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    Message from The Christ with Isaac George

    Greetings dear brothers and sisters, and blessings to you wherever you are. As you read these words, open your hearts and your minds to the infinite space inside of you and around you. This is not 'empty' space. It is filled with Presence. Stop, breathe, and listen. Listen to the space between the sounds, the thoughts, beyond the noise of the mind. There in the midst of it I Am. Oneness flows from this space, the endless beginning, and the endless end. Cease all activity, cease all wondering and searching. Stop giving away your energy to other things and come to a moment of clarity, of pause.

    For many months and years now you have been responding to a call to awaken. Your journeys have been at times confusing and frustrating, joyous and satisfying, anxious and calm. You have even encountered deceptive beliefs and practices. These have all been the result of gradually opening to the truth within you, and also of the resistance by your ego-self to the truth. Ultimately, the search for the awakened self is the quest for peace. There is no thing of more value than your essential consciousness, what you would refer to as Soul, and there is greater essential value to your Soul than peace. Peace is not a temporary habitation arrived at after the struggles with the physical realm, nor is it a goal. It is a state of naturalness when you are surrendered. It is forgetting the self, losing the self, and regaining your natural place in Reality.

    When you examine your life as it is, what do you see? Are you at peace? Do you in-joy the experience of the moment? Are you trying too hard to be more spiritual, more awakened? Is peace leaving you when you are determined to be as I Am? Then, you might look again at the values and methods you are employing.

    Many misinterpret what was meant through the teachings and stories of the life I lead in times past. Even the light of an awakened mind will not reveal all that there is to perceive, for only the Heart can comprehend the truth. Simply stated, you are IT. There is no other, there is no dualistic model. When I said, lose yourself and you will find yourself, it was a call to surrender all models, all structured beliefs. When I said seek first the kingdom, it was to in-form you of the greater Reality beyond survival, beyond form, and beyond philosophy. It is the greatest attribute of the Soul to be free, for that is it's Nature. Therefore, it is in your Nature to be free also. Then why burden yourselves with even more limitations in the form of new rules and paradigms which are only the past reconstituted into new clothes? You are the new wine, and it cannot be contained by any vessel that is of human design!

    Most of what you are asking for in this now is reassurance. If only you would see that the Infinite is already caring for you, and all Life, and that no outcome is in doubt. Though it appears to be dark and menacing in the world at the moment, set aside all fear through faith upon what is inside you. There is no power greater than the Love and Life within you...none!

    The gift of your sovereign beingness is the awareness that you are at cause to choose a new feeling in each moment. If you are feeling fearful, give it to Me here inside of you. If you are wondering what you are to do, ask Me here inside of you. If you are able to talk and listen with the Me inside of the You, then you are cared for and at peace all-ways. If you are asking, "how do I know it is the right voice, the right impression?", then that is easy. Feel it in your heart, your body. Ask or state what is required, then pay attention to the resulting feeling. Then, when you have chosen the feeling, the energy of Life and Love will serve you.

    You do not have to believe in God to trust and have faith. You only have to believe as God would in order to create a Life that serves Life.

    It is interesting that with all the questions in the world, the one question that has not been answered as yet is "what is Life?" This is an astounding omission. Philosophers, mystics, visionaries, and even scientists have endeavored to explain the origin and purpose of Life, the reasons of existence, but not one has tackled the 'what' as yet. Too dangerous perhaps? The quantum scientist speaks of an 'organizing intelligence', the mystic speaks about the infinite heart, the magician and the philosopher study the elements and the rituals that employ the Life Force, while the minister and the imam speak of 'that which cannot be known' about the Great Mystery. A biologist can study the life processes, identify the various neurological responses and chemical actuations of a particular life form, but he/she cannot explain 'what' is pulling the strings. Do you still harbor doubts about Life now? Are you still not sure if you can be the totality of that Life, even now? Are you not safe, truly safe from all of your projections when you stop projecting what is not real onto the Reality of Life? If so, then you have achieved the Mystery, and become Life embodied, Life expressed fully. I might add that you cannot have Life as a goal, only as a choice.

    Every chant, every prayer, every ritual, every ceremony, every initiation and every dying to the self is preparing you to embody Life multi-dimensionally. Every moment spent interacting with Life will reveal itself within you. What you are is the string-puller and the puppet. What you are is the inexplicable mystery. When you see that everyone is the mystery embodied, that there are no 'others', then you open to what Life is, the Presence of Pure Divine Love.

    Compassion is the modality employed by Life to express itself. Compassion is another name for forgiveness. Forgiveness is the dispeller of illusion and projection. Forgive everything. Forgive yourself, as often as is necessary, until it is no longer needed as a tool to remove everything that you are not. Forgive the past in your self, then you can forgive the past for the brothers and sisters of your ancestry, and beyond. Forgive all of us, for none understand everything perfectly...yet. Forgiveness is the essential action leading to peace. Compassion is the essential gift that a peaceful Soul gives freely.

    Now, get your self out of doors. Examine a flower. Embrace a tree. Play with an animal, or watch the birds. Pay attention...fully. What is Life? Who can know its comings and goings? Where does it come from, and where does it go? Learn to merge your consciousness with all living things (and there is no thing that is not alive) by purposefully sitting in stillness with it.

    Open up your heart. Allow the pure divine love to flow out to the Life in another, and then experience it in return. Let not the cares of the world overwhelm you or distract you from this essential activity, for in it you remember the peace that was disturbed by your mind's concerns, anxieties, and strategies.

    It may appear to you that you have much work to do yet, many wounds to heal. It may even occur to you that your Life is not as you would like it, that there are elements in it that are challenging and perhaps even disastrous. Yet, in spite of all that you can call your experience, you are the one who is always at choice. If enough of you choose to feel peaceful, then many more will become peaceful. If enough of you choose to become liberated from the false desires of the ego, then your whole world's economy would change. If enough of you choose to recognize what does not work anymore, and refuse to participate, then wars would end tomorrow. If enough of you choose to end the belief in your separation from Love, then other hearts will know their wholeness once again. The choice is always yours. Choose for yourself first. Everything will take care of Itself from there, if you can trust in the process of Life.

    It is suggested that you delve more than ever into your feeling nature. Become ever more aware of the opportunities to just select your experience, the one that is already perfectly designed for you and by you when you choose higher feelings. If you would be joyful, then declare yourself as joyful. If you would be abundant, feel abundant. If you would know wisdom, claim your divine wisdom. Utilize the power of the sacred sound in your voice, coupled with your heart energy to self-generate your Soul pattern within your Life matrix.

    As you resonate with the feeling, then all corresponding patterns that relate to that feeling will have to attract to you. That is why when you radiate light, more light is added to you.

    Truly, a house divided against it cannot stand, and the darkness of lower emotions cannot call the more refined higher feelings of pure, divine love to you.

    The work is play, and the play is the work. Pure divine love is not a somber or profound thing, it is a joyous experience of the power of Life in you, in your body, and in the world. Recognize it in the hand that you hold, the food on your fork, the shoes that you wear, the painting you are painting, the kiss on your cheek, the dirt under your nails, the tear in your beloved's eye, and even in the quiet of your Sacred heart. You can even appreciate it when you are not strong, not masterful. In fact, it is at those moments when you are to more deeply surrender into the mystery.

    There is the mystery of Life, beyond the touch of the mind, beyond the control of the ego, and beyond the reach of all tyranny or fear. Remember to choose it. Why not now?

    My Peace I give to you.

    End Transmission

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