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Make Your Own Shampoo
by risingsun

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  • Tea/Coffee Hair Rinses?   by  risingsun     16 y     59,750       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Make Your Own Shampoo
    Hmmmm....Starbucks brew of the day as a rinse? I never thought of that before but you know, it could potentially work. The important point to note is to make sure you don't pour it on your head while it is still hot. Lukewarm to cool would be the proper temperature to avoid burns or scalding to your sensitive scalp.

    Since you asked several questions, I will try to answer them in sequence.

    Yes, people have been pouring fresh brewed tea and coffee on their hair for centuries. Basically as long as there has been tea and coffee in the world, it has been used for various beauty treatments, including hair shampoos and rinses.

    Coffee and dark teas are thought to cover gray hairs in brunettes while chamomile and the yellow herbal teas are thought to brighten blonde hair, although it will not necessarily add color or lighten the hair in any way.

    A friend of mine uses several herbal teas that have a red base to deepen the shine of her red hair.

    Never use instant coffee or tea. Never use either when it is hotter then lukewarm.

    Although there is no absolute recipe, you can start by making a pot of coffee with a drip or Mr. Coffee type of machine. A French press will work too and a Starbucks drip without additives is an option.

    While you are waiting for the coffee to cool, shampoo your hair. Rinse well. If you use a rinse out conditioning treatment, complete that step. Rinse well. Carefully pour the coffee over your hair working from the roots to the ends. You may want to use a large pan or bowl so that you can rinse your hair several times by swishing your hair through the coffee or catching the liquid as it runs off your hair back into the pan and then continuing to pour it until you are finished.

    When you are finished rinsing with the coffee you should do a final cool water rinse until the water runs clear. It is not advisable to leave the coffee in your hair because it can cause it to be sticky or gooey.

    There are several things to keep in mind if you decide to rinse your hair with coffee:

    1. Be prepared to let the coffee have enough time to cool or pop an ice cube in the coffee to quickly cool it down.

    2. Have a large pitcher or bowl to allow for repeated rinses.

    3. This is a very messy process. Don't attempt this anywhere but in a shower to avoid possible coffee stains to sinks.

    4. Remember that you hair could possibly stain your towels. Use an old towel that you don't mind staining in case this happens.

    5. Rinse the hair well enough to prevent the coffee from dripping and staining during the final cool rinse.

    6. The results will be cumulative over a period of months.

    7. If you want deeper results you will need to use a temporary coloring agent. Or you can experiment with making a coffee pack mixing 2 parts coffee to one part yogurt and applying to the hair topped off with a shower cap. Leave on your hair for several hours and then shampoo and finish with a coffee rinse.

    8. If you prefer use black tea or herbal teas instead of coffee. Light haired people should avoid dark teas and coffees that might stain their hair.

    The amount of coffee or tea that you use should be in proportion to the amount of hair that you have. If you have long or thick hair, allow extra liquid for rinsing. Start with two or three of the eight ounce cups and adjust the amount you use depending on the results. The same would be true for the amount of tea that you use.

    One thing is certain. Using coffee or tea can be an interesting and fairly cheap alternative to adding color to dark hair.

    Best wishes,

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    • Thanks for your posts..   by  kerminator     16 y     3,445

      Is there any commercial or good natural brands sold?? 

      I am going on 65, and have always had nice hair, just a touch of gray, but do have some flaking and itch now and then...  Would like to keep what I have and maybe become the poster boy for Super hair for Seniors...   { Now you have made me use that word Seniors...  Are you happy, now? } 

      Enjoy your info... Just would like to get it down to a couple of usable items...   Thanks again for your fine posts Karen...    see Ya... Kermit 

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    • Why are you putting your comb in your tea auntie? As a little girl I wa...   by  ITZY     16 y     3,611     Reply   FCK   TinyMCE
    • Re: Tea/Coffee Hair Rinses?   by  INDYSURFN     13 y     5,267
      The human body general likes a PH balance on the alkaline side of things, however the scalp needs to be a little on the acid side of things. I have had friends that have moved to Indianapolis from New Jersey. They started having massive hair loss. Indianapolis has very alkaline water (last time I checked was two months ago) which is not good for hair. As soon as they got a ph balanced shampoo on the acid side, and did a final rinse with a 59cent gallon of distilled water the hair falling out stopped(cold though)! So seeing you post this makes me wonder if part of the coffee thing is the fact coffee is ACID! The only coffee I have heard of, that is not super acid is Kava coffee. I will try this myself. I have a receded hairline but have a few individual hairs starting back after years wonder if this will help me also. Hmmm!
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    • Re: Tea/Coffee Hair Rinses?   by  flatiron     13 y     5,519
      Thanks for the great article about coffee and tea with hair treatment.

      I have also seen coffee being used in Henna mix for making hair pack. They will help you in changing the hair color and makes the hair smooth

      As per Tea, it is a good conditioner.
      Beauty tip:
      If you have dark circles, dip a some cotton in the black tea and have them over your eyes. This will help to remove black circles.
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