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  • Spirit on Peri-Menopause   by  Liora Leah     16 y     2,190       7 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    We wonder to ourselves why you obsess so over your sexua| body/womanhood--this is a gift for you to cherish, not fret over so. Enjoy your cycles of rhythms and moon, changing though this may be for you, it is a natural progression in your human biology/species to slowly leave the time of monthly blood to enter into your elder wise-woman years--may they be blessed, long, and fruitful, fruitful in a different way than the years of your motherhood, as fruitful and pregnant with ideas, doings/action that you had not the capacity before to do in your younger years. Now, you will grow your "wings"--spiritual metaphor, so to speak, for your power, wisdom, and knowing.

    As for your weight gain, partly this is your body's adjustment to hormonal changes you are undergoing as you leave your child-bearing years to enter into your elder years. Partly, this is your new "voluptuousness" as we prefer to call it. It is your womanliness coming to "bear fruit" so to speak, your "Goddess" body if you will, your Earth-connection. As you re-establish your connection to the Mother Earth, you become more earthy, more sensual, more joyous in your existence on the earth plane and more comfortable with your body. No, you will never be "obese", just softer and rounder with age. As you practice barefoot dance upon the Mother you notice your balance and coordination have improved as your connection to the Mother grows stronger, and with that will come the "grace" that you never felt you had before in movement and dance.

    Your we-Guides in love with you forever!
    Namaste, Amen
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    Liora Leah
    • How very exciting!!!   by  YourEnchantedGardener     16 y     695
      Wow!! Thanks for sharing these intimate details
      of your evolution. I personally have not had the opportunity
      to closely be with a woman as she goes through this shift
      and seen it through her eyes.

      You are an eloquent writer. Thank you for being so
      revealing. it helps us all evolve as we share in your
      personal journey. On top this, through your gift and closeness
      with spirit, you share with us from a place of spiritual understanding.

      in the Kabbalistic work, this is the week of Yesod...
      as far as i am mapping and sexuality.

      Sounds like you are on a similar map journey.

      I have a love cure called "love her always"
      that addresses the same subject:

      A woman is always fertile, although the focus may
      of expression may shift from child bearing to other kinds
      of Seed Dream bearing. You are quite a Woman,
      and a Wise Woman.

      Your Enchanted Gardener
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      • Re: How very exciting!!!   by  Liora Leah     16 y     794
        Thanks, Leslie, for your comment!

        Half of the population, approximately, on the planet are female. Should we all be so fortunate as to live long enough to reach menopause, then most of us will go through the moon and life cycles--menstruation/childbearing/peri-and/menopause, or maiden/mother/crone or elder. I rather prefer to look at it from a spiritual perspective than only as a biological one.

        Love, LL
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        Liora Leah
    • endometriosis   by  vitaminut     16 y     805
      Wondering what is the spiritual significance of endometriosis and ovarian cysts.
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