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by Liora Leah

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    Out of the Ashes

    Out of the swirling dust a hand reached out for me
    From under the concrete's crush I left my body free
    Through all the falling grime that turned the day to night
    I found my soul was flying towards a distant light

    There my loved ones waited, arms open to draw near
    My spirit elevated to where I could hear...


    Heavenly bells ringing
    Angels singing
    Peace unto thee

    Out of the desolation smoldering in the rain
    I felt our anguished nation crying out in pain
    I saw my picture hanging on the faithful wall
    As the rescue workers labored, heroes one and all

    I saw my family losing hope within their tears
    I only wish that they could hear now through my ears...

    (Repeat Chorus)

    I could not console them in the ruins that were left
    By the ravages of hatred at its worst
    But out of the ashes rose new power
    To meet the challenge of the hour
    From the devastation came new birth
    New birth

    Out of the fractured hearts of each and every soul
    I saw a new spirit rising to heal and to make whole
    I saw a courageous people united in their stand
    To put an end to the wrath of terror that violates our land

    Reaching out for each other--mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,
    Every race and every creed--one people consecrated to be free

    Chorus (2x)

    And the heavenly bells are ringing
    You can hear the angels singing
    Peace unto thee

    --words and music by Stephen L. Fiske
    from his CD "Angels and Miracles"

    God Belongs to All of Us

    Sammy was a God fearing man...
    he read his bible from the palm of his hand...and he
    went to heaven the moment he died...
    it's where he saw the light...that
    God belongs to all of us.

    The general knows that God's on his side...
    his enemy pray that the evil general die
    They thank God when the killing is
    God belongs to all of us.

    Ha re Ha re...Alleluia, Namaste...Om and Amen. Praise Allah. Shalom.

    Buddha told a story and the people were awestruck.
    Rub his belly it will give you good luck...I think all he came to say is
    The love belongs to all of us...
    There are no closed doors...the love is in your heart...
    The chosen are all of us...all of us.

    Ha re Ha re...Alleluia, Namaste...Om and Amen. Praise Allah. Shalom.

    The chosen few are all daughters and sons...of every nation with a Father and Mother's love.
    No one will be ever denied. No one.

    Ha re Ha re...Alleluia, Namaste...Om and Amen. Praise Allah. Shalom.
    Ha re Ha re...Alleluia, Namaste...Om and Amen. Praise Allah. Shalom.

    --words and music by Karl Anthony
    from his CD "All of Us"

    Children of Light

    May the spark of God in me ignite and flower,
    sending streamers of love and Light to you,
    my many loves, on this planet of billions of souls

    May each stream of ribbon-Light
    touch your soul within your breast
    and may flames ignite and burst from you
    to ignite yet more loves

    Until Adamah, the Earth Herself,
    is encircled in brilliant fires of holiness
    encompassing and embracing every living
    earthly soul-being, rock and tree, creature and bush,
    and vast immutable endless sea

    Entwining all in the Oneness of
    Yah/Shekinah, Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey, Elohim, El Shaddai,
    and She/He-That-Has-No-Name

    As God's love flows over all
    may hate flow into love
    may greed flow into giving
    may vengeance flow into forgiveness
    may indifference flow into gentleness
    and may disbelief flow into Light
    and understanding

    May we, Children of Light,
    come to realize our true Oneness
    within the Universal God
    of no names and many names

    May we realize the uniqueness
    to which we are born,
    yet all of us together,
    in all of our various shades and forms,
    blend and meld into a Universal Wholeness
    of love and Light,
    a rainbow of colors of brown and gold,
    yellow and red

    --words by Spirit co-created with Liora Leah
    from her book, "One Year After...and Beyond"

    More about Stephen Fiske: More about Karl Anthony:
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    Liora Leah
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