olive Oil is my latest addition and it is still much too early to tell if there is a significant change. I am adding baking soda next but I will add MSM & Saw Palmetto at some point. My dry patch is getting much better from my Aloe/Olive Oil mix and it feels thicker An Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse feels wonderful and I am ready to start the baking soda. Thanks for the tips. I really appreciate them. I am going to be starting a heavy metal detox this week myself and I hope I can get rid of heavy metals in my body.
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    • are there actual positive results?   by  bluepastry     16 y     2,319
      sounds promising

      what stops bht dht?
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