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  • Multi-dimensionality   by  Liora Leah     16 y     2,349       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    Humans do like so much to think of yourselves as independent entities when no such thing exists! You are all so multifaceted and intertwined in multiple dimensions, yet your 3-D "field of vision" is so narrow/constricted as to "see" yourselves as individual beings! It is just not so! If that were so, how could We, your "Guides", communicate with you as We do? You and We are One, so connected as to share "thoughts"--energy patterns, really, translated through the "ethers" as "thought patterns" so your biological brain can comprehend the information.

    OUR DEAR ONES! Hear this and Wake Up! We would not spread fear or falsehood among you, We are here to serve only in our capacity as "guides", yet We, too, are multi-dimensional as are ALL OF YOU! The connections between Us and Them are so strong as to render those words meaningless, into ONE. Oneness all encompassing, wholeness Divine, yes, We sound so "biblical" as you say/think, yet the translation of the energetics of thought form/waves is difficult to render into the limited language base of English. Basically, to repeat Ourselves, there is no separation--yes, you've heard it before! We are All One in manifestation. Some of us are "embodied" as are humans, some of us not, as are your We-Guides, yet all of Us are combined together within the multi-dimensional plane of the All-That-Is. We are all of the same substance, do you see, of the All-That-Is--the same "spiritual base", if you will, with the outer "physical " manifestation in the 3-D plane limited by your human imagination.

    Imagine this! You long to "see" us with your very human eyes--use your "mind's Eye" to "See" us! We fill your room to overflowing! We are with you even now as you write--yes, this is a "strange" feeling you get as you feel you're being "watched" by unseen "forces" and you are! All the time! 24/7! But it matters not what it is you are "doing" from moment to moment as We are more interested in your "BE-ing" from moment to moment! And loving you fiercely, unconditionally, always and throughout, as We have said before, "no matter what!"

    Q: Am I embodied somewhere else in addition to the earthplane? Or are these different "time-lines" of the earthplane, or is this what is meant by living my past/present/future all at once?

    A: Dear One, you have answered your own question within your own question! Yes, you are becoming more intuitive and the connection of your mind to our "mind" is becoming stronger so "soon" (and that is a relative term) you will not need to ask but will "know" as soon as the question forms! This is what is part of being a multi-dimensional being--you can "tap into" your other forms in other dimensions and gather the knowledge of your/"their" own experiences!

    It is somewhat like that book you read--Dean Koontz ("From the Corner of His Eye"*), where the gifted child tells his mother of the existence of multiple Universes, dimensions if you will, where events were slightly altered from one another. Where do you think the author got the idea from? He "tapped into" the universal knowledge/knowing and it came to him! This is how most writers/dreamers/inventors/scientists/lovers/artists/musicians/spiritually-oriented people get their "inspirations", or as Michael Beckwith of AGAPE simply and eloquently calls it, "co-creations".

    Namaste, Amen!

    * "From the Corner of His Eye", by Dean Koontz, Bantam Books, Copyright 2000.  The following is an excerpt from Pages 360-371:

    And then everything changed in one stunning moment.  Changed profoundly and forever.

    The day before Christmas, along the California coast...Agnes Lampion made deliveries to those friends who were on her list of the needful, but also to friends who were blessed with plenty.

    ...Barty rode with his mother in her green Chevrolet station wagon.

    ...For Agnes and Barty, one stop remained, where some of the joy of Christmas would always be buried with the husband she still missed every day and the father that he would never know.

    Cypresses lined the entry drive to the cemetery...Joey rested not under the stern watch of the cypresses, but near a California pepper tree.  With its graceful, cascading boughs, it appeared to stand in meditation or prayer... At the grave, they arrived with red and white roses. Agnes carried the red, and Barty brought the white.

    ..."Does my dad like Christmas?" Barty asked, sitting on the grave grass in front of the headstone.

    "Your dad didn't just like Christmas, he loved Christmas. He started planning for it in June.  If there wasn't already a Santa Claus, your father would have taken the job."

    ...Barty said, "Is he good with numbers like me?"

    "Well, he was an insurance agent, and numbers are important in that line of work.  And he was a good investor, too. Not the whiz you are with numbers, but I'm sure you got some of your talent from him."

    "Does he read Father Brown mysteries?"

    Crouching beside the boy...Agnes said, "Barty, honey, why are you...?"

    He... met her stare. "What?"

    Although she would have felt ridiculous phrasing this question in these words to any other three-year-old, no better way existed to ask it of her special son: " you realize you're speaking of your dad in the present tense?"

    Barty had never been instructed in the rules of grammar, ..."Sure. Does and is."


    The boy shrugged.

    ..."Honey, you do understand...of course you do..that your dad is gone."

    "Sure. The day I was born."

    "That's right." 

    ..."I wish your dad could have known you," Agnes said.

    "Somewhere, he does."

    At first, she thought that Barty meant his father watched him from Heaven, and his words touched a tenderness in her, overlaying an arc of pain across the curve of her smile.

    Then the boy put new and puzzling shadings on his meaning when he said, "Daddy died here, but he didn't die every place I am."

    His words echoed back to her from July: My cold's just here, not every place I am.

    ..."It's lonely for me here," said Barty,"but not lonely for me everywhere."

    From a bedtime conversation in September: Somewhere, there's kids next door.

    And somewhere Selma Galloway, their neighbor, was not a spinster but a married woman with grandchildren.

    A sudden strange weakness, a formless dread, dropped Agnes out of her crouch and onto her knees beside the boy.

    "Sometimes it's sad here, Mommy.  But it's not sad everyplace you are. Lots of places, Daddy's with you and me, and we're happier, and everything's okay."

    ..."And in a lot of somewheres," said Barty, "things are worse for us than here. Some somewheres, you died, too, when I was born, so I never met you, either."

    These statements sounded so convoluted and so bizarre to Agnes that they nourished her growing fear for Barty's mental stability.

    "Please, sweetie... please don't..." 

    She wanted to tell him not to say these queer things, not to talk this way, yet she couldn't speak the words.  When Barty asked her why, as inevitably he would, she'd have to say she was worried that something might be terribly wrong with him, but she couldn't express this fear to her boy, not ever. He was the lintel of her heart, the keystone of her soul, and if he failed because of her lack of confidence in him, she herself would collapse into ruin.

    Sudden rain spared her the need to finish the sentence. A few fat drops drew both their faces to the sky, and even as they rose to their feet, this brief light paradiddle of sprinkles gave way to a serious drumming.

    "Let's hurry, kiddo."

    ...Here, the rain, but somewhere we're walking in sunshine.

    This thought startled Agnes, disturbed her--yet, inexplicably, it also poured a measure of warm comfort into her chilled heart.

    ...Monitoring Barty from the corner of her eye, Agnes paced herself to the strides of his short legs, so she was drenched and chilled when she reached the station wagon.

    The boy dashed for the front passenger door...  By the time Agnes opened the driver's door and slumped behind the steering wheel, Barty levered himself onto the seat beside her.

    She was sopping, shivering. Water streamed from her soaked hair, down her face, as she wiped at her beaded eyelashes with one dripping hand.

    ...Agnes switched on the heater and angled the vanes of the middle vent toward Barty. "Honey, turn that other vent toward yourself."

    "I'm okay."

    "You'll catch pneumonia," she warned, reaching across the boy to flip the passenger's side vent toward him.

    "You need the heat, Mommy.  Not me."

    And when she finally looked directly at him, blinked at him, her lashes flicking off a spray of fine droplets, Agnes saw that Barty was dry.  Not a single jewel of rain glimmered in his thick hair or on the baby-smooth planes of his face.  His shirt and sweater were as dry as if they had just been taken off a hanger and from a dresser drawer...

    "I ran where the rain wasn't," he said.

    ...(She experienced a) sense of wonder quaking through her at the sight of Barty as dry as if he'd spent the afternoon perched fireside.

    Although rain-pasted to her skin, the fine hairs rose on the nape of her neck.  The gooseflesh crawling across her arms had nothing to do with her cold, wet clothes.

    When she tried to say how, the how of speech eluded her, and she sat mute as if no words had ever passed her lips before.

    Desperately trying to collect her wits, Agnes gazed out at the deluged graveyard...

    She switched on the windshield wipers...Her whole world had changed by Barty's dry walk in wet weather.

    "That's old joke," she heard herself saying, as from a distance.  "You didn't really walk between the drops?"

    The boy's silvery giggles rang as merrily as sleigh bells, his Christmas spirit undampened.  "Not between, Mommy. Nobody could do that. I just ran where the rain wasn't."

    She dared to look at him again. 

    He was still her boy. As always, her boy. Bartholomew. Barty. Her sweetie. Her kiddo. But he was more than she had ever imagined her boy to be, more than merely a prodigy.

    "How, Barty?  Dear Lord, how?"

    "Don't you feel it?" His head cocked. Inquisitive look. Dazzling eyes as beautiful as his spirit.

    "Feel what?" she asked.

    "The way things are. Don't you feel...all the ways things are?"

    "Ways?  I don't know what you mean."

    "Gee, you don't feel it at all?"

    She felt the car seat under her butt, wet clothes clinging to her, the air humid and cloying, and she felt a terror of the unknown, like a great lightless void on the edge of which she teetered, but she didn't feel whatever he was talking about, because the thing he felt made him smile.

    ..."Feel what? Explain it to me."

    ...He gazed out at the rain, and finally said, "Boy, I don't have the right words."

    ...Agnes could understand why words failed him.  With her greater fund of language, she had been rendered speechless by his accomplishment.

    "Honey, have you ever done this before?"

    He shook his head. "Never knew I could."

    "You never knew you could..walk where the rain wasn't?"

    "Nope, not until I needed to."

    ...Pushing a tangle of wet hair away from her face, she realized her hands were shaking.

    "What's wrong?" Barty asked.

    "I'm a little..a little bit scared, Barty."

    Surprise raised his eyebrows and his voice: "Why?"

    Because you can walk in the rain without getting wet, because you walk in SOME OTHER PLACE, and God knows where that place is or whether YOU COULD GET STUCK THERE somehow, get stuck there AND NEVER COME BACK,  and if you can do this, there's surely other impossible things you can do, and even as smart as you are, you can't know the dangers of doing these things...

    She thought all that, but she closed her eyes and said: "I'll be okay. Give me a second here, all right?"

    "There's nothing to be scared about," Barty assured her.

    She heard the door, and when she opened her yes, the boy had already slid out of the car, into the downpour again. She called him back, but he kept going.

    "Mommy, watch!"  He turned in the deluge with his arms held out from his sides. "Not scary!"

    Breath repeatedly catching in her throat, heart thudding, Agnes watched her son through the open car door.

    Turning in circles, he tipped his head back, presenting his face to the streaming sky, laughing.

    She could see now what she hadn't seen when running with him through the cemetery, because she was looking directly at him. Yet even seeing did not make it easy to believe.

    Barty stood in the rain, surrounded by the rain, pummeled by the rain, with the rain. Saturated grass squished under his sneakers. The droplets, in their millions, didn't bend-slip-twist magically around his form, didn't hiss into steam a millimeter from his skin.  Yet he remained as dry as baby Moses floating on the river in a mother-made ark of bullrushes.

    ...Moving around the front of the station wagon, waving at his mother, reveling in her astonishment, Barty shouted, "Not scary!"

    Rapt, frightened yet wonderstruck, Agnes leaned forward, squinting between the whisking wipers. 

    Onward he came, past the left front fender, gleefully hopping up and down, as if on a pogo stick, still waving.

    ...To the window in the driver's door, Barty came with a repertoire of comic expressions, mugging at his mother, sticking one finger up his nose and exaggeratedly boring with it as though exploring for nasal nuggets. "Not scary, Mommy!"

    In reaction to a terrible sense of weightlessness, Agnes's two-fisted grip on the steering wheel grew so tight her hands ached...

    Beyond the window, Barty failed to do any of the things that Agnes expected of a boy not fully enough part of the day to share its rain:  He didn't flicker like an image on a static-peppered TV screen; he didn't shimmer like a phantom figure in Sahara heat or blur like a reflection in a steam-clouded mirror.

    He was as solid as any boy.  He was in the day but not in the rain. He was moving toward the back of the car.

    Turning in her seat, craning her neck, Agnes tried to keep her son in sight. 

    She lost track of him. Fear knocked, knocked, on the door of her heart, because she was sure he had vanished the way ships supposedly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

    Then she saw him coming forward along the passenger's side of the car.

    Her awful sense of weightlessness became something much better: a buoyancy, an exhilarating lightness of spirit.  Fear remained with her--fear for Barty, fear of the future, and of the strange complexity of Creation that she'd just glimpsed--but wonder and wild hope now tempered it.

    He arrived at the open door, grinning. No Cheshire-cat grin, hanging disembodied on the air, teeth without tabby.  Grin with full Barty.

    Into the car he climbed. One boy. Small. Fragile. Dry.


    Great Self Speaks!
    In our imagination, or illusion, we humans fragment ourselves into separate Beings that we call "Spirit Guides", "ancestors" "future-selves", "past-lives", etc, when these "parts" of ourselves are really integrated into our one "Great Self", and our Great Self and the Great Selves of others are integrated and merged together into the All-That-Is! There is No Separation!




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    Liora Leah
    • Spirit in 3D   by  Yourenchantedgardener     16 y     787


      in my early days when I was first exposed
      to Trance Channels at the University of LIfe
      in Phoenix--this is where Kevin Ryerson taught
      in the early days and received some training
      as well as Lin Martin--that school was in the
      schooling of Mediums of all kinds.

      These were generally pitch dark trances.
      There are many kinds of Mediums.

      There are whole cultures of words and studies
      about Trance Mediums and a history of this.

      There is even a school in Escondido that
      has existed for 100 years--I do not remember
      the name right off--where they have gathering
      where they do a lot of this...

      Anyway, the point:

      At the U of L in Phoenix, they had some classes
      with Richard Ireland, the founder, where they
      actually did manifest spirit that you could see
      in 3 D. I never saw this personally.

      I forget the word for what the substance is
      that they use so you can see them and feel them.

      I personally hear them, as you do,
      but I receive what I call "signals."
      Lots of time they open doors at certain moments.
      Many times, I wake up and just do what
      they/I say. At a certain point in all gets blurred
      as they are saying...over become them
      and they become you...multidimentional as you say.

      When I was a kid, I always felt "them" in the closet,
      and being that I did not understand, I felt scared.
      I knew I was being watched and protected. I just did not have
      the understanding to explain it.

      IF you go on the web, you can find a lot of info...
      Edgar Cayce gave birth to a very reputable school
      in Virginia Beach. He was a medical intuitive. They have major archives.
      Arthur Ford was a big name in mediums.
      I still value very much the Essene Library of
      100 hours of tapes that were pulled from Kevin Ryerson.
      The ones on Jesus are especially of interest to me
      during the Christmas time.

      I feel Jensen around me a lot at times, and
      I make a seat for Szekely to sit near by.
      there is a great soul named Leon Diseblo who
      is here right now I met him once when he was 105
      and he said I was a master. I wasn't ready to hear that.
      That was about 1979. There is some talk that
      Szekely could bilocate. This went with the territory
      of being an Essene in some respect. Jesus
      had many travels, even to the new world after he
      left the body.

      Jensen has a lot to say. I was his ghost writer.
      Now, he is my ghost writer at times...
      He wants me to vindicate him for the bad name
      that Iridology got because he was naive and did not
      take time to make sure the scientific tests they did not him
      were with good scientific tools.

      As i clean up, it is a big thing to know what to throw out
      and what to keep. I will save the Jensen archives and
      put them in order.

      love, eg
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      • Re: Spirit in 3D   by  Liora Leah     16 y     687
        Thanks, Leslie for the information and encouragement! I have heard of Cayce although have not read his work, and of course I've heard, and met, Kevin Ryerson! The problem for me is when the "channeler" becomes "famous" for what they do; it seems oftentimes the attention and money "goes to their head". They forget that what they do is a birthright for all of us; we all have this capacity to communicate with Spirit, whether it be intuition, visions, dreams, automatic writing, voices, feeling the energy, etc. Some of us have this ability more finely developed than others. In this New Energy of this new millinium, a lot more folks are going to be "waking up" to their spiritual potential.

        My belief, speaking for myself, is that we each are our own Guru. We can learn from each other, but ultimately with answers we seek are within ourselves.

        Love, Liora Leah
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        Liora Leah
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