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    Upcoming Eclipses: An Oracle's Prophecy

    Through the Eye of the Needle
    August/September 2007

    Can't sleep? Too sleepy?
    Dizzy, ill, or anxious?
    Irritable or numb?
    Stuck in old thoughts of the past?
    Too sensitive to others?
    Feeling negative?
    Food not digesting well?
    Frustrated, forgetful, stuck, drowsy?
    Emotional, having headaches, achy?

    Yes, these are feelings many of us have frequently, but if you are having almost all of them at once this is a sign of the times.

    You are not alone.

    In fact, we are entering into one of the most intense passages of preparation for the great change and new world coming. There are two upcoming eclipses in the next few weeks, and Mars will be at its closest point to earth soon as well.
    The heavens are reflecting and supporting the wish for change, as has long been destined. Just as it reflects a global change, it is as radical a shift in our own personal, individual lives as well.

    As far back as there is any record, eclipses have been omens of transformation and signs of upcoming change. In essence they were thought to actually create a new world with their passage. These next few weeks will be the most potent of this year for many of us, and we are likely to feel like quite different people on the other side.

    We are about to get what we have been praying for, when new worlds come into being the old empires must first fall. Yes, this refers to larger systems, but it also refers to the "empires" within each of us. The old worlds, dreams, loves, projects, thoughts, relationships, and onward that won't be a part of the new dream, the things that are holding us back from having what we are asking for. This is one of the reasons that ancient wisdom sometimes warns us of the perils of getting exactly what we ask for. It is not that we are not meant to enjoy and receive what we desire, but that it is the path of a brave soul to do so...a Soul who is willing to surrender. Sometimes we have to let go completely of the path we have built for ourselves if we are going to be shown another way.

    We are about to be shown that other way. But we have to let go. And letting go of so much at once can almost drive a person crazy. It is why Neo threw up when he learned the truth of the Matrix (in the movie by that title). It was too overwhelming. This is why some of us are feeling sick or a little less than sane right now, to put it mildly. The old world within us is dying to make way for the new. I know this happens on an absolutely constant basis, it just happens to be occurring on a colossal level right now.

    However while our identities are being ripped apart, we are being asked to take the opportunity to remember who we really are underneath them, and to fashion a new sense of identity from that core of our being. We are being asked what is really true to our nature, and what we have been doing in our lives that is against it. We may not even be aware of a strange smell we pick up when we first walk into a place, we get used to it and soon we can't smell it at all. This is why painfully intense energies like these eclipses, the recent solar flares, and electromagnetic waves and shifts have come along. To knock us off our horses. Not to bring us down, but to make us clear on who we are, what we want in our lives, and what we don't. What supports us, and what drains us. What gives us our freedom,
    and what puts us in chains. It is so that when we get back up on the horse we are sure to pick the one we really want to ride, and to do so from a truly empowered place, with mind and heart present.

    Whatever you have been praying for is coming, and that is what you are readying for. Hang in there, because some days it is going to be a very rocky, bumpy ride. If you can just make it through each day right now, it will feel easier. Perhaps you could stop trying to perfect yourself and just accept that you are in the perfect place exactly where you are.There is nothing you need to do better, fix, or
    complete. Just be. Just dress up when you feel crappy (or crazy!) or go see a movie, or walk in the woods. Just pass the time in the most gentle way you can, because your higher Self and guides are already working with you and the energies, which is why you feel the way you do.

    Here is a guide to some upcoming events...on Monday, August 27th at around 12:30AM Pacific time the planet Mars is going to be at its closest point to the Earth. This will not happen again in any of our lifetimes. This is the "red moon" I referred to in my "Sibylline Prophecy" as a sign of the coming of the new world. This energetic represents bringing action into the attainment of our dreams, and the bringing forward of our gifts and essence in the world. It means that soon there will be opportunities to express and make physical that which we have directed our will toward. It also represents life force being available toward those endeavors. It helps brings the means to the end.

    On Tuesday, August 28th at around 3:30AM Pacific time, there will be a total eclipse of the moon...visible in this country and several others. This will be the coming to a head of the inner shifts we have been waiting for. This is when everything inside us will "implode" and begin to settle into new form during the "eclipse window." The eclipse window refers to the time period between two eclipses, and energies will still be very high and very intense during this time, while the inner self attempts to decide where to put new roots or what new form to settle into. This is a powerful time for intention. This will be the time of passing through the "eye of the needle." It is like the time a caterpillar spends in the coccoon before coming out a butterfly.

    And the solar eclipse on September 11th will be that butterfly's emergence. The solar eclipse will be when the inner changes take outer form and manifestation. Whether the first flight is awkward or graceful, things will become clearer again and your path and new direction will seem better illuminated. Something may seem more "settled" inside and great new movement forward may begin at that time or shortly after.

    Going through the "eye of the needle" for the next couple weeks will mean that things will seem very condensed or compressed. a pressure or force is at powerful work. Know that this is part of what makes possible the winnowing and selecting of what we are going to bring to the other side. Know that you may find yourself seduced by the past or the future, as the Buddha was visited by temptations just before he received enlightenment. ..that these images or promises from the future and past are going to tell you that it is in them your redemption will be found. It is easy to avoid them, by simply letting yourself be seduced by the present instead. This is the only moment you need to be in, and it will offer you the gifts you ask if you but let it have your attention and energy.

    So just be where you are, and trust that it is perfect. Make it through each day, and be gentle with yourself as you do so. Diversions are okay, just don't let them take your power, and your faith. Stick to the diversions that lightup your moment with a golden, sparkling glow. Reflect, deeply, for these times will call for it...but don't get lost in the past. Dream, hugely, but don't postpone your beauty. Intend what you can in each moment that speaks of who you most hope and believe yourself to be. Feel crazy when you need to...just don't lose faith.

    The storm, which sometimes is a welcome shower and sometimes a fearsome wail, will pass. In some way this storm has lasted longer than we have history books to note it, and the true end of that storm will be an awesome sight to behold. It must come. It has already been written.

    May your days be filled with sweet moments of total relief and occasional torrents of joy, always moving toward a life full of both.

    --Jennifer Posada A Sibylline Prophecy

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