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  • Spiritual Basis:Autism   by  Liora Leah     16 y     2,344       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    Liora: Spirit, please talk to me regarding my questions about autism. As you know, I posted an article about the link between autism and mercury-based preservatives in childhood immunizations(1). Why, then, are not all children made ill? Why only some? What is the spiritual basis for this neurological dis-order? Are there different reasons, as is the case with other dis-orders? Thank you for your response.

    Spirit: Dear One, you are correct--there are multiple reasons for this "dis-order" known as "autism". As you have suspected, some children are more susceptible, more "sensitive" if you will, to toxins introduced in their bodies than others, and therefore suffer a more profound affect from the mercury than others. Some children develop the neurological dis-orders known as autism; others develop immune system dysfunction, as did your own son and daughter--yes, part of their "allergies" is due to toxic mercury poisoning as infants. You yourself carry this toxin in your body. Anyone who has received these immunizations as infants carries it in their bodies, as do those with mercury fillings (dental amalgam) or the eating of fish with mercury in it. It is a widespread toxin and affects people of industrialized nations most prevalently, although peoples from your so-called "Third World" countries have been exposed as well, via the exported injections (from the United States) as well as the eating of mercury-polluted fish. Of course, mercury is also an industrial pollutant from power plants.

    Again, it so not so much the mercury itself that is toxic, but the energetics of it, the purpose for which it is formed. Although well-intentioned initially to preserve vaccines meant to prevent childhood dis-eases, this toxin became "more toxic" when the intention shifted from protecting children to making money. The manufacturers of this preservative wanted to continue to use it because of financial considerations, and their concern for money overrode the initial intention of helping children.

    This is how it works with manufactured products, as we have spoken to you before (2), it is not just the product itself that can be seen as dangerous or toxic, it is the intentionality of the product manufacturers, the why behind the product formation. You humans think your thoughts, your intentions, have no impact yet this is not so--what goes into making any product, be it packaged food, machinery, equipment, etc--are kind, loving thoughts behind the intentionality of the product formation, or is greed, hunger for power, and money the intention? Do you see? All human endeavors carry an energetic of intentionality behind them. This intentionality then influences whether or not the product is harmful or beneficial for humankind or the planet.

    As to autism, again, some is caused by this mercury toxin as a disruptor to normal brain functioning; this is a biological/physiological cause of the dis-order. Also, as we have said, there is the matter of energetics, or intentionality, on the part of the vaccine-makers to put money over human need, overriding the original intention of helping children.

    As to why these particular children, why are they more "susceptible" to the intentionality of others? They are sensitive to the energetics of the planet, the wax and wane of the moon, the magnetic fields and the crystalline grids of the earth. They came into this reality "hyperaware" and so "hypersensitive". They are special children who have been poisoned out of ignorance. They are the forerunners of the "new human" of which we spoke to you before(3). They may seem unaware now, "dis-abled" by your society's terms, yet are energetically still responding to all the fields and grids. They are responding to "inner" signals, not "outer", and so seem self-absorbed and detached. The mercury poisoning has left them less able to cope in their 3-D reality, but their Shining Spirit remains intact, and in their inner "worlds" of multi-dimensionality, they "soar". The surge in their numbers in recent years is only partially due to the increase of mercury in their biological systems; it is largely due to the changing energetics of the planet and the influx of energies from the multi-dimensional realms. As humans adjust over time to this influx, less children will be born with this "dis-order". There is a decline in their numbers happening even now, a "leveling off" if you will.

    The "new children", sometimes referred to as "crystals", that are coming in now are also "hyperaware" and "hypersensitive" yet less "susceptible" to neurotoxins than their predecessors. The next wave of children, your grandchildren, perhaps, will be still less so (susceptible), yet remain profoundly more "aware" and "awake" (we prefer these terms to that of "spiritually enlightened") than their predecessors--the generations of you and your children! And so it goes in the evolution of the human species into Spirit BEings of multi-dimensional awareness. You are all Spirit BEings NOW and multi-dimensional NOW yet most of you remain unaware and asleep; the balance of this will change profoundly in the course of human time with the next generations.

    Liora: Spirit, how do we comfort the parents of such "autistic" children, who have no awareness of their children's special spiritual nature? How do we care for such children? We spend so much time and effort trying to help them "fit in" to what our society deems as "normal".

    Spirit: Good questions, Little One. Unfortunately, comfort to the parents of such children is difficult to give, as most parents will not understand the spiritual significance of the child they are raising. Even parents who may be spirituallly aware and awake will grieve over their lifetime for the loss of the "normal" child they wished to have. These parents are sorely aggrieved, and lacking in support from society as a whole. They (the parents) are in need of compassion and understanding and yes, financial support when needed. These parents are to be honored for their sacrifice, for that is what it is.

    As for the children, they need, of course, basic food, shelter, love and compassion. They may not outwardly respond to affection yet "feel" it energetically from their parents and caregivers none-the-less. The idea of trying to have them "fit in" to society by teaching them human skills of speech and language can border on the absurd. The most "profoundly dis-abled" amongst them lack this ability for outer-world communication as they are so inwardly-oriented. The ability of an autistic person to communicate in the 3-D realm with "normal" speech and language varies from child to child, of course, and there are many who can do so to some degree. The most profoundly "withdrawn" are the most spiritually "advanced" and would do best to be let alone from attempts to teach them 3-D communication skills. Yes, this is anathema to your society, school system, and parental expectations, but for the most part these attempts by well-meaning therapists only leads to frustration on the part of "student" and "teacher". Music is the best medium to communicate with a child or adult who is profoundly autistic or "mentally retarded" as the energetics of the sounds are quite different from human speech and language, and can often by-pass the mental "blocks" in the 3-D brain of the person with autism.

    The most profound "therapy" anyone can offer a child with autism is love, love, love, and understanding, acceptance of who they are, and a deep knowing and honoring for the sacrifice of their "normal" 3-D human existence for their work on behalf of the spiritual advancement of the human race.

    We hope your questions have been answered.
    Namaste, Amen
    Your we-Guides in love with you forever

    (1)"Mercury/Autism Link"
    (2)"Spiritual Basis: Allergies/ MCS"
    (3)"Spiritual Basis/CFIDS"

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    Liora Leah
    • Autism Helped by Horses   by  today4th     16 y     965
      Hi there,

      Awhile back, I watched a tv show- Animal Miracles, where an autistic girl was greatly helped by being with horses.

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      • Re: Autism Helped by Horses   by  Liora Leah     16 y     659
        That sounds fascinating! I've heard about using horses for people with all kinds of dis-abilities, as well as other animals. I used to work in an adult day care center with seniors with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias. Once a month owners with their trained dogs would come in and have the dogs sit quietly, allowing the seniors to pet them or just observe them. Time and again I saw withdrawn seniors respond positively to the dogs, some smiling and interacting with the animals in ways they never interacted with people.

        I think we often underestimate the healing abilities of our animal brethren.
        Thanks for sharing this!

        Love, Liora Leah
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        Liora Leah
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