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  • Sacred Sexuality   by  Liora Leah     16 y     1,888       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    When humans make love there is a great exchange of energy. We are NOT saying go out and make love indiscriminantly with anyone, of course not! We are saying there are those (humans) where energy transfer and soul connection is enhanced through lovemaking. When humans share their bodies most intimately with another, it is a close as humans can get to letting others get into their auric field. The fields merge, at least temporarily. When in a loving relationship, the energies exchanged during passionate lovemaking can be healing on many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and can propel a person who is receptive to newer "heights" of spiritual awareness, openness, receptivity. It is a way for humans to feel nurtured, loved, cared for physically and emotionally but also another way to enhance spiritual awakenings.

    Tantric or sacred sex has been a practice for many thousands of years. It has been diminished in recent years by a wave of those who teach "techniques" so as to achieve greater physical pleasure; there is nothing wrong with this in and of itself, however, the broader purpose of bringing people closer to Spirit and their own Godhood is not emphasized enough and has taken a "back seat" to physical pleasure. For Temple Priestesses of Old, centuries ago in human counting, sacred sexuality and spirituality were inextricably linked.

    The challenge now is for humans to be with a partner who honors them, and shares the same dreams/visions/knowing, encouraging each other to step into their Spiritual Power. Remember, relationships need not be long-term. They can mean coming together for a few intense days, weeks, or months. When humans connect sexually, strongly, with one another and feel safe, nurtured, and protected, then the "doorway" to allow Spirit to come forth is enhanced.

    Namaste, Amen

    Your we-Guides in love with you always.

    Spirit Speaks: sexua| Relationships Human relationships are an opportunity for us to learn from each other, using each other as "mirrors" in order to learn life lessons.

    Sexual Spirituality For Men:

    Even if you don't attend the weekend retreat, David Deida's book, "The Way Of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work, and sexua| Desire" sounds like a must-read for today's spiritually-oriented man!

    Sacred sexuality as practiced in antiquity when the sacred feminine and Mother Earth were honored.

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    Liora Leah
    • sacred sex   by  greggechols     16 y     708
      This seems to be ancient wisdom that has truly been distorted throughout the years. It seems as if the ancient Goddess traditions, as your spirit guides have shared, really seemed to have an incredible connection to the Universal Energy, and sacred sex was one of the portals to that realm. It's something that is inherent in each of us, and through the connection of spirit between two people, it can be an amazing thing. This message is in all of us if we can reconnect! Thank you. ge
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