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by Liora Leah

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  • Rainbow Warriors   by  Liora Leah     16 y     2,897       9 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks


    Given on the sacred Manataka Mountain on January 1, 2000.

    We are Standing Bear and who will speak to you about things important to our people. American Indians of today are not the people they were one hundred or more years ago. We have changed. Why we changed is history. What we are becoming is far more important.

    The Past is Past

    Once, we were a proud, fiercely independent and deeply spiritual people. We still maintain those noble traits, but the largest number of our kind have blended with the masses to become a part of modern American culture which is neither Indian, white, black or Asian, but uniquely American.


    The American Indian is still subject to persecution and discrimination by the United States federal government, state governments and major institutions. We live in chaos, often fighting among ourselves in a desperate struggle to survive amid the cold realities of modern American society.

    We are not the Indians of yesterday. We have changed. We cannot go back and duplicate the past. The old days of the Indian are in another dimension, another plane. Our heads can not be turned backwards when we walk into the future least we fall over what is in front of us. At best, we stand still and become relics ourselves.

    Keeping the ceremonies, stories, dances and songs of past alive through continual practice is vital to our survival. But what are we doing to create our own ceremonies and stories to be added to this rich heritage? Do we jeopardize our children's legacy and our own identity by concentrating on the ways our ancestors lived and how they thought? How we think and live today is important to our children's survival.

    Why Do They Come?

    Earth People have come into fashion. Today, thousands worldwide are drawn to our ways. It is somehow chic to dress Indian and know a shaman or two. People of all walks of life are seeking the Indian way, to walk the Good Red Path. Why?

    We believe modern culture does not fulfill the deep emptiness inside and people are desperately seeking spiritual answers. They believe the Original People found the answers an eon before invaders came to our Eden of the Turtle.

    They are drawn to our ways partly because modern organized religions fail to give answers. They dominate humanity with layers and layers of dogma and ideological mazes.

    They place the human mind and spirit in a box. "Believe as we do or you are damned" they say. Organized religions extend a hand holding love and peace while the other is hid in a cloak of world domination, power and money. The great fortress of organized religions have sent armadas against tribal peoples of the earth to proselytize the ignorant masses while they robbed, pillaged and raped our societies to feed themselves. Most of the major atrocities and wars of this earth were done in the name of organized religions. And, they still call us pagan savages.

    Organized religions will end soon. Man is striving for higher consciousness, a higher truth - outside the box of dogma and controlled thinking.

    Many who come to walk the Good Red Path seek salvation from the hard realities of today's hectic, unforgiving world gone mad. They want out of the cage of their own illusions. They battle with themselves inside, trying desperately to break away from religions that preach fear of the Creator, original sin, 'dominion' over the animals and the earth, hell and damnation - because they realize fear is a tool of powerful institutions to control the individual. Enough of holy tyrants!!

    Some who consciously seek to understand and follow the Red Path are attempting to break away from organized religion and are sincere in their quest to find spirituality. Others are unconsciously answering an inner call to find the way back from whence their ancestors once came. Another transient and fashionable group of seekers associate themselves with Indian ways for the sake of appearance, or government benefits, or money.

    There is a forth group among us. They are Indians who purify themselves by smudging, or feel the power of the Sweat Lodge, or seek the blessings of the Creator through visions. Yet, they are quick to express fear and distrust of those who do not. They draw lines to separate themselves from others. My side, their side, white, black, Jew, Christian, Moslem, Wannabe Indians. Small minds trapped in dogmatic or so-called 'traditional' boxes.

    Who is an American Indian?

    "Blood passed from generation to generation makes one an American Indian," is the response of many. Nasgi (Not) we say. An American Indian is much more! An Indian is a way of thinking, a way of belief and living.

    An American Indian realizes the inner self and the interrelationship between oneself and creation - the Great Spirit - Creator, Mother Earth and all forms and elements that are a part of her magnificent dream. It is about balance within oneself and balance within the circle of life. An Indian feels great kinship and deep respect for all things of creation. We see ourselves as one with all matter, including animals, birds, fish, plants, stones, the elements of wind, fire, water and even the stars - one no better than the other, but all necessary parts of the circle.

    Man's dominion over other parts of creation extends only so far as the Creator originally designed. Today, man thinks his dominion is all powerful with complete ownership in his greedy grasp - thus there is much disrespect and pollution of Creation. How can man be better than animals, plants, water and other matter of things? Unlike man, they are pure and without sin. What can be closer to the Creator than one without sin? The salutation "Mitakuye Oyasin" (for all our relations) is what we know in our hearts to be true - Ka ki ke mina ka ki ke (forever an ever).

    An American Indian dreams. We dream of being one. One with Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, Grandfather Sun, all the star people and people of Turtle Island, but especially one with the Great Spirit - Creator. As dreamers, we know the gifts we have can only be shared, they cannot be taken. There is light and color in our dreams that guide us through the misty darkness of man's reality. In our dreams we search for a higher plane of spirituality. We delve into the darkness, without fear, without doubt, knowing the Light will show us truth.

    An American Indian is not harsh with words and is gentle with children and those less fortunate. We show respect for our elders and ancestors. As we honor our ancestors, they honor our children's children. An Indian lives by a code of conduct. The commandments given to the Indian by the Creator transcend organized religious beliefs in depth and breadth.

    A common trait among good Indians is a giving spirit. One who travels the Good Red Path knows nothing in this world truly belongs to him or her. We only possess things temporarily. Possessions are on loan from the Creator and a product of our labors. This knowledge of giving and sharing extends even to the land we lived on. We know a person is not really wealthy until his/her most prized possessions are 'gifted' to another.

    An Indian speaks to the animals, hears the water sing and the trees whisper. He is in touch with creation to the depths of his spiritual self. The Native American Indian is a powerful being!

    Is an American Indian only one who can point directly to full blood ancestry? Is a mixed blood who wears Indian regalia Native American? Or, can anyone be Indian? All or none, it makes no difference. We are human. As my brother Lakota Woableza teaches, we are the "five fingered race."

    Second Message of Manataka

    What is it that can be said that you have not been told already?

    Have you not been told to love one another? Were you told to have no other gods except the Creator and honor your father and mother? Were you told to keep Mother Earth and all things on her sacred?

    Our ancient prophesies say a time will come when the blue sky and waters turn black and green things turn brown and die. Animals and fish will disappear and birds will drop from the sky. This devastation will come as a result of man's greed and disrespect for Mother Earth.

    A new universe is now flying through the cosmos about to enter the earth's heavens. We can barely see its enormous beak of the Aquarian bird as the stars and planets move to align themselves to the Awakening. The time is not far off (2007 - 2013) when great cataclysmic changes will begin to occur on Earth. Only a few will withstand these extreme alterations and there will be mass unconsciousness. The polarity of man's universe will change. Great institutions, political divisions and economic systems will crumble, chaos will reign for a time.

    Among the few who possess inner strength to resist the mass unconsciousness will rise a new neo-indigenous people. Prophesies foretell of a people who will rise from earth's ashes like the thunderbird symbolizing rebirth. They will bring balance and harmony back to Mother Earth. The first of these beings will come as teachers and storytellers to remind us of ancient truths of the star people and beyond. They will be pathfinders leading the way to a new universe, a new reality.

    Great leaders, Warriors and Shamans of many nations will be born and they will cleanse the earth for rebirth. Next will come the Planters sowing seeds of truth, justice and freedom. The Storytellers, Warriors and Planters will live in the way of the Great Spirit and teach ways to keep Mother of the Ground sacred forevermore.

    They will be called Rainbow Warriors (Prophesies of the Rainbow) for they will gather the four sacred directions, all distinctly separate but forever connected in the Circle of Life. They will bring together the four races of man to live in peace. The four sacred directions and the four races of man are symbolized by the magnificence and glory of the rainbow. The neo-indigenous people of the Rainbow will give praise for the blessings of the Creator's loving grace.

    Manataka is home of the Rainbow Woman who sleeps deep within the sacred mountain in the Place of Peace. During the Awakening, she will emerge once more to give rebirth to this new tribe of people who will sing and dance praises to the Great Spirit - Creator under the rainbow. Warriors of the Rainbow will be pathfinders of the principals the people will follow to achieve unity, understanding and love.

    The Crystal Cave and Six Sisters

    Spiritual elders also brought gifts from their tribes to Manataka. Some gifts were intended to establish friendships and diplomacy between various tribes and others were personal gifts between long-time friends. Trade items were also exchanged on blankets spread out in dozens of camps just outside the sacred valley. Other, more precious gifts brought to Manataka were not intended for humans, but were ceremonial offerings for the sacred mountain.

    It is said by the grandfathers that seven holy caves were on the sacred mountain. The center cave is made of magnificent shining crystal encoded with messages of the star people. Inside the crystal cave are seven crystal cones set on a crystal altar and each contain secret messages and seven shields.

    Ancient tribes came to Manataka on pilgrimages to place ceremonial items in five of the caves. The people of the south laid gifts in the southern-most cave and people of the north laid their gifts in the northern-most cave. Two other caves were used by the people from the west and east for offering ceremonies. The cave located to the left of the crystal cave was used by the 'Keepers of Manataka', the Tula Indians of Tanico, who lived in surrounding areas and for other tribes living nearby such as the Caddo, Quapaw, Osage, Tunica, and Pawnee. To the right of the center crystal cave was a ceremonial cave reserved for gifts of the other people of this land - the animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, stones and the elements. No one ever approached the most sacred crystal cave, as it was said to have been the work place of the star people (angels?) and resting place of many spirits.

    Ancient tribes came to Manataka on pilgrimages and placed ceremonial items and gifts the caves. The people of the south laid gifts in the southern-most cave and people of the north laid their gifts in the northern-most cave. Three other caves contain the ancient wisdom and gifts of the people in the east, west and center of Turtle Island. The remaining cave was reserved for gifts of the other people of this land - the animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, stones and the elements.

    The southern-most cave, nearest the surface of the ground, once held the Manataka Stone, or Calendar Stone brought by the Great Mayan people. The Calendar Stone was removed in the eighteenth century by invaders digging on the mountain to capture the sacred waters of Nowasalon and build ornate bathhouses for the rich. The northern cave is also known to have been pillaged. Each one of the seven caves disappeared sometime after the invasion began in the 1500's, either at the hand of the invaders or by natural or supernatural causes.

    The Awakening will bring forth the Rainbow Woman who will show the Warriors the path to the Crystal Cave. The messages of the ancients will be decoded using the seven keys and revealed to the Warriors by the Creator and each one will be gifted with powers to commune on many planes of existence.

    The sacred Circle of Life turns slowly but inevitably back to the place where it began. Thus, we say 'all things that were, will be again.' On earth this is true, but this statement is not entirely correct - depending on ones perspective.

    As each age passes, it cannot be reclaimed. We cannot go back in time. If we were to look from above at the Circle of Life it would appear as a gigantic spiral. Each age, or revolution of the Circle moves the next Circle to a plane in perfect concentric alignment with the last, but on higher level in the spiral. Those souls who walk the path to higher awareness, consciousness and spirituality move with the spiral to the next plane. Those who do not, do not.

    Now is the time we begin to prepare ourselves to become heritors of Mother Earth, to become Warriors of the Rainbow - for the sake of our children's children and all humanity. The road of the future is not red. It is a rainbow leading to the Creators grace by way of prayer, good works, faith and keeping the ancient traditions.

    We must first unshackle ourselves from materialism and organized religious dogma and personal prejudice. There is nothing more important than becoming free in mind, body and soul from modern confusion in order to reach a higher plane of spirituality. Our very survival depends on it. To see the Light of the Rainbow we must quite our minds and feel inner peace and strength that flows as a river, one with nature and all creation.

    To be chosen to walk the path to Light is not a decision made by some religious leader, a government agency or politician. It is a personal choice made by a mind and heart made free of religious guilt and idols of modern materialism. It is a decision made between you and the Creator.

    Now is the Time

    Go to a quite place on the mountain, river, or in the forest - The church of the Great Spirit. Spend three days fasting and praying. Strip your mind and body of all worldly things. Listen to nature, listen to your inner self. Purify yourself and talk to the Creator. Give thanks for all the blessing of life and all creation. Give yourself completely to this pilgrimage. Maybe, just maybe the Creator will speak to you, show you a vision, and lead you closer to the Light.

    The time will come soon when you will be needed. Manataka, the Place of Peace will be one of the Great Gathering places of those who seek the Light of the Rainbow. There, we will learn to walk the path and receive joyful the blessings of the Great Spirits and Creator. We will feel joy and peace of a world without rancor and division. One with each other, one with creation and one with the Creator.

    Excerpt from: ©"Standing Bear Speaks", Story of Manataka by Lee Standing Bear Moore, all rights reserved, 2003. To read the entire article, go to:


    Warriors of the Rainbow:

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    Spirit Speaks: Gaia will Endure
    The earth is plagued with human-caused environmental degradation and destruction. Spirit tells us that times ahead will be difficult, but the Earth, and humans, will endure. The natural cycle of Birth, Death, and Rebirth will continue. Humans, as spiritual beings, have an opportunity to evolve and awaken.

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    Liora Leah
    • god ,the spirit.   by  #27054     16 y     726
      What if i say to you that GOD is a SPIRITUAL ICON,and religion is SPIRITUAL IDEALISM.Would you agree?
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      • Re: god ,the spirit.   by  Liora Leah     16 y     721
        Hi, Tom, I'd have to say that I don't know what you mean and I'd ask you to explain more! initial reaction was religion=spiritual idealism?!? For me, religion is about as far away from idealism as one can get. It is dogmatic, and the rules are made by men, not God. As for God=Spiritual icon, it depends on one's definition of "God". This is playing with semantics for me. I can't agree with something I'm not sure about. I don't want to be pigeonholed with words.

        Maybe you can clarify this further?
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        Liora Leah
        • Re: god ,the spirit.   by  #27054     16 y     693
          Liora, semantics? NO. pidgeonhole? NEVER. Trying to be smart? one of my pet hates!
          Conclusion, perhaps!
          Liora, since i entered CureZone due to an heart attack i somehow got caught up with
          religion etc. i myself have tried to put together something logical ref. god,religion,
          Throughout my life i have kept an open mind about everything,until my logics give me a
          a conclusion to a problem, even so my mind is still open, i suppose that's the way of things, nothings absolute, a learning curve.
          With religion, i totally agree with you, but i've tried to understand it rather than
          give it a 'blanket statement', that would be like acting as a religious person does i feel.
          With god, the question has gone on for time immemorial.Is there? Can't see? Proove it?,Etc.
          I've listened,read,felt,wondered,I even pray, but it's only just come to mind putting this altogether, to my logics. that is:
          GOD: To me God is a spiritual icon. I think that God comes from within us through our spirit.I call upon that spirit when I pray.I can go on about many things in my life
          when my spirit through God has been with me.
          I just hope you see where I'm coming from.
          RELIGION: Man-made idolatry to vent fear to the masses in the name of God. Using
          dogma to assert authority over their followers.
          What i meant by SPIRITUAL IDEALISM is that i think the religious masses are more sincere than they are made out to be and that they think of God in that way.I believe it's only extremist who follow the dogmatic way's of religion.
          Liora, you know that i'm just a lay person.i represent myself only, and i am very sincere with my thinking.I just need something solid to believe in without question.
          Love, Tom.

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          • Re: god ,the spirit.   by  Liora Leah     16 y     757
            "To me God is a spiritual icon. I think that God comes from within us through our spirit.I call upon that spirit when I pray.I can go on about many things in my life
            when my spirit through God has been with me. I just hope you see where I'm coming from."

            Hi, Tom, thanks for this response! I do understand what you are saying, thanks for the clarification! I believe that God is within each and every one of us, that we are "spiritual BEings having a human experience", as a good friend of mine always reminds me. And I apologize for being defensive in my initial response to your comment; only human, I'm afraid! :)

            "Liora, you know that i'm just a lay person.i represent myself only, and i am very sincere with my thinking.I just need something solid to believe in without question."

            I, too, represent only myself, and I, too, am searching for my own Truth. I respect that you are on your own journey of spiritual discovery. To quote myself:
            "It is my belief that the answers to our spiritual questions come from within each and every one of us. The messages presented to you are my Truth; they may or may not be yours. Take from them what may be Truth to you, and toss the rest away."

            Love, Liora Leah

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            Liora Leah
    • indigenous   by  #27054     16 y     707
      people all over the planet were once 'indigenous'.population growth ended that,it was inevitable.
      your "rainbow warrior" 'post' is very enlightening but is it all or nothing for indigenous indians.the USA is a very large continent which gave hope to many around
      the globe to begin a new life,very much like the one you speak of in your story.
      so to regain the 'spiritual life' the indigenous had one has the rest of the planet
      destroyed by whatever means deemed neccessary. that sounds just a wee bit harsh.
      i'm english.i lived in New Zealand for 15 you know the Moari people were
      there before Britain walked in.the Maori were not indigenous to that country but they
      were not much different from it.there was also another race living there with tham at the time ,i suppose what you'd call close cousins,much the same as American indian.
      they were called Maiori.
      when i arrived there i was informed that all now that exist's in that tribe are a brother and sister, the rest had been cannabilized, before the British arrived.
      the point i'm making there is that it not the 'airy fairy' world that you portray,
      and you cannot go on blaming western society for ill gains.unfortunately the strongest survive, much as the same as the animal kingdom.i dont like it as much you dont but that's this world.
      your next world has the 'cave' which is sacred .you dont learn from experience do you?
      we have 'god',we have 'factions'.power corrupts........

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      • Re: indigenous   by  Liora Leah     16 y     709
        "the point i'm making there is that it not the 'airy fairy' world that you portray,
        and you cannot go on blaming western society for ill gains."

        I don't believe I've ever portrayed the indigenous and their beliefs as the epitomy of perfection, or blamed Western Society for all the world's ills. This is way too "black and white" a view. To the contrary, please read my blog: "Birth/Death/Rebirth" I think my spirit guides address the issues you have raised quite nicely.

        Thanks for writing. Liora Leah
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        Liora Leah
    • Standing Bear Speaks   by  greggechols     16 y     889
      Liora, these words may have been spoken by Standing Bear five years ago, but your gift to us in these days is so perfect! Thank you for the truths you share through your Spirit Speaks. I am very humbled and awed at Standing Bear's message, and these words help me remember that there is a movement here that we are all connected to, and must realize within. It is though you are providing us, Liora, with a most special newspaper to Spirit through your sharing. Thanks!!! ge
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