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  • The Nature of "Time"   by  Liora Leah     16 y     2,226       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    What is "Time" and the "Universe" but physical manifestations of the Divine? Yes, Time itself is a construct and has no real "meaning" in the Universal Eternal Mind where there is no Beginning and no End.

    "Time" is an illusion born of limited Human Mind, but no harsh judgment is meant of this. Humans see themselves a finite because of the decline, decay, "death" of the human physical form and as such the Soul of Humanity is "asleep" and remembers not its Divinity and Timeless Divine Origin.

    There is no beginning nor end, it is all one cyclical Event continuing to unfold and reveal itself.

    "Time" is but a human illusion as We have said, so what for you, dear human, seems an "endless process" (referring to reincarnation) is but a blink of an eye in God-Time because, ha, ha this is somewhat of a joke, please understand, because there is no such "thing", no limiting factor, such as "God-Time" because there is no such thing as Time, only a Universal eternal unfoldment, if you will, of the Creation.


    Life on the earth plane of existence is but a play, oh, yes, you've heard it before but do not yet understand, it is as though you are an actress but yet do not know your lines or your part! Very difficult to play, is it not? So We give you stage cues now and then, but mostly let you wing it...yes, this is not always welcome by you and at times you beg Us for more direction, but this play is impromptu, Our dear. And the "cues" are to come from your heart! Is that not surprising? We have an advantage that you do not have, for We can see the "big picture" and you can't. Like an actress playing a scene on stage or in the movies and not knowing how the ending will be, you can only see as far as the end of the first act, whereas We can see the whole play, and not only that but what comes before the play and what comes after, although there really is no linear time for it truly is an illusion as you well know....for all the scenes or acts of your life are happening all at once, do you know? Of course you have been told that before, but it makes no sense to you in your linear way of thinking but accept it as it is, Our dear human!

    Your we-Guides,

    Namaste, Amen



    Great Self Speaks!

     In our imagination, or illusion, we humans fragment ourselves into separate Beings that we call "Spirit Guides", "ancestors" "future-selves", "past-lives", etc, when these "parts" of ourselves are really integrated into our one "Great Self", and our Great Self and the Great Selves of others are integrated and merged together into the All-That-Is! There is No Separation!

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    Liora Leah
    • Like so many you are close to the truth!!   by  kerminator     16 y     581

      Thanks for your message...  Everyone has an opinion on many of the questions of life...  Every opinion is a choice...  When ever  you (we) either accept or deny any plan or message;  you have decided on a course of action... So we need to compare and come to a conclusion that we can live with, because we will live with it in the eternity to come... 

      Refer to some of recent blogs on these subject(s)...   I can agree with part of your {time} position; and will expound on it in the near future....   So keep up your searching so you come to know the truth; for only the truth will set you(us) free.... 

      Thanks again for your message.... 

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