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  • Spirit:Self-Healing   by  Liora Leah     16 y     2,953       5 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks
    Last week while at a spiritual gathering I met a man who told me he experienced a profound healing after having multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)for 10 years, by going to Pleasant Valley Church in Georgia and working with pastors trained by Pastor Henry Wright The man I met is Jewish, and he told me he came back from his experience with a deeper committment to Judaism than before.

    I have read several testimonials by people with MCS and other dis-orders who say they have been helped by this Church, and even read the book by Pastor Henry "A More Excellent Way". It is a fundamentalist Christian church and makes no attempts to hide that fact or that their agenda is to not only heal people from various dis-eases but to convert people to their form of Christianity in order to "save" them.

    I have had MCS for 20 years. I thought about Pastor Henry and his healing work on my way home and spoke with my Spirit Guides while driving my car. I actually raved at them in the car (they don't mind, they've told me before I could be mad at them all I want, they'd love me unconditionally "no matter what"):

    "Why did you tell me when we spoke about Pastor Henry before, not to go to Georgia?" I asked (see blog: )

    When I got home, I wrote their response:

    Dear One, it is late and you are tired, yet agitated, and we will respond.

    Regarding Pastor Henry--we never told you NOT to go to Georgia, we only said that his style of healing i.e. using fundamentalist Christianity, may be anathema to your/our being. His concept of "sin" is that he helps people see the "sin" as not a true part of their BEing, which it is not, and hence they can better overcome issues of guilt/shame, which you also carry, and forgive themselves. This is what he refers to as a "block" to healing and it is a very real block.

    You also have this block--it has to do with feelings of unworthiness--unworthiness to be well, unworthiness to hold your power--translated by you into what you call "fear of getting well" coupled with your fear of the future, your fear of the unknown. This "block" or resistance to getting healing/well is one that needs to be addressed. It matters less what modality of healing is utilized, just that the issue needs to be addressed, the same as your "fear" of chemicals, your fear of ill-ness, and all your other fears and anxieties that act as blocks to your wellness. Why do you start a healing program and then abandon it, only to start with another? Part of it is your impatience, partly your fear of "getting well".

    We will not tell you to go or not go to see Pastor Henry. What we will say is this: there is no harm in going. Go, with no expectations. Go, with the expectation of healing. Contradictions, of course! But do not forget that your re-connection to the planet is still the key issue. Your work with Pastor H, if you do go may help remove some blocks to healing.

    Remember! the healing is through YOU, it is up to YOU to heal yourself! Whatever "techniques" you use are just that--to help you on your way to healing and wellness. The ability to heal is within you, not outside yourself and not through another person. You are your own healer. You are the one who must decide when and if you are to be healed. No one else. What Pastor Henry (and all those who are trained by him) does is give people the confidence to heal themselves--that ability was always there, they were not aware of how to "tap into it".

    Most people leave Georgia believing that Pastor or one of his assistants healed them. This is not so. They healed themselves but were unaware of it consciously. Their soul connected with the soul of Pastor Henry and they "opened" i.e. gave up their belief that they could not be healed, that they were unworthy of being healed, that they were being punished for "sin"--they gave up their mental blocks to healing, in other words, and so were healed. It is NOT the Pastor or his kind that does the healing! He facilitates it, the "ill" person then heals themselves.

    You are capable of this yourself, Liora. It takes great faith in yourself. It takes a shift in attitude and beliefs. You do not need to go to Georgia for this healing. You do not need it, yet if you go, you go. It may help you to unblock the healing ability that is already there, inside of you, waiting for you to use it!

    Do you not see? It matters not the "technique", be it TAT, Shamanism, supplements, meditation, prayer--Do you not SEE? These are all the same means to the same end--tapping your own inner resources--they work by by-passing the individual's emotional and mental blocks to healing, self-healing! The practitioner of these techniques does not heal another! The practitioner guides and facilitates the healing and the "patient" heals themselves! Heals THEMSELVES. That is not to say that these techniques are useless and/or a "waste of time", no, not by any means. They are useful, as we said, to help the patient heal themselves by getting around their own mental/emotional "blocks" to healing.

    If a person believes that Pastor Henry will heal them, if they witness others' "healing" to reinforce this belief, then they will heal not because Pastor healed them, but because there was a shift in consciousness, an opening in their soul, that allowed for the natural self-healing ability to come forth and heal themselves. You will never convince that person that they healed themselves. They will give the credit to Pastor Henry.

    Pastor Henry will readily admit he did not heal them, he will say that God healed them, working through him. This is true, but not in the way Pastor Henry believes it to be. He believes God is some Force outside of himself that acts through him, as if he was a vehicle or "puppet" of God. What he does not see is that he IS God, made manifest through the flesh, as his own beloved Jesus preached: We are all God made manifest through the flesh. And as each of us is God, we are all capable of healing ourselves.

    There is also a group dynamic manifesting at Pastor Henry's that can not be denied. Whole groups of people are simultaneously "tapping into" their own Godhood and healing themselves. This sends out an enormous amount of spiritual energy that engulfs the group, and "ignites", like spontaneous combustion, the inner-God of other individuals who them heal themselves, and the process becomes exponential.

    This in and of itself could be beneficial to you, Liora, as you are very "sensitive" to group energy and this could serve to help "combust" your own inner God-self to heal you. Then again, maybe not, as your own doubt and skepticism runs very strongly in your intellectual mind and even as you may witness the healings of others, you may "hold back" out of doubt and fear and sense of unworthiness for your own healing.

    Your attitude needs adjusting so you may accept what your own self has to offer you! Whether it be at Pastor Henry's or in the quiet of your own room, you must learn to love yourself, let go of guilt and shame, trust us, trust yourself, everything is in Divine Right Order! Everything, yes, everything, no matter how small, happens for a purpose, even if that purpose eludes you! Trust us! Trust Yourself!

    And so we leave you now so you may rest and ponder these words.
    Your we-Guides in love with you always and forever
    Namaste, Amen!

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    "Spiritual Basis: MCS/Part II"
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