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  • Change the Past, Change the Future!   by  Liora Leah     14 y     3,018       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks

    The following is an excerpt from In the Spirit, a free on-line magazine featuring channelings, articles, and information from Kryon:

    (bold: emphasis mine)

    QUESTION: I think that, even if the subject is complex, we are starting to get from different sources information about the past, present and future lives being lived at the same time...

    Last year, Kryon, you talked about the Akash and the Akashic record. You said that the Akash was an esoteric universal field where all the past is stored and that if enough people activated it, we could change history... thus changing the future of Earth.

    From my understanding, is it fair to say that the Akash is at the present time the sum total of some of the potentials that has been chosen and lived out by humanity and that to activate the Akash we would have to create consciously some of the other, better possibilities or potentials and that history is ultimately always made of the last possibility chosen by humanity?

    ANSWER: First, let's deal with a 3D definition of the Akash. The Akash is defined by Kryon as not only the life force of the planet, but all the history and records as well. It encompasses past, present and future. It represents all life, including that which you see in 3D and also interdimensionally, which is that which you don't even recognize as life. It includes Gaia, too, for she is the master of the Akash... the overseer and advisor... and yes, Kryon is there, too.

    This life force is dynamic and changes with the free choice of humanity. It is really the Akash that is measured by Spirit to get the measurement of vibration of the planet, since it contains the whole of the planet, even the esoterics.

    All that you have been through the ages is contained in the Akashic record of Earth. When you, in your current life, decide to change your vibration, suddenly all those other expressions [incarnations] that you think are in your past are also changed. Many do not understand this, so I'll attempt to create a 3D scenario that helps, and even include it again before you are finished with all the questions.

    Question: How is it that a current change in vibration can change past incarnations, and what they were about? Here is the answer: Consider for a moment that a novel is being written before you. You are being introduced to the characters one by one, and you see what they do and how they relate to each other. What you also understand is that the author of the book can do with them anything he wants.

    If, for instance, the author wishes to, he can continue the book and call it Biography of a Family. Then it's just an interesting group of stories about how people related to each other. History is filled with such books as these. But let's say, for instance, that the author suddenly becomes a master writer. He winds heretofore unseen energies between the individuals, culminating in a masterful, heroic ending. Suddenly, all those characters who were just "interesting" before are now part of a masterful novel. They each played a part that can be examined and seen to be relevant to the heroic ending. One might look at each character and say, "Wow... if they hadn't done this, then this other thing could never have happened." Each one was woven mystically into the seeming coincidence of the other's energy.

    So what am I saying? Those characters were past lives. If the author does nothing in his life to bring them together, then they just lay there as "past lives." Interesting, but not profound. If, however, the Human (the author of this story) decides to awaken into mastery, suddenly the perception of who these past lives were is changed. They are pieces in a profound puzzle that helped to create peace on Earth! So, in this sense, can you see how what you do today might change the past, or at least your perception of the past?

    Therefore, indeed, what you do today influences the Akash greatly and changes its character. All are affected, and the entire earth is involved in this ongoing energy shift. Today's energy shift, therefore, realigns the past.

    QUESTION: Dear Kryon, we are the sum total of our choices at every moment... based upon past, present and future influences. What is confusing, then, is why karma, which is balancing of past actions, still exists? Is it because we live in a linear world and in this world it works this way? Is it just because karma is only lived in a linear time?

    I just saw a fascinating movie called "Déjà vu," where past, present and future all seem to meet. It's the story of a man who received, in the present, a form of message from the future indicating that the past could be changed... and that's what he did, replacing one scenario with the other. This was done with the help of a time factor machine, two timelines or parallel scenarios that are possible but one passes before the other and erases a dramatic event that had taken place by replacing it by the better outcome. But in this movie, we see how, in the present, a past event is changed, thus changing the future of hundreds of people. This movie helps us understand this concept of how the past, present and future is all the same.

    My question is, does such a "machine" exist really?

    ANSWER: Quite literally, you are experiencing this, but without a magic technical device. As confusing as it seems, let's examine this process for a moment. When you are in 3D, it's like a single ribbon or road is your past, present and future. Like a train track, it is narrow and there is no looking left or right. It goes in a linear straight line. So you are always looking at this road, questioning what is happening and what is going to happen. The truth is that there are dozens of roads, but you get to experience only one. However, what we have taught you is that when you step out of 3D and become interdimensional, you can then chose the specific road with the potential you want and place it on your single "ribbon" track.

    When you are working with your past lives in any form, you are working with interdimensional energies. If you really understand this, then you might then understand the whole purpose of having past lives. They are you, gaining energy, knowledge and experience on the planet – each incarnation bringing you to a more advanced state. When you come in again, everything you learned is available, although free choice often keeps you from accessing it. There are shamans walking around who don't want to open that box, afraid of the energy of what's in it. They go their entire lives without enlightenment, which is their choice without any judgment at all.

    When you begin to realize this, then you must also realize that as you become more interdimensional in your thinking and acting, you then have the ability to "mine" the past life experiences you have had. When you do that, you can dip into the incarnations you were and pull up the talents, the health, the strength, the knowledge. It's all part of your DNA's Akashic record and ready for you to claim.

    So let's say you do. There you are, thinking that you are a 3D Human. You have it all figured out, don't you? The past is the past, you say, and nobody can change it. The future is not known, and you can't do anything about that, either. Surprise! You are about to change both of them. When you reach down into the Akash and claim the knowledge you had when you were a spiritual leader, an orator, a healer, what exactly are you doing? From a 3D perspective, you are reaching into the past and claiming energy that is still active [since interdimensionally, it's the "now"]. Then you are placing it upon your current life, changing your future! You have just used the past to change the future. In the process, you have altered the past, since you have gone there and used energy that was only available with... your personal time machine!

    So the true answer to your question is that anything interdimensional becomes a time machine. The most interdimensional thing you have is your own DNA, and your spiritual ability to work this way.

    Some day there will be a physical machine. But it will only allow viewing and no altering. You can't relive things, either, for they are imprinted like a record to be viewed. However, in an esoteric sense, they ARE available to use, bringing forth the energy from one age into your age. This truly is the ultimate time machine as seen in 3D, and it's right in front of you.

    QUESTION: This concept of being able to change the past has been discussed by many channellers, but changing our past would also involve changing the past of others who have interacted with us. How does such a decision take place? In this example, a conscious decision in the present had been made to go back before the event and change a dramatic outcome.

    ANSWER: Let's take the case of the Harmonic Convergence. This is not only the name for an astronomical event, but has also become synonymous for the 11:11 energy, or the time when you shifted your path. At least, that's the time you celebrate for it. So you might ask the question, "Did everyone give permission for that?"

    We have told you many times that the few will make a change for the many. They have and will continue to. We told you in 2006 that less than one half of one percent of the Human race could create a global shift and cause peace on Earth. The intellectual parts of you would then ask, "Is this proper? What if the rest of humanity doesn't want what the few create?"

    The answer is again something that you will have to shift perception for in order to understand. Let me ask you a question that will be for those of you who have representative forms of government. This is an analogy that is for teaching only, and doesn't hold true for all attributes, but it gives a hint at the way it works. When a law is passed in your governmental halls of government that affects your life, most of you don't run into the streets complaining, "Who gave you guys permission to do this? Nobody asked me!" The truth is that you accept the fact that you gave power to your representatives to make the changes that were best for the country, and then you went about your lives doing the things you had to do to survive day by day.

    This is a small snapshot of the way humanity works. Remember this – you are not "all here" as you walk around pretending to be a Human Being. Indeed, a vast part of your divine energy is still in the Akash doing planning with the others around you. Think of it as an ongoing meeting and high council of all the Higher-Selves of all Humans on Earth, all meeting with each other all the time to create what looks to you like synchronicity. But it's not. It's planning, based on your own energy, manifestation and intent.

    Therefore, there is a rule that we have never spoken about that says that all humanity depends upon the few who claim their mastery, for these are the ones who will steer the planet's future and vibratory rate. The rest may never wake up to enlightenment, or even venture into a church with any kind of intent other than curiosity or fear. If you doubt this, then explain why the very existence of only three masters on the planet control the belief systems of more than 2.5 billion of you? Intuitively, you give them permission to shape you and your future.

    In the case of the Harmonic Convergence, enough of you awakened and demanded that the old energy be converted. You actually took a look at the "old novel ending" and said, "This isn't who we are anymore. We now may continue on a new path and create new potentials. We are not finished yet!" This created my very emergence on the planet, surfacing to be channeled, moving the magnetic grid to adjust your DNA.

    The whole of the Higher-Self group of humanity cheered it and gave permission to move beyond the old ending, and billions of you had no idea it happened. But at the DNA level, every cell knew it and said, "It's well with me." For on the other side of the veil, you know all about your real purpose on the planet, and everything that happened on the 11:11 energy coordinated with why you are here. The few will continue to shape the future of the many, and they will do it with the permission of the many at a level that is not "3D aware."

    As far as "karma" goes, do you remember our message in 1989? For if you do, you will understand that the workings of what you call karma are no longer active. Gone are the days when an energy of past lives will demand that a present one is "resolved" due to what you call karma. You are now beyond this process – an old process in an old energy of balance. The new energy of balance has the Human Being creating a "past life support group," all surrounding him with the tools he needs to create mastery within himself. The former burdens of what karma might bring to a lifetime are now voided, and the new Human is evolved spiritually due to what happened on 11:11.

    Many are feeling this and feel lost. Every cell in their body is expecting something karmically, and nothing is happening. Welcome to a new Earth! Welcome to a new system that honors the Human more than any time in history. A past master told you, "The meek will inherit the Earth." This is what we now speak of, for the meek have changed your history and your future.

    Kryon website:

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    Liora Leah
    • Changing the past   by  rudenski     14 y     1,148
      I have a sense that things were not going right and somehow things were changed.... by whom I don't know but it is as if the [ast was altered... What do you think about the possibility of changing the past? Do we change or just shift to another program with a what if...then...else statement? 
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      • Re: Changing the past   by  Liora Leah     14 y     1,164
        Dear Rudenski--I know very little on the subject, but find what Kryon speaks about as very fascinating--I don't "get" most of it on an intellectual level, but when I read it, it "makes sense" to me on an intuitive level.

        I think what Kryon is talking about here is not that our past is changed for us by anyone or anything else "out there", but that we change our own past by

        1)perceiving of it differently than we may have perceived it before--for example, if something bad happens to us in our childhood, as an adult we think back on the event and re-live the emotionality of it again and again and again. If we choose, however, to view what happened to us as a "life lesson", it is easier to "let go" of the emotionality of it, and not let what happened to us in the past affect us negatively in our present or in our future--so we have "changed the past" and also our future as well, by changing our perception of what happened in the past.

        2)more complex is the nature of what Kryon talks about with what we call our "past lives"--from what I've read and what my own Guidance tells me, we are really living our past, present, and future all at once. In our 3-D linear, every-day earth plane lives, this seems to be impossible, but if we accept that we are interdimensional spiritual beings, this makes more "sense"--our "past lives" as Kryon states, are really parts of our interdimensional Self having different experiences at the same "time" as our "now" earth plane self is having!

        What I enjoy most about this particular message from Kryon, what I find to be so very exciting, is that we have the ability to "tap into" our "past lives" and gain knowledge and experience and talents and abilities from our "past selves" and bring them into our "now" existence!! by "tapping into" these "past life" energies and bringing them into our perceived "now" time, we are "changing the past"--our own past, because we are utilizing energies from our "past" in our "now" life and using these "past" energies in new ways; according to Kryon, we have also changed our "future" because we have changed the 3-D path we are walking on in what we perceive as our linear "reality".

        My interpretation of what Kryon is telling us is that what we are really doing here is accessing our interdimensional Self to utilize what we are experiencing in other dimensions--sharing our own knowledge with ourself, in other words--integrating our interdimensional experiences and bringing them into our current awareness. With a perspective such as this, there really is no "past" and no "future" as it is happening all in the "now" time; we just perceive of our life in a linear fashion, from past to present to future, as it is easier for our 3-D mind to comprehend.

        I have often felt that I have talents, abilities, skills, knowledge, spiritual energy, power, within me that is not quite accessible to me...I often feel that if only I could "burst open" I could gain access. This sometimes overwhelms me as a visceral sensation, that if I could just crack open my sternum and spread open my rib cage, what I am seeking within will be accessable. I think what this really is, is an intuitive feeling of wanting to make contact with my other "selves" that are existing in other dimensions--if only I could integrate ALL of these "selves" within my current awareness!! Kryon may say that this is the Interdimensional Self I am talking about, my Great Self as I have been told, and, as my meditation teacher Steven Sadlair calls it, the "God within".

        Just imagine!

        Each one of us on the earth plane is part of our own Great Self, our own Interdimensional Self, our own God-Self, that is running about the Universes having life experiences that we, in our 3-D linear fashion, perceive as "past lives" and "future lives" but are really happening NOW simultaneously with the earth plane life we are aware of. and each of our Great Selves/Interdimensional Selves/God-Selves interacts with all of the other Great Selves/Interdimensional Selves/God-Selves that all of us together are constantly influencing each other in myriad interdimensional ways! maybe, Rudenski, that this is what you perceive of as having something that was changed or altered?

        phew!! a rather long-winded response to your question, Rudenski, and I'm not at all sure if this is helpful or no to what you asked!

        more on "Great Selves":

        In our imagination, or illusion, we humans fragment ourselves into separate Beings that we call "Spirit Guides", "ancestors" "future-selves", "past-lives", etc, when these "parts" of ourselves are really integrated into our one "Great Self", and our Great Self and the Great Selves of others are integrated and merged together into the All-That-Is! There is No Separation!

        Many many blessings to you, rudenski!
        Love, Liora
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        Liora Leah
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