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  • Mystical Judaism   by  Liora Leah     14 y     2,635       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Spirit Speaks
    For years I've had a "love-disdain" relationship to Judaism, the religion I was born into, primarily because as it is usually taught, it is so patriarchal and who wants to worship a jealous, vengeful, male deity? And, unfortunately, it is a faith, again as usually taught, that rejects not only the teachings of Ascended Master Jesus but rejects the man himself.

    Yet I have been recently receiving multiple messages involving the Kabbalah:

    A month ago an intuitive told me I might want to study Kabbalah; in one of my meditation teacher's (Steven Sadleir) Self-Realization classes a couple of weeks ago he mentioned his recent studies of Zohar* (the mystical written interpretation of Torah --"Old Testament"--originally written in medieval Aramaic and medieval Hebrew), and that Kabbalah was what Jesus taught; I had a dream that seems to be about Kabbalah shortly after that; just two nights ago I heard an audio channelling of Kryon where Jesus was referred to as a Jewish Priest, a Master, and "a master Kabbalist"; tonight I participated in Steven Sadleir's Satsang--"teaching"--about Kabbalah and the Zohar and how these teachings tie in with the teachings of Master Jesus, Hindu Masters Steven has studied with, and the teachings of Master Buddha!

    The dream on July 31: In the dream I am sitting at a long banquet table, and my father is sitting across from me. We are at a wedding. The wedding party approaches us from a distance. Something happens--the bride either trips or faints, and the Rabbi, a young Hassidic man, picks her up and carries her while the husband trails behind. One of the wedding guests remarks "leave it to the handsome Rabbi to save the bride!"

    A couple of things are significant to me about this dream. My father died a year ago; he was raised as an Orthodox Jew, although as an adult he declared himself to be an atheist. His father was a very devout Orthodox Jew, and family lore has it that his father was a Rabbi in Lithuania, descending from a long line of Rabbis. Years ago I had a dream where I was welcomed into the private study of one of my ancestors--a Rabbi--and he gave me a book with gold lettering on it--in Hebrew, of course. Not knowing Hebrew, I remembered some of the letters and told a friend fluent in Hebrew of the dream; she thought that the book presented to me was the Zohar. My father, in this recent dream, it seems to me, represents these ancestors and their teachings, and my "Rabbinic" heritage.

    Kabbalah uses metaphor to convey messages; some of the metaphors are sexually explicit and centuries ago it was thought that only elder men who were very learned could withstand the intense spiritual-sexual imageries and energies conveyed, whereas women were not to even know of its existence. In "waking life", a Hassidic man would never touch a woman that was not his wife, yet in the dream, the Rabbi (masculine energy) is carrying the bride (feminine energy), and so balancing the spiritual equation. In mystical Judaism, the "Sabbath Bride" joins in ecstasy with her "husband" God on Shabbat or the Jewish Sabbath, representing the union of the Jewish people (feminine principle) with God (masculine principle), as well as the joining of Shekinah (Hebrew feminine aspect of God) with Adonai (the Hebrew masculine aspect of God), once again balancing the feminine/masculine energies of the Divine and within one's self. What this dream may mean for me as an individual, I'm not yet sure...

    Steven Sadleir's teaching of Zohar tonight really hit home, big time!! All of me was getting a big "AH-HA!" I have been unable to adequately express my longing for a connection between the faith that I was raised in with my belief in the teachings of Master Jesus, Steven's Self-Realization teachings, the teachings of Kryon, and other spiritual teachings I am receiving. Now it all seems to be coming together and "making sense" to me, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, intuitively. Thank you! Thank you, and Thank you! to all of my teachers, Guides, and Spirit!!


    There are many resources on the Internet about Kabbalah and Zohar. I found these articles in Wikipedia to be easier to understand, but as they are "wiki" articles I can not vouch for their accuracy!

    Traditional Jewish Kabbalah:

    Teachings of Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534-1572) one of the most fundamental Jewish scholars and mystics of all times, and one of the pillars of traditional Kabbalah based on the Zohar:

    Shekinah: The Feminine aspect of the Hebrew God:

    Shekinah as Sabbath Bride: This recurrent theme is best known from the writings and songs of the legendary mystic of the 16th century, Rabbi Isaac Luria

    *Zohar as translated by Rabbi Berg of the Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles, the first complete English translation of Zohar into 21 volumes:

    Steven Sadleir: Self Awareness Institute

    Channelings of Kryon by Lee Carroll:

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