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  • Gaia will Endure   by  Liora Leah     15 y     3,183       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    This weekend I attended Dare', a spiritual gathering up in Topanga Canyon. We were holding council, discussing environmental degradation and the destruction of the planet. Right up my alley! I felt angry with the doom-and-gloom mentality of James Lovelock, an author we discussed, who believes that the earth has passed the "tipping point" and we and the planet are doomed, so prepare to die ( I am not a stick-my-head-in-the-sand type of person, but even as pessimistic as I get at times, I refuse to believe we are without hope.

    The next day, referring to the Dare' council, Spirit gave me the following Message:

    The Mother, Gaia, is "all right" as (a man at Dare') spoke, blessed be he. She will endure, no matter what activities the humans wreck upon Her body. She has seen the coming and going of many species and living beings upon Her surfaces/body since first She saw life. For many millions of years Gaia had no other beings upon Her, She was but rock and ice and rivers of molten lava; She was alone. She has endured through the ages, She will continue to endure. What will not endure are all the living species and living beings upon Her flesh. These will come and go, as they have through the ages. Do you think Gaia loved Her dinosaurs less than you, dear humans, are loved? She loved them well, yet after their many eons of time upon the earth they, too, are gone. So it is with rocks and trees and all other forms of life. They spring up, live for a time, then die. From their ashes and decomposed bodies new life springs forth, and not always the same as the old. Birth, Death, Rebirth--the cycle of nature and all life as we have spoken of before.

    You humans, however, are a "new" phenomenon unto yourselves. Never before has the earth seen a species so committed to its own destruction. In many ways humans have "stepped out" of the patterns of nature. Your medical ways keep (premature) infants and ill and old alive beyond their natural span of life on earth. This is not "bad" in and of itself, but one example of how you have "stepped out" of nature. You build dwellings that last on the surface of the planet long after the residents have died or moved out. You take the Mother's elements and convert them to "unnatural" forms--plastics, steel, concrete, pollutions and poisons--but of course, this you know. These things again are not "bad" in and of themselves, yet again examples of how you have "stepped out" of nature. Yes, even your very own gathering of Dare' souls have each and every one, for all the consciousness you possess, the "awakeness," have "stepped out" of nature, each in his or her own way. Each one drives a motor vehicle with petroleum fuel. Each one lives in a dwelling with electricity generated from power plants that pollute. Each one eats at times processed packaged foods wrapped in plastics. You see? Even the most conscious among you has "stepped out" of nature in some form or other.

    So what is the "solution"? The solution is not to go backwards, but to go forward. There is no reason humans must give up all of their technological advances and go and dwell in caves, wrapped in animal hides for warmth, as in days of old. Those times are past. And yes, there is great wisdom in the ancient ways of the indigenous people, yet as we have told you before there is great wisdom in the ways of the "Western mind" as well. The (man at the Dare' circle) said there is Science, and there is Spirit. The two need not be separated. This is a false division your Western minds have devised. What is needed is soul-driven science. When humans who carry great mental capacity as "inventors" and "seers" into the future, who look for ways to heal the poisons created that dwell now in all parts of Gaia's realm--waters/soil/air/body--(when) they are soul-inspired and combine their dreams and visionary scientific minds with Spirit, then greatness will be brought forth. This is the gift of Western civilization to the world. The marriage of "science" and "Spirit" can only occur in a society that is well-steeped in the math and physics that are known to humankind. What is needed now is an expansion of this scientific-mind to join/meld/wed with Spirit.

    The gift of the indigenous peoples of all over the world is their soul-wisdom and love for the planet. These gifts they are increasingly sharing with the Western mind. The "Western mind" has been but an acquisition of the material, of greed, lust for power, (yet) when this great communal societal mind is gifted with the knowledge, wisdom and love from the ancient traditions, the shift that occurs in the Western societies will be phenomenal. As one wise woman in the Dare' circle pointed out, all that (humans) need to know, is already there. There already is the machinery for destruction in place--why can not the great minds who developed and set forth this machinery use their vast knowledge and skills for the greater "good" of the planet, instead of the destruction of the planet? It is a matter of intent, of mindset, of Spirit.

    Change will come. Upheaval will ensue. The planet will endure. Humans will endure. As (another man) said, let not the "doomsayers" of the world so dampen your Spirit that you become depressed and immobilized. Some of Gaia's species will not survive the changes, some will pass into extinction. Their time on this earth may be ending, as it is their natural cycle to do so. The amphibians, among the oldest of the animal species to live on the earth, those who first crawled from the depths of Gaia's oceans to live upon Her soils, ancient wise creatures indeed, are dying. They may not survive, except in relatively small zones of protected habitat, in zoos, and aquariums in the homes of humans who care for them. Yes, it hurts your heart to see them diminish. Yet remember again the cycle: birth, death, rebirth and renewal. Gaia has seen it over and over in Her life. She will continue to see it long after humans have passed from Her surface, and pass you, too, one day will, as all must pass in time. This will not be with a cataclysmic event or nuclear holocaust, as we have told you before. Your life as Liora will not see this change as it is one future path eons from now, when humans "evolve" out of their corporeal form into the Spirit Beings they really are, and another en-souled animal species upon the planet will become the "dominant" species. And so the cycle begins again. You see?

    You humans are so egocentric, you believe the world revolves around you and your activities. While you are indeed a great great influence on the planet, you are not the only influence. Seek rapprochement with your brother/sisters the whales and dolphins, the elephants--for are you not all risen from the very dust of Gaia, do you not all share the DNA of the planet? Are you not all indeed related? Do you not all grow your roots into the Mother's body, do not all of your umbilical cords connect to Her? Does She not nurture and sustain you all? Do you think Gaia is not a Powerful Being in Her own right? Do you think She would allow you, Her children, to destroy Her? You are woefully ill-informed if you are to believe that. Gaia is a Powerful Being in Spirit and in Flesh, more powerful than humans in their limited minds can imagine. And She will not allow for Her own destruction. She will take care of Herself. She has been demonstrating Her Power as of late--lest you forget Her storms and rages and energy-shifting. This will continue as long as humans act in ways that hurt Her Being and Her Soul. Gaia's actions work within the Laws of Nature. The more the natural order of things becomes unbalanced through human activity the more Gaia must engage in Her "earth movements" to re-balance. She is much loved and well-supported by Beings in the Universes of Creation. They will not see Her destroyed. They will not see humans destroyed. You are too precious to Us, too well-loved, for that. Contentious at times though humans can be, as Spirit-Beings of the Flesh you as a species hold so much potential, so much power, and grace, and love.

    Your task as individuals and as a species, a "global community" if you will, is not to despair. Seek Spirit in all that you do, from the mundane daily activities of your lives to the greatest of your works and actions. Wed Science to Spirit. Join the Western mind with that of the indigenous. That is the way to survival, and more than that, that is the way to evolution as a species, to mindfulness, wakefulness, true awareness.

    The going will not be easy. We will not "sugar-coat" the times ahead. All will not survive. Institutions will collapse. Species will become extinct. Humans will despair. Remember the cycle always: Birth. Death. Rebirth. Remember Rebirth! when times are darkest remember this.

    And so we leave you now to ponder these words. Share them with others. Some will believe. Others will not. It matters not. Each and every individual must come to their own conclusions. Do not worry what others think of you. Share your "message" from Spirit. Comfort may be given to others. Others will give comfort to you. Yes, mutuality of purpose, of shared experience, as we have spoken of before.

    With much love, Namaste, Amen, your We-Guides and Gaia in love with you always, Dear One.

    Information about Dare':

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    Spirit says these are not the End Times, or end of the world. Spirit speaks of the development of the "Rainbow Tribe" of peoples who honor all cultures and the Earth. We must look to the cycles of nature, or rebirth following death, for our comfort in these difficult times.

    Message to Humanity:

    Bennie LeBeau AKA Blue Thunder, Shoshone Medicine Man, speaks of the meaning behind Mother Earth's hurricanes and other nature forces, and warns that more are to come to purify the Mother from humanity's negativity. He tells us that humans of all races and cultures around the world are spiritually awakening and working together to fulfill the Rainbow Warrior prophecy through utilizing Indigenous Earth Wisdom to heal one another and the Earth.

    World of Peace:

    Creating a World of Peace: Message from Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth, comprising representatives from 21 tribes of Spiritual Elders from North, Central, and South America.

    Rainbow Warriors:

    Standing Bear speaks of the Native American prophecies telling of the formation of a new neo-indigenous people of all races, the Rainbow Warriors, who will be pathfinders towards the time when all will live in Peace with each other and the Earth.

    Rainbow Tribe:
    Spirit has described the formation of a new culture, the Rainbow Tribe, which will honor the ways of the the old, indigenous tribes as well as those aspects of Western culture that are positive.

    Mother Earth Speaks: The Power of Intention & Prayer:

    Mother Earth tells us that our prayers and intentions, thoughts and feelings, are forms of energy that can affect Her positively or negatively. Most of us are unaware of our great spiritual power, and our responsibility to be stewards of the Earth.

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    Liora Leah
    • The End Times...   by  YourEnchantedGardener     15 y     683

      In the Essene work, it speaks of these being the End Times...
      but the question is...the End of What?

      Enuf is Enuf.

      Even in Prophesy, it speaks about 1000 years of Peace
      coming After the End Times.

      The Peace comes because of So very many
      embodied Souls who do the world of
      being The World's Greatest Lover.

      144,000 they call the Magic Number,
      enough born to inspire others often
      to do the Rainbow Thing.

      We are evolving beyond just One Great Lover
      for the World, as in the Days of Ol.

      People were so mystified, they made a God out of Him.

      He said, we All have God in us.

      More responses to this later...

      your eg

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      • Re: The End Times...   by  Liora Leah     15 y     676
        Indigenous peoples all over the world also are calling this the "End Times"; it doesn't mean the end of the world, it means the end of the world as we now know it. That is why we are seeing catastrophes--manmade and nature made, as chaos is necessary to shake up the status quo and allow for growth and change. Love, LL
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        Liora Leah
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